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Thank you to all who are reading this, like to make a quick announcement. I usually write story samples for my friends about future fanfics I'm going to write. To tease them and get them excited. Well, I decided to post the beginnings of my future stories. I can't give you a date when I will update the stories. But I can't keep them in a computer file waiting for the day I get to them. So enjoy the stories, and sooner or later, I'll update them. I can't tell you when. Thank you!

One enchanting evening after the first snowfall of the season, a stunning estate stood overflowing with guards. Each possessed a steely look in their dead-like eyes. Their hearts and souls were pitch-black and more frigid then even the wintertime.

Inside the magnificent mansion laid the most ravishing woman in all of Japan. Princess Izayoi. Her beauty only matches her purity of heart. She cared not for heritage or appearances.

The princess had committed what countless humans perceived as the biggest taboo in the land. Princess Izayoi had fallen in love and married a demon. Not just any beast, either. She'd married Lord Toga, the Great Dog General, the Lord of the West.

Presently she found herself in labor about to birth their child. The child inside her was the motive of why her domicile was plagued with soldiers. Sentries ordered to assassinate her darling and, if one of them had his way, her baby.

Delivering a newborn was never painless, adding to her distress, her beloved wasn't there, along with her overwhelming fear for her son. It only made birthing her child more challenging.

She faintly detected the castle midwife's futile attempts to prevent Takamura from entering the birthing chamber. Men were strictly prohibited from entering the birthing room. Dishonor awaited all men who violated this sacred law.

Decorum didn't matter to Takamura, given he felt it was his responsibility to ensure her honor wasn't befouled even if that meant executing her, so she did not give birth to a half-demon child.

Racing through the fading moonlight was Toga in his true form of a demon dog. His flea companion persisted, pleading with him to stop. Citing his wounds from the earlier battle would hinder him or even kill him.

Toga cared not for his own life. He could feel his true love's life fading and with her his newborn infant. Accepting this would be his final night in this world, he ran right to fight to his death.

Nothing was more significant than love for another; Toga knew this truth with all his heart. That he gladly sacrifice everything, even his life, for a single moment with someone he loved.

He reached the heavily guarded palace and immediately transformed into his human form. If his wife was the most ravishing woman in all the land, Toga in his human form was by far the most fine-looking.

Tall with well-sculptured features and long snow-white hair was whipping around gracefully in the cold night's breeze. His golden eyes locked on the mansion where his beloved lay. Drawing his weapon, he gave a mighty roar and began to cut through the small army as if they're made of paper.

He didn't even feel the arrows pierce his body, nor was he aware of the blades stabbing him left and right. The only thing he cared about was his family. They would not die. He wouldn't permit it.

Toga snarled as the samurai warrior Takamura came stumbling outside. He demanded to know what he did to his wife. The murderer joyously told the Demon Lord he'd just assassinated the princess and her spawn. Cursing and rage coursing through his veins, the Lord of the West attacked the dishonorable bastard.

He succeeded in slicing off his right arm and didn't care one bit when the bloody coward gave the order to set the home on fire. He kept calling for his wife and only felt more empowered when he heard his newborn cry.

He found the birthing chamber and threw the burning curtains off. He saw his beloved deathly white and bloodstained. He could see she cradled in her arms, his son. Enraged, he drew one of his swords, Tenseiga.

This sword wasn't a weapon, for it couldn't kill; instead, it brought back those from the grave even though the soul could only be resurrected once. Therefore no-one could rise twice. Still, he used his sword's power to bring her back to life.

Seeing her breath again helped him breathe anew. He took out a kimono woven from the hair of the Fire-Rat. He wrapped her tightly in the protective garment. The mansion was burning so quickly, and they're trapped.

Toga knew he couldn't let Izayoi die nor his son. However, he knew as his death fast approached, neither would ever be safe. At least not at this time. He knew the only safe place for them was a time and place where no one would hunt them or kill his son for being half-demon.

"Izayoi, listen to me. I can only buy you a little bit of time. So please listen carefully," as he pulled out a gorgeous necklace from his garments. He threw it around her neck as she only had a moment to gaze upon it.

Magnificently colored beads with gold kanji inscribed on them. Four silver charms dangled from the accessory. His other sword, Tessaiga, the Sword of Protection. His wife's favorite wildflower, him in his true form, and finally, the moon as it was tonight—a lunar eclipse.

"Dearest?" as they held hands. He quickly spoke, "The creation of this necklace is a secret, for it was known it would be considered taboo. By saying an ancient spell, it will take the wearer to another time. Also, if a half-demon wears it, they'll appear human to all who see them. It would help if you used the necklace to take both of you to the future. Only there will you two finally be safe."

"I can't leave you to die! Toga, please!"

"Beloved, we can't both abandon our son. I must stay, beloved, only know that I love you for all time. I want you and our son to live a long and happy life," as he pulled her into a kiss—their last kiss as it was.

"Live long, Inuyasha." "What is that?" Takamura asked, having reached the family at that moment. "The infant's name, the child shall be called Inuyasha," Toga said with a fleeting glance to his wife, and taking one look at his son, he began to chant the spell.

He just finished it as Takamura managed to get in striking range to finish him off. The one-armed samurai watched as a dazzling light encircled the woman he loved so long, and she and that demon spawn of hers vanished.

"What demon trickery is this, monster?! Where did she and that abomination go?!"

"Far from here and you. Now shall we enter hell together, you bastard?" as they battled till the roof collapsed on top of them. Toga's final words echoed through time. "Izayoi, you must survive live long life live long and well with Inuyasha."

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