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Lose Somebody

It's a classic 'me' mistake
Someone gives me love, and I throw it all away
Tell me have I gone insane?
Talkin' to myself, but I don't know what to say 'cause

The two flitters of butterflies and moths brought everyone who'd participated in the conflict to wherever they needed to go. All who'd declared allegiance to the Phoenix King were transferred to await judgment from their country of origin. They'd decided their fates in a court of law.

As for the heroes? They're sent back home to be with their families. However, they weren't the only ones sent there. Each of the kids' tormentors and even Ozai had been brought back to their households as well.

Everyone had more or less an hour left after being subjected to the prohibited techniques of bending. They'd been sent to die with someone to comfort them in their final hour.

You let go
And now I'm holding on
I guess you don't know what you got
Until it's gone

Alanna's flitter had taken the Airbenders to the Eastern Air Temple. Aang had been delivered there so his family could take care of him after his harrowing ordeal. Akanke and Ari were like, screw the rules. They're going to look after their youngest family member. Moreover, everyone else could go to hell if they had a problem with it!

Zephyr had shifted to female when they arrived. She didn't consider it to be her place to invade Aang's family time. She felt her place remained to be with Anil as he died. She cursed herself for bringing him to imminent death. She knew she'd never been able to live with herself if she didn't stay with him as he lay dying.

She immediately traveled to the hidden chamber the nuns had provided him. Thanks to regaining her mystic feather, if someone hadn't learned sign language, it could communicate her thoughts for them.

However, she'd preferred it if people took the time to learn her language all the same. Yet right now, that was neither here nor there. Taking a deep breath, she casually strolled in then locked the door as she took a seat across from him.

Sometimes you gotta lose somebody.
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh

And I do, and I do, and I do, yeah
Sometimes you gotta lose somebody
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh
Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose somebody

Zephyr plucked the feather from their hair. Holding their medallion in one hand and the feather in the other, she concentrated her energy to establish an empathetic link. Anil couldn't communicate as he laid dying. However, with this link? Their thoughts would be translated into words.

Furthermore, both of the children would be able to converse with each other. Anil's thoughts came bubbling to the surface. Zephyr wasn't surprised by his first question. "Why are you here, freak? Come to gloat?"

"I've not come to gloat. I'm taking no pleasure seeing you die. I loath myself for being the one who brought you to death's door."

"Then why are you here? If my death brings you no pleasure, then why?"

"I need to understand. Aang and I desire to learn what drove you to this point? To the point of no return? You've scarcely lived and now are dying. How can either of us sleep peacefully without learning what drove you to do such inhuman acts?"

"Ha! Why do people always think there is some obscure reasoning behind everything a person does? That there must be something in their past that made them the way they are?

I did what I did of my own free will. No one forced me. I wanted to be the most renowned Airbender ever! I desired to see Aang groveling at my feet. Why else do you think I did what I did?"

"Honestly? I feel like this was driven more by jealousy then anything else. You're an attention-seeker who wants to be the most significant person in the room. Second-best is never good enough. You alone want the spotlight and attention. You're envious that Aang didn't have to try to be liked or that airbending came so naturally to him.

I can honestly assure you, Anil. Just because Aang is the Avatar doesn't mean Airbending would've come instinctively to him. Avatar Kyoshi was terrible at her native element. Consequently, Anil? Even the Avatar grapples when it comes to their personal element. It takes years to learn the other elements! Therefore, many more to become a fully realized Avatar, Anil." The feather paused for a moment. Zephyr seemed to be debating how to finish her current thoughts. Ultimately, the feather commenced writing again.

"I strongly suspect you've felt unappreciated plus undesired, given how you came here to exterminate Aang's family. Conceivably because your mother didn't challenge tradition to make sure you're all right. The fact Aang knows his family? He has his mother's love, plus, has a sister looking out for him? I believe that tipped you over the edge."

A few tears fell from Anil's eyes. "Why must we not know our parents? The other nations' children are afforded the luxury of knowing their families. They don't break up their families for no reason."

"I assume you desired to correct that? If you did succeed to amend certain aspects of our culture? Thus no child felt discarded any longer?"

He nodded, "I desired us to be strong, not pushovers. I wanted to know what it felt like to be genuinely loved, to have what others have. Yes, I wanted to be the best."

"You desired to be the best because you felt if you were, then somehow your mother would come for you? That you were worthy of being loved?"

"Yes, that's true. Stupid, huh? No one in our civilization cares enough regarding their own children to raise them themselves."

"I'll make you a promise here and now. From this day forth, Aang and I shall do our most beneficial to redeem the Air Nomads. To make us better people and to ensure no child feels abandoned ever again."

"You swear you'll both keep this promise?"

"I'm the reincarnation of Aella. I swear on my life and honor it shall be done."

"Okay. Please keep your word."

"I shall, Anil. Now go in peace to your death, and know you've been forgiven."

Zephyr then watched as Anil's soul left his body. She was crying hard herself over all the senseless of it all. Taking a deep breath, she knew she needed to find her best friend and lover. There was so much work to be done.

So don't tell me it's too late
Hearts are made to bend
Baby, please don't make me break, yeah
I knew I should've stayed
'Cause now you're moving on
And I don't know what to say 'cause

The mood remained somber down in the South Pole. Katara and Nita had it the worst regarding what they're feeling concerning Sitka gradually dying. Katara's mind kept replaying the repulsive deed she'd done. To save her brother's life, she'd applied psychic bloodbending to cut off the supply of blood to Sitka's heart.

No one could make her feel better for bringing a 15-year-old boy to his deathbed. She didn't desire to go into the bedroom where Bato and his wife were currently. She didn't know how she'd ever look at her adopted uncle and aunt ever again. How could she even live with herself?

Nita didn't have the strength to go in either. Her emotions were all over the place. How can you love and hate someone so much? Especially all at the same time? She'd despised her brother's revolting behavior her entire life. He'd never been a good big brother like her cousin Sokka was to Katara. Not to mention, he'd bullied her for being a lesbian.

Yet, it didn't change the fact he remained her only brother. The sick feeling he lay dying, and she hated she felt relatively happy about it. What kind of person is delighted when a family member is dying?

Neither girl knew what Sokka's feelings were. Sokka, along with Yue, was in another hut having their injuries treated. Kenai didn't feel it was his place to be here right now. Instead? He was in the roundhouse, striving to help the younger children understand what had happened. Truthfully? He also didn't want to upset Katara further by being near her in her delicate state of mind.

You let go (Yeah, you let go)
And now I'm holding on (I'm holding on)
I guess you don't know what you got
Until it's gone

"Neona? Can you hear me? Please talk to me! I can't deal with this on my own!" Katara begged as she fell to the floor sobbing.

Her soul sister emerged in a translucent form in front of her. She, too look like she'd been grieving. "Katara? You okay?" which she already knew the answer. However, she needed some way to open the conversation.

"No, I'm not, Neona! I've got the blood of an innocent on my hands! I know I did what I had to do! Yet, I'm disgusted with myself! I can't even go into that room to see him!

My family will hate me for the rest of time! Hell! How can Alanna forgive me for assassinating someone? She never forgave Anto for it!" Katara screamed furiously at the spirit.

Neona took a few deep breaths then spoke softly, "Katara, we all knew before the battle lives would be lost. Alanna previously warned you that in the end, people would die. I'm not saying playing a part in it makes what your feeling irrelevant. On the contrary, it makes you quite human that you have got these emotions."

"Then maybe I don't want to be human! I don't want to feel any of this!" she screamed as the ice around them started to crack.

Neona looked extremely apprehensive at that, attempting harder to help her soul sister process her emotions. "Katara, no one can go through life without feeling anything. If we didn't feel anything, we simply existed.

However? To truly live, we must embrace all parts of life, even the unpleasant times of life. However, I do know neither of you will find peace. Not unless you face Sitka one more time. You don't have to forgive the things he's done to you.

On the other hand? You'll only find peace if you find a way to forgive. To do that you've to see him one more time. There is no other way."

Eventually, the young monarch nodded then stood up. Finally, the last of her tears froze to the ground. "Nita?"

"Please, don't tell me you're losing your mind? Please tell me you're talking to a spirit and not going crazy?" Nita sought to joke in an attempt to cut through the tension. It didn't work. Both took a deep breath with their hands clenched together they walked in. Sitka looked almost as pale as a corpse. He took shallow breaths with a bit of blood falling from his eyes.

"Uncle Bato? Mind if Nita and I have a moment alone with Sitka?" Katara asked in a shaking voice.

"Of course, come Bato," his wife spoke for both of them. They left their niece and daughter alone. Nita took one step forward, swallowing hard before she yelled. "You are the WORST big brother in the history of big brothers, Sitka! You never watched over me! Never protected me! Never did anything a brother supposed to do!"

"Nita!" cried Katara, only for Nita to jerk away. She wasn't finished. "I've wanted to tell you that since I could walk! I wanted you to know how offended you made me feel!" taking a sharp intake.

"Except you weren't supposed to die! You weren't supposed to join Tui and La before Mom and Dad! Parents are supposed to go before their children! Not the other way around!

You want the truth, Sitka? You are an appalling brother and son! Yet you are still a brother and son! Moreover, you shouldn't have to die less then a year after ice dodging!"


"Its... okay...Katara...I deserved that," Sitka gasped between breaths. He convulsed painfully, "I deserve this fate, for I did fail as a son and brother."

"No one deserve to die, Sitka! No one should have to die! This is my fault! I'm the one who did this to you!"

"It's not your fault, Katara..." coughing even more violently. "I chose my own ill fate long before I joined Anto. Deep down, I knew the truth behind my words and actions. Yet, I didn't care about anyone other then myself. I only hope there is mercy waiting for me when I get to Lady Meng Po's house for tea. I hope she serves snow rose," he chuckled weakly.

"Oh, now you tell the funny joke!" Nita snapped before she let loose her tears. "I didn't want you to die, knucklehead! Clean up your act? Yes! Die? No!"

"Nita, I only ask one favor from you," he begged weakly, only for his sister to scowl at him. "A favor? Now you want a favor from me?" she demanded.

"I want you to take care of Mom and Dad. Especially Mom. Don't let her think she failed as a mother. Please make sure her grief doesn't destroy her."

"Very well, Sitka. I'll take care of them. Do you want me to leave?" she inquired softly, knowing he didn't have much time left.


"Fine. We shall see each other one day again," then Nita walked out, leaving Katara and Sitka alone. The light from Sitka's eyes was dimming quickly. "Please, Katara. I know I don't deserve it. Not after all I did! But please! Please tell me, you forgive me. "

Katara peered into the eyes she long loathed. She gently took Sitka's hand then gently kissed his forehead. "I cannot forget the unrighteousness you've committed, Sitka.

However, you do have my forgiveness. Its a bit of an oxymoron. Those who don't deserve forgiveness are the ones who deserve it the most. So go in peace, Sitka, you're forgiven," as Sitka's essence departed his body.

Sometimes you gotta lose somebody.
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh
And I do, and I do, and I do, yeah

Long Feng and Toph were in a heavily guarded chamber with the terminal Setsuna inside the Earth King's palace. Brock, Suki, and Daichi were dealing with everyone else.

Toph knew her place was in this chamber, to help this man make peace with himself and his family. Once again, she remained thankful she was blind. She honestly didn't desire to see what she did to this wretched girl. Toph did her most beneficial to focus on Setsuna's breathing and the exchange between uncle and niece. This needed to be done.

Plus, Toph much instead been in this room then dealing with her brainless parents. Suki promised her she'd be giving all the Beifongs, plus even the Earth King himself, a thorough dressing down. With a bit of help from Oma and Shu to get through their thick heads.

Staring in the direction of Setsuna's diminishing heartbeat, she turned to her left. "You need to say it now. She can't hold out much longer. So tell her the truth. And believe me, I'll know if you're lying. My advice? Don't dare lie when someone is dying. Don't do that to them. So stick to the truth or else," she warned the broken man.

He simply nodded, then took one of Setsuna's hands into his own. Scarcely able to keep himself from breaking down completely. "Setsuna, I wish I could take it all back. That I sincerely kept my promise to your mother, to raise you to be a proper lady. I'm so sorry I raised you instead to be a tool for power.

What power is worth this? Worth someone's heartbreak? A child's death? I'd willingly trade places with you if I could. But, it would be best if you had only had everyday devil-may-care worries. Not caught up in a stupid game of politics. You should've had a chance to have fun, enjoy parties, and falling in love."

Her heartbeat changed for a second at hearing those words. Toph motioned him to continue. "I cannot ask for either your or your mother's forgiveness. I only have myself to blame. If I'd loved you as I should've, you wouldn't be dying. I wish I could forgive myself. Sadly that is not possible. I'm sorry, Setsuna. I'm so sorry."

Setsuna struggled a few minutes before she managed to write a few words. "Not your fault, Uncle."

"Setsuna, do you forgive me?"

Setsuna didn't have the strength to answer. Luckily Toph did it for her. "She says you are forgiven. Do you forgive her?"


"Then rest in peace, Setsuna, you're forgiven," as Setsuna breathed her last breath and her spirit left at last.

Sometimes you gotta lose somebody
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh
Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose somebody

For the first time in thirteen years, the exiled Prince Ozai laid in his own bed again. His daughter laid on the small bed next to him. Ilah had requested the servants set it up. If her son and granddaughter were going to die? She wanted them to die together, to have a single moment as a father and daughter.

The only one to join Ilah in her vigil was surprisingly Zuko. Not even Ilah's lady maid Calypso was in the room. The rest of the family was being tended by the royal physicians.

Azulon and Ursa did ask before they left if they felt they could do this. They didn't have to do this alone. However, both Ilah and her great-grandson were stubborn and refused to listen to them. The only thing Zuko did before entering the bedroom was to make certain Akiko was resting comfortably. Once he knew her life wasn't in danger anymore, he went inside.

Agnimitra assumed the same non-corporeal form as Neona had done for Katara. This chamber brought back several memories for her. During her time as a mortal? This wasn't a dormitory. Back in her day, this room had been her private lady's room.

Lady's room simply meant only ladies were welcomed. No man in her mortal life ever set foot in here. She hadn't realized it had been converted into a bedroom. Let alone Ozai's.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes you gotta lose somebody, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes you gotta lose somebody, yeah

Zuko had no memory of Azula's mother, Shula. Ilah, however, remembered every detail regarding the attractive woman. The one who willingly submitted herself to abuse for some twisted reason, she saw it as an honor.

Either way? Azula remained the spitting image of her mother. Yet, the lack of a soul came from her father. Ilah glanced at her great-grandson. To her surprise, she could perceive the outline of Agnimitra.

There hadn't been much time between the battle and now. However, thanks to Alanna's butterflies, everyone received the missing information. It'd been a lot to swallow for sure. Knowing their family was spirit-touched. Or that Zuko had become a quasi-avatar. Or Alanna foretold his destiny to teach this generation Avatar in the art of Firebending.

Zuko himself couldn't process all this. Let alone the know the truth of what transpired in Keaparaberu. Thankfully years of breath control helped him stay calm at the moment.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes you gotta lose somebody, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometimes you gotta lose somebody, yeah

Ozai belatedly seemed to gain sufficient awareness to realize where he was. Plus, who was in the room with him. Even on his deathbed, he still only looked at his great-nephew with hatred. He cast his mother an indecipherable expression. Finally, he growled with effort. "What are you doing here, Mother? I don't need your sympathy. I don't want anything from you."

"Ozai..." she started to say when he twisted away violently. It seemed the Prince of Death intended to fight until his final breath.

"Go away, Mother. If I'm going to die, I rather do it with honor. Not with your pity or so-called regrets. I don't want or need anything from you!"

"And I don't need you here either, Zu-Zu! Just go! Leave us to die in peace! Its the least you can do!" snapped Azula. Yet both of them gasped after exerting so much effort.

Ilah gave such a fierce look it even intimidated Agnimitra. She knew this woman was stronger then she looked. Something told her Ilah was the strongest person in the room. "Ozai, I'm not leaving you. I do not give you pity. I want to give you what you wanted all your life. What you really wanted."

"Don't speak foolishness, Mother. I've only desired the power to rule over the world. I want nothing else."

"Ozai, I know that you've desired power all your life. I'm well aware of the power you sought. The same power your daughter desired. I'm aware neither of you understood what true power is. Yet, I'll not let you die without you knowing what genuine power is. Neither of us shall let either of you perish before we bestowed upon you true power."

"We don't need sentimental nonsense about love, Grandmother! Let us die! Don't waste your breath on such folly!"

"Tell me, Azula, if you are so powerful, then why do you not have a friend? Do you see either Mai or Ty Lee here?" challenged Zuko.

"They're weaklings! They lost their potential for greatness!"

"I'm afraid your lying, Azula. This time to yourself. I can see the truth. You wish Mai and Ty Lee were here. You wish someone cared that you are dying," Zuko calmly stated.


"If its a lie, then why are you so enraged?"

Ilah turned to her son. "Tell me, Ozai? Where has your quest for power gotten you? What good did it do for you to think only of yourself? That you've no one here except for myself and Zuko? You may not have sought companionship, but clearly, you are alone and miserable. Miserable that you are dying. Furthermore, you fear you will not be missed or even remembered.

It frightens both of you, doesn't it? The thought of being alone and forgotten? That's why you are asking us to leave. You honestly expected us to go. You sincerely want to believe till your dying breath no one gives a damn about you," Ilah pointed out bluntly.

"So, it's a shock that Granny and I are here, isn't it? We're likely the two people you both despise the most. Yet we alone are sitting here with you as the end draws near."

"What do you desire from us?" Ozai finally asked, knowing his time was short.

"I only desire you to know three truths, my son. One, I've always loved you. Two, you shall be remembered. And lastly, I've forgiven you for years."

"The same is for me. I shall not forget the crimes you've committed, Azula. Yet you'll always be my cousin—a member of our family. Therefore you shall not be forgotten. I've done my best to love and forgive you. I know you don't care either way if you're loved or forgiven. Nevertheless, you've been loved and forgiven. Hence please go in peace."

Finally, the bloodline of Ozai ended as both he and his daughter took their last breath and set their spirits free.

Sometimes you gotta lose somebody
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh
And I do, and I do, and I do, yeah

Alanna looked up from the mirror, which she'd viewed current events. Her palace stood still in shambles, with the grounds burned to a crisp—none of that matter to her at the moment.

The only thing on her mind was the circumstances she just witnessed. Seeing them stirred something in herself that she hadn't felt in eons. Her expression stayed unreadable. Gazing out the windowpane to the miniature temple in the center of Limbo Valley. She knew where she'd to go and what she'd to do.

Sometimes you gotta lose somebody.
Just to find out, you really love someone
Oh, oh
Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose somebody

"Anto?" called a sweet voice. One that he never believed he'd hear again, speaking with kindness instead of contempt. Then, whirling around, he witnessed Alanna gracefully glide into their ordained temple. She remained the only person he ever held feelings for. Gone was the fury that so long eclipsed those striking azure eyes he'd once long to gaze into.

Now they're replaced with love and pity. He couldn't stand the expression of empathy within her eyes. His father, Vaatu, warned him long ago. That such emotions such as love, sympathy, mercy, or pity were nothing but weakness. They only dragged you down. More to the point, they weren't worth the trouble they caused.

"What are you doing here, Alanna?" he demanded sharply as his blade. "Have you come to rejoice now that you've ultimately got your long-awaited revenge upon me? Are you satisfied that I've lost my only child now? Is that why you are here? To lick salt into my wounds?"

Alanna didn't speak. Instead, she embraced Anto for the first time in eons. Teardrops streamed down her attractive features, which broke the dam, preventing his own from falling.

Soon both were sobbing their hearts out. It remained a peculiar sight to witness the two of them just crying together. Given they hadn't even touched each other in eons. Finally, they couldn't cry anymore. Alanna dried the last of both their tears away. He gazed at her with ambiguity. Why was she here, and why had she cried? Eventually, his former lover gazed intensely into his golden eyes and spoke.

"Anto? May I ask you a question?" He was taken aback by the statement but nodded his head. "Tell me the answer to my question, Anto? Who has never suffered a broken heart?"

He looked dumbfounded by her question. He deliberated long and hard. Then eventually shook his head. "I've no idea who has never suffered a broken heart."

She smiled at him, "The answer is there isn't one living being in our world or the humans that never suffered a broken heart. Everyone, spirits, humans, and even the Avatar have all suffered a broken heart at one point in their lives."

He looked even more perplexed. "Then why ask me a trick question? What is your point?" She took a deep breath before explaining her reasoning.

"Because, Anto, you must understand this. I've suffered a broken heart for eons. So much I yearned you'd experience the pain you caused me. Furthermore, the lesson needed to be learned from it.

My heart is more fragmented that you had to receive that lesson at such a cost. I wouldn't honestly wish anyone to have to learn this lesson the way you did. Given what it cost you."

"Lesson? What lesson? Furthermore, what cost are you talking about?" he demanded, still bewildered regarding what she was rambling about.

Her glittering butterfly wings were fluttering faster as they did when she got anxious or upset. It took a long time before she calmed down. Subsequently, she studied him again.

"Anto? You do recognize none of us are gods, correct? Whether we be spirits, humans, or even the Avatar, who is both? None of us are gods. We are all flawed. We are human because we're all imperfect beings. Nor are we truly masters of life or death. Good or evil. Even the concept of fate isn't truly in command either."

"I'm not following you at all, Alanna."

"We all live and die, Anto. No one, not even us, can truly live forever. To live is to die. That is the nature of things. Life is eternally bound by limits. It's not something that can be saved multiple times.

The lesson I speak of? This is why we shouldn't take anything or anyone for granted, why we must cherish every breath we take and every memory we make, and why we must protect what we love.

For only by realizing how fragile life is? To understand the grief and anguish, we suffer from that which we cannot change? How none of us, not even you, can prevent death?"

He stayed quiet for a few moments. Then, suddenly he understood what she was seeking to tell him. "You wanted me to learn about the pain of losing a loved one to death? To understand why life is precious to learn compassion, love, and mercy? You wanted me to know what it meant to have a human heart? Isn't what your speaking of?

That to learn all that, I had to lose my only child? To understand how you felt eons ago? When I introduce the sins of murder and suicide? And from there the corruption of your children's hearts?" he guessed, to which she nodded.

"Yes, that indeed the lesson I desired you to learn. However, you and your followers reminded me of a lesson I've long disregarded. In learning, you'll teach, and in teaching, you'll learn."

"What did I end up teaching you?" now even more confused concerning what she was speaking about.

Finally, still sobbing, she answered, "I've spent eons full of hostility towards you. I've witnessed you time and again strive to destroy the world my children dwell within. I've seen you cause nothing but misery, suffering, and heartbreak. Yet I also witnessed something unexpected from those who served you."

"Which was what precisely?"

"I observed everyone who you selected to accumulate the Shards die slow, excruciating deaths. Yet before each of them perished? The ones they hurt most? Their families and friends? Each one, in turn, sincerely forgave them for their transgressions. I've forgotten how significant the act of forgiveness is.

If my children can show such wisdom and forgive those who nearly ended their lives? Who caused nothing but heartache and pain? Then its possible for me to forgive you for your transgressions." taking a deep breath.

"Therefore, Anto, I've finally forgiven you for the heartache you caused me eons ago. However, while I've forgiven what you've done to me? I'll be honest. We shall never be lovers ever again. However, maybe with time, we can once again become friends."

Anto was stunned by all this. Then finally answered, "I accept your forgiveness even though I don't deserve it. Maybe one day we shall be friends again. However, you should know I'll never stop loving you. Even if you never love me again." With that, they both hugged once more, and a new dawn had begun for all.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ooh, ooh
You gotta lose some-
You gotta lose somebody

Lose Somebody: Kygo and One Republic


"If you don't prioritize your own life, someone else will." Greg Mckeown.

Prioritize what matters most. Decide how you want to spend your life—every moment.

Kiss your children, love your friends. Speak kindly, strangers, hold hands with your loves. Go for long walks.

These will be the things you remember when all you have left is today.

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