Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
La Mattina Dopo ch10

I could feel adrenaline still coursing through my veins as I heard the sound of a gun going off.

Nothing could be more satisfying than to take justice into your own two hands, and fuck, if that shit didn't feell fucking good.

So, why did everything turn black? If I finally got my fucking revenge after all those fucking years of torture from those the abusive bastards who birthed me.

Then, why the fuck did I pass out like I gave a fuck about them?

'Probably, because you remembered the times they weren't bastards.' My inner bitch snipped.

You know, I actually can't remember a time when they weren't assholes. Once I turned seven they both changed. Frankly, I feel happier knowing they can't hurt us anymore. It's a relief.

'Then why are you still here? Trapped with me.' She pointed out.

Could be, because I was already tired. I hadn't slept since nine this morning. I do need to rest too, you know. To function properly?

My only regret now is that I didnt fucking tell him I fucked Edward dozens of times before all the Thanya fiasco.

Small shake*

Fuck, who's moving me now?


"Hm?" I groaned, turning over on what must be a bed. A comfortable one at that.

Warm… Alright, this isn't a bed, it's a chest. A firm one, at that. Mmm...smells nice too.

I feel all of the events as they flash into my mind, which cause me to fly off the bed and quickly back into a corner, gun cocked at whomever had been standing over me.

"Isa, it's me, Anthony. Remember me?" He asks, looking at me worried.

My eyes quickly scanned the room for any threats before flicking back towards the bed, where Edward was sitting in nothing but a familiar pair of thin pajama bottoms, and a thin wife-beater.

Fucking shit, I needed to stop fucking do that shit, or someone was going to end up getting shot one day.

"Of course, I remember you. Why are you in here?" I asked, lowering my gun.

"Sorry, I fell asleep after I came to check on you." He explained, sheepishly.

"Right." I muttered, as I put the safety back on, before placing it on the nightstand. "Could you leave? I have to change before Nonno sends someone to get me for breakfast." I whispered.

He looked at me once more before nodding, and slowly getting off the bed.

Once the door shut behind him, I quickly walked into the closet and pulled out a black set of lace lingerie, and the one black dress I had in my closet. A off the shoulder, bodycon, dress with a sweetheart neckline, and lace overlay. I slowly laid out everything on the bed and went to take a quick shower to wash away the events of the prior night.

I let the hot water run for a while before quickly stepping into the spacious shower, letting the hot spray slowly saturate me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I stood there letting my mind wander for a moment before I quickly began to scrub away all of the grime and sweat from this morning.

As I got out and began to get ready, my mind traveled to mi amata Nani, and the pain of her departure suddenly came crashing back onto me, full force. She was really gone.

"Non ho idea del perché mi hai lasciato, Nani, ma mi mancherai ogni giorno." I whispered, trying to wipe away all of my tears. (I have no idea why you left me, Nani, but I will miss you every day.)

Even as I cried I knew she was in a better place now, it still hurt that I had lost yet another member of my beloved family. La mia unica vera famiglia. (My one true family.)

My emotions are too hectic, I can't let anyone see me like this, so I shut them off until I can be alone once more.

The last thoughts before I walked out of the bathroom to get dressed was for mi amata Nani to be happy wherever she was and watch over me, and that those who hurt my family better run and hide.

Edward's PoV:

My day started out great, I was fucking ecstatic to have her in my arms like we were younger, that was until my father and Nonno called me towards Jasper's room.

Now, I was fucking furious. Murderously angry. How the fuck could they fucking leave me in the dark?! Why the fuck wasn't I informed of this shit when it went down?! This shit was getting old really fucking fast, how the fuck was I supposed to be head of the motherfucking family if half the shit that is happening is fucking done behind my fucking back!

Jacob Black. Hearing that motherfucker's name never failed to send me into a fucking fit of fucking angry rage.

It was unfortunate that I was stuck in another motherfucking country, because if I was in New York that motherfucker would've gotten a bullet between the eyes.

"Ed, you have to understand, that if we didn't do this shit, we would have all been done in." Jasper said, sitting on the bed.

I ignored them all as I paced the length of the room, pulling at the hair on the nape of my neck.

"Look, I gave the 'go-ahead' to them, so if you're going to be angry, be mad at me." My father said, from his seat on the couch.

"I told you to let me take him out as soon as we found out about Carlo and Renata's involvement with those mongrels, and you didn't listen to me, why the fuck am I always the last to fucking know about shit that involves my Isa?" I thundered, throwing the flask at the wall.

They stared at me, surprised.

Fucking shit, I almost said something I wast supposed to. Another fucking slip up and I am sure all of them will skin my hide.

"The fact that Jacob Black had been following her around since they moved in with us, only proves my point, Eduardo. Those motherfuckers were looking for any reason to attack. We had to wait for a valid reason. Isa gave us just that." My father stated.

His statement caused me to stiffen in place ad turn sharply to look at him.

"What the fuck do you mean she gave us a reason?!" I growled.

"She allowed his ass to get close to her, waiting until he finally fucking slipped up. As it turned out these mother fuckers have been involved in the kidnapping of young girls nation wide, selling them into a human trafficking ring. Jacob has ties to the Romains, and the fucking Bratva. His next target was Isabetta. She gathered evidence, got the two chicks who were unfortunately involved with him out of there, also rescuing a third. Her name is Leah…" my Nonno said.

"So, how long did this little oppetration last?" I asked, as soon as I was able to calm down.

"Only a few months, but the entire time we had to act like we didn't know her, hiding in the shadows." Jasper said.

"As it turns out Isabetta was supposedly more valuable, since she is a Swantorini and a maiden." My father said.

I gulped, eyes widening as I bit back the words that would get my ass kicked for sure.

"Ed?" Jasper looked at me suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at me before they widened in realization. "Motherfucker, you didn't!" He exclaimed.

Oh, fuck! He knew.I gulped in fear, slowly backing away, trying to reach the door to get out, but I felt the distinct hand off my father's hand slap onto my shoulder squeezing the ever living shit out of it.

"Oh-ho-ho-oh no! You're ass isn't going anywhere until after you explain to me what is going on here!" He growled.

"Isa and I already slept together…" I finally said defeated.

"You motherfucker!" Emmett growled shooting up from his seat and pelting me twice on my injured shoulder with his motherfucking cane.

"Ahh!" I groaned, clutching my shoulder.

Fucker better not have split my stitches.

"That's enough!" Nonno said, looking like he was ready to laugh his ass off. "Now, Eduardo, did this happen before or after you two did the Oath?" He asked, stoically.

"After. It happened the night I took her to prom." I explained, nervously, wincing as Emmett raised his cane again.

"Now, Emmett, Jasper you have both slept with Rosalina and Alizon?" Nonno asked, turning to look at their ashen expressions.

Ha! Take that fuckers!


"I did." Emmett replied, not even a bit sorry. "Her name is Rosalie, not Rosalina." He corrected, as my father slapped the back of his head, shaking his head at him.

"Then you two have no leg to stand on. Edward and Isabetta are all but married in the eyes of God and this famiglia, they are in their own right to do so, you two aren't and shall be separated immediately from Mary Alizon and Rosalie. Now, let's go down to breakfast, there are important matters we need to discuss after breakfast. Demitri will come to help you down in a few minutes. Be ready by then." Nonno said, motioning us to leave the room.

Author's Note:

Ok, so I need t to explain why the Oath of My Guardian started the way it did.

As it says in this chapter, Jasper and Bella were working to bring down a human trafficking ring. She never truly liked Jacob, and say so many times, anyway, the entire time Jacob and Bella were together, she was searching and gathering information to bring down said ring.

More info will be revealed later in the story.


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