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What the Hair!

A week had passed since Cassandra returned to Corona. The clans were getting along quite nicely, and the cousins were no exception. They're virtually glued to each other.

Currently, the trio was in the conservatory. Opal stood demonstrating her musical talent to her cousins. Her grandmother, Selena's occupation back home, was the Princess of the Arts. Meaning everything in that domain was hers to instruct and enrich the lives of Stormhold. The twins listened with rapture as Opal skillfully played her woodwind instrument. Again, everyone lost in its enthralling melody. But, once again, Opal glowed brilliantly as she played.

Her cousins gave her a standing ovation coloring her sallow skin. "Thank you, cousins. I'm thrilled you loved my grandmother's musical composition. Do you have something to share with me?"

"Well, we both did inherit our mother's creative aptitudes, Opal," confirmed Dawn before moving over to a concealed object. "This is my latest project," removing the sheet to reveal a captivating family portrait. "Yes, it's only half-finished. I've been waiting for the entire clan to be together to get it perfect. I hope you'll model for me later so I can start to add your family to it."

"I've been occupied with an undertaking of my own," Flynn spoke up. He then revealed his project—an impressive sculpture showing the union of the moonstone and sundrop flower.

"Its outstanding!" gushed Opal scampering over to examine it closer, "My grandmother would be moved to tears by it! Is it too much to request an art piece to take back home? I'd love to add something to the fine art gallery back home."

"We'll all work on something together, Opal. Don't worry about it. You're going to be here for the next year and a half. So we've got plenty of time," Dawn assured her.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Opal questioned, to which her cousins thought hard.

"Do you want to go play in the playroom? We've got an abundance of toys there to play with. Practically as much as the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow. We've got plenty of tops. Thankfully none that will switch your age!" Flynn suggested, which everyone chuckled.

"Yes, I love tops just like my mother! Do you two have a favorite plaything?" as they started sprinting to the recreation room. "Well, I love riding my rocking horse. Flynn, on the other hand? His preferred toys are little toy soldiers."

"Dawn keeps trying to learn to use a lasso. Not that's she's extremely good at it!" Flynn teased his sister, who gave him a playful shove. Reaching the playroom, the trio of six-year-olds started playing with their favorite plaything. Everyone remained oblivious of what was about to transpire.

After playing with the tops collection, the kids moved on to the rocking horses. Dawn got onto her horse with a dreamy look. "Oh, how I wish this were a real horse instead of a fake one!"

Suddenly to everyone's shock, Dawn's hair gleamed a lustrous lavender. The light bathed her favorite toy. Then the toy' reared up as if it was alive! Somehow the inanimate object became animated! It wasn't a flesh and blood horse, yet it was alive! "Oh my god! How did I do that?!" cried Dawn while trying to stay on her new pony.

"I don't know, sis! But I wanted to know if I can do something as well!" Flynn exclaimed jealously. He spied an oversized teddy bear. He then grabbed it. "I wish you would come to life!" Nothing happened. His hair didn't glow, and nothing happened to the toy.

"This isn't fair! I want a magical power too!" throwing a tantrum. Suddenly his hair shimmered royal purple. He quickly dropped the teddy as it began to glow. Everyone got ready to see it come alive. It seemed Flynn's power wasn't animation; his power was transformation because the teddy transformed into a kaleidoscopic colored stuffed dragon!

"Wow! This is so cool! I wonder if you two can do anything else!" Opal's lavender eyes were bugging out. So the trio decided to figure out what else the twin's hair could accomplish.

By the time dinner arrived, the twins had discovered quite a bit regarding their magical powers. Which they happily demonstrated to their family. Both twins inherited restorative capabilities. They could heal wounds or 'heal' by restoring broken objects. Holding hands, they produced a shield. However, Opal stated she'd a gut feeling that the twins also held the power of death.

She concluded because they're both of the sun and moon. Therefore it only made sense if they had the power to heal, they'd have the ability to harm. However, she felt they were only dangerous during an eclipse.

Everyone remained caught off guard by the twins' mystical abilities. Finally, Rapunzel and Eugene agreed to encourage their children to explore their capabilities as long as they did it in a controlled environment and with adult supervision. Magic can't be denied or removed. You had to use it, or you ended up obliterating yourself.

For now, they'd enjoy the few tricks the children discovered. Hopefully, nothing too hazardous would happen. Or someone using these beautiful gifts for selfish purposes!


You unconsciously create experiences that match what you believe—both in yourself and others. So ask yourself these questions often.

"What do I believe about myself? What do I think about my life? Is what I consider the truth? Or is it what the world believes is true?

Be mindful of what you accept as accurate because you'll become what you believe for better or worse.

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