Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
il mia Nani

Bella's POV:

After arriving at Chateau Elisse~ after Alice and Rosalie arrive.

I go in and out of consciousness, and feel extremely drowsy as I lay in bed, trying to regain my strength to be able to move, or function normally again.

At first it was heavy drowsiness, then it was intense lethargy. Now it's over-exhaustion, but at least I don't feel so tired that I fall asleep again.

As soon as I stopped feeling exhausted, the soreness began, on my side. It didn't stop me though, I admit that it slowed me down quite a bit, I could finally move more than before and that was saying a lot. Though my progress is unbeknownst to anyone, including Edward.

It is exactly four days after the shoot out that Edward, Carlisle, and my cousin Marcus walk into the room, all three of them are tense. Which automatically puts me on high alert.

"Good morning, Isa, how are you feeling this morning?" Carlisle asks as he walks closer to the machine attached to my arm.

"Sore." I replied, wincing as I accidentally moved the wrong way.

"What's wrong?" I hear Edward ask, as he sees me flinch.

"Nothing, I just moved the wrong way and tugged on the stitches." I replied, wincing again. "How's Jasper?" I asked, tensely.

"He's doing better than before. You saved his life, Itsa." Carlisle said, a pride-filled gleam shimmering within his blue eyes as he stared at me.

I nod, sighing in relief as I stare at Edward. "They're here aren't they." I stated, looking at him, stioticly.

He sighed, dropping his head before nodding slowly at me in response.

"I see. Can you please keep them away from here? I don't want to deal with them right now. Where are my weapons?" I asked, patting my legs, and coming up empty-handed.

"We had to remove them while we operated on you. I'll give them to you as soon as I can." My cousin, Marcus promised, giving me a small smile.

"Wonderful. How are my Nonna and Nani?" I asked, worried about them.

"Itsa… I'm so sorry to tell you this but… Nani passed away a few minutes ago." My cousin said.

I gasped, clasping my hand over my mouth, as tears filled my eyes. "No! No! No! How? No! Why? Oh dio! Nani, il mia Nani, non puó essere sparito." I say, shaking my head. (My Nani can't be gone.)

I slowly throw my feet over the side of the bed and slowly stand up, wincing as I do.

"Isa, you can't be moving around—" Carlisle says, before I shove him against the wall, "Take me to her before I fucking kick your ass!" I growl only to be pulled off of him.

"Isa, amore," he whispered, his arm still wrapped around my waist tenderly, gently prying me away from where I had Carlisle, my forearm pressed against his throat.

"She's gone, she's gone. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I'll never get to say goodbye." I gasp, and turn to bury my face into his chest as his arm around me.

"Oh, mia amore," He whispered, comfortingly.

"How long ago did it happen?" I asked, my face still in his throat.

"Just after we arrived here, we think she wasn't able to handle the travel and passed in her sleep." Marcus whispered, patting my back.

"My poor Nani.." I whispered, feeling as my lower lip began to tremble again.

"Your Nonna and Nonno are making the arrangements for her wake and burial…" Edward said.

Marcus looked at me, a sad expression on his face, "I'm sorry to interrupt but, we need to start heading down. Nonno Felipe wants us all to sit down at the dinner table."

"I can't do this…" I whispered, into Edward's chest.

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