What Hurts The Most @izzy_nava

As we reached the ranch, I silently parked the truck and hopped out heading towards the guest house, using one of the keys Alice had given me earlier to unlock the door and slip in.

The entire place was small but had a homey feeling to it.

I slowly walked through its small narrow living space, turning the lights on, and into the small living space, before heading to explore the small but spacious kitchenette, the four bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. All of the rooms seemed to be carpeted, except for the bathrooms and kitchen. Each room was painted in a soft white, gray, or black.

I had just reached the end of the hallway when I discovered that the small living space had an extra concealed room at the end of the hallway. I walked towards the door, to discover it was a small sound studio slash music room.

I got teary-eyed as I noticed the pictures that were mounted on the wall. There were so many of them. Some of my father, with Jasper and I in front of the house the day we moved in. One of us at Jasper's high school graduation, and one of all of us at mine, and last but not least, one of us all at Alice and Jasper's engagement day. It was one of the last few we had of my father alive and happy.

Next, I looked at all the instruments or rather newer versions of the ones we used when we used to sing in high school.

As I noticed all the things that had been added to the room in amazement, I recalled the dream that Alice and I used to have, of owning our own music studio one day.

A small projector was placed on a small desk, next to two laptops, and a DAW, a small device for the audio interface, microphones, noise-canceling headphones, studio monitors, a lot of cables, three microphone stands, and a pop filter.

As I walked in awe towards the beautiful sE Electronics 2200a II, touching the cool metal for a second before walking out, locking the main door behind me, and heading into the house.

My mind reeled at the event that played out tonight. I wanted the past to stay where it was but it seemed fate had other plans and I frankly wasn't sure how I felt about fate's interference in my life again.

As I walked into the house I could hear Jasper and Alice in a heated argument.

"Jasper, I was only trying to help! I swear, I didn't know he was going to be there! Why would I try to hurt two of the greatest people that I know?" She cried.

Jasper's responding scoff made my gasp in surprise, my brother usually had more patience with Alice. "Oh please, Mary Alice, do you think I suck my thumb, or that I was born yesterday? Just stop tryin' to fuckin' play matchmaker! I'm sick and tired of your damn interference in other people's lives! My little sister's private life is that alone, private. I swear, on all Holy, that if I find out you were responsible for what happened tonight…. Well, I don't fuckin' know what I'll do but I don't guarantee you don't want to know." He barked.

Holy crap, I haven't heard my brother this angry since… the day my dad died.

I hadn't thought of that day, burying it deep within the confines of my mind. I decided it would be better to let them hash out whatever problem they had by themselves, slowly walking out onto the back porch, before closing the door behind me.

As I stood there on the back porch, I began to remember the events of that last night.

I felt a wave of nostalgia hit me, as I listened to them continue to argue, my mind going to my father as I stood there.

I remembered the summer nights with my dad, and brother sitting out here, just talking about the future and how many nights we spent out on the back porch joking around.

I never imagined that one last summer would be our last, and it was all thanks to Waylon Forge, one of his 'good' friends. Highly intoxicated out of his wits, he decided that that day he was not going to go to jail for public endangerment. So, he took out a switchblade and stabbed my dad in the chest as my dad was about to put the handcuffs on him.

I was driving home from the grocery store when I ran into a massive roadblock. There were cops everywhere, and I knew something was wrong when I saw a body on the ground covered with a white cloth, and my father's patrol car empty with its door opened.

The look Mark gave me the moment he saw me will forever haunt my dream. It's not something I can ever forget.

The only man I held dear to me left me that day. No amount of tears, pain, or regret would bring him back to me.

It didn't help that my father died as the ambulance was on its way, or that Waylon snapped out of it hours later, and apologized, but his apologies weren't going to bring my father back to me, and they certainly weren't going to take away the pain.

His departure marked one of the worst days of my life, not only because I lost the only parent I ever had, but because Edward had chosen the same day to break my heart as well. The phrase 'when it rains it pours' wasn't only a phrase to me from then on.

See, upon finding out my father had died I fainted, resulting in me having to be admitted into the hospital. I was in there until just after seven p.m. Then Jasper, who was worried sick about me after I fainted, drove me home.

But I didn't want to go home, I couldn't go there just yet and face not seeing my father waiting for me on the porch just yet, so I convinced my brother to let me go see Edward, who I hadn't been able to see all day.

Sadly, I wish that I had listened to my brother when he wanted to take me home to get some rest because upon arriving I was met with a sight to behold. Standing there on the front steps of his parents' house was Edward Cullen and Victoria Stronghold in the middle of a passionate liplock.

I felt myself go more numb than before, I simply told Jasper to keep driving and head home. Where I proceeded to lock myself in my room until he had to drag me out forcefully.

After that, he and Alice kept a close eye on me. It wasn't until I had to go to school in the fall that I decided that time heals all wounds.

Sadly, it seemed I was wrong. This wound would never heal until the poison is sucked out. Just like a snake bite.

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