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Everyday Love

Everyday Love

At present, inside the lodging of Izayoi and Inuyasha, the growing half-demon seemed rather uninterested. His brain continued to tune out his private instructor, Jaken's endeavors to instruct him on spelling moreover grammar. Finally, he felt someone bop him on his head. Snarling, he gazed at the ghastly little person whom his mother assigned to be his teacher. This bozo had the most irritating voice ever.

Jaken worked with Rin and Sesshomaru at the homeless shelter where they had arrived when sent to the future. The little person's occupation was tutoring homeless children who came to the shelter. However, there was no getting around the fact he was irritating, plus hero-worshiped Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha didn't have anything against the people who'd taken them in when they crash-landed in the future. He like Rin well enough. However, for some unexplained reason, her husband Sesshomaru rubbed him the wrong way.

He considered perhaps because he shared the name of his own brother. When he was old enough, his mother revealed to him their entire family history. That his father had had a previous relationship, his first love was a gentlewoman named Inukimi. His mother had met her previously in the past. His father had strived to make sure his entire household got along. Inukimi remained a bit haughty yet also respectful, accepting her beloved had moved on.

It was his mother's stepson who showed such despisement for them. Still, his father, Toga's dream been for all of them to be one big happy family. He sought his loves to be genial with each other. He yearned-for his sons to get along moreover become true brothers.

From everything his mother had described to him regarding his older brother? Inuyasha couldn't help but feel joviality that his brother was long dead. Still this young man? His mother had mentioned he did greatly resemble a human version of his brother.

Nevertheless, Inuyasha didn't like him, nor did he care for Jaken. Why his mother thought this bungler was fit to educate him, he'd never know. The little bozo had bopped him on the head with this walking stick he carried everywhere. The walking stick was bigger then he was, and it creeped him out with its two heads.

"Inuyasha! I'm not here to waste my breath! You are supposed to listen to me when I'm here!" he shrilled at the six-year-old. Inuyasha rolled his eyes, not caring what the nincompoop thought.

"It would help if you didn't sound so whiny, Jaken. Because when you're talking, all I desire to do is block out your voice!" he snapped only to earn another rap on the head. He growled even more at his tutor as he rubbed the bump on his head. That little prick had more attitude then he had size.

"Show your teacher some respect! You are already behind enough as it is! Do you wish to fall further behind?" he demanded to the young half-demon prince. Clenching his fist tightly, resisting the urge to use his claws, he shook his head. "No, I don't want to fall further behind."

"Then show me some respect and pay attention!" Reluctantly the half-demon royal paid attention to his teacher. It was a long three hours before his mom return from one of her jobs. To support them, his mother had taken two jobs. One at a floriculturist store and the other as a librarian at the district library. She had different shifts for each occupation. Consequently, if he wasn't being tutored, the landlady Kaede babysat him.

"I'm home!" she called out as she entered the residence. Several groceries weighed her down in her arms. Jaken striving to be a gentleman, helped her put them away. She thanked him for being so helpful, which made him flush the color of a tomato. He launched into a short tirade regarding how undisciplined her son was. That he didn't bestow him respect, nor did he try when it came to school work. Izayoi grinned at the little man. "I know my son is a bright child. It's more that he has to be engaged in the thing he's learning is all."

"Are you saying I'm wasting my time, milady?" he gazed aghast from what the eye-catching woman said. Inuyasha was convinced Jaken fancied his mother. However, loads of gentlemen fancied his mother for her outstanding beauty and unbelievable compassion. It just made him gag when it was people he knew.

"Of course not, Jaken," the princess giggled musically, making his tutor blush further. "I'm merely suggesting you make the schooling more interesting. He'd probably pay more attention, is all. Learning shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be engaging, interactive, and make you thirst more for knowledge."

"I reckon I could rethink my strategy for my next tutoring session with your son. Good day, my lady," as he departed, still blushing plus that lovesick grin on his disgusting features. Izayoi smiled and had a thoughtful expression on her radiant features. She was quite used to the attention she received from men, though Toga would remain the only man for her.

She observed her son in front of the TV, watching a popular cartoon. The TV had sure as shooting be the most off-the-wall thing she'd discovered since arriving in the 21st century. "Honey? Can we talk?" she inquired softly. Her child didn't even twitch. Like so many others, he was memorized by the TV. Sighing, she resigned herself to wait until the cartoon was over. After the show had ended, she clicked the TV off. "Mom!" he looked aggravated. "I'm sorry, honey. But we need to talk."

"What about?" he grumbled as he petted his kitty. She looked content sitting in his lap. She really was the perfect therapy animal for her son. She was pleased getting him a pet worked out so well.

"Honey, I'm concerned regarding your schoolwork. Mr. Jaken says you're not putting forth a lot of effort."

"He's got the most irritating voice ever! Whenever he starts lecturing, all my brain wants to do is shut it out."

"Still, my son, it's imperative you get an education. I understand you yearn to go to a genuine institution. However, we can't risk it. Therefore please try harder when your tutor is here, please?"

He let out a loud sigh. "Yes, Mom." She bent down to squeeze him tightly. He snuggled closer when she embraced him. "Okay, go do your homework while I get dinner ready."

"Can't we just have some of that ninja food?" he asked hopefully, his dog ears twitching excitingly at the thought.

"Sorry, honey. No ninja food tonight. Tonight we've got a home-cooked meal. Now go do your homework."

Pouting, he left to do his homework while his mother went to make curry. She hoped not to make it too spicy and burn her son's tongue like last time. His reaction to the spicy curry had been priceless. During dinner, her son grudgingly ate his curry. Fortunately, it wasn't too hot. Smiling, she questioned him what he learned today.

"Jaken's lesson today had to do with proper spelling and grammar. It's so tedious and complicated to write proper grammar. He's even insisted I learn calligraphy! I wish it weren't so complicated!"

"Well, as you know, son, there plenty of people around the world who can't read and write. Therefore it's imperative you know how to do such things since its a significant life skill. I had to learn calligraphy when I was young too. My tutors said I mastered it quite swiftly. So, my little prince, I'd love you to work harder on your abilities."

"I understand, Mom. I do. Still, I wish it wasn't so troublesome."

"Everything will come in time, sweetie. Now, besides your reading and writing skills, did you work on anything else?"

"The horror that is mathematics! That's more confusing then calligraphy!"

"Aren't you doing only the basics in math right now? Adding and subtracting? That's not too tough."

"I guess so, except Miroku maintains its only going to get much challenging."

"Hmm, how are your friends doing anyway?"

"According to Miroku, Sango's what he calls a 'teacher's pet.' However, I don't know exactly what that means. While Sango says, Miroku is more of a goofball. I don't understand what that means either. I think I'd be more comfortable going to school with them. I don't like being forced to be shut inside to learn."

"Honey, you know why we can't risk it. Besides, don't you three have a playdate this weekend?"

"It'd be better, Mom, if I could actually go on the playdate. However, I can't!" he huffed, and his mom looked baffled.

"Why can't you go meet them for the playdate?"

"Because they're going to that brand-new bike path to practice riding their bikes. And I don't have a bike." he spat bitterly. He didn't understand why everyone had something his mom called an iron cart. Nevertheless, he still felt miserable. He didn't have one himself.

"Inuyasha, mind your manners. Don't talk like that to me."

"Sorry, Mom. Although I don't own a bike. What the point of going to a bike path to ride bikes if I ain't got one?"

"Did you think I wouldn't have gotten you a bike? Rin and Sesshomaru have one waiting for you at their shelter. I was going to pick it up tomorrow. It's a second-hand bike. Nevertheless, it should be adequate for you to learn to ride."

"I don't like that, Sesshomaru," he sulked, crossing his arms and scowling.

"Why?" as his mother set her bowl down. She gave him a hard look, "I know he resembles your brother, despite you never met him. He's simply a young man seeking to help troubled youth. You shouldn't be furious at him for having the same name as your brother."

"You told me my brother was degrading to you. That he insulted you to no end simply because you were human. He said Dad falling in love with you and having me was a crime against nature!"

"That was over five hundred years ago," Izayoi reminded her son. Taking a deep breath, "Demons and humans seldom saw eye-to-eye. And yes, half-demons faced discrimination. However, you aren't a mistake. You're a living example of true love between two souls.

Furthermore, my son, no child is an abomination. Not when their parents sincerely loved each other. People need to be more open-minded and accepting. Not ridicule or harm those who are different."

"Yet, you force me to hide. How can I genuinely be accepted when no one knows my secret?" he challenged his mother.

She sighed. "I don't desire your childhood to be nothing except bullying, moreover mistreatment. I do believe there will be a day you'll find ones who you can trust with your secret. However, at the moment, we can't risk it. After all, children have big mouths. I rather you wait till your older and wiser before deciding to tell anyone the truth. So they might be mature enough to handle it."

"So you are saying one day I can tell someone my secret?" he asked for clarification.

"One day, just not anytime soon. Now let's clean up and get you ready for bed."

A few days later, Inuyasha met with his friends and their moms on the bike path. Each of his friends had brand-new shiny bikes. Miroku's was purple and Sango's pink. His second-hand bike was red.

"Glad you could make it, Inuyasha! We're afraid you wouldn't be able to come! Nice bike!" Sango greeted her friend. He looked slightly embarrassed his bike was second-hand.

"Nice to see you too, Sango. Where Kohaku?" looking around for Sango's little brother.

"Oh, Dad took him to the dentist today. He's got a cavity that needs to be filled. So he won't be joining us today."

"So shall we get to ride our bikes? I want to get rid of the training wheels asap." Miroku said as he eyed the offending wheels.

"First, Miroku, you need to learn to ride your bike more. Then we can talk about removing the training wheels," his attractive mother reminded him.

Inuyasha knew that Min and Kita were good-looking. Not anywhere near as attractive as his mom. However, looking at them, he could see Sango greatly resembled her mother, and Miroku had his mother's eyes and hair color.

"Yes, Mom," Miroku grumbled, looking annoyed with the whole thing.

Even with a few grumblings, the mothers and their children started down the path. Izayoi required both Kita and Min's advice in instructing Inuyasha on how to ride a bike. Things started okay. However, a problem came when they're approaching a small hill. Inuyasha pedaled a little too fast and didn't remember how to break. Consequently, he ended up going down the embankment too fast. He then crashed into another kid riding her bike, and they ended up in a tangled mess on the side of the path.

His mother and the girl's mother came racing over to make sure their children were okay. The girl he ran into was trying to see if he was okay, but he tried to get her to go away. Then their eyes became locked, and the prince found himself speechless. The girl in front of him was the most attractive girl he'd ever seen. His stomach started to flip when he looked at her.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked him as she took some twigs out of his hair. He couldn't speak at all while in front of her.

"Kagome! Are you okay? Nothing was broken?" her mother asked her, and she shook her head.

"No, Mom, I'm fine. Though I think he's broken. He can't even talk!" the girl answered without thinking. Kagome's mother cringed at her daughter's thoughtless words. Then looked up at the boy's mother, who was examining her son.

"I apologize for my daughter's careless words. Is your son alright?"

"No need to apologize. We all say things without thinking at times. I'm sure my son is fine. Other then he's slightly embarrassed," Izayoi replied.


"Yes, Mom?"

"Please apologize."

"Okay. I'm sorry I ran into you. Are you okay?"

Inuyasha's face matched the color of his bike. Still, he got it together. "I'm fine. Thanks for asking," though he couldn't look her in the face.

"Inuyasha, please watch your tone. She did apologize."

"Yes, Mom."

"Inuyasha? That's a strange name."

"What's it to you? Your name is strange too! I've never heard of the name Kagome before!"

"Children, let's not start a pointless fight. Why don't we all get some ice cream? There a vendor around the next turn," Kagome's mother recommended.

"I think that would be excellent. May my son's friends join us?" Izayoi asked, and the girl's mother nodded. Quickly the four children were enjoying their ice cream. Their mothers sat a short distance from their children. They didn't want to intrude on their children becoming friends. It was obvious they all end up being friends by day's end. By the end of the day, they're all friends, as expected. They arranged for another play date for the four children. Smiling, they all said goodbye.

When they got home, Izayoi looked at her son knowingly. She knew what he was about to ask her. "Mom?"


"Why did Kagome make my stomach twist so much? Also, why was I blushing so much?"

"Oh, my son, I never figured you are so young when you got your first crush. But I'm happy all the same about it."

"Crush? What do you mean I have a crush?"

"A crush is what you call it when you really like someone. It's a small stepping stone down the path of love. Children get crushes all the time. However, most don't pan out to long-term relationships."

"So wait, you're saying I like Kagome? How can I like her and not know it?"

"Honey, everyone when the first encounter love of any kind are not familiar with how it makes them feel. So it's not uncommon for children not to realize they're attracted to someone. At least not until someone older and wiser points it out."

"So, is there a cure for this condition?" His mother only laughed as she smiled down upon him.

"I think, for now, you should focus on becoming her friend. Then see if your feelings change when you've known her for a little longer."

"So wait until our next play date?"

"Yep. Now come on, let's get you cleaned up. You're still hurt from crashing into Kagome. So let's get you cleaned up."

As his mother carried him into the bathroom, she couldn't help but smile. Thinking quietly to herself how his father would've reacted to know his son had his first crush.

Alas, she'd never know what Toga would think and feel when it came to their son. She yearned to see him and have him once more in their lives. But that was one wish that could never be granted.

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