Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
The Decision & The Move

Edward's POVTwo hours later~

"Any luck finding anything?" Carlisle asked.

"Nothing…" My Nonno sighs,

"Wait, I think I found something…" Aro said, from his laptop, as we all rushed to his side, to peek over his shoulder.

"What is it?" We all asked.

"A passenger van… it can fit up to fifteen people in it… if we split up.."

"Perfect. Get two.. We'll leave tomorrow morning." Felipe said.

The entire packing process takes about two more hours, while Emmett had Collin collect Rosalie and Mary Alison and asked him to get them to us safely.

Then came the hardest part, waking up Jasper, Isa, and Nonna. Not Emmett, that fucker has been awake this entire time, and hasn't stopped bitching about it since it happened.

Everything was set to be put in motion within the next three days.

First, Carlisle, Zeek, and I stopped administering the pain meds to Jasper and Isa, along with Ms. Franny.

Ms. Franny was the first one to wake. She was confused at first but after some assurance from Felipe, and I, we managed to calm her down.

Then Isa slowly woke up. Though she was a bit sore and having a bit of pain from stitches, she seemed unsurprised by the fact that I was tending to her along with the fact that she was hurt in the first place.

Jasper was the last one to regain consciousness, and he was a bit more dramatic. Though given to the circumstances, I'd probably do that same thing.

Both Carlisle and I slowly began administering less and less pain medication, and allowed them all slowly to start moving around.

It was the fourth day after the invasion that we were finally able to get them out of the wing.

We checked all of their wounds, even Emmett's. Changed their dressings, and helped them into a pair of sweats.

In the end, it was decided that we would only get one of those passenger vans, and the security would ride in two three separate SUVs.

First, Nani was helped in, then Franny, who was still feeling tired. After that we helped in Jasper and then Emmett, shoving one of those hemorrhoid pillows under him before sitting his ass down. Then I carried Isa in and helped her get situated.

After that, I gave Isa, Em, and Jazz a pain med and they all fell asleep.

Once everyone was strapped in, Damian, one of Felipe's guards began to slowly drive away.

As the Casa di Amore disappeared behind us, I silently began to pray for their speedy recovery.

Autun, France~

When we arrived to Chateau Elisse, it was just after eight o'clock.

Everyone was tired, even the guards. We quickly checked and set up a perimeter around the massive thing, and led all the women into the house.

Isa asked me to stay with her despite all of the protests we got from Emmett.

We had just settled down to rest when we heard the quick approach of cars.

Isa locked eyes with me before nodding me to go. As soon as I reached the foyer, I almost wanted to roll my eyes at the sight.

Standing there complaining were Mary Alice and Rosalie.

Fuck! Things just got more complicated.

Bella's POV:

Eight hours after the Shootout~

Groggy. I felt groggy.

'What happened? Where was I?' I thought as I looked around, and tried to sit up only to gasp at the pain that radiated from my hip, and fall back again.

The pain jolted my memory though, I remember what happened... the wedding, Nani's happiness, Edward, and … Jasper! Oh my God! Jasper! Where is he?! How is he?

The door to the room suddenly slammed open and in rushed my Great Uncle Zeek and my cousin, Marcus.

"Mio Dio! She's awake!"

"Isabetta, do you know where you are? How are you feeling?" Marcus asked me, while checking the IV that hung off the rail off the side of the bed.

"Yes…" I mumbled, lethargically.

"Where are you?"

I sighed trying to clean the grogginess from my mind. "We are in Casa di Amore, there was a shootout, a-and Jasper was injured…" I gasped, the room seeming to get smaller.

"Isa, ….Go get Carlisle…hurry!" I heard Marcus say, as he tried to calm me.

The air in my lungs left me in small gasps, and my chest began to hurt as I tried to sit down again.

I could hear several sets of footsteps rushing into the room as the darkness began to cloud my vision, and I was once again pulled under.

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