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Let it flow II

Let It Flow II

The rain falls, and it's flooding the town

Not a dry patch to be seen

A kingdom of gloom and sorrow

And it looks like I'm the queen

The water's rising like the ocean at high tide

I couldn't keep it in. Heaven knows I've tried.

Neither Sokka nor Katara liked running from a fight. Sokka, as the succeeding chief? He ached to prove he could handle any imperilment that came his way. Also, he craved to show off for Princess Yue by aspiring to be a macho man.

Katara also wasn't one to back down from a fight. Despite being the Southern Tribe Princess? She wasn't a damsel in distress. Far from it, in fact. Katara and Yue were polar opposites. Pun not intended.

Where Yue remained a composed, diplomatic, well-mannered young lady? On the contrary, Katara maintained being an assertive, forthright, and accomplished young woman. Who didn't need a prince to come to her rescue, for she could rescue herself!

Yet, the two siblings conceded with their father's reasoning. A legion of vessels jammed with passengers from both tribes was on course to Whale Tail Island. The rational motive for this abrupt voyage remained thoroughly Sitka's fault.

When Sitka had assaulted Kenai, the Tribes been in an uproar. Tons of screaming, finger-pointing, plus threats of a civil war. Or worse, potentially some Fire Nation involvement.

Amidst the emotional turmoil moreover growing threats of war? The only solution to appease everyone? To exile Sitka to White Fang. Even his parents, after much agony moreover discussion, concurred it remained the sole resolution.

No parent wants to ostracize their son to the uninhabited, frigid wastelands. Except how could anyone feel secure anymore? Remembering someone committed the transgression of attempted murder in broad daylight?

It wasn't an arrangement that anyone come to easily. However, in Water Tribe culture? A ceremonial ritual must be performed first before the individual is escorted to White Fang to live out their remaining days.

According to traditions and the will of Tui and La? All who are banished from the tribe must be given one last blessing from the spirits. To help the shunned persevere. Plus, hopefully, find salvation in exile.

Some people regard it as preposterous; nevertheless, that's how it was done in the Water Tribe. Consequently, they'd to await midnight of the full moon to banish him. Until the appointed time, he'd be kept under heavy guard in total isolation.

Except when Hakoda and Bato had gone to give Sitka his sentence? They discovered the young man had evaporated into thin air! That set everyone immediately on edge. Acknowledging a lethal rapscallion with nothing left to lose was on the loose. The chiefs and council of elders agreed that the women and children be sent immediately away for their safekeeping. Naturally, this hurt a few of the female benders' pride.

Chief Hakoda soothed their bruised pride by explaining that all waterbenders, plus a select few warriors, would be in charge of everyone's safety. Knowing they're recognized as warriors protecting the younglings made their egos less bruised.

I tried to hide, tried to be good

I forced a smile and did the best I could

Held back the tears so they'd never know

Well, now they know

Katara stood on the stern, gazing up at the bedazzling constellations, each breath visible in the bone-chilling twilight air. "Care for some company?" a melodious voice inquired behind her. Immediately turning, she observed Yue standing behind her. The 'proper' monarch radiated with the moonlight that dwelt within her. Day or night, Yue eternally gleamed with moonlight.

"Hello, Yue. Couldn't sleep either?" to which the white-haired teen nodded, joining her fellow sovereign as the duo stargazed. After a few minutes, Yue answered Katara's query.

"Its extremely challenging to get some shut-eye when everyone is caught up in a violent storm of terror and anxiety. I suppose you're apprehensive regarding your parents and best friend, Nita?"

Katara nodded, sighing. "I wish Dad hadn't put Mom, my aunt, and best friend on another vessel. I comprehend he's seeking to throw Sitka off the scent. Furthermore, we need to enact all precautionary measures."

Yue nodded emphatically. They're in the same boat, again pun not intended. "I'm apprehensive concerning my own family members. We don't call my mother's cousin that. It's far too troublesome. Attempting to memorize the correct terms for how cousins go.

Consequently, Kenai's parents are referred to as my aunt and uncle. Much more uncomplicated that way," to which Katara nodded in agreement. Seeing how her family viewed Bato's household in the same manner.

"I agree people bloodlines can get so complicated. But, does Kenai feel his little brother more secured with Nita being his bodyguard?" she asked curiously.

The shimmering noblewoman nodded, clarifying, "Kenai requested that Nita be Kodi's bodyguard. Unfortunately, my youngest cousin's firebending training has been put on hold for the last year.

Ever since my uncle assumed the responsibilities of being my father's second, this is because the previous second perished so suddenly. Therefore no one was prepared. Consequently, it's been a learning curve for everyone. This is because everything has been so turbulent for the past year.

There was also a particular issue to address. It's a well-known fact, firebenders require the sun to survive. If they don't get it, they'll die. So Father had to acquiesce to my aunt's family spend the polar winters in the Fire Nation. My uncle has a luxurious domicile on the renowned Ember Island. So it's where they spend the wintertime. Plus, it allows his sons to explore their ancestry."

Katara nodded again. As all benders worldwide comprehended their universal vulnerability. The genuine peril of losing their bending. Or being taken away from their element? It remained the most prominent vulnerability of all benders.

"Yes, all bender maintains that specific weakness," she shivered at the thought of it. Then, taking a deep calming breath, she replied apprehensively.

"Due to our bending correlates to our essences? Thus the spiritual energy of the universe? If we're devoid of our elements for an extended period of time? We undergo spiritual withdraw. It can result in death if it goes on too long," shuddering again regarding her most horrific nightmare.

Several moments passed before she found her voice again, "I understand perfectly why your relatives spend four months of the year away from the poles. But, I suspect that Kodi's behind in his training with all these radical changes?"

"Correct, Katara," Yue answered. Then, taking a fleeting look at the ink-black skies, she carried on. "Figuring out everything taken precious time away from Kodi's instruction. Not to mention? Neither of my cousins has spent much time this last year with their parents because of it.

Coming down here for the Blue Moon Ball? Its the first time in months the family could be together and unwind. I believe that's why they're incensed at Sitka for nearly butchering Kenai. With all that's gone on the past year? Can you imagine how it feels to lose your child? When everything you've know been in such an upheaval?"

"I can imagine everyone is beyond freaking out. Sitka's perpetually been a ticking time bomb, Yue. Nita and I've been awaiting this forever and a day," Katara revealed as she fiddled with her lengthy plait.

"Nita's maintained for years that one day her brother banished. It wasn't a question of if—only a matter of when. Given there wasn't any doubt, he'd be exiled. She's quite intuitive when it comes to people. Therefore, she wasn't blindsided by his punishment. Hence it's good to know she's protecting your cousin."

"Yes, I recognize that's excellent. However, frequently, I yearn I was more like you," Yue confessed to Katara, who looked incredibly flabbergasted. "Me? Why you jealous of me?" Katara asked, extremely at a loss. The ravishing young woman took a few moments to compose herself before replying.

"Because your not simply a princess, Katara. There is so much more to you then is the daughter of the chief," she explained with a wistful expression. Yet, her stunning smile lit up the night as bright as day. Then, she explained her yearning to be more like the Southern princess in a slightly more cheerful tone.

"Far too long the north considered a woman's sole objective was to keep house. Furthermore, be submissive to men of the Tribe that we didn't have a voice or any genuine value. Thus, treating us more like trophies to be owned rather than as humans."

Taking another deep breath, continuing, "Yet, from the start, you've been an influential, self-sufficient, and intelligent young woman. You can stand on your own two feet. You get to speak your mind. Plus, people perceive you more then just another anonymous female."

Katara couldn't help but crimson. This wasn't the first time someone she knew expressed how much more independence she'd then those up north. "Yeah, Gran-Gran left the north for the south because of your tribe's ludicrous practices. But, she too had the courage and wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do. Not give her any choice in her life," Katara swelled with pride for her grandmother.

The eye-catching Northern Princess sighed in rapture. Undoubtedly from her expression, she more then agreed with Katara and her grandmother's choices. "Attitudes are gradually improving. Far too slow, in my opinion. My cousin's family is the classic example of how narrow-minded my people still are. Stuck in the past and not moving forward with the times."

"Yeah, they're no doubt on that one. Kenai expressed regarding what's life for him is like throughout our early morning walk," Katara recalled them alone in Neona's cove.

Once again, Yue nodded. "I hope one day to change all that. Sincerely give everyone in my tribe the respect they rightly deserve. So that there will be equality and people are free to speak their minds.

Those women will no longer be viewed as inadequate or trophies for men. Instead, they'd be regarded as influential young women who can change the world for the better. That's one of my greatest desires.

I aspire to move us forward in the future. However, I do believe Sokka could genuinely assist with that. He's so forward-thinking. Plus, his sense of humor would help make the transition much smoother."

Laughing gaily, Katara admitted her brother indeed had a good sense of humor. "I'd miss him if he went up north to be your chief. I mean, who takes care of the south?"

"Perhaps you? Becoming the first female chief would be such a stupendous opportunity! However, I imagine Kenai wouldn't mind staying in the south. If it meant he could spend his life with you."

"Yue, we've scarcely known each other for two weeks. Even you understand love takes time as mother says its best to take your time. Slow and steady.

That you've to be friends first, next get beyond physical attraction. Finally, have the capacity to have a genuine conversation with one another. Understanding the other is human with thoughts, feelings, and flaws. That takes a long time to figure out and accomplished. It's not going to happen in just two weeks."

"No, you're correct with that assessment. Still, you both have a mutual attraction. You could take your time to see if anything works out between you two."

Let it flow, let it flow.

I can't hold it back anymore.

Let it flow, let it flow.

Burst the dam and let it pour. I'm afloat

I will not drown

Let the waves climb high

The rain doesn't have to bring me down

Below decks, the boys were in their cabin dozing. Or, more accurately, Kenai sought to snooze. His bunkmate, Sokka? The Southern Prince unquestionably prevailed as the titleholder for snoring and drooling.

Princess Yue's honor guards were passed out cold. They'd located the 'emergency' bottles of hard liquor. So naturally, they'd drunk themselves stupid. Even hitting an iceberg and the ship sinking wouldn't wake them now.

Kenai and his brother routinely had difficulty getting some shut-eye due to their heritage. The whole sun/moon thing didn't make sleep the most effortless to get. They required a specialized sleeping draft to get any sleep.

Unfortunately, the evacuation occurred at a rapid speed. Leaving no time to brew some up. It'd be a miracle if Kenai got forty-winks at all tonight. He remained confident, even with his sleeping draft. Sokka's snoring would've kept him up all the same.

Resigning himself to a sleepless night, he opened his journal, penning his thoughts of recent events. "Tonight is by far one of the most unsatisfactory I've had.

My lacerations are still healing. It hurts like hell! Not to mention the hideous disfigurement I'll end up with. The healers did their most beneficial. However, there is only so much they can do.

I pray everyone's family members are safe from that maniac. Only the most proficient warriors and waterbenders are staying behind. In case that lecherous lunatic shows up again.

I thought we'd like enough boneheads back home. Hahn being the most dim-witted boy in the tribe. That dolt gloats all day long. Prancing around acting as if he's a god. He and Sitka should've been siblings!

Nita shouldn't have had the misfortune of having Sitka for an older brother. Even if she knew her brother end up banished? Her family has nevertheless been eternally disgraced by Sitka's actions.

There is no getting around that problem even when they didn't do anything wrong! Everyone is going to end up gossiping about their family. Questioning what they did wrong. Nita is going to be bullied for a long time for this. I can't imagine how her parents feel for the scandal they've to stomach. I'd not wish this fate on anyone. Tui and La? Please grant them your blessing.

I do worry about my own family. But, I'm confident that Nita will protect Kodi. Katara can keep Yue safe. Except what if Sitka goes after Katara? She's the object of his lust. Sitka's gone off the deep end already. So what is that loony going to try? I know Katara can handle herself. Yet, I still agonize about her.

Oh! Sokka! Could you put a cork in it?! I've never heard anyone snore as loud as he does! Plus, he's drooling enough to fill up the whole ocean! Ugh!"

It's funny how, with distance, my sadness starts to fade

And the dark clouds that surround me won't rain on my parade

It's time to let go of my doubt

be brave and let my feelings out

I'll let the current carry me. I'm free!

While Kenai penned in his journal, Sokka had the most outlandish dream he'd ever had. Equally surreal and realistic. So much that he couldn't distinguish the dream from reality.

Right now, Sokka discovered himself inside an unfamiliar body. This body towered at seven feet with ripping muscles. Peculiarly his hair was chartreuse and done in dozens of cornrows. At the moment? He found himself putting a vast number of individuals through a rigorous exercise regiment. For what purpose, he didn't have a clue.

Their training started with a five-mile run. Next, climbing stairs ten times. Afterward, the group did a hundred sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups. Following a short break, the squadron went about refining their balance. The recruits stood on a wall with a mat on both sides. He chucked putrid fruit at them to evade without falling off.

The blistering workout was far from over. The next activity involved blindfolding them. Simultaneously depriving them of both their senses and limbs to teach them to rely on instinct. Throughout this drill, they're training to handle all manners of weapons flawlessly. Plus, teaching them to be ambidextrous. Ultimately the excruciating workout concluded.

Sokka felt extremely befuddled by the series of events. Simultaneously bursting with pride, considering the pupil's tremendous progression. Except he couldn't help but wonder why he was putting them through such intense training. Suddenly he spoke in a different voice, deeper and older then his own voice. He realized this body and that voice fit someone who was in their mid-twenties. Not someone in their early teens.

"You're all are first-rate warriors! I'm honored and proud of how you've flourished under my tutelage! You should feel proud of yourselves as well. You can go toe-to-toe with any benders!

Dare I say? You might even be able to give the Avatar a run for his money! Either way, you should take pride in all you've achieved! Now go home and love your families! I'll summon you again for your next training session. Until then, get some well-deserved rest."

"Thank you, Sifu Batair!" Then the assembly of people quickly dispersed. Sokka/Batair couldn't help but smile proudly. He, therefore, was shocked when someone came up behind him and hugged him.

"Ahh!" he screamed like a little girl before turning to see an eye-catching young lady with braided snow-white hair and soulful ocean blue eyes. "Neona! How many times have I told you not to sneak up on me?" chewing out his lady friend, who smiled, flipping her lengthy braid over her tan shoulders.

"Exactly three thousand, four hundred, and ninety-times," she belly laughed as she swiftly pecked his cheek. "Relax, big guy. How else can you and I have fun without a little foreplay?" wiggling her thin eyebrows suggestively.

He narrowed his purplish-red eyes on his feisty girlfriend before replying seriously. "I'll never understand women or your insane notions of what fun in the bedroom is!"

"Well, it's just what girls do!" she shrugged, "We drive you nuts and keep you, men, on your toes! By the way, Happy Birthday! I made something for you!" as she held out a small box.

Taking it gingerly, he cautiously opened it. Inside was a fine-looking necklace with a blue kyanite charm in the shape of a naginata. Superior craftsmanship, admittedly. It dazzled as it caught the fading light of Agni. "It's fetching, beloved. You must have worked on it for months to make it so flawless."

"Well, that is true," showing him the callous and blisters on her delicate hands. Her smile glowed like the moon as she replied in a rather perky voice. "Did you know blue kyanite opens the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression? It cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak one's truth.

It is beneficial for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and the larynx. Kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly. It provides a balance of yin-yang energy and dispels blockages, moving energy gently through the physical body.

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility. It encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels," she educated him on the significance of her gift.

"Thank you for the gift, Neona. I very much appreciate it. Though this stone sounds more like it, it fit your personality then mine."

"True, darling. However, I offer it to you to help you improve yourself. You've got a strong body and heart. However, you need to express your emotions a bit more. Try not to be so rigid and be a bit more flexible. Also, let down your hair once in and while. Finally, don't be so serious and learn to laugh at life little moments."

Then as if an afterthought, she added, "Also, that's not just a charm, Batair. It can transform into a genuine naginata. The weapon itself is indestructible. Plus has a few otherworldly capabilities that you'll have to figure out for yourself."

"Thank you again, beloved, for the fantastic birthday gift. I'll cherish it until the day I die."

"Don't speak like that! You'll jinx yourself if you go talking about death! Anyhow, I must find my brother Llyr. Knowing him, he's trying to chat up the lady of the lake," only for her boyfriend to frown in confusion.

Quickly she clarified, "You know that new lady who the spirit of the lake on Avatar Island? I admit she's quite a stunner, but I so don't need my brother humiliating himself with his failed attempts to flirt!

Gosh, that is beyond embarrassing! I'll see you at high tide! Goodbye, Batair!" as the charismatic white-haired teenager climbed onto a literal water horse and took off into the twilight."

Let it flow, let it flow.

Running down the mountainside.

Let it flow, let it flow.

Wash away the tears I cried.

Here I stand, and here I'll stay

Let the waves climb high

Abruptly Sokka woke up to a sensation he hadn't had since he was ten. He immediately looked between his legs to see if he'd wet the bed. Katara had teased him mercilessly that he'd wet the bed until he was ten. Though their mother swore her to secrecy regarding it, still, Katara loved to prank him by bending water between his legs to see his face when he woke up.

He honestly hoped this was a prank by his sister. Yes, it turned out to be a prank. However, Katara wasn't the one this time to do it. Instead, that been Kenai who'd dark circles under his eyes.

"What the big idea, Kenai?" Sokka demanded the sleep-deprived teenager. The Northern boy laughed, "You were snoring so loud that I can't even hear the rhythm of the ocean! It's hard enough to try and sleep without Mom's special draft. I had to shut you up somehow if I'd any chance of getting even an hour of sleep tonight!"

"Wait until tomorrow when I get a chance to whoop your butt..." when both boys were thrown to the floor from the ship suddenly being slammed into. Then, before they even got their heads on straight, they heard the girls screaming topside. "KATARA! YUE! WE'RE COMING!" as the boys didn't bother pulling on their parkas. They simply grabbed their weapons and rushed topside.

A quick scan of the deep blue sea showed them a sea monster! A gigantic serpent with golden eyes the size of an Earthbending Fight Rings! Its iris burned so intensely you think everything for the rest of your life is tinted gold.

The monster's ridged forehead and tapered snout made it look like an eel-like snake as his hide glistened with the patchwork of red and black. They smelled his stale breath and long perfect rows and rows of sharp teeth even from where they stood.

"What in the name of Tui and La, is that monstrosity?!" demanded Sokka as he launched his boomerang at it. Which naturally did very little in wounding the monster, let alone bothering it.

"I've no clue, Sokka! I've never heard any legends whatsoever about a creature such as this one!" Kenai hollered back as he bent a stream of scalding liquid at the beast's eyes.

Sokka rushed forward to protect the girls. Katara has been doing a bang-up job working to fight the monster. However, it was apparent she needed some backup. Then for some reason, after about ten minutes, the serpent vanished. That confused everyone. To everyone's surprise, it was Yue who figured out where it went!

"It's going after the other ships! It's going to sink them! So we've to find a way to warn them!"

"How do you propose we do that, cousin?"

"Maybe we could be of assistance?" spoke an unknown male voice. Everyone gasped in astonishment to observe two teenagers with white hair sitting on top of the equine made of animated liquid!

My power ripples through the rivers all around.

My soul is bursting forth in spurting fountains from the ground

And one thought crashes like a wave of surging foam

I'm never going back. This place is my new home.

Before they could even wrap their head around who these two were, the female took charge. "Llyr! We've not a moment to waste! Take Sokka and Kenai with you to defend the Tribes from Anto! I'll stay here with Katara and Yue to prevent further attacks. Also, in case that bastard shows up looking for the Shard!"

"Okay, your the boss, Neona! Climb on board, boys! Nokk is quite a chummy water horse. So let's skedaddle."

"Okay, I'm clueless of what's going on. But if my tribe in danger? I'll be there to protect them," Sokka surrender to the weirdness much smoother then anyone anticipated.

As he tried to climb up onto the water horse, Neona stopped him. Looking at her, he realized she was the lady from his dream. "Here, I've something I wish to return to you," as she gave him a small box. He opened it up and saw the exact necklace from the dream! What the hell was going on?!

"You'll know what to do with it when the time comes. But hurry! Anto on a rampage, and death is quick to act!" she snapped at him. Consequently, Llyr speeds off across the ocean to protect the tribes.

Neona dismounted from her own horse. "You did good, Naiad. Do a quick patrol, would you? That devious bastard can't be far behind if Anto's here!" The horse reared up and took off into the distance. Neona turned to her soul sisters, looking flabbergasted at her. "Um, hi! We don't have time to deal with any awkwardness.

So here's the cliff notes version. I'm Neona, daughter of Tui and La. That was my twin brother Llyr. Our job is to watch over our soul brethren and keep the Water Shard safe from evil," she said in one quick breath.

Katara's eyes were bugging out of her skull! "Wait a moment! Your Neona? The Neona?" She couldn't believe the ravishing woman before she was the white whale who been her friend since she could walk.

"Yes, soul sister, I'm the same one who is the unicorn whale you're friends with. That's one of the many forms I assume in the human world." Katara had so many questions, but the stare Neona gave her to shut down any chance to answer them. "Pay attention, sister! Sitka will come for you and the Shard. There no doubt about it! So be on your guard! You can't let that asshole get the Shard!"

"What Shard are you speaking about, Lady Neona?" Yue couldn't help but ask. "That would take far too long to explain. Simply know its vital that Sitka doesn't take Katara's necklace. Or the world's heading straight for doomsday."

Meanwhile, Sokka, Kenai, and Llyr were doing battle with Anto. Sokka leading the charge with the enchanted weapon Neona gave him. Remembering the dream, he'd pulled the charm off the necklace. It indeed transformed into an indestructible weapon. Though as Neona told Batair, he'd have to figure out on his own how to channel its magical powers.

At least, he knew instinctively how to weld the weapon. Even if he'd never use that specific weapon before, plus the naginata proved far more effective on Anto's poisonous hide. "How are we doing, Kenai?" he yelled as he swung the blade around his head. Aiming to give Anto a root canal.

"I can't seem to find a weakness on this guy! I keep shooting back all his poisoned liquid at him! Except he seems impervious to his own poison!"

"Less talking! More fighting! I've got a boatload of children under six here! Plus your brother, Kenai!" Nita retorted as she shot a barrage of ice spikes at Anto.

Nita happened to be standing on Nokk as he sped around Anto. Llyr entrusted his stead to her. He needed far more protecting the watercraft. It took all his powers over the ocean itself to keep the myriad of vessels afloat. It sends chills down to his marrow, hearing their terrified screams. Nevertheless, the Son of the Moon and Ocean did what he'd been born to do.

The girls had their own problems half a mile away. But, as expected, Sitka had shown up. It seemed he'd gotten a slight power up. His own enchanted blade, to be exact.

The air crackled with the malevolent energy pulsating from his guandao, a dark copy of the weapon Sokka just been gifted. Only this weapon wasn't crafted to defend souls. Rather it was crafted to unmake souls.

The trio of princesses was pulling out all the stops to keep him at bay. Neona had only a fraction of a second before Sitka's attack to clue in Yue that she could waterbend. The Northern Princess never waterbended in her life. Yet, if the Daughter of the Moon told her she could do it? Then by golly, she gives all she got until kingdom come!

Sitka channeled his own dark chi into the blade. The traitor has been born under a new moon. That been a bad omen from the start. Seeing how Sitka connected to the dark side of the moon. Rather then the light. The dark side of the moon? It laid in murky shadows and mysterious. Souls become lost without the evening light. They quickly realized without the moon itself showing, his weapon got more power.

Yet, Sokka also figured out he'd to channel the light he felt inside him through his weapon. So that it got stronger from the light of the moon, it's this realization that helped turn the tide of the battle.

Katara fought valiantly to overcome the darkness threatening to engulf their ship. Though Sitka had no honor, and he fought dirty. Taking cheap shots and even attacked Neona's steed! It was only when he'd manage to pin both Yue and Neona to the ground, drawing their blood, that Katara stops fighting. "Let them go, Sitka! Now!" she orders him.

He let out a mad cackle. "You think you can order me around, Katara? That's funny! Seeing how I devoted my whole life to you and our future! But you had to find yourself that mutant freak! I guess you wanted some more exotic tails to chase, huh? Since apparently, the perfect Water Tribe man isn't good enough for you!" he hissed.

"Sitka, I never liked you! I've dealt my entire life with your obsession with me! And it makes me sick! So let me friends go! Now! Or I'll do something you really will regret!"

"Nope! That's not how this game is going to be played, Katara! Either you give me your Shard, or I'll murder your soul sister."

"Soul sister?" confused by the term. His smirk grew even darker, "Didn't you know? Neona gave you half her soul! That she's been protecting you since you're born!

You two are symbiotic! If I kill her? You'll be dead by morning! One dies? Both shall die! Simple as that! So make your choice! You don't want to be a murderer, do you, Katara?" as the blood dripped with a thin line of blood.

Katara's breath hitched, paralyzing her with fear for both her friends. Family meant the world to her. Suppose Neona was her sister, even if she didn't understand how. She wouldn't let her die.

"So, Katara? What will it be? The death of your sister? Or handing me the Water Shard?" To everyone's shock, Katara removed her necklace and kicked it over to him. Snatching it up quickly, an insane grin lit upon his face. He tossed the precious heirloom into the air, slicing it once in half. Revealing a shard of chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies, teaching that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness. It is a stone of the Goddess, and those who resonate with it will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves.

It calms, cleanses, and re-energizes all the chakras. It draws out guilt, heals heartache, and increases the capacity to love. Improves communication and opens psychic vision. Encourages self-awareness and inner balance.

The stone resonates best with the throat and heart chakras. Its energies unlock and stimulate these chakras, making it possible for you to channel the love from your heart to other people. This stone also facilitates clearer communication of your inner wisdom.

"Thanks for doing business, Katara! Next time I see you, you'll be waiting for me at the altar! Catch you later!" As he jumped off the ship and into a spirit portal.

Sensing the job been completed, Anto also returned to the Spirit World. While thankfully there have been no fatalities, they'd still failed to prevent the terrorist from obtaining the shard. So now they had two shards! If they got the other two? And figured out the ritual to fuse them? Well, no amount of prayers would save the world then!

Let it flow, let it flow.

Let the surging whirlpools swirl.

Let it flow, let it flow.

I can't be your perfect girl.

I'm afloat. I will not drown.

Let the waves climb high!

The rain doesn't have to bring me down

An exercise in Should

Write a list of all the things you should do. Don't overthink it. Then, ask yourself who said you do each of these things.

We often reprimand ourselves for not doing things that we never actually consciously chose to do at all.

These 'should' can be rooted in guilt or obligation. But, oftentimes, they are the result of beliefs that others have placed upon us.

Are decisions you make today out of perceived obligation still serving the life you currently lead or want to lead?

Returning to your list of should, cross anything that no longer serves the life you lead today.

Then, take a deep breath and enjoy the freedom of deciding for yourself what you want and need to do.

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