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Science Experiments

Varien Albert Flamel swelled with tremendous pride, glancing at his trio of godchildren. He'd been given the honor today to help familiarize the young ones in the magnificent practices of alchemy!

He didn't want to think about this as babysitting, even if Rapunzel remained tied up in royal council meetings all day. Or that Eugene and his in-laws had gone for a week-long visit to check on King Edmund.

Or even Cassie decided today was the perfect day for her father to bond with his son-in-law. Either way, Varien felt both proud and enthusiastic he was opening his six-year-old godchildren's minds today.

The only thing the children's parents requested of him? Do not go overboard. Keep it simple, and please do not do anything too outlandish. Varien remembered his boyhood blunders all too well. Nevertheless, he remained determined to bond with the children and keep his pledge of not going overboard. Therefore, he'd arranged a few uncomplicated experiments for the children to do.

The first experiment was constructing what he'd dubbed a 'lava lamp." But, first, he'd assembled all the items they required: a few fizzy tablets, three small glass jars, water, vegetable oil, and food coloring.

"Okay, this is remarkably simple. First, we fill the jars with one-quarter of water, then we add the vegetable oil to finish filling," as he assisted the children using the correct measuring cups and funnel to fill them up. They waited five minutes before adding the various food colorings producing an incredible rainbow of colors. The psychedelic hues memorized the children.

He broke their tablets in half, then dropped them in, shrieking in delight as the 'lava' was formed. Then they placed them in modified floating lanterns before adding the other half.

"Wow! This is so freaking cool! So amazing!" squealed Dawn excitedly, looking at her unique 'lava lamp."

"Yep, amazing. Do you want to know the science behind this?" Varien asked to which the young princess nodded. Varien took a deep breath before clarifying the science behind their experiment. "The oil floats on top of the water because it is less dense or lighter than water. The food coloring has the same density as the water, so it sinks through the oil and mixes with the water. It falls to the bottom when you add the tablet and then dissolves.

As it dissolves, it makes gas, carbon dioxide. Gas or air is lighter than water, so it floats to the top. The air bubbles bring some colored water with them to the top. When the air comes out of the colored water blob, the water gets heavy again and sinks. It does this over and over again until the tablet is completely dissolved."

"Amazing! What other experiments are we going to do today?!" Flynn exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Well, here's our next project," as he presents them with more supplies from the kitchen, flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, water, and additional food coloring."This is another fun idea of mine. We're making something I've dubbed play-dough. Its an entertaining item to play with."

"Play-dough? Is that like cookie dough?" inquired Flynn, to which Varien chuckled gently.

"No, this isn't editable, Flynn. Now follow my instructions carefully," as they started to create their play-dough. However, he did mention if they wanted more to play with later, they needed adult supervision.

They were required to use the stovetop to mix all the ingredients. First, they dissolved the salt into the water before adding the other elements. Next, they used a medium amount of heat. They were stirring until a ball formed by pulling away from the side. They waited a few minutes to cool before kneading the dough, which took only a few minutes.

The kids relished playing with their new toy before putting it away in a receptacle. Their godfather promised it to be suitable for three months. Then, finally, they moved on to the experiment that Opal looked forward to the most—making their own crystals! For this, Varien devised a particular type of salt; they required ¼ cup of this unique salt, ¼ cup of hot water, food coloring, plates, and a small jar.

First, they carefully measured out the salt and hot water. Then, stirred them together until the salt dissolved. Next, they added more multicolored food coloring before putting the cups into the icebox for four hours. Four hours later, they put their crystals into small jars to admire.

By now, Rapunzel and Cassandra were done with their activities today. The children eagerly showed them what their godfather helped them make today. Both mothers smiled, knowing the children had a good time and Varien didn't go overboard! A perfect day indeed!

It's okay to say no!

"No, nope, not now!" Now is as good a time as any to stop saying yes to things you want to say no to. If you've been waiting for permission to say no? Permission granted! Say yes to the things you choose and no to things you don't.

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