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Love is in the air

The Queen and King of Corona guided their four-year-old twins down a winding pathway in the neighboring woodlands. The sprouts were keyed up. Today they're visiting their Uncle Lance and cousins Catalina and Kiera Schnitz.

Cassandra was their aunt due to being their mother's big sister. Lance and his daughters were the uncle and cousins for the same reasons. Since Eugene and Lance indeed were brothers in all the ways that mattered.

Rapunzel and their twins wiggled their toes in the fertile earth. They despised being forced to wear shoes throughout winter. However, feeling the ground once more sincerely felt exhilarating. "Ahh, this feels so fantastic," sighed Rapunzel with ecstasy. "To once more feel the world beneath my feet. I feel so much more alive," as she ran her fingers through her slightly longer brunette hair.

Rapunzel no longer sported a pixie cut. She felt 'naked' with short hair, given it had been long her entire life. Plus, she admitted she looked more fetching with long hair. Finally, she'd reached her goal of shoulder-length, which would be its permanent length from now on.

"Well, it's nice to get a day away from guard duty. A family day is what we've needed for weeks," agreed Eugene as he held his wife's hand.

"Yes, with the arrival of spring, the worlds been reborn. So let's make the most of this year, shall we?"

"Mommy! Do you and Daddy have to be such slow-pokes? Hurry up already!" shouted Dawn from the end of the path. "Yeah, quit dragging your feet already!" Flynn added, exasperated.

"We're coming! Geez!" Eugene exclaimed as the two sprinted to meet their children. Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the Schnitz's treehouse. The aroma of fresh hotcakes permeated the air.

"PANCAKES!" the twins shouted zealously, bolting over to the elevator to eat breakfast. "Slow down, you two! You're going to break, ahh!" cried Eugene tripping over a tree root. He spat out a lot of dirt while his wife giggled.

"Don't say anything, Blondie," as she helped him up. "Okay, let's go enjoy breakfast. Lance does make good pancakes, after all," she giggled as they hurried over. Finally, the family of four reached the top of the tree where Cat and Kiera greeted them. Catalina and Kiera were fifteen now and had blossomed into two knock-outs.

Lance wasn't clueless. He'd consulted Rapunzel for support when his daughters reached puberty. Since as a single father? He wasn't qualified to talk to them regarding becoming a woman.

Both Raps and her mother had helped Lance out with this. Helping each girl understand the changes in their bodies. What a healthy relationship entails, and how to show respect for your body. "Good morning, ladies. How are you doing today?" inquired Rapunzel as they sat down.

"Things are going well, Rapunzel. Dad is displeased that some village lads are trying to catch our eye," revealed Catalina as she finished setting the table. "Catalina got more of a chance with the boys then I do," Kiera admitted. Knowing her brash nature turned off numerous potential suitors.

"Don't worry, ladies, your day will come. Now, where are those hotcakes?" wondered Eugene. "Hold your horses, Eugene! I can only do so many things at once!" called Lance from the kitchen.

Finally, breakfast was served, hotcakes, scrambled eggs, and apple juice. Everyone immensely enjoyed their breakfast. The adults carried on with a conversation that held no interest to the younger ones.

Instead, the twins listen to the girls go on about how the boys were eyeing them. Even at their young age? Both the twins wanted to hear all the juicy details. The teens got a mischief look in their eyes, silently asking the twins if they'd like a little bit of fun. The young royals gave a slight nod. Given all four of them were gifted thieves?

It wasn't that hard to sneak away from the grown-ups. Lance and Eugene seemed to be squabbling concerning something from their boyhood, which Raps was failing to calm them down.

Immediately the youths jetted into town for some fun. Even though it was still early in the day? Plenty of young folks were out and about. After all, they say love is in the air when spring arrives. Cat and Kiera each held one of the twins' hands. No need for them to get lost or hurt. They enjoyed their stroll around town, chewing the fat with several people.

The teens purchased the twins' lollipops at Monty's. The shopkeeper was more genial to them then their mother. So they're happily licking them when it happened. An array of strapping young men sat around the town's fountain. One, in particular, caught both girls' eyes. The young man was quite enthralling.

Six-three, bulging biceps, sculpted features, dark hair, and eyes. Dark red tunic, leather pants, and a wicked saber. All the similar age females had love-struck expressions. But, of course, the two four-year-old didn't understand these things. Only that their cousins appeared quite taken with the young man. Dawn tugged on Catalina's shirt then pointed. "Who that boy your goggling over?" she asked bluntly.

"That, Dawn is Chandler, the most desirable young man in all of Corona. His accomplishments include taming wild horses, excellent swordsman, and getting the highest grades in school!"

"He's also incredibly generous! He's mentored several children at the orphanage—built homes for the homeless. Constantly helping the poverty-stricken. He's an overall heartthrob!" Kiera while she tried to tame her messy hair.

Flynn looked at his sister, who shrugged. They didn't understand anything about love yet—they only understood their cousins liked this boy. Flynn decided to get the boy to come over. He quickly jogged over before anyone could stop him. The young man towered over the young prince. He'd a tender smile and questioned in a friendly voice, "Can I help you, young man?"

"Hi, my name is Flynn. I think my cousins Catalina and Kiera like you. So could you talk to them? Please?" he asked very straightforwardly.

Chandler looked taken back by the child's forwardness. He figured it was due to his age. "Okay, let's go meet your cousins, Flynn," as he grabbed hold of the child's hand. He didn't want the little boy to be trampled on as the streets were getting busier.

Cat and Kiera looked ready to die when the boys approached them. Dawn waved merrily at the young man. "Hi! I'm Dawn! How are you doing today?" she chirped brightly. It only took a second for Chandler to realize these two were the heirs to the kingdom.

"Good morning to you, Princess Dawn. You and your brother enjoying the lovely weather?" he asked politely, causing Dawn to grin cheerfully. "Yes, we're happy we can go barefoot again! We hate shoes!" the little girl answered back, making the young man chuckled.

Flynn tugged on his tunic before pointing to his cousins. "These are our cousins, Catalina and Kiera Schnitz. Their dad is our dad's best friend and brother."

"Charmed to meet you ladies. I take it your babysitting your cousins today?" he asked thoughtfully. Both teens were reddening so severely that he was even speaking to them.

"Well, Mr. Chandler, we went over for breakfast. Except we wanted to enjoy the sun. So our cousins brought us into the village for now," explained Dawn.

"You're quite the reliable young ladies. Given the royal family entrusts you to look after the youngest," Chandler's perfect smile struck the teens dumb. The twins discreetly kicked the girl's shins to get them to talk. Catalina blushed as red as her hair. "Yes, we've had so much fun with our cousins. Their father was the first person to be kind to my sister and me."

"Their mother helped fix up our home. We're grateful for all they've done for us," Kiera added quickly. She was still trying to tame her hair which was a losing battle.

"It pleases me immensely to see such devoted family members. So many children are disregarded and abused. Genuinely loving families are hard to come by. You're fortunate to have such a loving family."

"Thank you," both girls managed to get out. Chandler seemed used to this kind of reaction. However, he remained a perfect gentleman. Dawn rolled her vivid green eyes, "Could you please escort us back to our parents? Mommy says that what gentlemen are supposed to do."

"Of course, my princess. I'd love to escort you all home. Shall we, ladies?" he took the hands of the royals while they walked back. The group had a pleasant conversation back.

When they reached the treehouse, their parents were waiting. Both Lance and Eugene seemed to want to say something, but Raps stopped them. Instead, she strolled over to the gorgeous young man. "Thank you, kind sir, for escorting our children back to us. I hope they weren't too much of a problem," she spoke considerately, to which Chandler smiled.

"Not at all, my queen. Your children are adorable and quite delightful to be around—also, your brother-in-law has done quite a good job with his daughters. I hope to see you again soon—good day!" bowing once before walking back towards town.

"We're going to have to talk tonight, young ladies. For now, please go to your rooms." "Yes, Dad," the girls still had love-struck looks on their faces. Raps could only sigh, remembering that expression. First love was always fantastic.

"I take it you'd a pleasant jaunt into town?" Rapunzel asked her children, who smiled back at her. "I'm happy we're able to give our cousins a chance to talk to that boy. Do all people act so ridiculous when it comes to love?" inquired Dawn.

"Yes, it seems they're causing more problems then need be. Does everyone make bigger deals then things need to be?" questioned Flynn.

"Well, I agree with you both. People tend to lose common sense regarding love, sometimes acting stupid. I'm sure you'll understand it better when you're older. Now is there anything else we should know about your trip into the village?"

"Monty gave us lollipops, Mom. However, I don't think he likes us very much," Dawn confessed sadly.

"At least he's friendly to us. Even if he doesn't like us," Flynn pointed out, to which his mom nodded.

Monty may never like their family. However, he had the decency to be respectful to young children. You don't need to like everyone, but you'd still need to be respectful towards them. The family stayed a few more hours, enjoying their visit. They left about 5:30, everyone agreeing it was a good day.

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