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Tenten and Temari

Chapter Seven: Tenten and Temari

Temari had been stealing glances at Tenten a lot lately. Tenten felt kind of weird, not in the least bit because she'd been stealing glances too. It wasn't like they were in a very romantic location.

They'd been standing guard over a chakra sealed house in the middle of the woods. Within it was Ino and Hinata, bound, gagged, and blindfolded. They were also while hanging upside down from a ceiling inside a chakra sealed back.

Tenten felt kind of guilty about this. Tying up her friends for their own safety wasn't very nice. And when she wasn't guilty weird thoughts were coming to her. She kept getting flashes of fighting Temari. Of overpowering her, and pressing kisses onto her as she felt up her shapely-

Not again. Why did they keep thinking like that? No, why did Tenten keep thinking like that?

No, Tenten wanted to do that kind of thing with Neji. And maybe Temari, no, just Neji. Temari seemed to be giving her glances that meant she was sharing the same thoughts. It was weird, though not unpleasant.

It was like they were one.

Soon enough, Neji returned. This time he was carrying Shizune over one shoulder and landed in a kneel. He set her down on the ground, and Tenten looked at the unconscious women with a blush. Fantasies went through her head as Temari went forward, hips swaying in a way that was seductive.

"Did you just take out another Leaf Ninja?" asked Temari.

"Of course," said Neji. "Now, help me get the chakra restraints on her. These aren't good."

"Fine, fine, Tenten, get the rope," said Temari, giving Tenten an annoyed glance. Except it was also seductive, somehow.

"Rope?" asked Tenten. "Oh, right, yeah."

"Tenten, stay focused," said Neji. "Time is of the essence."

Tenten grabbed the rope, and they quickly began the business of tying Shizune up. Tenten wrapped her ropes around Shizune's long legs. At the same time, Temari tied ropes around her breasts like a figure-eight. From there, she tied her arms behind her back.

A the same time, Neji affixed a gag to her mouth. Taking out a blindfold, he slipped it over her face.

"So why did you take Shizune out, exactly Neji?" asked Tenten.

"Tsunade rarely does anything that doesn't go through Shizune," said Nej. "Without her pressure, the Leaf Government is going to grind to a halt. More importantly, someone is going to have to appoint a replacement."

"But what if they get assimilated too?" asked Temari.

"It's possible," admitted Neji. "But Safara has so far focused her efforts exclusively on beautiful women. More specifically, beautiful ith high levels of chakra." Oh, Neji considered her beautiful. "Either she does not want to interfere with less powerful people, or it is something else. It may be that the nature of her powers prevents assimilation of ordinary people."

"What do you mean?" asked Temari.

"A physical transformation into a new form takes significant chakra," said Neji. "It takes ninja years of training to do it on a surface level. For Safara to physically transform others into herself would require significant chakra reserves.

"In either event, it proceeds to our benefit. Tsunade will be relying on someone who has not been subverted and who she does not know. Increasing the likelihood that she will be noticed."

"Mmmph!" snarled Shizune, awaking with a start, pulling at the restraints tying her behind her back. As she did, Tenten found herself blushing by her aura, and Temari was as well.

"Sorry about this, Shizune, we've got to keep you quarantined," said Tenten. He drew up the chakra proof case and beginning to slide it up her legs.

Shizune thrashed, but Neji held her firmly in place as the casing was pulled up her wide hips, then over her breasts. Then over her head, before being zipped closed. Carrying the case into the shed, they turned it upside. They then hung it next to where Ino and Hinata were hanging, both swaying with their struggles.

"So what now?" asked Temari.

"Now, we move to phase two of our operation," said Neji.

"What's phase two?" asked Tenten. They had a plan complete with phases? This was so cool.

"That depends on Sakura's findings," said Neji.

Going into the next room, they found Sakura working with medical tools. The room had been purified as best they cool. Sakura herself was examining blood samples taken from Ino and Hinata.

"What have you found, Sakura?" asked Neji.

"From what I can see so far?" asked Sakura. "Ino and Hinata's chakra has been fundamentally changed. This isn't a parasitic chakra like you would see in a disease or jutsu. It's more like what happens when your chakra mixes with another person. Only in this case, the mixing is happening as the source.

"I wouldn't even know where to begin curing something like this. Not without more time to do research. I wish Lady Tsunade hadn't been affected, I'm going to need her for this."

"Lady Tsunade is not here," said Neji. "You are."

Sakura looked up. "I know, I know, it's just...

"I wish Naruto were here."

"Assume that our present resources are the only ones we will ever have," said Neji. "What can we do?"

"Is there any way we could maybe disrupt the chakra at the source?" asked Tenten.

Sakura got a very cute, thoughtful expression on her face. Those short shorts looked great with those legs, even if her breasts weren't very large. Tenten just wanted to...


"Well, that might be possible," said Sakura. "In certain situations, you could do it. When a chakra undergoes a serious shock, it normally affects the physical body. But there are certain techniques that can attack the chakra network separately.

"That's how we restrain trained ninja as prisoners, we have special seals. But those take a lot of work, and I don't have any skills with that. And I don't think any of you do either."

"Not me," said Tenten.

"Me neither," said Temari.

"I would not have posed the question if I did," said Neji.

"What we need is a technique that forces a chakra network reset," said Sakura. "That's a pretty advanced technique."

"Kakashi Hatake knows thousands of jutsu, does he not?" asked Neji.

"That's right!" said Sakura. "Kakashi-sensei probably knows some kind of technique to deal with this! If we head out and get him, I'm sure he can handle this!

"Then you and I will go together," said Neji. "What were your results when checking Tenten and Temari's blood?"

"It's uh," Sakura paused. "Well, they've got traces of Safara's energy in them, but it hasn't merged with their chakra like Ino and Hinata's did. Hopefully, it will fade with time, though, the side effects are still lingering."

"It's a risk we cannot afford on the mission," said Neji. "Tenten, Temari, maintain watch over these ones. Do not remove your garments under any circumstances. Remember that the very presence of Safara can infect your mind. Be prepared for the possibility of an attack."

Right, the skintight chakra blockers. The ones Tenten had to wear. Though Temari looked really nice in a skintight jumpsuit. As Tenten eyed her, Temari mirrored the look.

"How are you going to control them?" asked Tenten. "And if Safara is one with them right now, how do we know they can't track her?"

"The cases they are in will prevent any chakra from escaping," said Neji. "Though they'll be able to breathe. If anything can prevent Safara from finding herself, it is that."

"Right, just... be careful, alright," said Tenten.

"I will, of course," said Neji.

So Neji and Sakura headed out. Tenten and Temari watched them go before going back into the building. There they sat down across from one another. As they did, they tried to keep from checking eachother out as they waited. Or at least, Tenten tried.

Tenten began to sharpen one of her kunai, as Temari eyed her appraisingly. "So, the Hyuga, is he your boyfriend?"

"I wish," said Tenten before she could stop herself. "Neji is all about business at all times. It's probably a good thing he is, without him, Lee and I would never have made it to ninja."

"Yeah, a lot of good that did you," said Temari with a smile.

Tenten stood up, and Temari mirrored the motion like they were reacting as one. Tenten stormed up close to her, so their breasts were inches apart. "Hey, I was beating you before."

"Sure you were, and I certainly wasn't just giving you a pity win," said Temari.

"Pity win?" asked Tenten. "Why don't we see how much you pity me after I beat you into-"

And then Temari kissed her. It was a fast, passionate kiss like a desert wind, and Tenten found her breath stolen away. She stared for a moment as Temari broke it. "I..."

"Oh come on, both of us have been wanting this," said Temari, wrapping her arms around Tenten's rump.

"But Neji..." began Tenten, hardly able to squirm as Temari began to work her clothes off. And she realized her hands were doing the same thing to Temari. "I..."

"We can always ask him to join in later," whispered Temari.

"This isn't you, Temari... we're... under Safara's... influence..." moaned Tenten as their shirts were worked off.

Then Temari set on her, pressing her down and working off her panties. "We both want this, and you know it."

"Shut up and kiss me!" said Tenten, gripping Temari by the hair.

All semblance of restraint was now lost to them. They tore off each other's clothes, groping and kissing one another obsessively. As they did, Tenten heard a hissing noise and realized it was coming from their mouths as one. Gazing into one another's eyes, they saw swirls appearing there within.

The hypnosis began. Even as their legs fused together into red scaly tails, they ground against one another. Their minds, meanwhile, touched on an even deeper level. They felt their desires for one another and for themselves, becoming one. The aspect of sharing Neji was no longer fearful, they were one after all.

Temari was nibbling Tenten's neck, even as Tenten did the same. Their tails coiled around one another, grinding until finally they came and came hard. At that moment, they became one, their hair going red. Their breasts swelled outwards, larger and larger, bouncing with every movement. Soon their cleavage was immense and their hair red, their eyes like snakes. But they did not become Safara.

Then they noticed that Tsunade was standing over them with her arms crossed.

"Having fun, are we?"

"Y-yes, we are," said Tenten, hardly able to control herself.

"How did you end up like this?" asked Tsunade.

Tenten found herself urged to tell Tsunade everything. "We... Ino and Hinata started trying to hypnotize us, we knocked them out and... and bound them up within there.

Sakura helped us contain them." Leave out Neji, she shouldn't let them know he was in on it.

"Well then, we'll have you give them an apology, won't we?" asked Tsunade with a sly smile.

The Tsunade motioned, and a wave of chakra blasted the shed to pieces. The bindings around the captive serpent women snapped to pieces. Ino, Hinata, and Shizune fell to the ground. For a moment, they lay still. Then they rose up, their hair going red as they took on their Safara forms.

"Ino, Hinata..." said Tenten as they coiled over her.

She prayed Neji and Sakura got away okay.

Ino and Hinata coiled their tails around Tenten and Temari, pulling them apart. Ino pressed Tenten down and kissed her, driving a forked tongue between her lips. At the same time, Hinata pressed her immense breasts into Temari's face. The feeling of it was like sinking into a sea of warmth...

Tenten found her mind going distant, as Temari, and she fought to get to one another. Though not getting to her was fun in itself...
At the same time, Shizune and Tsunade circled around both of them. Suddenly their tails wrapped around all four of them, coiling them together. Shizune and Tsunade pressed up against one another, lips meeting. The impact sent their immense breasts bouncing.

Then Tsunade looked down at them with a smile.

"You young ninja have all been very bad," said Tsunade. "We're going to have to teach you a lesson in pleasure. Now, where is Sakura?"

They had to resist...

Author's Note:

Hey, I'd just like to remind everyone to stay inside and maintain social distancing. Even if the government orders the quarantine loosened, don't stop. Remember that the government is often wrong.

If they loosen the quarantine too early and you go out, you are taking a huge risk. Your family and people you've never even met could catch the virus could be put at risk too. If, on the other hand, you stay home for an extra month, at worst, you'll be inconvenienced. But if the disease really isn't over, you'll have helped to beat it.

Stay safe everyone.

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