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Tsunade and Shizune's Conversion

Chapter Three: Tsunade and Shizune's Conversion

Hinata and Ino had returned to their old selves and parted ways from their sensei's. Now they were walking down the empty streets together. Ino kept admiring her new red-striped hair and enjoying the feel of her new body, even if it was her old one. Hinata didn't understand the appeal. The warm, loving embrace of Safara's presence was enough for her. The pleasure was secondary, but Ino had always been a bit superficial.

"So, who do you think we should bring to Mistress Safara first?" asked Hinata after a moment.

"I'm thinking that Billboard Brow needs it the most," said Ino, thoughtfully.

"Sakura, you mean?" said Hinata.

"Yeah, it's sort of a pet name I have for her," said Ino, smiling.

"Um, yeah, I always thought you were way closer with her than Sasuke," said Hinata, feeling sort of awful for saying it.

Ino looked up in confusion at that. "Hmm, what do you mean? Sasuke is perfect."

"Yeah, he's handsome and talented, but..." Hinata shifted.

"What?" said Ino.

Hinata thought about how to tell the obvious truth. Finally, she settled on it. "Well, I mean, do you really think his love is anything like Mistress Safara?"
Ino shifted nervously. "I... well, I don't really feel like I know him all that much, now that I think of it, but-"

And then Neji rounded the corner, scanning the buildings. Hinata bumped into him, and both of them fell back. Though Neji rapidly regained his footing, so Hinata ended up on the ground and him standing. Though he did offer him a hand, so that was nice.

"Neji, what are you doing here?" Hinata asked with a blush. Safara's all-consuming love applied to everyone, and around a guy, it was awkward.

"I've been looking for some of Tenten's kunai; she left them in the training grounds," said Neji. "She'd had to leave in a hurry and forgot them. Since she operates on a smaller budget, I felt I ought to help out."

"Oh, I see," said Hinata. "Well, um, we certainly haven't seen them at all."

Ino noticed Hinata's expression and then looked to Neji with a mischievous eye. He met her gaze, and Ino's eyes began to light up with the power of Safara. "Hey, Neji, want to go get something to eat together? Maybe you, and Hinata and..."

Neji walked on by her without a second thought. "I'm presently busy. I've just found the kunai with my Byakugan."

Ino blinked as he walked away. Finally, she stamped the ground. "Grr... that jerk. How does he keep doing that?!"

"Doing what?" asked Hinata.

"I tried seducing him in the Forest of Death, and he ignored me," said Ino. "And now he just sort of walks off Safara's power."

"Neji's got very good self-control," said Hinata with a shrug. "And you aren't exactly Mistress Safara, not right now anyway. So um, you're sort of wasting your time."
"Fine, whatever," said Ino. "Let's go find Sakura. I need to give her a good squeeze anyway."

Hinata felt like Ino had taken to things a bit too well.

Neji Hyuga was no fool.

He'd caught a flicker of something in Ino's eyes that had nearly transfixed him. Hinata's presence had also held him in thrall for a moment. There had been something off about those two.

So, as he walked away, he activated his Byakugan. With his three hundred and sixty degree vision, he was able to see their chakra. It was the purest red, and looking at it made him stop in place. Normally, looking through the Byakugan made things less appealing. Every detail was laid bare, meaning it was impossible to ignore small imperfections.

But here, he realized that every imperfection on their skin was gone. Their already ample figures had become more curvaceous. Their hair was also streaked with red, though both facts had been difficult to notice. A symptom of the chakra within them, that seemed somehow alive.

"How is that even..." began Neji. "I've got to warn the Hokage."

Then he hurried on.

Making his way to the Hokage's office, he scaled up the steps and into the building. Making his way through, he soon came to the door with Lady Tsunade beyond. Then he sensed something, a feeling on the back of his neck. Using his Byakugan, he peered through and saw the Hokage and her assistant.

Tsunade was a beautiful, blonde woman with an immense bust and wide hips. She wore a green vest over a white sleeveless shirt and pants that clung to her. Shizune, meanwhile, dressed more conservatively. She wore concealing brown with her equally brown hair tied back.

"Shizune, has there been any news from Naruto's team?" asked Tsunade, looking out the window.

"No, Lady Tsunade, however, I'm certain they'll complete their mission on time," said Shizune.

"Let's hope so," said Tsunade. "Naruto has a tendency to overdo things."

"And what about you?" asked a sensual voice.

All of a sudden, something, a being of pure red chakra, slithered in front of the door. It had the upper body of a stunningly beautiful red-haired woman, with her hair tied up in a massive ponytail. She had an enormous bust to exceed even Lady Tsunade, and her hips were wide indeed. Yet below the waist, she had the body of a serpent.
With every move she made, Neji found himself more and more transfixed. Tsunade glanced back before taking a stance. "What?"

"You, who are you, how did you get in here?" said Shizune.

"Oh, just slithered around." said the woman, slithering forward while shaking her hips. Neji's eyes were drawn to the movement, and Shizune and Tsunade were following it as well. "I'm very good at getting into people's hearts and minds.

"I am Safara."

"Whoever you are, I demand you account for your actions," said Tsunade. "This is not just a place you can walk... into..." She trailed off as Safara leaned forward, their lips inches apart. Below, their bosoms were wrestling for dominance.

Safara's eyes began to glow with the same lights that Ino's did, and as they did, Tsunade's mouth opened. The Hokage's eyes began to reflect what they say, and they saw only Safara. "My dear Tsunade, do you really not remember me? And Shizune, you were so young the last time I saw you."

"You are..." began Shizune before going for her crossbow.

But Safara reached out with a tail, wrapped around Shizune and drew her in. As she did, her tail looped around Tsunade and lifted her up. The two women were pressed together, and their lips locked as if by fate.

"Yes," said Safara, tearing them loose of their clothes like a snake shed its skin. Soon they were stark naked.

"Safara..." gasped Shizune, breaking the kiss. "Lady Tsunade, we've got to-"

But Tsunade's eyes were flaring with lights now, and she gripped Shizune roughly, forcing a kiss on her. As she did, Shizune's eyes rolled back in her head, before being consumed by lights. Soon, she was kissing back, as Safara coiled tighter and tighter around them.

Finally, Safara loosed them and drew back. As she did, both of them turned to gaze at Safara with absolute adoration. "Now, both of you look at me and pay close attention to my shifting body. You trust me, love me unconditionally, belong to me in every possible sense of the word..."

"Yes, we do," they said in unison.

"Now, Tsunade, I think you should show Shizune some appreciation for her long hours of hard work," said Safara.

"Yes..." said Tsunade, before kneeling by Shizune and beginning to eat her out. Shizune moaned and gripped Tsunade by the head, as Safara coiled around them from behind and felt them up. Her tail reached up between Tsunade's legs and began to rub her between them.

"Your love becomes you, and through it, you become me..." said Safara.

"Yes!" both of them cried.

Then something happened. Both Tsunade and Shizune's hair began to lengthen. At the same time, their hips grew wider, their rumps bigger. Soon enough, their shapely legs merged into red-scaled tails. Their bosoms expanded outward as their faces took on a different skin-color and hue. Slithering forward, they soon became perfect duplicates of Safara.

"What... this feeling..." said the Safara that had once been Shizune.

"Now, this certainly beats paperwork." said the former Tsunade.

"Indeed it does." said Safara. "I thought I might pay you two a visit first, to head off any problems. Still, you'll need to return to your former selves soon enough. We can't have any suspicious reports that interfere with the spread of love."

"Of course." said the two Safaras.

Safara surged forward and wrapped her hands around her other-selves and kissed them. Soon the three of them began to slither over each other. Their brassieres were torn off as their painted nails groped each other's breasts. Safara's pouty lips sealed over a nipple and began to suckle. Another joined her on the other breast, as the third moaned, gripping their hair from behind.

Then she broke off and slithered over them, wrapping them around, a forked tongue kissing. But they played back, kissing, and licking each other. Soon, Neji had completely lost track of which one was which. Their enormous bosoms smashed against each other, their lips engaged in a three-way kiss. One nibbled another's neck, as a tail rubbed against the slit of the third.

On and on, it went, and they radiated red chakra outward, sapping the entire room. Neji felt himself becoming increasingly hot, and he felt as if he was within those coils. Something was whispering within his mind, trying to draw him down into oblivion.

Vaguely, he was aware that the chakra was seeping into him as well. Safara was not aware of him, but her very presence was entering his network. Was it possible that he, too could be transformed in such a fashion? She did not seem aware but...

Mentally, he emitted chakra from his various points, rejecting the foreign influence. In doing so, he kept himself sane. But his gaze was drawn back to where the lovemaking was continuing. They were all three of them becoming increasingly feral. Finally, all three of them cried out and orgasmed at once.

One Safara drew back to a standing position, as the other two fell to the ground and lay still. Were they dead? Then their forms shifted and then became just like their normal selves. But like Ino and Hinata, they had red-streaked hair and even more curvaceous bodies. They were also stark naked.

As they rose, their clothes returned to them, and the spell broke. Neji realized that he had been completely transfixed by what had happened. Now Tsunade and Shizune's eyes were... different. Loving and hungry while still themselves.

He could have intervened, but his will had not been strong again.

"So," said Safara, "do you enjoy being me?"

"Of course," said Tsunade.

"Lady Tsunade," said Shizune, "do you think..."

"Not here, Shizune," said Tsunade. "We'll have to assimilate other high-ranking ninjas before we talk about that."

"Yes, of course," said Shizune. "Shall I call a meeting with someone?"

"Sakura should be good for a start," said Tsunade. "She was meant to meet with me. Go meet her, Shizune."

Shizune then turned to head toward them.

Neji realized that he had to move or be caught. Even if he could resist the chakra, he could not fight Tsunade. Let alone her and this thing. Quickly turning, he sprinted off as quickly and quietly as he could.

Mentally he ran through his options.

His first order of business should be to prevent Sakura from meeting with them. Sakura was a master of medical jutsu and was the best best of reversing the transformation. Of course, the government had been compromised, and at least Ino and Hinata. But could he make those kinds of accusations with credibility?

Of course not. He was a member of the Branch Family in the Hyuga, Tsunade need only deny it.

Scanning the outside, he saw Sakura making her way toward the building in a crowd. Going outside, he sprinted down the steps and slowed to a walk as he got into public. Once he got Sakura, he could work with her to capture one of those affected. After an official examination, he could prove what he said. Then it would be a matter of subduing Tsunade.

Naruto would be back by then, but they'd need some kind of countermeasure.

All of this hinged on finding Sakura, of course.

The pink-haired girl halted as she saw him and blinked. She was carrying a bag and clad in her ninja outfit. "Oh, Neji, um, what are you doing here? I was going to talk with Lady Tsunade-"

"Lady Tsunade is busy and will be for the indefinite future," said Neji, not wanting to say the truth out loud. "I need to talk with you now."

"But I'm sure she'll-" began Sakura. "She invited me in for a discussion."

"Don't," said Neji, letting command into his voice. "This is urgent."

"...Okay," said Sakura, narrowing her eyes. "But, this had better been good."

The Leaf Government had fallen. And there was no telling how far this... infection had spread. But, with the proper application of containment, Neji could curb this.

Author's Note:
Okay, so the decision to bring Neji into things is because I needed an antagonist.

The problem with writing erotica is that every chapter has to feature a lemon. That's why everyone is reading the story, after all. As such, whatever predator you bring in the story becomes formulaic. Basically, a list of pretty girls in the fanfic getting picked off one by one.

At best, you can do it like in a horror movie, with an established cast getting grabbed one at a time. But that only works so far as well. Alien, the Thing, and other movies are landmarks of the horror genre. Why? Because the characters aren't total dumbasses, making the villain that much more impressive.

So, to bring things around, Safara needed an antagonist. Since her powers are based around vision and chakra, a Hyuga seemed ideal.

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