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Neji, Killer of Moments

Chapter Three: Neji, Killer of Moments

Sakura listened to what Neji said in horror and some disbelief.

It sounded strange and unbelievable, but Neji would never make up a story like this. She and Neji had never been close, but even at his absolute worst, Neji never lied. If anything, his main flaw had been telling the truth way too much. Hearing his descriptions made her shudder in the barracks. As he talked about them, she thought about what kind of chakra could have this effect.

Her mind turned over the possibilities, good and bad. Such an infectious chakra could have immense consequences if mastered by medical science. It could be used to heal grievous and unhealable wounds. But it could also have... incredibly dangerous properties. Like what Neji was suggesting.

How could this Safara do this? It made Orochimaru's own jutsu pale in comparison. Was Safara even a single entity, or a hive mind? Maybe both.

At last, he finished, and she remained silent a moment. "So this... thing has taken over Lady Tsunade?"

It seemed impossible that one of the Legendary Sanin could be overtaken so easily.

"And Hinata, and Ino, at least," said Neji. "Possibly others. There's no telling who else has been transformed. And they are spreading as we speak."

"So what do we do about this?" asked Sakura. "How can we quarantine people on Lady Tsunade's level?"

Neji remained silent, before beginning to pace.

"Well?" asked Sakura.

"Let me think," said Neji. Finally, he sighed. "I know that Ino is going after you in particular, so we might be able to use this to lure them out. If we could capture her and Hinata, we could examine them and perhaps find a way to separate the foreign chakra.

"Is that possible?"

"Yes, I think so," admitted Sakura. "But, well, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it without a lab.

"I... well... ordinarily I'd asked Lady Tsunade to do this. But if what you're saying is true, she's been compromised."

"It may still be possible to get the authorization," said Neji. "We just need a pretense."

"But if I go meet Lady Tsunade, well..." Sakura thought about the prospect of being wrapped in Lady Tsunade's arms. She imagined her face pressed into Tsunade's bosom as the Sanin's eyes began to swirl. Tsunade would press her down onto the bed and press their lips together. Her fingers would drive into Sakura. And Sakura would grip her incredible rump from behind, kissing her.

Their tongues would duel, as little by little Safara coursed through both of them. Their bodies and minds would become one in her. Sakura's breasts, they'd expand massively as she became Safara...

She and Lady Tsunade would become one in flesh and body and...


Sakura realized she was blushing. And daydreaming about being assimilated by something planning to destroy the village. It probably wasn't a good idea to dream about threesomes with Ino and Tsunade? Where did that come from, she was interested in Naruto! No, she meant Sasuke!

'Stop daydreaming you moron!' snapped Inner Sakura.

"So, um... uh... what would you recommend, Neji?" asked Sakura. "You're um... pretty good at tactics, right?"

Neji paused thoughtfully. "You'll get the authorization from Lady Tsunade in public. Right now, Safara is working from the shadows. As long as you can catch her in the open as if by chance, you could probably make the arrangements right away."

"Okay," said Sakura. Either Safara would blow her cover, making their job easier, or she couldn't go after Sakura.

"In the meantime, you have to evade capture," said Neji, before pausing. Then, what might have been satisfaction came to his stoic face. "...Of course, that's it.

"Naruto is en route back to the village as we speak. Sakura, you should head out to meet him, send a letter requesting leave to Tsunade. It will technically be a violation. But it's one she'd pardon you for, and given the circumstances, we have no choice.

"Tsunade usually meets Naruto at the gate when he arrives. You can use the moment to request the hospital room. To test Naruto's chakra networks for signs of the nine-tails."

"Right, right, that should work." agreed Sakura. "What will you do?" It was probably best that her fantasies never become reality.

Neji turned and walked to the door. "I'm going to contain the outbreak."

Sakura shifted. "Um...


Neji glanced back. "Safara is going after powerful ninja females. So I know where they'll strike next. Tenten and Temari. Be prepared with your medical kit.

"Once we have them contained, we'll go after Naruto."

And he walked out the door.

Temari had come to deliver a message to the Leaf and was awaiting Lady Tsunade's reply. It wouldn't have been necessary. Unfortunately, a disease had spread among the Sand Village's messenger birds. So she'd had to come in person while it was healed.

Either way, it played right into Tenten's purposes.

It meant Tenten had her chance for the rematch she'd been waiting years for. Back in the Chunin Exams, Temari had humiliated Tenten. Tenten was a master at ranged combat, and Temari had air-based powers. So her abilities were a hard counter.

The humiliation had driven Tenten to train nonstop to get stronger. And now, now that obsession would pay off. She would conquer Temari of the Sand. Even now, the beautiful, buxom girl was standing before her with fan in hand. Tenten clenched her fists as she took a stance.

"So, you want a rematch, huh?" asked Temari, a smirk of amusement on her face.

"That's right," said Tenten. "I've been training nonstop for this, Temari. This match won't end up anything like last time, I'm telling you that."

"Fair enough, I'll humor you," said Temari. "But it's going to be over just as quickly."

"Hey, guys!" called a voice.

Tenten turned and saw Ino and Hinata come out of the trees. Yet something was different about them. Tenten found her eyes roaming up and down their curvaceous bodies, which seemed... larger somehow. And their hair had streaks of red within it. As Ino shifted her hips, Tenten found herself following the movement.

"Like what you see?" asked Ino, her voice piercing Tenten.

Tenten shook herself alert. A glance at Temari revealed that Tenten wasn't the only one transfixed. Both of them were blushing. "Huh, Hinata? Ino? W-what are you doing here?"

"Well, um... we were looking for Sakura so Ino could tell her something," said Hinata. As she did, she rubbing two fingers together in an adorable fashion. "But, well... we couldn't exactly find her." Why was Tenten thinking like this?

"You said it, it's like she just disappeared off the face of the planet," said Ino, leaning against a tree. "So, what are you ladies, are you up to?"

"Pandahair over here wants to fight. I was about to oblige her," said Temari.

"Um, before you do, we'd like to talk to you about, well, um..." began Hinata before a sound came from her throat as she looked down. It was a strange sound and not one associated with humans.

"Is that hissing?" asked Tenten.

Then Ino wrapped an arm around Hinata, a hand sinking down to feel up one immense breast. "Oh come on, Hinata. There's no reason we can't let them finish their match before we bring that up."

"But, um..." began Hinata, blushing.

"Trust me," said Ino, before licking her face. Was that a forked tongue, no, Tenten must have been seeing things. "Go on ahead, we'll watch."

Tenten and Temari both moved instantly to take stances obediently. It was like they were an extension of Ino's will. Or maybe Ino was just the joint on the much larger entity.

Why were they thinking this way?

Focus on the fight and what came after. The victory would be sweet...

"Want to take any bets?" asked Ino. "I'm going to go with a draw where everyone goes away satisfied."

"Fat chance, Ino. Let's go," said Tenten.

Ino raised a hand as if authority, and both of them felt as if she would determine when the fight would begin. "Alright, then. On your mark, get set. Go!"

Tenten surged forward, doing the opposite of last time. Temari swung her fan, but even as the gust of wind shot forward, Tenten crouched into a ball and sprung over her head. Landing behind her, she whirled around and saw Temari. Temari's adorable appearance of superiority was broken as Tenten brought around a leg.

Her shock was so beautiful and loving...

Why was Tenten thinking this way?

Her leg was blocked by the arm. Temari was forced to discard her fan, before engaging in a flurry of punches. But here Tenten was superior, Temari mostly focused on attacking with her fan anyway. While Tenten had trained in melee nonstop.

Beating down her guard, she grabbed Temari's shoulder and forced her down. Both of them grappled on the ground, their breasts rubbing against eachother. Soon their hands were running over each other's bodies as...

What was...

A moment of clarity fell over them both as they looked into each other's eyes. Temari was... really... really... pretty.

Why was Tenten feeling this way?

"Like what you see?" asked Ino.

"Yeah..." murmured Tenten, vision falling into a pink fog. The other thing she could see was Temari now. She wanted her, desperately. No, no, she should only be feeling this way about... "What am I... what am I thinking..." said Temari, blushing in a mirror to Tenten.

They were eachother's reflection. Different aspects of the same thing. And they wanted to become whole...

Tenten tried to pull herself off, but even as she did, Hinata and Ino came from behind and pressed her down. Their faces were inches apart, inches away from that first and ultimate kiss.

"Does it really matter, ladies?" asked Ino, voice taking on an erotic note. "I think you ought to look into each other's eyes a bit more, don't you."

"Yes..." gasped Tenten, as she began to perceive a strange swirling sensation in Temari's eyes. Leaning forward, she looked in interest at the endless, swirling colors. Meanwhile, Ino and Hinata's bosoms ground against her back, preventing her from rising. And Temari was leaning forward.

And then their lips met.

They crashed together in their first kiss, and the feeling was beyond euphoric. For a moment, Temari and Tenten stared into each other's eyes. Then their tongues began to intertwine as they began to disrobe one another.

"Now this is what I call a-" began Ino.

"Eight trigrams! Sixty-four palms!" said a voice.

"Eight what?" said Ino.

And then she was slammed off Tenten, who turned aroundd to see Ino pinned against the wall. Neji unleashed a flurry of strikes on Ino, sealing her chakra points as she slumped down. Hinata stood up quickly as Neji turned to her with narrowed eyes.

"Neji! What are you..." began Tenten.

And then she was likewise sealed in an instant. Neji had really kept up his training. He was so handsome, and Tenten realized she and Temari were slithering up to gaze at him eagerly. Looking to Temari, Tenten realized their minds had touched, and they share everything.


And then the spell broke. Tenten realized she and Temari were standing with their shoulders bare in the middle of a forest. They had been caught while about to engage in what might have ended up an orgy, and...

Were they under mind control?

Temari shrieked and covered herself.

"Um..." began Tenten.

"What... what just happened?" asked Temair.

"You both were very nearly assimilated," said Neji, drawing out some rope, blindfolds, and gags. "Hinata and Ino have been infected by a parasitic creature. It converts other people into replicas of themselves. See the red hair and more exaggerated physique?

"Those are the hallmarks."

Huh, they actually were a lot sexier than before. And the way Neji was tying them up now was-

No, don't think like that.

"But um... how did they..." began Temari.

"Their very presence alters your mind," said Neji. "They also possess a visual hypnosis jutsu that allows them to control others." He applied the blindfold to both of them. "Their voice also has a suggestive effect." He applied the gags. "From what I've observed, the standard procedure is to isolate two beautiful, powerful women. Generally, ones with a strong emotional connection. From there, that emotional connection flowers into obsessive, romantic love.

"This, in turn, allows Safara to make them into herself.

"Now, follow me. Sakura needs to examine you at once."

"Right, yeah, I just... well um..." began Tenten, feeling really, really, awkward.

"What?" said Neji.

How could Neji remain so damn professional about this? "You sort of ruined the moment is all."

"Good," said Neji. "It means you still have your free will. Come on, Tenten. Temari, I cannot as a jonin order you to do anything. But I recommend you undergo a physical as well.

"If not, leave the village immediately."

"...Right, yeah, yeah, let's stop the mass assimilation," said Temari, standing up.

Neji began walking away without a word, carrying Hinata and Ino as he did. Temari and Tenten began to retrieve their gear as they did.

"Fucking Hyuga," muttered Temari.

Tenten didn't know how to feel. Yeah, she'd nearly been assimilated, but it had been so intense so... nevermind. The only thing that had been missing from it had been Neji himself.

Best not to think about it.

At least Ino didn't win her bet. Literally, no one was satisfied with this.

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