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Let them burn

Let them Burn

The volcano glows red, and everyone's dead

Not a body to be seen a nation of ash and cinders

And it looks like I'm the queen

The flames keep roaring like the furnace that's inside

I couldn't keep it in. Hell only knows I've tried

As usual, the Fire Nation's meteorological phenomenon remained quite idealistic. The landscape also sustained its prestigious attraction. Truthfully each realm held its own unequaled charm and miracles.

Everyone acknowledged that your most guaranteed bet is the Fire Nation if you sought sunshiny weather without uncertainty. One extraordinary individual currently had a birds-eye view of the territorial division beneath her. A sizable majestic bird with sleek blood-red and golden plumage vocalizing an enchanting melodic line soared high on the ever-present thermals of the Fire Nation.

She sensibly kept far enough away, so no one underneath her realized she was a phoenix. Phoenix was as revered as the dragons in the Fire Nation. The rational motive persisted that it was the daughter of Agni's emblem. From the ballet "Phoenix Heaven."

Princess Azula's mother, Shula's family, had long ago been anointed with Agnimitra's mark. Thus it granted their family success for generations. Except Agnimitra solely anointed those she found praiseworthy of her mark.

She knew in heart that Princess Azula didn't merit her good fortune. Not when it remained unmistakable how black the child's heart and soul were. After all, that's why Anto left his brand on her. Every spirit would only mark those they perceived deserving of their blessing.

It remained an honor bestowed to a select few. However, while the Sun Spirit's female offspring hadn't gotten an opportunity to bless the child she'd yearned for, she kept a close watch on him and his loved ones.

Adjusting her wings, Agnimitra continued on her flight to the Fire Nation capital to check on her charge. She possessed extraordinary senses within this form. Superior visual perception moreover sharp-eared. Plus, the charm within her voice and tears.

Don't let them in. Don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal don't feel, don't let them learn

Well, now they've learned!

The phoenix grinned when she witnessed the emblems in her honor. Unbeknownst to virtually everyone in the Fire Nation, the ballet "Phoenix Heaven" wasn't a product of the invention.

The ballet literally revealed her life story. Which dated back 300 years ago, give or take a decade or two. If memory severed, she believed Kyoshi been the Avatar. Reasonably confident it hadn't been the lowest Avatar, Kurkuk.

That otiose sleazeball remained notorious for being the most slothful Avatar plus the youngest to perish. These spirits themselves had been quite disappointed in Alanna's mother, Raava's decision to make him her vessel. Nevertheless, everyone, even spirits, makes mistakes. No one was infallible.

Agnimitra yearned more of her kind to spend time in human skin. It do miracles in educating them in humility. Furthermore, valuing human life. Furthermore, recognize how fragile life was.

She'd a genuinely happy life as a human with Mishal. Their daughter Princess Akari inherited a myriad of boons from both sides of her household. Her legacy lived on nearly all of the imperial family. That is except for the bad eggs, specifically Ozai and his daughter. Her earthly descendants maintained her blessing when she decided they're worthy of it. Following the passing of her partner, Agnimitra regained her position as a sacred spirit.

To safeguard her earth-born descendants from danger, the spirits expunged all knowledge of her time on Earth. Thus her story has been reduced to a ballet. Nevertheless, no enchantment is genuinely flawless. Thus, they're limited souls who possessed an obscure impression the ballet was a fact, not fiction.

Let them burn, let them burn!

They're no longer my concern!

Let them burn, let them burn!

Time to show the world it's my turn!

I won't care how they're going to scream!

Let the fire rage on.

Flames never seemed to bother me.

The Phoenix Celebration paid tribute to her in her spirit form, which explained the hustling and bustling within the capital. Her keen eyes noticed numerous of her descendant's loved ones.

Her favorite descendant's best friends and their soulmates were engaged in setting up for the celebration. The Crown Prince, his wife, and their friends were overseeing the entire arrangements for the celebration.

From her previous sojourns, she knew Azulon and Ilah were currently visiting Ilah's girlhood home. The same with the prevailing Fire Lord and his wife. Consequently, their son Crown Prince Lu Ten, happened to be in charge until they returned.

It's funny how this inferno makes everything look bright

And the fear that once controlled me set everything alight!

It's time to see what I can do

To test the limits and breakthrough.

No right, no wrong, when it's only me!

So I'm free!

By now, the blazing bird arrived at her destination, her favorite location from her mortal lifeā€”the Fire Nation Palace Gardens. The gardens themselves only grown more eye-catching extravagant with each new Fire Lady adding to it.

The Fire Lord may rule the nation. However, the garden always fell upon the Fire Lady to attend. Fire Lady Kimana had unquestionably made it mind-blowing with her household one-of-kind blossoms and lepidopterous insects.

In fact, Agnimitra noticed her most recent descendant, Princess Kiyi, was currently inside the butterfly house with her two friends. Agnimitra didn't know their names. Only they're the granddaughters of her great-grandmother lady's maid.

Utilizing her acute awareness, she picked up Kiyi and her friends, who were studying various encyclopedias, while savoring the diversity of butterflies her grandmother had brought back from her sister's settlement.

"Did you know that Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love? It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love! Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace!" Kiyi read aloud passionately.

"That's neat!" one of the twins squealed. Suddenly she read a passage from another book, "Sage is one of the essential ceremonial plants. Utilized by many as an incense. Plus a purifying herb. Sweetgrass symbolizes protection and healing. Furthermore is considered to drive out evil influences and ward off bad luck."

"Now that's fascinating! Listen to what this chapter says regarding butterflies!" the other twin chimed in before reading her book aloud.

" Many look to this flying insect with deep reverence and use it as a symbol for many life concepts. To summarize, the butterfly symbolism works as a representation of resurrection, change, renewal, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the transformation to make life better!"

Smiling again, the legendary bird flew to the most magnificent tree in the garden. The one she planted herself the day after she'd gotten married. As she hoped, she saw Zuko, her favorite descendant having a lovey-dovey moment with Akiko.

Agnimitra wasn't certain if the girl grasped her heritage as a descendant of the Dragon Guardians. However, she could perceive the intense spiritual power originating from the ravishing young woman.

Akiko leaned her head against her true love's shoulder as he embraced her tightly. "My darling, Zuko. How is it you still, even after all this time, find small wonders in the world?"

"You have to look for the little miracles before you can appreciate the big ones," as he kissed the back of her neck, leaving her to purr.

"I do hope that Demon doesn't show her ugly face again. This is our time, and I want to soak up every moment we've alone."

"Funny thing about my cousin. No one has seen hide or hair her for a week. Its alarming. Even her former nanny having a fit about it."

"Why would anyone even notice or care if that monster went missing?" the jade-eyed beauty questioned her lover, who looked at her seriously.

"You know how superstitious some folks are. With my cousin being known as a cursed child, the Demon Princess? D you think anyone can rest securely without knowing where she is?"

"You do have a point, Zuky. I hope they track her down shortly. I'm thankful you don't have a seed of evil within your body," as they smooched passionately. Promptly a hauntingly gorgeous melody permitted the gardens snapping the lovers out of their spell. "Who is singing that?" Akiko couldn't help but wonder aloud.

Let them burn, let them burn!

See my fire across the sky!

Let them burn, let them burn!

Like a rocket, I can fly!

I won't care how they're going to scream!

Let the fire rage on!

"I don't know, Akiko. Though I'm quite sure I've heard this song only in my dreams."

"Your dreams?"

Blushing, he confessed, "Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of a ravishing young woman with scarlet and golden locks with eyes the color of first light. Elegantly attired, graceful, plus a phoenix mark in the center of her forehead. Sincerely I don't know why I dream about her."

"That sounds suspiciously like Agni's daughter. Except why she appears to you in your dreams, I cannot say. Though its no stranger then my dreams of dragons speaking to me."

"Mother says its an honor bestowed to few to come face-to-face with a spirit. To stand in their presence will strike one dumb. That its an experience you'd never forget."

"Hmm, well, I imagine meeting any spirit would be life-changing."

"If you only knew my children. If you only knew. Oh, how I wish I could hold you, Zuko. How I wish I could dance with you and your fire lily. Anything to be once more with my family. To feel their happiness and joy.

To feel the sun on my human skin once more. The sweet touch on my figure tips with the breath of a loved one on my lips. Alas, that time come and gone. I only wish I didn't have to take you both from your happy lives soon. Yet, you both must be protected if the Shards are to remain to protect." Agnimitra sang softly to herself, shedding one golden tear.

My power surges through the air and all around.

My soul's the engine that will burn this world down to the ground!

And one move sparks ignition of my vengeful wrath!

I'm never going back. The future's all I have!

Let them burn, let them burn!

Raining down Armageddon!

Gazing once more with affection and sorrow in her eyes, she launched herself into the heavens above. She knew she'd have to give her report to Alanna along with the other patron spirits and their children. Yet, it broke her heart she'd shortly have to steal Zuko and Akiko away from their families. Families are meant to be together and should never steal loved ones.

However, the spirits felt for months know the cold grasp of darkness in the air how this evil knew the lost legend of the shards. Furthermore, if they weren't protected, the world would plunge into chaos and ruin.

They couldn't let it happen. Bad enough, thanks to this evil, Alanna's mother Raava, been temporarily detained. By the time they'd delivered her to unearth her next vessel, a century passed.

The humans had taken for granted that they'd been unsuccessful in establishing the next Avatar that transpired with Kyoshi. Therefore it wasn't unheard of not to distinguish the current avatar for quite some time.

Either way, the level of danger was growing by the day. Consequently, desperate times called for desperate measures, even if it would break a few hearts. Why did fate have to be cruel to be kind?

Let them burn, let them burn!

Their precious world is gone!

I won't care how they're going to scream!

Let the fire rage on.

Flames never seemed to bother me.

Agnimitra- (Daughter of Agni) Emilie Barlow- Sailor Venus- 90's dub

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