Anko and Kurenai's Goddess Contract @lord22
Ino and Hinata Meet with the Goddess

Chapter Two: Ino and Hinata Meet with the Goddess

Hinata made her way into the training ground. The curvaceous, dark-haired girl was pulling her heavy weather jacket. She didn't like being out in public, and she wasn't sure she wanted to be here. Yet Kurenai-sensei had asked her to.

To her surprise, she saw another girl with a blonde ponytail. Ino Yamanaka was clad in a skintight set of short-shorts and a tank top that bared her midriff. Her curves had never been as significant as Hinata's, but she went out of her way to show them off.

"Um, Ino, you're here too," said Hinata.

"Yeah, Hinata, Anko-sensei asked me to come met her out here for special training," said Ino, hurling a kunai into a target.

"What... um... what kind of training?" asked Hinata.

"I'm not really sure," admitted Ino. "She didn't say, but she said I'd like it. I've kind of needed some new jutsu anyway. So why are you here?"

"Kurenai-sensei asked me to come," said Hinata.

"Huh, you think it's a coincidence?" said Ino, turning to her.

"I um... I don't think so..." said Hinata.

And then a kunai was put to her throat. Hinata shuddered as she looked up to see Anko-sensei. The violet-haired, net-clad woman looked odd. Her hair was streaked with red, and she looked to be bursting out of her nets. The same could be said for Kurenai-sensei before. "You're pretty bright, Hinata. And pretty when you're bright."

"Um, Anko-sensei..." said Hinata.

And then Kurenai landed, smiling in a way that was just a little off. "Don't push her so much, Anko. Hinata is sensitive."

The kunai was removed. "Right, sorry," said Anko.

Kurenai and Anko seemed to move in unison, turning to face them in the same movement. Their eyes seemed different as well, and Ino looked a little creeped out. "So, um, you both called us here for training."

"Yep," said Anko. "We want to train you in some techniques that take two, and well, need two to demonstrate, right, Kurenai?" She looked at Kurenai with a gaze that could only be called flirtatious.

"Right," said Kurenai, giving the look right back.

"Um, is this really..." began Ino.

Then both women made a strut in opposite directions. They rolled their hips, and as they did, Hinata found her gaze drawn to Kurenai-sensei. Ino was staring at Anko as well as the two of them began to dance. They moved their bodies seductively as they drew nearer and nearer.

Hinata couldn't look away, even as she turned to look at Kurenai-sensei. Behind her, Hinata could somehow see Ino mirroring the movement. They were in lockstep.

"Don't worry about that," said Kurenai, drawing near and lowering herself, so her lips were inches from Hinata's. "Just..."

"Focus on us..." said Anko.

Then both of them took hold of their clothes and shed them like a snake sheds its skin. Hinata felt her jaw drop as she stared at their bodies, finding her mind going number.

Ino was doing the same. They were so beautiful, hairless with skin without flaw. They had curves that even Hinata had never seen the like of.
And they wanted them.

"Anko, Kurenai-sensei, you can't..." gasped Ino.

"Relax Ino." said Kurenai. "Trust in us."

Then both she and Anko blew kisses to them, and it seemed to freeze them in place. Ino was blushing scarlet and panting faintly. Hinata realized she was doing the same, and yet she was not ashamed. "This is really weird..." stammered Ino.

"You want the training, don't you?" asked Anko.

"Y-yes..." said Hinata and Ino at once.

"Then look at us," said Anko. "We're going to demonstrate the Safara Hypnosis Jutsu now."

"Now, this power has three different types," said Kurenai, before she and Anko began to move their hips rapidly in a belly dance. Their eyes were drawn to their nubile forms, and Hinata tried to look away, only to find her body would not obey her. The way they shook and shifted, their immense breasts bouncing with each movement. It was an image of perfection, and Hinata wanted to both hold them, and join in.

Then Anko began to speak, becoming all the more seduction. "The first is focused on physical movements, enchanting the minds of those looking on. I'm using it on you right now, you can't even look away from my body, can you?"

"That's... that's not true..." said Ino. But she didn't look away, no matter how hard she tried. Hinata wasn't even sure she wanted to.

Anko surged around to grab Ino from behind, feeling up her breasts as she licked her ear Ino moaned. "Relax, Ino." And she began to hiss.

If their movements had made Hinata's mind numb, now the sound of the kissing was making it melt. Kurenai-sensei came behind to feel Hinata up through her jacket and speak softly. "Now, the second sort of hypnosis comes from our voices. Once someone is mesmerized by our bodies, we can give them orders. They'll obey without thinking."

"Why don't you ladies take off those clothes?" asked Anko.

They released them.

Hinata stepped back, her face now a cute scarlet, no, why was she thinking of herself like that. She was Hinata. "But... I can't..."

"I'm not going to..." said Ino.

"You're already doing it," said Kurenai.

Looking down, Hinata realized that she'd shed her jacket and was working off her outfit. Ino was already doing the same, now in her panties, without even realizing it. Before long, they had shed their clothes. They began to pose with their chests sticking out and one, long leg forward. It was a simple reflex, as though they were showing off for someone, or something. But who?

This wasn't her.

"Good girls," said Anko, blowing a kiss.

Then Kurenai and Anko surged forward and were face to face with them. The proximity of their bodies was stiffening. Hinata wanted to hold Kurenai-sensei and be held. And then Kurenai-sensei's eyes began to flash with many colors. Those colors shot into her soul and pierced her sense of self.

"Now, the third and most powerful version of this hypnosis is the kind that comes from our gaze," said Kurenai. "By making eye contact, we can completely rewrite the will of the ones who we're talking to, permanently.

"Now, you are enchanted with our appearance, our body. You desire us more than you desire any other thing in the universe. Your whole existence revolves around pleasing us. Only through that will you find fulfillment.


And all those things became true. Their natures shifted and changed as the lights twisted them around. Hinata had the feeling that Kurenai and Anko weren't talking about themselves, exactly.

"But I..." began Ino.

"Understand..." began Hinata.

Then their bodies began to dance. As they did, their minds caught up with them. They weren't commanding themselves anymore, were they? "Yes... we exist to serve, Mistress."

Kurenai-sensei and Anko weren't interested in dancing, however. They almost slithered forward and bore them down. Hinata was pressed to the floor as Kurenai planted kiss after kiss over her form. Hinata found her long legs wrapped around Kurenai's waist. She pressed her breasts into sensei's face. Her hands gripped brown-red hair as Kurenai began to suck on one of her nipples.

Looking up, Hinata saw Ino pressed onto the ground. Anko had pressed her nethers into Ino's face, and Ino was tonguing her. As she did, Anko had transformed her hands into serpents, which began to plunge into Ino's own body. Then Hinata let out a cry as she felt a breaking within her.

Kurenai-sensei had done the same penetrating Hinata deeply...

"I was supposed to be saved for Naruto..." moaned Hinata.

But she could not feel sad. All she could feel was love and warm enveloping her as she bucked against her. Hinata felt a heat growing within her chest and hips and looking up saw streaks of red hair in Ino's blonde. Her own hair was doing the same. As Kurenai licked her lips, they plumped up, becoming poutier.
With a sudden hunger, Hinata lunged forward. She pressed Kurenai-sensei down as she licked her skin. Her tongue was forked as she grasped one of Kurenai-sensei's breasts. She sucked, feeling sharp fangs rubbing her sensei's nipple. Hinata's breasts were growing now, and Ino was much the same. The red-blonde hair girl was now breast to breast with Anko. Their forked tongues were wrestling as they caressed each other.

Then, suddenly, Kurenai-sensei slithered out from under Safara, no, Hinata. She wrapped her tail around her. Her legs had transformed into a red-scaled snake tail, and her hair was almost completely red, now. Ino was soon cocooned in Anko's coils before both of them were pressed forward. Ino and Hinata's lips met as their enlarged breasts pressed against each other.

The two snake-women coiled around them. They pressed them together as they were anchored together in body and soul. The tails were removed, but the two of them remained in place. Their hands ran over each other's magnificent rumps. Their tongues dueled for dominance. All semblance of doubt within them was washed away. They stared deep into each other's eyes and saw their own reflection. The lights began, and soon they were hypnotizing each other.

Not that there was much need to hypnotize them anymore. The adorable creatures were descending deeper and deeper into Safara's love. Hinata was aware of it but lacked the will to fight it.

"Now, it's time we taught you how to do these things yourself. Are you ready?" asked Kurenai.

The two of them broke the kiss and looked to Anko and Kurenai with absolute adoration. They were pets. Extensions of the will of their Mistress. "Yes, Mistress."
Anko smiled as she wrapped herself around Kurenai. "Oh, we're not your Mistress. Summoning jutsu!"

They separated and planted their hands in unison. As they did, a wave of pink smoke emerged, and Hinata and Ino saw themselves. No, who they were becoming. Safara slithered forward, gazing on them with hungry love.

"She is," said Anko.

"Safara," cried Ino and Hinata at once, rushing to embrace her. They buried themselves in her immense chest as she took hold of them from within. Her hands gripped their hair and drew them up. She licked each one in turn and licking their souls with her forked tongue.

"My, these two are delicious, aren't they?" asked Safara. "I simply must make you two me."

Something stirred in Ino, final, confused defiance. "Don't you mean 'mine?'"

"Why not both?" asked Safara.

Then she coiled around both of them and pressed them together. Hinata and Ino embraced, staring into each other's eyes with adoration. Safara lifted them upwards. For a moment, they dangled there, feeling nothing but love for themselves. And, of course, each other. Beneath them, Safara opened her mouth wide.

"Ino..." breathed Hinata.

Safara lowered them down, their curvaceous forms sliding naturally into her mouth. The two moaned in pleasure as they descended down her throat. Soon they would be one with her. The sensation of her licking their breasts was a pleasure beyond words. At last, only their heads remained out of it, and they were blind to all save themselves.

"Hinata..." gasped Ino.

They kissed, a simple, chaste kiss as they were swallowed down by Safara. Descending her gullet, they soon passed into her stomach. As they did, their breasts expanded further, larger and larger. They skin became without flaw as their hair went completely red. Soon their locks formed into ponytails as gold clasps kept them in place. Their hips and down merged into long snake-tails that wrapped around eachother. Their eyes went red, save for Hinata's that remained pupilless. Golden decoration adorned them as they rested within the stomach.

They had been reborn as Safara.

Moments later, Safara summoned back her two new selves. Anko and Kurenai has ascended into her. Now there were four beautiful snake summons around her. Safara admired her new pets, slithering around them. "My, you two just look perfect, don't you?"

The Safara that had once been Hinata accepted the praise with a blush. Ino-Safara looked on proudly, bringing out a different aspect of herself. "Well, there is no flaw in love."
"You were excellent snacks as well," said Safara, searching through their memories and finding some prime candidates. "Why don't we go find some more?"
"Of course, Mistress," said Safara in unison.

Then they shed their skins and became who they had been, new and improved.

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