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Anko and Kurenai's Goddess Contract

Anko and Kurenai's Lamia Goddess Contract:

Anko wasn't really a fan of reading, to be honest.

Even when she'd been training under Orochimaru, she'd always focused on jutsu. Theoretical subjects were more Iruka's job. Reading through the books, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. With a sigh, she kept looking for information.

"Let's see..." Anko, began, looking over the pages. "Safara, Safara, Safara..." She sighed. "No."

The voluptuous violet haired ninja leaned forward, putting her face in her hands. Stand up, she adjusted the nets she wore over her curvaceous form. Then she donned her jacket.

"Anko, what are you working at?" asked a voice.

Anko stood up straight and turned to see a beautiful, red-eyed woman with long brown hair. She wore a white and red outfit that clung to her curvaceous form and bared her long legs. Kurenai looked good as always. "You've been hitting the books a lot lately."

"I'm doing research, Kurenai," said Anko with a sigh, before drawing a scroll out of her long coats pocket. "See, I'm looking to make a summoning contract."

"You mean like serpents?" asked Kurenai, moving forward and putting a hand on one hip.

"Yes," said Anko with a sigh. "Of course, Orochimaru already has the snakes in his court. But I think I've found a possible summoning contract for another kind of serpent."

"A different kind of serpent?" asked Anko.

"Well, it's sort of a lamia goddess," said Anko, remembering what she'd read so far. "She's called Safara and she was had the lower body of a snake and the upper body of a beautiful woman. For some reason, she has an entire summoning contract to herself."

"So what's all this research about?" asked Kurenai, looking at her in concern.

"Well, it's just, um..." Anko looked at the aged parchment, with no names on the list. "I'm not really sure if this thing will even work and I don't want to try it without doing some research."

"Can I see it?" asked Kurenai.

Well, Kurenai always had been more of a bookworm. Anko sighed and handed it over. "Hmm, sure."

Kurenai took it in one hand and looked over it. "Oh.

"This is an old-style contract, Anko. This kind hasn't been used in centuries."

"What?" said Anko. "Why not?"

"Well, summoning contracts ordinarily only need a drop of blood. Then the name is processed and approved or rejected," said Kurenai. "But the old style of contract wasn't based on it.

"This is pre-Hashirama, so there weren't villages. In those days, making a contract was a huge deal. Summons didn't make common cause with any village, so if you wanted to make a deal you had to show up in person.

"The Sage system was set up as a means of making further contracts without needing a pilgrimage."

Anko hated history. "What's your point, Kurenai?"

"If you put your blood on this, you might end up somewhere we don't have on any maps," said Kurenai, passing it back. "Wherever this place, it might not even exist anymore."

"Well, no reason not to try," said Anko. "I'll need every advantage I can get if I'm going to kill Orochimaru."

"Are you sure you don't want to give up?" asked Kurenai.

Anko gave her a look. Kurenai took the point and sighed. "...Sorry, I asked.

"Listen, Anko, if you're going to do this you'd better have me with you. My genjutsu could help you," said Kurenai.

"Right, thanks," said Anko. She was right. "Why don't we try it." She rolled the contract over the desk. Raising a thumb to her teeth and Kurenai mirrored the motion. "One, two, three...


Kurenai and Anko each bit their thumbs and spread the blood over the contract. As they did, they felt a presence rising among them. A pink mist surged up around them and then they felt a wrench before they were pulled by something.

The mist faded and they were no longer in that dusty old library. Instead, they were in a great marble hall. Well, perhaps saying it was a hall was too much. Anko couldn't see a ceiling anywhere, or walls. The ground beneath them was of marble tiles. Her line of sight was broken only by pink curtains which rose here and there.

At her feet were pools of water, yet looking into the bright blue water Anko could see no bottom. Here and there, she thought she caught a glimpse of movement, but it was gone when she looked right at it. The air was warm and pleasant, and Anko had the urge to lie down.

"Well, this place definitely exists," said Anko.

"What is this place?" asked Kurenai. "Some sort of palace, perhaps?


"What is it?" asked Anko.

"I don't sense an outside," said Kurenai. "Even if we were outside we should have felt the energy of the trees and animals. Or the city surrounding us. There should be something."

"I sense something," said Kurenai. "But..."

"What is it?" asked Anko.

"It's like I'm feeling the same thing over and over again." said Kurenai. "Still, at least this place is pleasant."

Then Anko felt a sensation like a snake crawling up her back. Except it was pleasant and seductive and she felt something. Looking back she saw a tan-skinned feminine hand. It had red painted nails and was emerging from one of the pools. The hand-pulled up a long ponytail of red hair that was longer than Anko and Kurenai's hair put together. Beneath it was red hair, then a crown of gold with a red gem on it. Beneath those were two bright eyes like those of a serpent, with red irises and a glowing pink background.

Just looking at them gave Anko chills. Kurenai shifted, even as the face rose higher. It had an absolutely perfect complexion and as she rose upward a set of beautiful, pouty lips emerged. This was easily the most beautiful woman Anko had ever seen. Her face made her and Kurenai put together look boyish.

Soon came the woman's neck, and around it was a golden choker. Below were slender shoulders and two gigantic breasts. They made Anko feel flat and were backed into a gold and red brassiere. It bared the woman's midriff. It was such a toned and slender waist, leading down to immensely wide hips, covered in red scales.

The woman then slithered fully out of the water, dripping wet as she squeezed the water from her heel. Her lower body was that of a snake, the most beautiful snake Anko had ever seen. She'd never seen such glossy, healthy scales.

Keep your mind. Keep it!

Why did Anko feel so hot? Her heart was fluttering and it was all she could do to prepare for spring. Why was her mouth dry. The woman eyed her with obvious adoration and understanding. "Mmmm, it's been a long time since anyone used that summoning contract, hasn't it?"

"You... are you Safara?" said Anko, realizing that she was blushing. Blushing harder than she had when she and Kurenai had first gotten to third base.

"Yes, yes, I am Anko." said the woman, licking her lips with a forked tongue. It was a similar hungry appearance to what Orochimaru did, but different. When Orochimaru did it, it was pure hungry, but this... it was a hunger for her if that made sense. The act was the same but for the benefit of the one, it was performed on.

She was so beautiful.

"And you as well, Kurenai. I'm pleased to see the two of you in this place," said Safara. It was the only name that fit her.

"You were expecting us?" asked Kurenai, controlling her blush better.

"Of course," said Safara. "This place does not precisely exist in the normal plane of existence. I must say, I have a great appreciation for you."

"Then you know why I'm here, don't you?" asked Anko, getting a hold of herself. Get to business and focus on the contract. Not on Safara's gigantic... eyes. How did she move with them being so large?

"You wish to make a contract with me, of course," said Safara, drawing near. "I'm truly flattered that you do. I haven't been summoned into the ninja world in a very, very, long time." As she did, her face drew near Anko's.

How she wanted to kiss those lips. No, no, focus... "Then you'll... help us..."

"Of course," said Safara, mouth widening into a smile. Beyond were revealed a pair of snake fangs. "Helping others is what I do."

"Look away, quickly, it's a genjutsu!" said Kurenai.

It broke Anko out of her stupor. Quickly she went for a kunai, but it was too late. Before either could move, Safara surged forward. She coiled around the two of them, pulling them together so Anko and Kurenai were face to face. And breast to breast.

Even as Anko struggled to reach a Kunai she found her gaze looking over Kurenai. She'd grown even more beautiful since before... no... no...

Kurenai began to thrash violently. Anko tried to bring herself to mirror the motion before Safara squeezed both of them hard. Her nailed hands took them by the face and pressed them forward so their lips touched, gagging both. "Oh do calm down Kurenai dear. This is for your own good."

She let go and for a moment Anko and Kurenai remained like that. Both of them knew they should struggle, try to get free. That now wasn't the time. And yet neither of them were able to or wanted to, break that kiss.

"Let me tell you a little about my powers before we make our contract, Anko, dear," said Safara. "First of all, my very presence causes people to become obsessed with me. Wherever I go, others look upon me, feel my love and love me in return.


Anko didn't need to stop kissing Kurenai to defy her. Using a jutsu, her hands became snakes and slipped beyond the coils. Sending them toward Safara's throat, she tried to bit her. But even as the serpents went toward Safara, they seemed to go beyond Anko's control. Instead of biting, they coiled lovingly around her.

"Hmm, snakes is it?" asked Safara. "Oh, that is truly adorable...

"Still. you are a feisty one, aren't you? I suppose I'll have to deal with you one at a time. Time to put you away."

Safara then disappeared from sight. Anko glanced either way and then she was lifted off the ground with Kurenai. Moments later Anko felt her. Something had locked around her feet and was pushing upward. She felt her ankles swallowed up, then her knees. It worked its way slowly up her thighs.

Anko tried to struggle, but only managed to begin exploring Kurenai's mouth. She was good at kissing, like before. Whatever it was went over her hips and waist and then she felt a long, forked tongue on her and Kurenai's breasts. Kurenai broke the kiss and let out a scream.

Anko looked down and sat that she was being swallowed down into Safara's mouth. Like a snake, her jack had uncooked and was climbing up to her neck. Even as Anko began to struggled she was pulled down and Safara swallowed her whole. As she fell, Anko saw a vision of Safara twisting around to plant Kurenai's face in her breasts. She held her there, as Anko descended into a pink prison.

It was soft here, and wet and liquid dripped onto her. In a mere moment she found her clothes being burned away, so she was stark naked. At the same time, however, it didn't harm her flesh at all. Far from it, Anko felt more alive as it touched her and found herself moaning.

"Mmm, delicious," said Safara in the vision. "Don't worry. Those I devour do not die, they merely reside within me until I desire them."

"Let her go!" said Kurenai, before being plunged back into cleavage.

Anko found it unbearable. Her body was bucking on its own. She needed... needed release. Reaching down, she began to pleasure herself as the walls. The walls of Safara's stomach pressed in around her. Her hand transformed into snakes and plunged into her nethers. It was almost without her will. As Anko moaned her other hand-formed into a serpent that shot forward and plunged down her throat.

"In a moment," said Safara. "Now where was I? The second nature of my power is my voice. Just by speaking I gain a gradual hold over others. Similar to your genjutsu."

The snakes moved faster and faster, as Anko saw her hair growing outward. Once spiky, it was now becoming steadily softer. The color was changing too, becoming... reddish. Was that a golden piece of jewelry holding her hair up in a ponytail? Like that of Safara.

Come to think of it, Kurenai was shaking visibly in Safara's bosom. Her hair was gradually reddening and growing longer. "For instance," said Safara. suddenly slithering away. "You really should take those restrictive clothes off of you, Kurenai. They take away from your natural beauty."

Kurenai was now completely free, her eyes closed. But when she opened them, they had a pink background and were the eyes of a snake. Safara's eyes. "Yes, Mistress."

Without hesitation, Kurenai shed her clothes. She dropped them around her to reveal her underwear. That too was gradually removed until she was completely stark naked. Was her skin getting darker? It looked more tan now, actually.

Kurenai had a moment of clarity. At the same time, Anko felt her snakes recede before she could cum. Not by her will, but by Safara's. Kurenai looked at herself. "What... what is..."

"You're acting according to my words now," said Safara. "Why don't you dance for me Kurenai?"

And Kurenai began to dance, blushing scarlet as she did so. "No, this can't..."

But her voice caught.

Kurenai began to sway her hips and shake her body, moving in a fashion that showed off her body. Anko watched, enchanted as the genjutsu master's breasts bounced and her lips look on a red hue.

"My, you are skilled, aren't you?" said Safara. "You should keep doing that from now on."

"I... I can't stop!" cried Kurenai as she swayed.

"You can." said Safara. "You just don't want to. I know because... well, let's wait for the surprise.

"Now for dear Anko."

Anko felt herself being pulled up. As she was drawn back upwards, she saw her hands. They were elegant, feminine hands like Safara's now, with the same nails. Out of the mouth, she was regurgitated on the floor, feeling like a snake that had shed her skin.

What was happening to them?

Kurenai was still dancing, but Safara was looming over her. Scrambling back, Anko knew she couldn't escape. Safara surged forward and wrapped around her, before pressing a kiss on her lips. Then she drew back. "You look excellent like that Anko. Now, look into my eyes."

"I..." Anko tried to look away and close her eyes, but she caught sight of Safara's gaze from a corner.

Safara's eyes began to swirl with colors rapidly. As she did, Anko found herself transfixed. "One eye is enough for now. My gaze allows me to alter the minds of those I look into. I can tell you what you are and you will become it.

"Now, look at me."

Anko was only in contact with half of Safara's will. But she found herself moving to see her head on, obediently. "You are now my pet. You will summon me when I command and act on my desires whenever I command it.


The words were burned onto Anko's mind. All other aspects of her identity were pulled into line. Chained by that command, giving with loving passion. "Y-yes," said Anko, nodding.

"Good," said Safara. "You exist to spread my influence and bring my love to others. Now, dance with Kurenai."

She slithered away and Anko stood up, not by her own will, but the will of Safara. She clasped her hands and bowed. "Yes, Mistress."

Then she moved to Kurenai and began to mirror her motions. The two of them moved in perfect coordination, as though their minds were one. Yet no thoughts passed between them. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that their minds were held by one.

"Anko, you've got to fight... it..." said Kurenai, mustering the last of her willpower.

Anko felt something within her skin. A light appeared in her eyes as she stopped dancing. Kurenai halted, caught by her gaze. Soon Kurenai's gaze became a swirling vortex that mirrored what was in Anko's own eyes. No, what was looking through Anko's eyes.

"Oh, and I can use my hypnosis through her now," said Safara, though the voice was coming from Anko's lips.

"Anko I..." began Kurenai.

"You love her. As Anko loves you," said Anko, feeling thinner and thinner. "Both of you desire contact with one another, to dance and more forever. The only thing you love more than eachother is me."

"Y-yes, Mistress," said Kurenai, her will breaking.

"Now, demonstrate your love with your bodies," said Safara through both their voices.

"Kurenai..." said Anko, moving forward.

"Anko..." said Kurenai.

They wrapped their arms around eachother, locking lips. As they did, their tongues wrestled for control, becoming thinner and forked as they did so. Anko felt up Kurenai's rear, even as Kurenai groped her breasts. As they did so, Safara coiled around them, wrapping them tightly.

"Now let's have some fun and let our hair down," said Safara.

Then she let her hair fall around her and launched herself backward. She plunged into the water, pulling them with her. As she did, Anko felt her own hair loosening and falling around her shoulders. And better still, she felt something crawling within her skin. The cool water on her face caused Anko and Kurenai to pull back, their mouths opening wide.

"What is..." gasped Anko, before her jaw unhooked.

"Last of all, when someone's will has been wholly subverted to mine, their minds begin to evolve " said Safara. "Even now your identities are being used as a foundation for you to become me.


"Are..." came a voice from Anko's throat.

"Safara..." said a voice from Kurenai's.

Suddenly, Anko felt her skin loosen, no, no Anko was loosening. And from within Anko's mouth, she, Safara, burst out as Kurenai's own true self came forward. Looking at herself, Safara wrapped her arms around her hips and kissed her. Inheriting Anko's playfulness, Safara's tail wrapped around her more submissive counterpart. Pulling her down, she pressed her head into her breasts. The Safara that had assimilated Anko and Kurenai then surged in.

As their old skins faded away into the waters, a tangle of red scales ensued. They kissed, and groped, and licked eachother. Until, at last, they parted. "You know, Anko is truly a fun body to inhabit, isn't she? Her snake theme goes so well with us," said Safara Anko.

"And Kurenai is such a nice partner for her," said Safara Kurenai.

"Even so, we can't have you ladies in your fully evolved state," said Safara Original. "Otherwise you won't be able to use the contract, will we?"

Yes. Of course.

They were now all Safara. But Anko and Kurenai still existed as their lower selves. Safara Kurenai and Safara Anko looked to eachother and nodded. "Of course. We'd best embody our old selves," said Safara Kurenai, voice returning to her lower self.

Safara Kurenai and Safara Anko swam upward with Safara Original and plunged out of the water. As they did, their mouths opened wide and their lower selves surged out. Anko and Kurenai landed, in their old outfits. The only visible change to them were some red streaks in their hair. That and a significantly enlarged hourglass figure. But they were now far more than they ever had been.

Anko stretched. "Man, now that feels good. Mistress Safara, what do you want us to do?"

"Yes, how can we help?" asked Kurenai.

"I haven't had a contract in the Leaf Village before now. You two will bring others into me." said Safara. Grabbing each by the shoulder, she kissed each one on the lips, then, hugged them to her breasts. "Now, do run along. I look forward to being summoned into that nice little village of yours..."

This was the beginning of a new contract.

Anko and Kurenai had given all they were. Now they had become so much more...

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