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Heads in the Clouds

Chapter Three: Heads in the Clouds

Anko and Kurenai had been sent on a mission.

A team from the Village Hidden in the Clouds was on its way. After one look at them, Tsunade had decided she wanted them. Safara had agreed, for they needed as many powerful ninja as they could.

Kurenai was less than enthusiastic, of course, though she looked cute all the same.

Pretty soon they got to the ambush spot and found no one around. Naturally, they used this chance for some fun. Together, their long legs fused together into the tail of a serpent. They slithered over one another. Anko pressed kisses down on Kurenai's breasts as they coiled together.

"So, why was it you brought us out here Anko?" asked the beautiful brunette. "Shouldn't we be caring care of things back in the Leaf?"

"Oh come on, Kurenai. Don't you want to try assimilating something more exotic," said Anko. As she spoke, she rubbed their tails together while sucking their breasts. "Some ninja from the Village Hidden in the Clouds are coming this way."

"So?" moaned Kurenai, struggling against her.

"So, I got a look at their pictures, same as you," said Anko, moving up, so they were face to face. "The two girls are hot!" Leaning in, she kissed her.

"What about that boy?" asked Kurenai, reluctantly breaking the kiss.

"Safara told us what to do with men we take, we've got to practice it sometime," said Anko. "You know that Safara doesn't plan for there to be more than a few men in her new world."

"I know," said Kurenai, licking her face with love.

They were about to get serious, but then they sensed them. Reluctantly, Anko slithered off and looked down into the pass. There were their latest acquisitions coming.

"There they are," said Anko, licking her lips.

First, at the head, there was Samui. God, the rack on that girl was huge, as big as Anko and Kurenai's now. It was even comparable to Tsunade before assimilation. And her blonde hair was cut into a bowl cut with an emotionless expression and huge hips. Anko was going to enjoy that one and glanced at Kurenai.

Kurenai had her gaze on Karui, with long, spiky red hair and a slimmer frame. Well worth enhancing, alongside her dark skin. Both she and Samui had nice, long legs, and then there was the boy. Omoi was not one of the ones Safara wanted, he was pretty handsome and very powerful by normal standards.

Just lacked the appeal Safara was looking for in her consorts.

"Ugh, this journey to the Leaf is taking forever. Samui are we nearly there?" asked Karui.

"We're a few days away, Karui," said Samui.

"That isn't good," said Omoi. "What if one of us contracts a lethal poison, and we can't treat it, and if we don't get there in time, we'll die for sure?" Anko looked to Kurenai and winked, sending a blush onto her expression.

"Will you quit with your worrying!" said Karui. "Nothing like that is going to happen-"

Anko put a hand to her lips and blew a kiss toward Samui. The action sent her chakra forward in an invisible way as they moved forward. Samui had a blush go across her face, and turned to look. But Anko and Kurenai were gone.

"Samui, what's wrong?" asked Karui.

From behind the rock she hid, Anko raised a mirror and gazed into it, reflecting her sight in a wide arc. Seeing through Samui's eyes, she knew her gaze was glowing into Samui. Now she had her eyes begin to course with colors, increasing the effect.

"I thought I saw something out of the corner of my... eye..." Samui stammered.

They'd all ended up walking into the middle of Kurenai and Anko's aura of love. Even now, their minds were racing, and Samui was falling into a trance. Karui moved forward and grabbed her shoulder. "Samui? Samui?"

"Oh no, what if some kind of snake goddess is possessing her. Maybe just by fixing her gaze on her she's controlling her," said Omoi. "Now, she's going to assimilate all three of us?"

"Will you knock it off? I..." began Karui. Then Kurenai blew a kiss of her own, and Karui went beat read, despite not even seeing her. She was now beside Samui, looking for the source. "What was that?"

"Oh no, it must be getting to you too?" said Omoi.

Karui turned in anger. "Nothing is getting to us!"

Anko had finished her hypnosis of Samui now. She felt she could take control at any time, but she had an idea. So she released Samui from the spell. Samui became aware of the argument. She turned around, sending her immense breasts bouncing. "Calm down, both of you," said Samui, making eye contact with Karui. Anko activated her gaze and reasserted her control. "We ought to move... on..."

Karui stared, eyes going blank as she stared as Samui's hypnosis gaze. Little by little, her mouth began to open, as the reflection began spirals in her eyes.

"Samui?" asked Omoi.

"Sorry, I've just been... spacing out lately..." said Samui, not looking away.

"You look pretty... spaced out... yourself..." said Karui.

Then the two of them went silent, slowly moving toward one another with empty heads. Smiles came to their faces as Anko and Kurenai smiled at one another. Then they slithered forward.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Omoi. "This has got to be some kind of hypnosis. The snake goddess... is using her power on us from... hiding..."

Then Kurenai and Anko struck. Like pythons, they surged forward and surrounded Omoi. Kurenai's slammed her breasts in the back of his head. At the same time, Anko sealed him in with her own enormous bosom. Their tails coiled around one another as they began to kiss. Their hands felt up one another's rumps, Omoi forgotten.

Trapped between their bosoms, Omoi was totally hidden from view. Samui and Karui reached one another and then reached forward to grasp one another. Without knowing why they leaned in and kissed. Soon the kiss became a full-on makeout session. And the spell of Safara grew ever stronger on those within this place.

"You got that right," said Anko, breathless between kisses. Though she did not remember who she was speaking to. An unimportant companion of Samui and Karui, soon to be made one with Safara.

"And we are her extensions," said Kurenai.

Then they broke the embrace, letting the boy fall to the ground, coursing with Safara's power. Turning, they coiled around Samui and Karui and drew them away from one another. Kurenai pressed a kiss on Karui, while Anko finally got to feel up those huge tits. They were nearly as good as Tsunade's. They had a lot of bounce.

Still, business had to come before pleasure. So, reluctantly, they gave up their play and turned to the boy.

"Now, what shall we do with you?" asked Kurenai.

"He's got a decent amount of chakra and power, but I don't think he's really got what it takes," said Anko, looking above. "What do you say Safara?"
Safara gave her an answer.

"Alright, you're the Queen," said Anko.

Raising a hand, Kurenai and Anko send forth waves of their altered chakra. As they did, the boy's mouth opened, and pink chakra began to pour out of him in waves. Karui, however, shifted within her bindings. "What is... happening to him..."

"His own chakra is being drawn out of his body to create a new body," said Kurenai, pressing Karui into her bosom. "A Safara with all his powers and abilities. Don't worry, he'll live and enjoy every moment of his new existence."

"You can't-" began Karui.

Anko thrust Samui forward, so her lips met Karui's. "Oh no, you've got to stay focused on Samui. Look into those deep, stoic eyes."

"And Samui, you must return the gaze," said Kurenai. "You will listen to the words of Safara and believe all of them. You are part of Safara, and your present identity will be the foundation for your becoming her.

"That foundation is to be joined to another."

Anko and Kurenai pressed in around them, even as Karui began to struggle more. "You are now passionately..."

"Desperately..." said Kurenai as Karui's struggles lessened.

"Irrevocably..." hissed Anko as Karui closed her eyes.

"In love with one another," said both. "And now you are love itself!"

They felt them both become one with Safara, and the sensation was better than ever. Orgasm rushed through Anko and Kurenai, as Samui and Karui's form changed. Their hair went red, their breasts expanding, so they matched Tsunade each. Karui kept her dark skin, but both their eyes took on a seductive element, as their legs fused into tails.

"Yes!" cried all four of them.

Safara's prey had become them. Even as it happened, the four of them coiled around one another, fighting to reach the other's lips. Their hands ran over one another. As it went on, the chakra coming out of the unconscious body slowly took shape. It formed gradually, taking on the appearance and physique of the original Safara.

She snapped her fingers, and all four of them stood to attention.

Yet the body seemed somehow... incomplete. It was chakra, but it lacked physical power.

"Now, the new body is finished," said Safara, though no one is sure of which one.

The new body then turned to the unconscious body beneath her and coiled around him as he began to wake. Yet he could not move...

"Omoi, I must thank you for your chakra and abilities," said Safara, mouth opening. "However, in order to maintain this form, I will need a final component. I will need your body to stabilize it..." Then she surged forward, swallowing his head down. Then his torso, before sliding down his legs and swallowing him whole.

As she swallowed her former shell down, Safara rose and sighed. "Delicious."

"What will happen to him?" asked Karui.

"Oh, don't worry, I don't kill anyone," said Safara. "Darui is going to get what he always wanted. Just like everyone else.

"So, ladies, who are you?"

"We are Safara, Mistress, and we inhabit the bodies of Samui and Karui! Please, use us as we see fit!" cried Karui and Samui in unison as they bowed.

"Oh, but I won't use you," said Safara. "Together, we are going to spread our love to all the world. Still, I'll need to find something to do with you, won't I?

"How's that for a start?"

Surging forward, she kissed both of them, and they returned to their original form.

"Why are they calling us Mistress?" asked Kurenai, concerned.

"Well, there are hierarchies of love, after all," said Safara. "Now, we'll need to find a consort or two to use. I've got a few in mind already, and these two lovely Cloud Ninja are just perfect for a gift..."

The Leaf had undergone a significant change of priorities very quickly.

Shizune fully approved of spreading Safara's love throughout the world. But it was still a bit surreal. Now they were reorganizing attractive female ninja. The plan was to have them be at certain places and be assimilated.

If it was done right, all of the female ninjas could be assimilated. Then they could set to work on their husbands and male friends. Once all the ninja had become Safara, they could move to phase 2.

It was taking a lot of work. And yes, Shizune knew it was for everyone's good to be brought into Safara, but it took some getting used to.

Lady Tsunade, however, seemed to be in a foul mood. She'd sent out several orders for Sakura to come to her. She'd been looking forward to assimilating her, and now Sakura was nowhere to be found. Worse still, neither was Ino or Hinata. That meant Sakura might have already been assimilated.

"Lady Tsunade, I'm heading out now to file this paperwork?" said Shizune.

"Yes, Shizune, just be sure to tell me if Anko and Kurenai get back," said Tsunade.

"Yes," said Shizune.

"Oh, and Shizune, has there been any word from Sakura, Ino, and Hinata?" asked Tsunade, looking up, almost growling.

"No, milady, I'm concerned," said Shizune. "They were on leave, so it should be easy to find them?"

"We'll discuss it later," said Tsunade. "How could Sakura not have responded to my summons. This isn't like her." She clenched a fist. "Ino had better not have converted Sakura, she's my student. It should be me that assimilates her."

"I'm sure Ino would consult you before doing something like that," said Shizune. Then she realized it might be a lie. Ino and Sakura were... close. "I mean... nevermind."

She made her way out with her paperwork. Making her way to the filing center, she began to organize it. As she did, she tried to put things behind her. She wondered why Safara would allow a petty rivalry like that post-assimilation? Maybe because Tsunade wouldn't be Tsunade if she couldn't have that sort of thing. Same with Ino.

They were the foundation on which Safara was built.

But wasn't a house only as strong as its foundation?

"Let's see, that goes there..." Shizune completed her work. "And finished!"

Then she turned around.

Neji Hyuga was standing in front of her, clad in black ninja garb. It was the sort used by ANBU black ops to ward off hostile innate chakra. He was also wearing a set of headgear designed to filter out sound and some sunglasses.

"Oh, Neji, uh... why are you wearing all that?" Wasn't all of that the perfect counter to Safara's abilities? And why did he have all that rope?

"I'm here for your protection, Shizune," said Neji.

Then his hand moved in a blur, and everything went black.

Author's Note:

On a separate note, word of advice if you're going to write erotica. Write it just like any other story. You need conflict, antagonists, and a beginning, middle, and end.
If Neji weren't going around picking off the girls one by one, this story would lack tension. It would consist of Safara nabbing one girl after another. And the viewer's interest would come purely from how she did it, which isn't sustainable.

One Naruto erotica fanfiction that I dropped, despite being very good, suffered from this. It was called Ero Ninja. The basic plot is that Naruto learns a jutsu that turns any women he uses it on into his loyal sex slave. He starts doing it ad infinitum. It is very well written and has excellent portrayals of characters.

However, I dropped it because there was no core conflict. None of the characters who resist Naruto's efforts ever amount to anything. Usually, at best, one of the girls briefly resists before being converted. And everyone knew exactly how each chapter would end.

Without an antagonist that could counter Naruto or present a threat, his achievements lost meaning. The 'conquest' of the various girls without challenge lost meaning.

It would be sort of like if in Death Note, Light never ran into L.

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