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Party at the Pub

The royals and their offspring were eagerly heading to the Snuggly Duckling. The Pub Thugs had invited them to a party. There wasn't a reason for a party other then they felt overdue for one. Also, they adored the children. Therefore, they'd wanted to do something nice for them. Even Shorty vowed to be sober to interact with the children normally.

As they strolled to the Pub, the children played leapfrog. Both Cass and Rapunzel couldn't help but giggle as their children played their game. Both had a wistful expression. Each thinking about what they'd missed out on growing up. How they could've been true sisters and yet were denied the chance to be such. "They're so cute together, aren't they, Cass?" Rapunzel whispered to her elder sister.

"Yes, cute, which isn't a word I'd normally use. They're the lucky ones, having a normal and loving childhood. None of us were fortunate enough to have one," she commented sadly.

"True enough. I being locked in a tower, Eugene in an orphanage, Michael enslaved, and..." she stopped herself. Cass finished for her. "And my rotten mother abandoning me for magical hair. Don't feel bad, Raps. I'm not stupidly angry regarding it any more."

"Thank god for that. I'm looking forward to Attila's cupcakes and knowing him? He'd baked more then was needed. It's also lovely the Hook brothers are in town for the party.

"Well, we can't play musical chairs without someone playing the piano. Plus, someone has to make sure no one goes crazy dancing," chuckled Cass, to which Rapunzel laughed too.

Finally, the happy clan reached the Pub. The children eagerly raced inside, squealing with delight how the Pub Thugs decorated the place for the party. "Wow! I love the unicorns! They're so many!" Dawn marveled at all the unicorns that Vladimir had brought to the party. He knew how much the little princess loved horses and unicorns.

Opal, on the other hand? She was too busy enjoying Ulf's mime routine. Flynn looked ready to stuff his face with Attila's cupcakes. "Alright, children, settled down. We won't be getting our sugar high quite yet," Rapunzel gestured for Attila to put some of the sweets away for the time being.

The children pouted because what child doesn't love to stuff themselves with chocolate cake? Still, they attempt to show some decorum. Finally, however, their mothers insisted they pace themselves for the party.

The first game they played was musical chairs courtesy of Hook Hand playing the piano. The children's fathers were knocked out quickly, followed by their mothers. In the end, Opal won the game!

Next, they played a unicorn version of pin the donkey's tail, which Dawn won. Next, Flynn won, Simon Says. Ulf was Simon while Shorty translated for him. Next, Hook Foot helped them play limbo and showed them new dancing moves. Finally, they endured Big Nose's sonnet, which the kids loved to add their own rhymes to what he read.

At last, it finally came time to pig out on sweets! Boy, the children were hungry, and their parents let it slide them pigging out. So enjoy your youth while you can.

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