Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
Chance Revoked

The next few days, I was thankfully left alone.

Alone to calm down. Alone to sort my emotions out, and alone to think things over about everything happening in my life at the moment.

Though, it seemed boundaries were no longer a concept in this family, and privacy seemed to have died along with my Nani.

I knew that things would be changing but as of this moment, it felt surreal.Almost in a twisted sense.

I felt I could no longer trust anyone, even those closest to my heart. I knew Marcus's intentions weren't malignant, that he was only trying to help me, by sorting those things out, unintentionally screwing me over.

Though it served purpose, maybe now Edward could get his head out of his ass, and realize I can't just marry him because of some stupid Oath we did when we were both young fools.

They would all learn though. I would show them. I would make them see.

The way I saw it, nothing mattered anymore. All boundaries, rules, and tradition. All the things that once mattered no longer did, meaning it was time I set my own rules and lived by them.

Coincidentally, it is just after lunch that Nonno orders us all to pack our bags and be ready for us to leave, all within the hour.

I don't hesitate to rush up to my room, quickly packing all my clothes, and other crap that was brought along.

Stopping only to change out of my maxi dress, and into a dark gray asymmetrical skirt, and a black off-the-shoulder, a pair of thick low heeled black ankle boots, and my silver medallion choker my Nani gifted me, of St. Christopher the day after my arrival. I decide to forgo curling my hair, instead choosing to pull it up into a bun, then adding a small-flowered broach before quickly checking to see if I forgot anything,

Once I am sure that I haven't forgotten anything, I walked out of the safety of my room, and head down the stairs to speak to Esme, and the other girls to inform them of my future plans.

I walked into the sitting room, to find them all gathered as Nonno's help brought down the bags. However, before I can fully step into the room, I hear a conceited voice begin to speak.

"I don't understand why everyone is making such a big deal about this...I mean it's the twentieth century, who the fuck cares if Emmett and I slept together before marriage." She said hotly.

"It's a tradition that was started by the very first family members of this family. Of all the people here, you should be the one to understand, Rosalie." Esme answered her, annoyed.

"Well, I don't. It's a stupid traditialon. One that should have been dead ages ago." She quipped back.

I felt rage begin to bubble from deep within me as I listened to Rosalie continue spouting out her bullshit to Esme, Sulpicia, and Alice. When I finally heard enough, I didn't think twice before storming in.

"So, I give you a chance to right your wrong and this is what you decide to do with it?" I asked, cocking my gun at her.

I watched in twisted pleasure, as she jumped at the sound of my voice and turned to look at me in surprise, face draining of blood as she realized I heard all the things she said.

I feel a cold smile pull on my lips as I realized I may have gotten the chance I needed to prove to everyone just how good I am at what I do…

Oh this was definitely going to be fun.

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