Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
La Sue Fine

Warning! This chapter may be mildly graphic. Read at your own risk!

I watched him with a wide smile, as he struggled, straining against his binds until the veins on his neck and arms slowly began to appear.

What a change, and I am enjoying it, I must admit. It's not everyday that I get to see one of the slimiest dogs that walks the planet be tied, and brought to his knee in fear.

Cocky, antagonistic, egotistical Jacob Black, shaking in fear before me like a leaf. Quite the change. 360, in fact.

Even though the room smelt strongly of body odor, blood, and piss, this was still an amusing sight to behold.

"Bella…please. I am sorry. I promise to leave if you let me go… You'll never hear from me ever again." he begged, as one of the guards restrained him.

I let out a dry laugh, before turning to look at him. "Funny how he seems to think that I actually believe the shit flies out of his mouth..." I comment, pretending to think for a moment, causing Emmett to chuckle as well.

"Please..." He begged weakly.

"Did you listen when the girls you kidnapped and sold to the Bratva, who begged and asked you to not hurt them?" I asked, coolly, as I watched him flinch in response.

"That—that was nothing but business. Bella, you of all people should understand." He rasped.

I let out a laugh in disbelief, "Business?" I questioned, gapping, at his barbaric belief that women are nothing more then something to possess, fuck, and breed.

I shook my head at him in disgust, before turning to him. "Riesci a credere alle palle di questo ragazzo?" I asked Emmett, shaking my head. (Can you believe the balls on this guy?)

"Lo so. Sapevo che era un cane, ma questo lo sta portando a un livello completamente diverso." Emmett spit out.(I know. I knew he was a dog, but this is taking it to a whole other level.)

"Cominciamo, Vero?" I asked, smiling. (Let's begin, shall we?)

I smirked at the horrified expression on Jacob's face as he looked over at the table behind me.

"What are you going to do to me?" He asked, growing paler as time passed.

"I am going to do to you what you did to all those women. I will keep you here, and torture you, then leave you alone so you think you are going servive…. Then come back again with all of my friends and let them have their way with you. Beat you, cut you, hell maybe even cut off some body parts… it depends how I am feeling. " I said, smirking, as the terror and horror grew on his face. "Then again, Anthony is on his way as we speak, maybe he'll have a better idea on what to do with a dog like you." I added as Osvaldo, one of the guards here, wrapped an arm around Jacob's neck, holding him down as Ronin injected the very drug Jacob had used on Leah and the other girls.

I had enough of this and the counter effective drug to last me for a year. I knew I wouldn't need that long. Just a few days would be enough.

Enough to retrieve whatever information Jacob has on Cosa Nostra, before I allowed the last part of the plan to be completed.

We watched as Jacob struggled for a moment before going limp.

"What are you really going to do to him, sorellina?" Em turned to ask me, curiously.

"Have you ever seen A Clockwork Orange?" I asked, smirking at the horrified gasp that left Ronin before turning away.

"I can't say I have." Em said, shrugging unimpressed.

"What do you know about the psyche?" I asked about attempting another route.

"Not much, just that it can be fragile." He replied, still uncomprehending.

"Ok well, let's call this — phase one of the plan." I replied before turning away.

I looked over at the table, looked at the many drugs Ronin, Reed and Osvaldo had managed to bring me before looking at the buckets of water that were set next to the table.

Just as the first twenty minutes had passed Anthony, and Jasper arrived with the guys.

"Have everyone, except Ronin, Reed, Osvaldo, Emiliano, and Santiago leave to guard the building and surrounding areas." I said without looking up, as I injected the counter drug, and motioned for Reed to throw the cold water on Jacob.

"You heard her. Get your asses moving." Anthony commanded as Jasper looked over at the table.

"We found his friend, Embry a few miles out, with Milhai, the Bratva's scum." Anthony said, as he walked in further.

"Good to know. Why don't you go deal with that roach while I deal with this one? Take Emmett with you." I mutter as Jasper pulled on a pair of gloves at the same time I did.

"What?! No! I told you I was staying with you." Emmett complained, like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

"Fine. Stand over there and don't get in the way unless I tell you to. Ronin, Reed I need the tools I requested a week ago, please." I said, ignoring the look Anthony gave me before shaking his head and moving to take a seat by the small table the guards used to watch over the dog.

Just as Jasper was about to ask what I was talking about, Reed and Ronin slowly began moving the large blue bins of water I had arranged to be brought here, before Osvaldo guided the power generator behind them.

One Jasper and I had modified ourselves to keep interrogating interesting.

Jasper's expression became stoic, as we both watched them set up, before he crossed his arms and sat down on the chair Santiago pulled a few feet in front of Jacob.

"Jacob, Jacob, Jacob." Jasper said, to gain his attention.

Jacob tried to lift his head, but only managed to loll it to one side, sighing.

"I heard you have some vital information for me. Care to share? Or shall I give you your options before we start or are you going to be a good boy and give me what I need?" He asked him, as Jacob lifted his head slightly.

"I— don't—know—jack—shit." Jacob wheezed.

"Oh, don't you?" Jasper answered back, "Very well then. Since you decided you don't know jack shit. Well, I decided to not be nice. Boys?" He called.

Reed quickly moved, pulling out a large, industrial, stainless steel, ladle and began to pour water onto his sweaty chest. Ronin quickly pulled in the thick rubber gloves, and lifted the modified cables to charge car batteries before placing the loosened wires in the ends on Jacob's wet torso.


The electricity crackled, making an interesting noise each time the wires touched Jacob's doused skin.

I smirked, at his pain, as I remembered seeing each and every girl , which he had helped get kidnapped. The monster had photographs of most of them.

"What's wrong Jacob? Can't take a little pain? You'd done worse to many women, and you can't handle this bit of pain? Some man you are..." I taunted, as Reed and Ronin backed away.

"You fucking bitch! This is all of your fault! If you had just stayed put in Washington none of this would have happened!" He growled attempting to stand up.

I let out a loud, callous laugh at his audacity. "You actually think this is my fault? See, that's where you're wrong, mongrel. Unlike the fuckers who birthed me, my brother and I saw you and your father for what you are. Worthless, vile, and a waste of space and oxygen. But don't worry, I'll soon correct that." I replied with a grin.

"Fuck you, you Italian whore! You're nothing more than a flimsy piece of ass." He cried out, as Emmett got up and charged across the room and began beating Jacob with his fists.

"Right. Piece of ass. You may be right, Jacob. But that can change. See, you aren't just speaking to just a piece of ass you thought you met long ago. I am now Isabetta Marina Swantorini —soon to be Cullizio, one of the heads of the Cosa Nostra. So, you see Jacob, I am more than a just a piece of ass, I am the piece of ass that now has the power to end your life, and that is better than having all the money in the world." I replied, giving him a wide, menacing smile.

I have never particularly liked using violence unless I absolutely need to. This case however it was absolutely necessary, and I was glad to be doing so. The Blacks needed to be exterminated, starting with Jacob.

This simple task allowed me to extract the frustrations I felt from everything that happened in Italy and finally move on.

I enjoyed every reaction Jacob was making. Especially now, as he realized what he had just done.

"Anthony, what would you say is a proper punishment for a dog like this?" I asked, innocently.

Not expecting me to have called him, he jumped slightly before composing himself and turning to look back at me.

"Give him the same treatment he gave them. Have him feel what he put those girls through. Then cut his finger off and send it to his dad so he knows what's coming to him." He replied calmly.

His eyes gleamed even in the darkness, mesmerizing me, as I stared back at those green hypnotic eyes.

"Excellent. My thoughts exactly." I replied with a small smile.

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