Shards of the Elements @kelseyalicia
Let it Shine

Let It Shine

The sky glows brightly with a burning white light

Not a shadow to be seen

A world of illumination

And it looks like I'm the queen

My soul's a beacon blazing brighter than the sun

I tried to keep it in, now look what I've done

The geography of the Spirit World is any cartographer's dream come true. To illustrate a map for this fantastic, awe-inspiring universe. Regrettably, no one had triumphed in that endeavor.

To be honest? Not even spirits themselves comprehend everything within their domain. Mystifying secrets ready and waiting for unsuspecting individuals to stumble upon them. Thus, this baffling territory would forever and a day be unsolved. They're, of course, some locations within this domain that could be identified. However, that didn't mean they understood them. Such was the case going on at the moment in the Spirit World.

Gliding through the twilight heavens to reach the border of Limbo was a swan. She had a long luxurious tail with abundant plumage on her head. Her singing sounded as it was out of a dream.

The boundary line of Limbo remained quite an intriguing location. First off, it stayed perpetually nighttime. However, rather then the moon in the ink-black vault of heaven, it was the sun.

The encompassing timberland remained in autumn. Yet, springtime blossoms grew at their bases. The most outlandish part remained the ground itself. Neither earth nor water. Rather it was luminescent lights that acted like liquid!

I lived my whole life in the shade

I hid my magic and hoped that it would fade

Now I can no longer confine

This curse of mine

The swan cruised until she came upon a plateau where a circle of stones laid. They're four sizable pillars fashioned from the elemental gems of each nation. Each gemstone was revered in its corresponding nation. Each gem fit their specific nation to a T.

The Earth pillar was a brownish-green gemstone known as bronzite. This remarkable gemstone, due to its energies, keeps your light and positivity almighty. Moreover, it bestowed the courage and strength to fight life's challenges. What's more, the stone has a consistent frequency that actively eliminates or dispels negative energies. Plus psychic attacks, hexes, and curses.

The Air Pillar was craved from a colorless gemstone known as selenite. Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It supports judgment and insight. Furthermore, it clears confusion while aiding in seeing the deeper picture. Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.

The Fire Pillar was crafted from a reddish-orange gem known as carnelian. Carnelian restores vitality and motivation. Plus stimulates creativity. It provides courage, promotes positive life choices. Moreover, it dispels apathy and motivates for success. Carnelian is remarkably beneficial for overcoming abuse of any kind. It benefits in trusting yourself and your perceptions.

Finally, the Water Pillar was pure amazonite. This gorgeous bluish-green stone helps soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. Dispels negative energy, aggravation, and blockages within the nervous system. Additionally supports manifesting universal love.

Let it shine, let it shine.

Let the light glow from inside.

Let it shine, let it shine.

I no longer have to hide.

Let the light chase the shadows away

Like the sun, I'll rise

The dark always bothered me anyway

The swan descended on the circle's border before transforming into the ravishing Alanna cradling a white candle. Candle colors were as of the essence as each gem was to their nation. Alanna's candle being white, represented the highest level of consciousness. Burning a white candle in conjointment with a meditative state seeks protection, healing, and purification. White represents truth, unity, harmony, and wholeness of spirit.

The corresponding colors of each nation also held momentous spiritual significance. For example, the red candles of the Fire Nation? The color red is firmly rooted in the physical world. The burning of red candles is said to put one in touch with the power of the flesh. Red represents temporal pleasures. It symbolizes passion and love as well as scorn and courage to stand up to one's enemies. Red stimulates energy, vitality, fertility, and personal power.

The yellow candles of the Air Nomads? The color yellow exemplifies brainpower and intellect. The person who lights a yellow candle is seeking to access the wisdom of the ages—furthermore, garner control over the full benefit of their own mental powers. Yellow embodies creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, learning, and action. The light of a yellow candle brings one closer to attaining the cheerfulness, endurance, stability, and security they crave.

The blue candle of the Water Tribe? Depending on the shade of blue, it delivered different results. Made from a primary spiritual color, blue candles are used to examine emotions—attaining calming wisdom and healing sleep.

Burning a dark blue candle promotes joy and laughter. Dark blue influences dreams and emotions. Royal blue signifies loyalty and fealty. Royal blue stirs the spiritual self, and seekers of truth invoke this color of the candle. Light blue is another very spiritual color. Light blue candles are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations. Those who light a blue candle seek truth, harmony, and guidance while amplifying their creativity and perception.

Finally, the green candles of the Earth Kingdom? Green is the color of success and abundance. This meaning can be traced back through the ages to when prosperity meant a bountiful harvest. Light a green candle when you want to meditate and reflect on nature, growth, healing, and the good luck that makes finding employment or business success possible.

Hiding in the darkness, I lived my life in fear

Now I've let my magic guide me

Everything is bright and clear

It's time to let my powers go

Reach out and set the world aglow

And though I've left my home behind, I don't mind

With her white candlelit, Alanna evoked an ancient spell. This enchantment remained the sole way to gain safe passage into the hallowed circle.

"With this sacred light shining brightly, I purge away the darkness tonight

I vow only to allow pure white light to shine within this sacred ring.

On my life and honor do I swear evil is not welcome there

I offer my heart's light to you tonight, sacred spirit of life.

So shelter me in your warm embrace so I might enter this sacred place.

Until the light wanes, and I may be on my merry way."

The light encompassing the jewels glistened before granting her passage. Nestled in the center of the ring was a limestone table. Circling the table were white lilies, roses, iris, and chrysanthemums. Kimana could've told you right off the bat why these buds were consecrated. The exact reason they boosted purity and protection. Alas, Kimana wasn't here at the moment.

Alanna settled down on her acacia throne at the stone table. Placing her white candle in the center of a candelabra. Sighing softly, she waited for her companions to arrive for their meeting. Fully aware they'd be a little late to this gathering. After all, they're checking on their charges in the mortal domain.

Suddenly an explosion of sound erupted over the tranquil circle. The out of the blue sound startled Raava's daughter. In fact? She fell out of her chair, landing ungracefully on her posterior, for certain not the most dignified thing for the Mother of the Human Race.

The White Spirit rapidly made herself respectable as her fellow spirits came into view. Each holding their nation's candle color. They quickly recited the spell that allowed them within the circle.

Five brand-new individuals joined Alanna, including two sets of twins. Clearly, one set of twins were the children of the Ti and La. Brother and sister each had lengthy satiny snow-white locks, large ocean blue eyes, and royal blue article of clothing.

The other twins were unquestionably the children of Oma and Shu. They had identical moss green eyes, toasty complexions and were barefoot. Except their daughter's hair resembled three long foxtails. In contrast, their male offspring's tangled hair was the color of pea soup.

As for Agnimitra? She looked precisely as Zuko described witnessing her within his dreams. She remained undoubtedly the most cultured out of all the new arrivals. Likely due to her time as a mortal, moreover, Fire Lady.

Let it shine, let it shine.

Send my light across the sky.

Let it shine, let it shine.

You'll never see me cry.

Here I stand, and here I'll stay

Like the sun, I'll rise

All of them wore a piece of elemental jewelry. Around Agnimitra's neck a magnificent phoenix amulet made from a reddish-pink sunstone. With its powers of the sun and light? Sunstone clears and cleanses all the chakras in the body. Thus restoring joy and nurturing the spirit. Particularly energizing to the Base and Sacral Chakras. While stimulating leadership, will, creativity, and sexuality.

The matching headbands of Neona and Llyr were encrusted with clear blue apatite. The stone clears confusion and frustration. Reducing irritability and awakening the inner self. It likewise expands knowledge and truth. In contrast, easing sorrow, apathy, and anger.

As for Ela and Vale? Each wore a bracelet made from yellow jasper. Yellow jasper is ideal for activating the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy distribution center, and the chakra of relationships. This chakra is located between the rib cage and navel and controls the immune and digestive systems. It sustains and supports through times of stress. Bringing tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. Known as the "Supreme Nurturer," Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort, security, strength, and healing.

My lustrous power casts a spectrum on the ground.

My light is spreading in a gleaming halo all around

Then in a sudden spark of luminosity

I finally realize that now I can be free

Everyone bowed their heads in silence to grieve for the deceased air spirit, Aella. Her untimely demise remained solely because of Anto's manipulations. The Black Spirit of Death sincerely did more then enough to live up to his name.

However, murder would never be acceptable in the eyes of any respectable individual. The other spirits, particularly Alanna, were appalled when Anto orchestrated the death of Aella by having individuals desecrate her sanctified place of worship. With the destruction of her spiritual anchor in the human realm? She immediately died in the Spirit World. Alanna firmly believed that individuals who committed foul play shouldn't ever be forgiven.

That might not sound appropriate regarding the Mother of Humanity. The living incarnation of harmony, purity, and love. However, her inability to pardon assassins came from personal experiences. Therefore easy to say hard to do. Especially when its your own heart that broke because someone slew a loved one.

Still, to honor their fallen friend, they kept her talisman crafted from Mangano calcite secure. A stone of forgiveness, ironically. Mangano Calcite helps heal hearts and encourages compassion towards others and ourselves. It helps improve self-worth and self-acceptance. Lifting stress, tension, and anxiety. Pink Mangano Calcite is a soothing and calming stone that will ensure and heal your heart chakra. It's a stone that will give you hope and encouragement!

Let it shine, let it shine.

It's the start of a brand new dawn

Let it shine, let it shine

"Welcome, my friends. May my mother, Raava's magnificent light shine upon all of you. Now that we're all gathered here, we've several pressing circumstances to address.

Please remember to show respect to the current speaker. Listen to what they're saying. Accept what their words are rather then what you wish them to be. Until the speaker has finished, we shall not ask questions. I will not tolerate insolence or foul language. Do I make myself clear?" Alanna demanded as she addressed the gathering.

Nodding, they sat down. "Alright, I invite Neona and Llyr to speak first. Please, share your story."

Neona being a lady, went first. "I'm most thrilled with my soul sister, Katara. Our parents rightfully blessed such an astounding young woman. How could she not be? Considering her birthday the most spiritual holiday for the Water Tribe. Not to mention she was born beneath a blue moon. Not many souls are so fortunate.

I've only the utmost respect for my soul sister. For those who may be bewildered, why I call Katara my soul sister? We each share half of the same soul, like how my mother shared some of her essences with Princess Yue. I've given half my life to Katara so she might accomplish her destiny. Therefore, she's family, as is her irritating, sarcastic brother. I believe we agree that leadership, valor, and intelligence are all praiseworthy attributes to possess."

"Yes, I agree, Neona. Your soul brother is a fine example of the ancient spirit of warriors, Batair. Yet another family member we've lost to Vaatu and his son," Alanna added with some hostility in her voice.

Llyr cleared his throat, "If I may speak, Lady Alanna?"

"Of course, sorry we got a wee bit sidetrack. Continue."

"It's true that Neona keeps tabs on our soul family in the South. I'm the one who keeps track of our soul family in the North. The two souls I keep close watch over are, of course, Princess Yue and her cousin Kenai," though he glanced at Agnimitra, who smiled.

"Father and I have no objection to a child born from a union of sun and moon. For us, its a celebration of unity and everlasting love. So no, Llyr, I've no qualms of you watching over the boy and his brother."

"Glad that is cleared up. Anyway, I've been keeping a close eye on each of them since they're born. Each has distinctive strengths. Neona and I are in total agreement that a union between our four soul siblings would only produce an even more magnificent Water Tribe."

"Yes, such a union would only make the Tribes flourish even more. If the two couples had children? Well, only greatness could come from it. Though, that does leave us with the dilemma of that deplorable scoundrel, Sitka."

"That despicable youth you said is like black ice?" Alanna asked for clarification. The twins nodded, and Neona articulated. "That boy is undoubtedly a pawn of Anto. From day one, that boy's heart has been black. Our parents never fancied him. That abominable child was born under a new moon. Meaning he'd neither parents favor.

His recent actions of attempted murder have thrown both Tribes into turmoil moreover pandemonium. Especially since he vanished into thin air," Neona looked grimly at her male sibling.

"After that monster sought to execute Kenai? He was immediately thrown into the Southern Tribe's prison house. It took two nights before the Tribes agreed to send the boy to White Fang."

Ela held up her hand. Alanna nodded, so she asked her question. "Excuse me, but my brother and I are not familiar with "White Fang" Therefore, could you describe it?"

"White Fang is the ruthless domain of banishment for the Water Tribe. It's over a hundred miles away from civilization. The inherent hazards of the region are ideal for keeping those in exile away."

"In other words, its similar to Sado Island for the Fire Nation. Or the Forgotten Catacombs for the Earth Kingdom," Alanna pointed out, and Llyr nodded.

"Thank you for answering my question. So you're saying?"

"Yes, the Tribes couldn't agree to anything other then exile; however, before they could implement the order, that monster vanished. Everyone in a frenzy at the moment."

"I can imagine, given my brother and our in the same boat," Ela commented, flicking her fox tails over her shoulder. She likewise had a bleak expression on her features.

"Care to share with us what you mean?" Alanna gestured to the Earth Twins, who nodded. Vale spoke first though he looked somewhat apprehensive. His sister gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. With subtly encouragement, he commenced speaking.

"We performed our job in protecting our own soul, sister. Toph needed her freedom and to escape her prison. We also fulfilled our obligation to the spirit of Avatar Kyoshi to liberate her descendant from bondage."

"Yes, my children should be much wise regarding that lesson. No one should mess with any Avatar's line of descent unless you've got a death wish. Given Avatar Kyoshi's personality and history?" Alanna pointed out as they collectively shuttered at the very thought.

"Yes, Lady Alanna, Kyoshi was beyond incensed that her descendant was forced into bondage. We're euphoric. We're able to liberate her," Ela replied. The twins shared a satisfied smile on their rugged features.

"What of Toph's cousin and Prince Daichi? You proclaimed all four's destiny intertwined, " Alanna probed. The descendants of Oma and Shu took a deep breath before answering the question.

"The prince wasn't safe in the palace at all. His sire is far too ignorant plus gullible. Getting him away from Long Feng and Lady Setsuna was crucial. Brock also needed to be delivered and not let his ability be abused." Ela clarified, which made everyone nod in agreement with her.

"Though the rumor mill has already begun to state the children were kidnapped. Lady Setsuna has also been reported missing. She firmly reminds us of Anto's champion Princess Azula. Sources say that demon princess has also gone AWOL." Vale explained, making everyone more on edge.

"It's true, I'm afraid. Princess Azula has been missing for quite some time. Her disappearance is producing havoc within the Fire Nation. So much in fact that Lord Azulon and Lady Ilah didn't have a fitting celebration for their 77th anniversary. That I can't forgive the demon for. I don't tolerate those who cannot love or understand the significance of family, friends, and love," Agnimitra replied acidly.

"We recognize how essential your earthly family is to you, Agnimitra. You alone among us have existed as a mortal. Consequently, you've got a far better understanding of them."

"Not true, Lady Alanna. Humanity is your children. You know everyone from the inside out. You conceived them in your image and bestowed free will. To choose their own fate for good or ill. We all know you've spent plenty of time with your children. Therefore I wouldn't say I'm a genuine expert. Only you are the true expert of your own children."

Sighing, she nodded. "True enough. Though my mother Raava the one who lives in human skin. Though sadly, I don't know who her current vessel is. I only know thanks to Vaatu and Anto, Mother remained imprisoned for the last century.

Delaying the Avatar's soul reincarnation. Though most don't realize that while my mother's soul is reborn, each Avatar possesses its own soul. Consequently, the Avatar is two souls in one body."

"Did your mother grant you any serviceable knowledge after rescuing her from her prison?" her friends questioned her. Alanna took a deep breath as her butterfly wings fluttered anxiously.

"She sensed the Shards of the Elements were in jeopardy. Though she also promised me the souls of our fallen friends would ultimately be reborn on Earth. She, of course, couldn't tell me when or who'd be the reincarnation of either Aella or Batair. However, I've got a powerful feeling we already know them without realizing it."

"Did you, Lady Alanna check on the Air Nomads in Aella's place? Any news on that front?" Neona questioned anxiously. The White Spirit took a deep breath composing herself before answering.

"I've taken a cursory jaunt around the temples. I know at the Southern Temple there trouble brewing. An Airbender who no true Airbender. Given this boy go against all aspects of their civilization.

I've no more to report then that as I've not had more time to investigate what is going on. However, I believe we agree that each of our soul brethren is in grave danger, by those who are most for certain disciples of Anto."

"Do you believe it is Anto causing trouble? He seeks once a century to generate mass pandemonium among your children to rejuvenate his capabilities. Do you believe he's seeking to start the war of all wars?" Llyr inquired.

"I wouldn't put it past him. However, we cannot act against him without solid evidence. Even then, we've got the unwritten laws regarding both our world and the human world."

"Yes, they mystically bind our powers. Enforcing what we can and cannot do in either realm. An attempt to keep our universes balanced. Not give anyone soul too much power." Agnimitra reminded them.

"Either way, we must be on our toes. Keep your soul brethren protected. Be ready to move them to the human world's sanctuary. We don't have much time if great evil is coming."

"Understood. We shall congregate again shortly," as they took their candles before transforming to return to the physical world. Only Agnimitra remained behind to talk with Alanna.

"Dear soul sister, I know recent events have been most difficult for you. Please tell me you took my advice by writing in your own words the pain you are feeling?"

"I did compose a poem as you suggested to deal with my unresolved feelings. Do you wish me to recite it for you?"

"Yes, please. I've been aching to hear your poetry. Please speak the words of thy heart."

Gathering her courage, Alanna started gradually but gained strength with each verse. She spoke of her anguish and grief. She'd titled her poem "Unforgivable."

"I've gazed into the bone-white face of death.

I've seen into his cold gold eyes as he speaks nothing but lies.

What could've been is lost forevermore

As we couldn't break the chains of fate

Nor rewrite our fate within the grand design.

You broke more then our bond when you shatter my heart.

You cannot undo your callous sin.

I cannot forgive you for slaying my children.

You are Death, and I'm Life, but murder shall never be right.

You took such glee in senseless death.

So their souls cannot rest.

I should've known you can't defy fate.

When it has no earthly mate

The tears I shed that day cannot convey your betrayal that day.

Nor can I forgive or forgot your crime or our childhood romance

So it saddens me to the core what we once had will never be forevermore.

An endless dance of tears of pain and joy

Intertwined by the tragedy your wrought

I'm sorry love did not win out." she finished with huge tears in her glowing blue eyes. "You think after millennia I wouldn't still feel the pain of his betrayal. I understood from the start he was Death. Yet having my first children? Adamu and Ibu?

He'd Kain murder Aberu before turning on his parents, before finally killing himself. Murder and suicide? How could I possibly forgive him for introducing to my children such evil?" to which the Sun's daughter comforts her.

"All anyone asks of you is to try and forgive. Though that doesn't mean everyone is worthy of it. I'm sure many souls cannot fathom their fellow man for those sins. So you aren't alone in being incapable of forgiving someone who has no remorse for their actions. Or those who take pleasure in others' suffering.

If you do not wish to forgive him, that is entirely your choice, Alanna. Though you know, he gains powers through sinful behavior, and his greatest weakness is forgiveness.

Yet I cannot make you forgive him if you feel he's not worthy of it. We can all support and comfort you. But in the end, forgiving him is your choice, and we can't force you to forgive him."

"Thank you for understanding, Agnimitra. Now we must leave this place. Or something worse could be wrought. I'll see you soon, my soul sister." They hugged before going their separate ways.

The age of night is gone.

Here I am, I'm the light of day

Like the sun, I'll rise!

The dark always bothered me anyway.

Apologies and asking for forgiveness are not the same

Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't make you free of guilt. And forgiveness doesn't mean that harm has not been done.

An apology simply means that you are sorry for the transgression. But asking for forgiveness shows your relationship is more important then your ego that you hope to recover the respect that may have been lost because of the transgression.

Acknowledgment of wrongdoing is powerful. But humility demonstrated in asking for forgiveness is when you courageously evoke your greatest strength.

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