Return of the Dragonball Gang @lord22 Bulma Briefs has had it up to here with waiting for the bad guys to arrive. Maybe Goku won't listen to her, but then, Goku isn't the only Z fighter and Yamcha needs a vacation anyway. And so begins a quest to avert a dark future BEFORE Dr. Gero activates the androids. Now all they need is a lot of legwork and just a bit of luck... 11 months 9.4K 0 0 Dragon Ball Z Teen & Up English In Progress AdventureRomance BulmaYamchaChi-ChiPuar Bulma/Yamcha Read 1. Risk Vs Gain 2398 0 0 2. Old Ruins 2027 0 0 3. Reunion 2265 0 0 4. Red Ribbon Army 2698 0 0