Shards of the Elements @kelseyalicia
Let it fall

Let it Fall

A veil of the night has put out every light

Not a star left in the sky

My kingdom is lost in darkness

And it seems that so am I

For all these years, I've kept my power locked inside

Now it's broken free. There's nowhere to hide.

Once Anto finished selecting his underlings, he teleported them to his birthplace in Limbo Valley, the grotesque, pitch-black, deteriorating palace known as Zan. An uninhabitable wasteland oozing with malevolence, violence, and destruction. Dividing the Valley in half was the River Sutikusu. In the heart of the Valley laid the Temple of the Magic before the Dawn of Time. Both locations were consecrated and non-engagement.

Anto himself signified the physical incarnation of death, pandemonium, hatred, and disharmony. With his silver tongue, he inspired others into unrighteous behavior. Sowing the seeds of discord, hate, and conflict. His ultimate goal remained to taint humanity into obliterated themselves. Thus allowing his father, Vaatu, to reign supreme over the fragmented remains of humanity.

His father would essentially become a god to the residual individuals. Worshiped for the rest of time. Free to remake both worlds into his image! Whilst Raava and her daughter Alanna dissolved into oblivion! Thoroughly disregarded, moreover, powerless to deliver Alanna's 'children' from their dark fate! The very notion caused the satanic spirit to salivate with anticipation of reaching his life-long ambition. Given father and son were nearly as old as time itself.

However, Anto had no practical experience with humans, let alone teenagers. Despite recruiting the most depraved, diabolical, and gluttonous children he could obtain, he wasn't qualified in the least bit to host teenagers.

The difficulties commenced immediately when they existed the portal to return to his homestead. He anticipated the children, well, to behave like mature adults. Focused, serious, and overall mature.

Therefore he wasn't anticipating the ill-mannered, whiny and overall immaturity right of the back. The first one to speak was that Water Tribe pervert. His dark blue eyes took one sweeping glance at his environment before facing the Spirit of Death.

He crossed his arms with a scowl highlighting his sculpted features. "Yo! Death boy! Your crib seriously reeks! I don't even mean the smell, which is beyond putrid! This whole style? It totally sucks! Seriously? I figured you have something a bit cooler. This is so not cool," the deviant snarkily informed the Spirit of Death.

Before Anto had time to process what the miscreant said, that airbending jerk ball added his two senses. "I concur with Water Boy. Dude, the acoustics are appalling in here. Honestly! It's impossible to liven things up with the entire palace being on the far side of tone-deaf!"

"Both of the morons have a point, demon boy. This place is beyond revolting. It seriously needs a makeover, like stat! You've zero taste in d├ęcor. It's unmistakably you require a woman touch here. Don't you agree, Azula?"

"Yes, I do, Setsuna. Seriously for someone like you, Anto," his chosen one glared her golden eyes into his. "You're an omnipotent dark spirit! Yet your so-called palace only makes you look inadequate and pitiful. Doesn't at all say you've any divine right to rule."

Keep a clear head, stay in control

Don't reveal the darkness in your soul

I shut them out, put up my walls

But now night calls...

His claws fingered the whip fashioned from human skin. Taking a deep breath, he regained his composure. "Let us start with a few rules, shall we?

One, I will not tolerate any insolence or back-talking! Not from any of you! Do you understand me?!

Two! You'll not go into any rooms that I tell you are off-limits. I'll familiarize you with which chambers I mean shortly. However, I do mean you're prohibited from entering them!

Three! None of you are to do anything to beautify my palace! Nothing whatsoever!

Four! You'll make no more supercilious remarks regarding my palace!

Finally, you'll show me the respect I deserve. If you don't? Well, let's say you don't want to experience the countless ways I can torture you into insanity! Consequently, I made myself clear?!" he snapped viciously while snapping his whip to show how serious he was.

These kids may've been as diabolical as the unholy being that gathered them. Yet, they weren't crazy enough to want to be tortured into insanity. Even Azula rather be the one inflicting torture then receiving it.

Let it fall, let it fall.

Set free my dusky heart

Let it fall, let it fall

I'll no longer play my part

Denounce the rules that I once obeyed

Let the night begin

The dark never frightened me anyway

Flicking his long jet-black queue over his shoulder, Anto barked out more orders. He informed them there to settle in for the night. They'd kick off tomorrow, planning for uncovering the Shards.

He gave straightforward directions of where they'd be sleeping. He also declared there better be no funny business. (Eyeing Azula and Setsuna) as they'd be sharing rooms based on gender. He then growled he need some private time to meditate. So saying goodnight, he left them to their own devices. The teenagers gave each other a wary glance.

"Well, he sure as shooting zero fun," grunted Sitka, unsatisfying. Again looking at the less then magnificent accommodations. He'd hoped-for for someone so damn all-important to have a far more awe-inspiring domicile.

After all, once he gained control over the Tribes? He planned to put them immediately to construct a magnanimous brand-new empire for him and his queen regnant.

Honestly. What's the point in having such awe-inspiring power if you didn't flaunt it? Anyone with common sense knew bigger was better. It made clear-cut who the gods were and who the insects were crawling in the mud.

"I realize he's the Spirit of Death. Nevertheless, I didn't sincerely anticipate everything to be so, well, dead. He's so deadpan, and yeah, zero fun at all. He has no sense of humor even!" the rogue Airbender noted.

They're a few attributes all airbenders possessed. Two of them were proficient when it came to fun and having a good sense of humor. The other trait their know for remained their inability to stay still.

As if the entire civilization had a severe case of ADHD. However, that was an unconfirmed fact. They entire world stood still centuries away from learning various medical issues.

"My uncle thinks I'm far too young to understand what 'grownups' talk about. Hmph! I'm more intelligent then anyone who gives me credit! I'm not so dense I don't know the basics regarding sex!" Setsuna pouted, and Azula catching on to what the young girl was talking about.

"You think the Prince of Death needs to get laid, don't you, Setsuna?" to which both girls smirked. "Well, I've heard plenty from the Dai Li talking when they didn't think I was listening. I know the three things men desire most are whiskey, gambling, and women. So again, I ain't stupid. If anyone needs to be laid, its him!" again, making the others drop their jaws from what this young lady knew.

"Well, I think we've all floored each other as much as possible. Either way, let's turn in for the night. We can figure out things later." Both boys grumbled what about dinner but didn't whine further under Azula's intimating gaze. Therefore everyone shuffled off to their bedrooms. No, that anyone felt they get a decent night's sleep.

In my new life of exile, I've never felt so free

And I feel like I'm becoming

The queen I'm meant to be

Now I don't care that I'm alone

In this new world, I'll build my throne

The past has passed

I'm moving on. I'm gone!

As suspected, the furniture was beyond uncomfortable. The bedding felt more like a bed of nails. On top of that? Barbarous architecture got irksome immediately. Since few people traveled to the spirit world, they're a few facts a majority don't realize. One bending remained impossible to do within the spirit world. You couldn't let anything happen to your physical body while away. Or you would tear you in two.

Though one most significant thing? The spirit world had absolutely no bathrooms. Give spirits didn't require them. However, if humans came there? It didn't stop their need to eliminate the waste products. It hadn't even entered Anto's mind to notify the children of these rules. He figured they knew them already. They didn't. Consequently, in the middle of the night, Sitka works up to answer the call of nature.

He looked everywhere for a toilet. He's was getting desperate enough to relieve his bladder by doing it in the hallway. It'd be gross, but he didn't need his bladder to rapture either.

When he couldn't' hold it anymore, he heard a door open. From the shadows, he noticed Anto coming out of a room with steel doors. Fortunately, it didn't close behind him completely. The urge was too great at that point. Sitka dashed into the chamber before turning to the stone wall to relieve himself.

Let it fall, let it fall.

Let my shadows shroud the sky.

Let it fall, let it fall.

I no longer live a lie.

This world of the night is here to stay

Let the night begin

Sighing with ecstasy after his bladder was relieved, he zipped up his pants. Not caring at all if Anto found out. As he turned to leave, he realized what was in this room.

The chamber was evidently a shrine to someone. Giving every inch of the chamber was plastered with murals, sculptures, and flower arrangements. Unmistakably dedicated to the most glamorous female Sitka ever witnessed. An eye-catching noblewoman with hair whiter the snow. Her eyes a shade of blue that couldn't be named. Most peculiar, she'd life-size glittering vivid pink butterfly wings.

Sitka remained absolutely clueless who this foxy dame was. However, any human worth their salt knew the name of this woman. Even Sokka knew enough regarding the spirits to know what Alanna the White Spirit of Life looked like.

Therefore, Anto, the Black Spirit of Death, had a shrine to Alanna, the White Spirit of life! Given all the things within the shrine? The Water Tribe boy, still clueless of the woman's identity, knew one thing for sure.

Anto was obsessed with this woman! As in madly in love with her! The woman's looks undoubtedly made her irresistible to men. Though, Anto's fixation on her seemed to be more then obsesses with her good looks. Deciding not to push his luck any further, Sitka left, locking the door behind him. Though with a cunning smirk on his lips, he planned to share this juicy news with his allies.

My shadows stream in ribbons through the midnight air

The world is covered with an inky blackness everywhere

And as I gaze upon my nocturnal domain

I sense this is the start of the night's eternal reign.

The next day the children discovered fresh clothes been laid out for them. They're all in midnight silk with a blood-red star on them. With some reluctance, they put the clothes on. Then headed to the great hall, hoping to find something worth eating for breakfast. At this point, it was unsurprising that Anto preferred undercooked pork and potent booze for his diet.

None of the kids were legal age to drink. However, Anto seemed to have enough common sense to put out tea for them. Except apparently, he didn't know Airbenders don't eat meat. However, Anil threw that out the window, given how starved he was. So like everyone else, they at what was served on their plates. Sometimes its better to bite your tongue then make a scene.

After they had their fill of the revolting meal, they got down to work. Anto gave a summary of what he knew regarding the legend of the Shards. It'd be impracticable to track down every single descendant out of a thousand avatars. After all, not all avatars married or had children. The next best bet was to consider objects of great significance that might have passed down through the ages. Something of great cultural significance.

The concealed objects with the Shards would sure as shooting have all-powerful individuals protecting them. Prodigy benders held a substantial connection to the patron spirits of their respective nations. Likewise, they'd be commonplace items. For what better way to conceal something then hide it in plain sight? Azula figured it out and laughed at the irony.

It only made sense their rivals would possess the items. For everything in life had to be balanced. So why wouldn't their enemies possess the power they so deserved?

Anto agreed with Azula's assessment since it made the most logical sense. The others agreed. They'd strategize tomorrow how to obtain the items. Then figure out how to contact Ozai, plus figure out how to fuse them. Everything was going according to plan. However, neither world was ready for the storm about to blow in. No, they certainly were not!

Let it fall, let it fall.

Feel my power pure and strong

Let it fall, let it fall

Now I know where I belong

Say goodbye to the light of day

Let the night begin!

The dark never frightened me anyway.'

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