Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
Rosalie's Lesson Nani's Last Goodbye

"Gabrielle, Gianna, Eloise!" I called, never taking my eyes off of her.

The tension in the room skyrocketing as I stood at the entrance, aiming it at her. No dared to move an inch from their seats.

"Nooo! Please! No! I already told you I would marry him, please don't kill me!" She cried as three sets of footsteps rushed In our direction.

I stared at her blankly for a moment, debating my options for a moment. I sighed, realizing I only had two options, kill her or kick her ass. I went with the latter. "My Nonno is the one who gave you his blessing to marry my brother. So, I don't have to do anything, for now. But if I ever find out you stepped a toe out of line, or even hurt my brother… I will not hesitate to kill you myself, and send your detached head and dismembered corpse to your parents, myself." I say cooly. "Word of advice, if I were you, I would learn to bite my tongue, especially while you are here. These walls have ears. Frankly, you are never alone..." I added as Gabrielle and Gianna stepped into the room.

"You called, ma'am?" Gianna asked, expressionless.

"Yes, show our new guest down to the cellar, room five," I replied, walking out of the room, and heading towards my brother's room.

"Isa! Isa! Please!" She cried as they began dragging her away.

I looked down, from the middle of the staircase. "Rose, I know I can't kill you. But that doesn't mean I can't inform you properly of how things are run around here… and you bet your ass I will be showing you..." I said before continuing on my path up the staircase.

The following six hours occurred like this.

Emmett and I finally cleared the air, relieving tension between us, and finally moving one.

Then I taught Rosalie a few valuable lessons, one of which was to know her place within the family, and the second of many was respect.

Following that, no dared question my authority or choices again.

Even Emmett, who seemed to have realized the gravity of the situations we are in, informed me of yet another situation that had been occurring within our ranks Stateside, which needed to be fixed, immediately.

Then preparations were quickly made for us all to travel back to Modena.

Modena, Italy~

We left our safety in France two days later to take mia Nani to her final resting place.

Thousands upon thousands show up to pay their respects to us.

Yet, no one truly knows or realizes the hole that losing mi Amata Nani, Marina Sofia Espatia-Swantorini, has left within me.

I have no tears left to cry as we all sit within the church, listening to Padre Sergei speak about my Nani's life and how she is now with her beloved Cenni and her sons now.

My Nonno seems to be at peace with her departure, nodding everyone, and then at the padre's words. As I stare blankly down at my hands, the rings that Edward and I exchanged shortly before her death, gleaming slightly in the dim light. Seeming to taunt me, as I stared painfully down at them.

I can feel myself tense as Padre Sergei concludes the small ceremony and raises his hand in the air to bless my Nani in her final journey.

But as I watched the casket begin to, I felt something break within me, leaving me completely numb, numb-er than ever before.

Every speck of dirt or flower that was thrown onto her casket put another crack on my aching heart as they slowly began to pile onto the top of the casket.

Following the demise of Carlo and Renata, my Nonno had their bodies burned and buried in an unmarked grave within the wooded area surrounding the chateau in Atun.

I noticed everyone had begun to leave, heading back to Casa del Amore for a brief meal in celebration of mia Nani's memory.

The rain began to fall heavily as I stood there —watching my beloved Nani disappear under the dirt— unaware that my family stood beside me until a gasp left my lips, and a heartbroken sob escaped.

I was officially broken, and this time, no one would be able to fix my brokenness.

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