Tangled The Next Generation @kelseyalicia
Happily Ever After

Three teenagers on the cusp of adulthood made their way up to the castle's attic. Eventually uncovering what they're searching for, a stack of aging journals lay in a pretty painted box. The three seventeen-year-olds started to skim through the old diaries. They were taking a trip down memory lane, giggling as they reminisced the entries in their journals.

"Isn't it strange to be looking back at the past this way?" the taller female questioned her cousins.

"Yes, it's quite fascinating to see how much we've grown these past eleven years, Opal. It's fantastic, don't you think that the entire family came to Corona to help us all celebrate our eighteenth birthday next week?" inquired Dawn, who'd grown into a fetching young woman.

"I'm delighted they're still doing the flying lantern show as they did for Mom. It will be so captivating. But its it strange our birthday the night of a lunar eclipse?" inquired Flynn, who was an equally handsome young man.

"Well, as long as you both don't get overexcited, I don't believe we've to worry about anyone dropping dead," their lovely cousin Opal spoke up. It turned out her prediction was accurate. The twins could end life. Luckily they discovered this out by accidentally killing a vase of flowers. So no human lives were lost.

They merely had to keep their emotions in check during an eclipse. As long as they didn't get too enthusiastic, they'd be fine. So the trio spent a few more hours going over their old journals.

Then they descended back to the ground floor. Happy knowing that happily ever after is achievable. For happily ever after isn't guaranteed that life will be perfect or all your problems evaporate.

True happily ever after? It's the promise to appreciate every day, complete with love, family, and friendship. Living each day to the fullest by embracing what makes you human—accepting the ups and downs of life and relishing every moment you have.

That's true happily ever after, which everyone can accomplish if they comprehend the genuine meaning and not some fairytale concept. Hopefully, everyone can eventually find their own happily ever after.

Worthiness is a Choice.

You're worthy. More worthy then you'll ever understand. But the only one who can ultimately determine that reality is you.

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