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Say hello to your new grandchildren

Say hello to your new grandchildren!

Everyone continued to pace outside the birthing room. As tradition dictated, the gentlemen weren't permitted inside during childbirth. Customary etiquette and all. They'd strive to take their minds off their anxiety.

King Edmund? He'd ultimately gotten his head on straight. Therefore, he no longer spoke his thoughts aloud. He remained occupied, entertaining Fredrick with how he felt when his son been born.

Eugene only half-heard his father's rambling. However, he instantly became interested when his father spoke of his deceased mother. Seeing how he didn't even know his mother's name. Therefore, he listened with rap attention to the story of his mother, Queen Evangeline. That helped them get through the next two hours learning her story. Fredrick and Edmund enjoyed swapping tales regarding them pursuing their wives. Eugene relished learning about his mom, grateful to know his mother's name at last.

Abruptly the men's conversation got cut off when they heard an infant cry. The midwife then allowed them in, and to their shock, they saw two babies swaddled resting in Rapunzel's arms. "Oh my! There are two of them! What a glorious celebration this is!" Edmund exclaimed joyfully. Then unexpectedly, both grandfathers hugged each other tightly.

Immediately they realized how embarrassing that was, so they instantly separated with some nervous chuckling, with Arianna looking amused at them. Finally, they all focused their attention on their grandchildren. "I agree, Ed. Darling, they're gorgeous, as do you, my dear," Fredrick admired his new grandchildren. They're both swaddled in purplish-pink blankets.

Eugene strolled over to his wife, then caressed her forehead. "They're as beautiful as their mother," he whispered with made Rapunzel smile. "Here, say hello to your son," as she handed him one bundle.

Eugene cautiously took his newborn baby, tracing his attractive features. His father came closer then whispered, "He looks precisely like you when you're born, son. Saving the golden hair, mind you," as Edmund ruffled the mop of golden hair on his grandson's head. It was true. Despite returning the sundrop and moonstone to the heavens, some faint trace of magic lingered in Rapunzel. Whenever one involves themselves with the supernatural? It unquestionably leaves a trace behind to those it touched.

Yet, at the moment, that was neither here nor there. All that matter were the two new lives that entered this world. The enchanting monarch held her gorgeous granddaughter close as she wept, "She reminds me of you when you're born, Rapunzel. Except with chocolate-brown hair," gazing with such affection at her granddaughter.

Despite her face still beet red from the long delivery, Rapunzel managed a weak smile. "Thanks, Mom. Eugene, shall we reveal their full names?" to which her better half nodded. Clearing his throat, he did his most beneficial to look regal. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I've got the distinguished honor to present to you, Princess Dawn Arianna Fitzherbert and Prince Flynn Edmund Fitzherbert. Heirs of both Corona and the Dark Kingdom."

Eugene indeed meant his country of origin. His father, along with the brotherhood, had spent the last few years restoring their domain. Given the moonstone was kaput, the nation flourished once more. With the restoration of their sovereignty, hundreds of previous inhabitants had returned.

Only the most essential official emissaries had come with his father. They're expecting several others to show up for the christening next week. After all, they were the Seven Kingdoms. Arianna then started to shoo the men out of the room. Reminding them Rapunzel had spent half the day in labor and needed her rest. Also, she didn't want the men to see her daughter nurse her newborns.

"Eugene, you should let her get some rest too. You look dead on your feet as well. Better we all go get some rest," her mother requested to her son-in-law. Everyone nodded, and Arianna smiled at her daughter before she closed the door behind them.

Rapunzel sighed as she started to nurse her newborns, "Flower gleam and grow. Let your power shine. Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt. Change the fate design. Save what has been lost. Bring back what was once mine. What once was mine." she sang to them as she suckled them.

They seemed quite content with her singing the song she'd been taught. She questioned if she should sing that other song. After a few minutes, she didn't see what harm it would bring. Considering the magic itself was long gone, even if her son's hair was golden.

"Cut the strings of hope. Catastrophic deeds. Burn all means to cope. And set the spirit free. Wither and decay. End this destiny. Break these earthly chains. And set the spirit free. The spirit free."

Nothing magical happened to either of her twins' hair. Therefore she felt confident that no more then a brand-new gene for blond hair had cropped up. Satisfied, she finished nursing, and the nursemaid came into put her twins in the nearby bassinets.

Two days later, Rapunzel received a message from her older sister Cassandra. They'd kept in contact when Cass had left to discover her destiny. For the last year, Cass had written regarding her brand-new life in the kingdom of Stormhold with her husband, Michael. Rapunzel had been anxious to write to let her sister know about her children. Therefore when she shrieked loudly, everyone assumed something was amiss with her or the newborns. It took a few moments for everyone to calm down. Then Rapunzel read Cassandra's letter to her family.

"Dear Raps, been a while, hasn't it? I've been occupied training up a brand-new generation of guardians here at the palace. However, that recently had to take a backseat.

I know you wrote to inform me months ago you're expecting. I'm confident that my new niece/nephew will have been born when this reaches you. I anxiously await the news if so. Anyways, Raps, I desired to keep it a secret. Though by the time this letter reaches you'll a month have gone by.

I desire to inform you and my father that Michael and I have welcomed our first child into the world. We've got a healthy baby girl we've named Opal. If you could pass the news along to everyone back in Corona, that'd mean a great deal. Also, could you please inform Varien that we've decided to name him Opal's godfather?

Thank you, Raps. See you later, little sister. Love your big sister Cassandra."

"Wow! Cass as a mom! There a sentence I never thought I say," Eugene joshed when Rapunzel elbowed him. "Geez, Blondie, it was only a joke."

Rapunzel gave her husband an annoyed look before turning to face their parents. "Do you think you could inform the Captain of his new grandchild? Furthermore, let Varien know that he's been named godfather?"

"We'll take care of it, sweetheart. You get some more rest. You'll need all your strength for the christening on Sunday," her mother replied.

"Also, Rapunzel, if you wish to write Cassandra back, please at least let someone else write it. You can dictate it but let someone else do the actual writing," her father suggested.

"I will, Dad. Don't worry. Send someone in an hour to help me write a letter. Right now, I need to get a nap in while the twins are napping."

"Understood. Come, son, we need to see if that toy-maker finished making your kids their first toys," Edmund leads his son away. Eugene made sure to kiss his wife before leaving with his father to check on the commission.

An hour later, Rapunzel's latest handmaiden, Piper, showed up. Piper was slightly taller then average with a slender build, olive-green eyes, shoulder-length wavy reddish-black locks, and impeccable skin the color of brown sugar.

"Good day, m'lady. How are you faring?" she asked in her soft melodious voice as she curtsied. Rapunzel smiled at Piper. She was more appealing and outspoken then Faith had been. She seemed to possess the ability to charm anyone with her musical voice. Piper wasn't like Cassandra in the slightest, yet a genuine friend. So accepting her lady's maid, she smiled tenderly.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, Piper. I'd like you to dictate a letter for me."

"As you wish, my Queen. You know I've got the most desirable penmanship in the whole kingdom," she replied with slight pride.

"I know you do, Piper. Now shall we get to writing my letter?"

"Of course," as she pulled out some paper and quill to write her letter. Rapunzel took a deep breath before speaking.

"Dear Cassandra. I'm thrilled to hear such wonderful news. Congratulations on your newborn daughter. I'm elated to hear your a brand-new mother as well! I also had a successful birth and now the proud mother of twins, Dawn and Flynn. Their full names are Princess Dawn Arianna Fitzherbert and Prince Flynn Edmund Fitzherbert.

It only seemed fitting their middle names would be after our parents. A way to honor them and ensure they're not forgotten when they're gone. Of course, their first names are named after us. Dawn is for the sundrop power that once dwelled within me. Flynn? That self-explanatory. Eugene and I feel their names are well suited for them.

If your curious about how they look? Dawn takes after me with brunette hair. Flynn takes after his father only with blond hair. We surmised the golden hair became part of our bloodline after being linked to the sundrop for so long.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about Opal. I also pray you'll one day return to Corona so our families can properly meet. I also feel your father should meet his granddaughter. Though do that when you can do. I understand with a newborn. The trip is implausible at the moment. Though we all look forward to the day, our families can meet.

I will let your father and Varien know of your wishes. Farewell for now. Looking forward to your next letter. Love your little sister, Rapunzel."

"Will that be all, m'lady?" Piper inquired as she finished writing the letter exactly as Rapunzel dictated it.

"Yes, Piper, that's all for now. Owl should be waiting to send my letter. Let him get a few day's rests before you send him with my letter."

"As you wish, my queen. For now, you should rest as well," as the handmaiden departed.

A few days later, the entire kingdom was present to see their new heirs for the first time. As was with Rapunzel's birth, they released flouting lanterns to mark their birth.

Then the family properly baptized the children while appointing Varien their godfather and adding Cassandra's sake to a third godchild. All in all, it was a beautiful start to a new era for the kingdom.

Piper- Holly Maria Combs- Piper from Charmed

"Dare to be powerful.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important where I'm afraid," Audre Lorde, the cancer journals.

The added lyrics to the decay song are from one of the many videos on Youtube where people have added lyrics. The video is called "Healing and Hurt Incantations" Vocal Cover "Alice Flare" It's on my tangled playlist on youtube.

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