Ashes of The Oath @izzy_nava
Revelations& Planned Moves

Edward's POV:

Six hours after shootout...

"How's he doing?" I asked, wiped my forehead with the back of my arm.

I couldn't believe how fucking close it had been to losing one of my brothers. Those fuckers got him good. Perforated his left lung and shattered one of his ribs.

He got lucky the bullet on his hip was simply fucking embedded and did not shatter his hip.

"He's stable. He'll be sedated until he heals enough that the pain will be bearable." Carlisle said, snapping his latex gloves off.

"What about Emmett?" I asked, worried.

Fuck, Isa is going to shit a brick when she finds out Emmett got shot in the ass...hopefully she'll see the humor in that situation as I did.

"He'll survive. It was only a flesh wound. No muscle, or anything was hurt." Carlisle said, smiling.

I sighed in relief as I sigh, Esme rushes into the room, eyes full of tears, and hands full of blood.

Blood?! What the fuck happened to her?

"Es, what happened? Who's hurt?" I hear Carlisle say, but I can't bring myself to peel my eyes away from her arms or pants.

"It's — It's Isa… she was hit." She cries into his chest.

"Where is she?" I ask, feeling as if I swallow ice, my body turning cold.

"She is in surgery right now. Marcus and their uncle are performing it…" she explained thickly.

I couldn't seem to find my voice, it felt as if my lungs had stopped working, and the sudden cold numbness began to seep into me through the tips of my fingers and toes.

Was the room getting smaller? Oh, god! I was going to lose her and I haven't even had a chance to get her back.

"What happened, Es? How bad is it?" Carlisle asked, anxiously.

"I-I don't know, Carlisle. All I know is that when she stood up, a lot of blood began coming out…" She cried.

I couldn't believe it...

"Marcus and Zeek are working quickly to help her. From what Mr. Swantorini informed me that Marcus is one of the top surgeons in the region…" She quickly said.

"Why not take her there to the hospital itself?" I asked, strangled.

"She would have bled out if we tried to take her anywhere." Esme explained, as she started to cry.

I felt all of the air in me leave in a whoosh, before my legs gave out from under me. I was numb and now, I could feel as the darkness that surrounded me won over, pulling me into the abyss.

The next morning:

I woke up some time later to the smell of rubbing alcohol, and cleaning supplies.

A sigh, from somewhere in the room, alerted me that I wasn't alone.


I groaned, trying to open my eyes only to flinch at the brightness of the lights within the room.

"Oh, my poor baby, how are you feeling?" My mom asked

"I'm fine. How's Jasper? Isa? How is she?" I asked, shooting up into a sitting position.

"She's doing fine now, got out of surgery about an hour ago, though she is still heavily sedated, she's great. The bullet missed all organs, and just went through her… she's fine…" my mom explained, patting my hand.

"Why am I here?" I asked, taking off the nasal cannula.

"You passed out after you found out about Isa… and your blood pressure plummeted...when was the last time you ate?" She inquired.

"What time is it?" I asked, confused.

"It's four in the morning, dear." She said.

It's morning?!

"Then...yesterday around brunch." I muttered wincing.

She scoffed at me in disbelief before walking out of the room, only to return with a tray of fruit, and a sandwich.

"Eat…" she ordered, pushing the small tray onto my lap.

Later That Afternoon:

"Patatino, perhaps you should sit down? You were sick last night, no?" My Nonna says, from one of the patio chairs.

"No, I'm much too tense to be sitting down. I need to know how she is… has Carlisle spoken to any of you?" I asked, as I paced.

I was so lost in thought, I never heard him coming, "Eduardo, a word please?" my Nonno spoke, moving his head to the side once as he gestured for me to follow him.

I sighed, before following him inside towards Mr. Swantorini's office.

I could feel myself tense up as I followed my Nonno into the office. Isabetta's uncle Marcos, her cousin Marcus, along with my father and her Nonno were all sitting in there along with Aro, and Carlisle.

"What's going on?" I asked, sitting down where my Nonno directed me to sit.

"We found out who did it." Felipe spoke, after taking a long breath.

My pulse began to race, not because of panic, I could feel the anger within me burning so deeply, I thought I would explode.

"Who?" I ground out, as the anger rushed through my veins, and my sight began to tint in red.

"It was the Romanians..." He finally said.

"Why would the Romanians do this? They have never been involved within the Cosa Nostra? Why attack here, now?" Aro asked, confused.

"No, they have...they've been trying to get in within the Cosa Nostra for years now… but we've never let them in…" Felipe said.

"So, why now?! What could have caused them to attack us now?!" I asked, shooting out of my seat.

"I refused them a while back... they've slowly been trying to take over certain areas." Felipe muttered.

"Here?" Aro asked, surprised.

"No, in New York, and along the eastern States, they attacked Florida just last month." He explained.


"Why haven't we been informed? We could have helped! Do you know how many lives are in danger now!" My Nonno yelled.

"Because there was no need to panic you all! Not until last week anyway… they took down Domonico…" He said.

Domonic Espaza, leader of the Atlanta, Georgia region…

"Is he dead or badly injured?" My father asks palling at the mention of Dom.

"Badly Injured. Sergue is in charge for now, but things are getting too violent… they've broken one of the cardinal rules…" Felipe said.

Never harm an innocent. Fuck, that means, women and children are in danger.

"We need to do something…" Aro urged.

My Nonno nodded, pulling out his phone and pressing one button. "Send out, we're all on high alert. Codice Rosso." Before he hung up and looked over at us.

Fuck! This means we had to get all of the women and injured to one of the safehouses. I thought Italy was supposed to be relaxing? How the fuck did all of this get started by a bunch of wanabe gangbangers?!

I tensely ran my hands through my hair, as I paced the length of the room. Fuck, heads are going to roll when Isa wakes up, injured or no, if she gets pissed off, no one is going to stop her.

"How long do we have before they attack again?" My father asked.

"The mole, I implanted within their little 'gang' told me we have until next week…" Felipe said.

"Alright, then let's get to it…"

There is no way we were going to be able to move anyone anywhere. Especially the injured.

"But...where will we go?" My father asked.

"There is only one other place safer than it is here." Felipe replied.

Though apparently not that safe since they were able to get through security and all.

"Where…?" We all asked.

"Chateau Elisse." He replied. (Mansion Eclipse)

"Where exactly is this Chateau?... and how the fuck did your old ass get his hands on a chateau?" Uncle Marcos asked.

"It's in Autun. A friend of mine sold it to me a couple of years back. It'll be perfect for a quick escape." He said, shrugging nonchalantly.

Things were starting to get out of hand, and it set me on edge.

"How will we be getting there?" My father inquired.

"We can go by plane or train… a plane ride is an hour, while the train takes three to four days…"

That is all it took for us to begin planning.

I didn't forget, Carlo Santorini, wherever you are hiding… I will find you, and if I have to, I will lay my life down before Isa's, no one will fucking dare cross her or me at this point, but if they do I'll be ready for them...

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