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Let it show

Let It Show

I walk alone in a place unknown

My old home is far away

Though I tried hard to belong there

In that place, I couldn't stay

I played my role, the perfect queen I had to be

But there's no place there for someone like me

The second the Phoenix King broke out of his bondage? Literally, all hell broke loose. The heavens and all bodies of water transformed into blood! The world itself let out an inconsolable sobbing due to its intimate demise!

Any who'd been spirit-touched immediately responded like their souls were shredded in two. Undeniably the fate of more then this realm was at stake! The ground began to quake as thousands of gateways ripped open across the planet.

However? One soul beheld the most critical part of it! Zephyr scarcely succeeded in dragging himself over to Aang when it occurred. Anyone who hadn't been spirit- touched wouldn't have detected them. Yet, given Zephyr was the reincarnation of the patron spirit of air, Aella? Their heterochromia eyes remained witness as the satanic restraints snaked around their beloved's small body.

Beholding those heinous manacles prompted Zephyr into recalling the taboo waterbending technique, bloodbending. That atrocious capability remained perpetually demonic. However, this? Thousand times more diabolical!

Aang screamed out in anguish. Zephyr rushed to support him. However, Aang managed to recover control for a few seconds. He hastily signed, "Get out of here, Zephyr!" Zephyr shook his head. He wouldn't abandon Aang! Abruptly a flutter of lustrous lepidopterous insects enveloped the teen in a warm heliotrope light.

Immediately forming a chrysalis then it disintegrated. Aang's best friend had demilitarized! Meanwhile, Aang's body was ripped across time and space. Deposited at the vile Phoenix King's feet. Aang didn't even get an opportunity to recuperate. In a split second, the young Avatar lost all sense of self! Becoming an empty shell and a puppet to a throng of sociopaths completely!

Don't let your heart control your head

There are words that should be left unsaid

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Well, now they know!

Elsewhere Zephyr progressively recovered conscience. He blinked rapidly because he couldn't understand where he stood! He was standing in the courtyard of a dazzling palace! Nestled on the summit of an enormous vibrant, flourishing hill. Inside was a remarkable grove of magnificent trees with leaves of peridot green, topaz blue, and luminescence silver. Further ahead were a set of towering shimming gold gates that were locked shut.

A secluded sanctuary of desirability moreover tranquility as he strolled throughout solemnly in a literal slice of heaven. From the eye-catching centerpiece fountain to an orchard brimming with silver apples that gave off the most delightful aromas he'd ever inhaled. The most majestic birds ever observed were soaring throughout the grounds—each slightly larger than eagles with saffron breast, scarlet crest, and royal purple tails.

Cautiously turning around to gaze at the palace itself. He couldn't help but feel in reverence of its elegance and charm. The eastern entrance faced an impossibly enclosed sea with its ivory roof and long halls with peacock feathers dangling on the walls. This palace was admittedly a place of light, love, beauty, and life.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something peculiar. Rings of water, earth, and fire emerged throughout the courtyard. From these peculiar rings emerged even more foreign people.

Zephyr swiftly caught on that several were spirits. Conceivably due to being the reincarnation of a spirit. Therefore Zephyr innately recognized his spiritual brethren. The rest were children of their individual nations. It was quite a sizable and diverse gathering. There must be a rational motive why they're all gathered here. Except right now, they're all clueless as Zephyr himself.

Let it show, let it show.

Now my heart's an open door.

Let it show, let it show.

I can't hide it anymore. I don't care

What they'll say about me

Feel the strength of love

Emotion is the key to my liberty

"Okay, what in the name of Tui and La just occurred?" blurted out a Water Tribe boy. He appeared verge of losing his marbles given the extraordinary happenstances.

"Sokka, please do not use our parents' names in vain. Of course, I thoroughly comprehend these developments are quite out of your comfort zone, but all the same, please don't insult our parents," the sultry female water spirit pressed him.

"Hey, I meant no disrespect, Neona. However, can you blame me for being freaked out? Given our entire existence been turned upside down?"

"No, my sister and I can't condemn you. However, we've no time to beat around the bush. Things are considerably grave!" the desirable white-haired male informed the teenager.

"Excuse me? Anyone going to tell us what the hell is going on? Plus, why I'm having so much freaking difficulty seeing wherever we are?" demanded a tiny blind female.

"Apologizes, Toph. The land of the Spirit World isn't the same as the earth realm. So despite the territory looks similar to your world? It isn't made up of the same composition as your world.

Give it an hour, Toph. By then, you'll have acclimated to the brand-new terrain. Thus you'll be able to see anew, no problem," Ela explained to the pint-size powerhouse.

"Well, that's all fine and dandy. Except you're avoiding my other question. Earthbenders don't avoid things. We face them head-on!"

"Toph, chill for a minute. An hour ago, we all but got assassinated! Therefore again, chill out for a second. Let us catch our breath!" a lad with similar features urged Toph.

"Fine, cuz. I'll try to chill."

"Thank you."

A fetching young man dressed formally cleared his throat. "Excuse me? I know we're all a little muddled by whatever transpired. However, I feel if we introduced ourselves? Well, it'd clear up some of the confusion."

"Zuko, I'm so proud you've learned proper etiquette. Unlike your unscrupulous cousin," Agnimitra praised, resulting in her descendant blushing.

Seeing he had a point, the group introduced themselves. However, when they sought to introduce themselves to Zephyr, they hit a roadblock. None of the kids learned sign language. Not that Toph would've been equipped to utilize it. Not unless she fancied fingerspelling everything. Thankfully the spirits understood sign language. Consequently, they're able to interpret for Zephyr.

I kept my feelings hidden.

Contained by lock and key

Now, at last, the doors are open

And my heart has broken free

The mask has fallen from my face

My hopes and dreams I will embrace

There's no one here to tell me 'no.' Here I go!

"So now that we're all acquainted with one another. I speak for all of us that an explanation is in order. If you could graciously explain to us," Yue asserted for everyone.

A melodious voice called out, "You're all here because the fate of the universe rests in your hands." Everyone cautiously turned towards the voice. Immediately they're struck speechless before falling to the ground in full kowtow. Not daring to meet the jaw-dropping sight of the virtuous woman before them.

Gliding out of the palace was Alanna. Keaparabeau was her birthplace, after all. She shone iridescently as she bathed her children in her extraordinary light of purity. Then, smiling affectionately towards her children, "Welcome, my children. I've waited so long to meet you all. It's not every day that so many of my children have been spirit-touched."

"Spirit-touched?" they whispered, still not looking up. None of them had heard that expression before. Nevertheless, it sounded quite of the essence. Furthermore, if the Mother of the human race said it? Then it was unquestionably essential.

"Spirit-touched means each of you've been anointed by the spirits," Alanna described in a benevolent tone. Then, recognizing they're still perplexed, she ventured to clear up.

"Several of you are the soul siblings to the spirits before you," gesturing to the considerable assembly of spirits present. She then added, "Two of you are the reincarnation of fallen spirits," eyeing Sokka and Zephyr before concluding, "Finally, one of you is a direct descendant of your patron spirit," her magnificent azure eyes rested on Zuko.

Brushing back her snow-white locks, she continued, "It's not unsurprising you're fated to protect the Shards. Nor the fact, you're fated to become the instructors for this generation Avatar," pausing for a moment to give that a chance to sink in. Then, taking a deep breath, "However, given the circumstances? You might not be capable of carrying out the responsibilities of being his teachers. Not if we're unsuccessful in stopping the Phoenix King."

"Lady Alanna, who is the Phoenix King?" implored Zuko. He'd a sinking suspicion he already knew. Yet, he needed confirmation. He additionally hoped she might shed light on where they'd taken his fire lily.

Alanna regarded the young prince regretfully. "You already know who the Phoenix King is, Prince Zuko. Yes, it's your banished great-uncle, Prince Ozai. He's only become more diabolical these past thirteen years."

The young prince made a peculiar sound before replying, "I'd sincerely prayed it wasn't so. I may've been a child when he was cast out. Nevertheless, I still remember how atrocious he was."

"Regrettably, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, my precious Zuko, when it came to your cousin, Azula," interjected Agnimitra bitterly. Undeniably she still hadn't come to terms with what that monster did to her family.

Let it show, let it show.

I am free to laugh and cry

Let it show, let it show

To the past, I'll say goodbye

Forgive, forget

Move on, be free

Feel the strength of love

Suki courageously lifted her head before requesting the abbreviated version of current events, which the spirits swiftly revealed the fantastic actuality of this untold narrative.

From the conception of the Shards to their concealment, next simplifying their complex family bloodlines. Furthermore, clarifying the genuine significance of being spirit-touched.

Including how those spirits-touched, such as Azula's mother, Shula, can forfeit their blessing. A spirit's blessing will be immediately relinquished if the blessed individual commits an unforgivable sin that contradicts the spirit that blessed them.

In Shula's case? She'd renounced Agnimitra's boon by embracing the abuse of Prince Ozai, becoming so twisted that she no longer comprehended right from wrong. She'd genuinely fallen into becoming a disciple of Anto. It's why she died so young. Those spirit-touched tend to live longer then ordinary humans. Nevertheless, she'd surrendered her blessing. In turn, all things come back on themselves.

They finished by depicting the universe's fate if they failed to liberate Aang. They also mentioned the genuine possibility of having to end the lives of Phoenix King's supporters. Needless to say, everyone had mixed feelings regarding ending another's life.

Except they might not have a choice. Alanna asserted that Ozai was already dying. Hosting Anto resulted in him burning rapidly through the host's life force. However, Ozai potentially could host him longer. Due to the fact they're kinder spirits. Nevertheless? Anto's spirit would sooner or later claim Ozai's life. When you've got that much toxic energy within your body? Even the most despicable individuals would overdose from it!

I feel emotion flooding through my every vein.

My heart is heavy with the weight of all my fear and pain

I have to break away so I can learn and grow

I've been holding back too long

It's time to let it go!

The children didn't have sufficient time to process all they'd been told. But, even now, they could perceive how the Earth realm was under siege. Gradually suffocating, and even the Spirit World started to display symptoms of diminishing. "What can we do to save this universe? There must be something we can do! You wouldn't have brought us here if we're of no use!" declared Katara.

Alanna nodded, "You're correct, Katara. As we explained, you children are the last hope for this universe. Unfortunately, though I won't lie, you may all perish in the attempt to liberate the Avatar."

Everyone remained quiet for a few moments. Suddenly Kenai spoke up. "I believe I speak for all of us, dear lady when we understand perfectly the repercussions."

"No one ever wishes to die. However, sacrificing yourself for those you love? There is no more magnificent act of love. What do you ask of us, Lady Alanna?" questioned Nita.

"I'm afraid I'll have to separate some of you. But, unfortunately, some of you must remain here to protect both the Spirit World and myself. I'm not sure if you're conscious of my history with Anto.

To be brief, we used to be in love. However? When he introduced the sins of murder and suicide to my children? I immediately cut ties to him. Despite being eons ago? He still lusts after me.

No doubt part of his strategy is to make me his wife: one way or another. I hope I'm not asking too much of you." Unquestionably terrified at the very idea of her stalker breaking into her home.

"Lady Alanna, I will protect you with my life. I'll give my life for you if I must. However, I'm prepared to lay down my life if I must," Suki vowed before the ravishing lady.

Immediately they figured out who should remain. Kenai, Nita, Yue, Suki, Brock, and Daichi volunteered to stay at Keaparaberu to fend off Anto. Zuko yearned to stay behind as well. Especially after Alanna shared, Akiko was already here. Revealing his soulmate was currently in a coma. Alanna's butterflies were striving to purify the virulent energy within her.

However, the almighty Mother remained steadfast, that Zuko was needed to fight the battle in the Human World. "I understand how badly you yearn to be with your fire lily, Prince Zuko. However, given your heritage? A direct descendant of Agnimitra? You've more potential then you realize. Only those spirit-touched stand a chance against the Phoenix King."

"I'm still striving to swallow the fact I'm descended from the sun spirit himself. Nevertheless, Lady Alanna, I must see her once before you send us into combat. I'd never forgiven myself if I didn't say goodbye to her when there was a genuine possibility I could die. Therefore please permit me that one luxury?" he requested.

"I'll escort you there myself, Prince Zuko. But make haste. Even now, our existence is increasingly suffocating," as the butterfly-winged woman escorted the prince.

Agnimitra hesitated before pursuing her descendant. Eons ago, they'd all consented to an extremely high-risk strategy. Of course, this last resort could go incredibly wrong in a myriad of ways. Nevertheless, this one choice would shape the fate of everyone in this room. Not to mention the world!

For what they'd in mind? It hadn't occurred since the original Avatar Wan bonded with Raava for all time. Once done? It couldn't be reversed, ever. The plan? To eternally bond with those, they'd blessed. To become two souls in one body, permanently. The equivalent of an Avatar for each nation. Except, unlike Raava, who entered a new vessel in the cycle? These spirits would eternally be reincarnated with their chosen line of descent!

Not one of them was expecting the spirits to familiarize them of this. They'd already had to try and swallow everything else. However, to become a quasi-avatar? To be permanently bonded with their patron spirits? Yeah, that was a hard pill to swallow.

Zephyr, Sokka, Yue unknowingly already become this. Due to Zephyr and Sokka being the reincarnations of the spirits of air and warriors. Furthermore, Yue only lived because the moon gave her life.

They did request permission first. The children debated amongst themselves for fifteen minutes before giving their answers. Ultimately, Katara, Kenai, Toph, Daichi, and Zuko consented to the plan. Then, a quick ritual took place to seal the deal. Once complete, Alanna's butterflies carried them where they needed to be.

Now it was waiting and see what happened next.

Let it show, Let it show.

Hold my heart out in my hand

Let it show, Let it show

Spread my love across the land

With open eyes

A brighter world I see

Feel the strength of love!

Emotion is the key to my liberty

The only place to go is up

Sometimes the bottom is exactly where you've to reach before you can rise higher than you ever have before.

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