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Breakfast & Plans

As soon as I could calm myself down, I realized Alice had taken my travel companion and she was now running happily on the grass around our feet.

"Does Jasper know why I came back?" I asked, sniffling, as I wiped my face dry.

"Yes, he left about an hour ago. Had to go attend a mare that went into labor at ol' Sam's place, but he'll be back later." She said as she led me towards the familiar ranch from my childhood.

I couldn't help staring at the familiar house that now belonged to my brother. It seemed like yesterday when our dad first brought us to live here. Now as we slowly made our way towards it, walking up the grassy drive, so many memories of my childhood came back to me, bring the buried emotions from my past out as we walked towards it.

The large, rustic, historic beauty that my father bought before we made our way here, only made me miss him more.

It had been a while since I had been here, and I suddenly felt eager to be inside, wondering if anything had changed about the old place.

I stopped, suddenly remembering my pup. "Hey!" I called, whistling to get her attention.

She yelped happily before following me, towards the house.

"What's its name?" I heard Alice ask as we made our way inside

"Oh, I haven't named her yet… haven't had a chance to..." I said as I pulled her into my arms again.

"How about Molly?" She asked me.

She didn't seem like a Molly to me. "Nope," I said, shaking my head softly at her as the pup shook her head too.

"Carly?" She asked.

I laughed before I remembered a certain name, "Marley?" I asked as we both looked at each other and said 'Nah' together.

"Ooh! What about Mila?" She asked as the pup started licking my face excitedly.

I laughed at their excitement, and as we walked inside the house. "Mila it is."

After walking inside Alice quickly led me towards the kitchen and plopped me down on one of the stools of the breakfast table.

Plopping a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs before me, before placing two others on the seat across from me and next to me. Only to go back and bring two mugs of coffee before plopping down on the seat next to me.

I stared down at the food, eyeing it carefully, before actually digging in.

"So, I was thinking, we should go out and celebrate your homecoming tonight," Alice said as I was taking a large bite of pancake in.

Looking at her suspiciously, as I slowly chewed the fluffy pieces of pancake, before cutting up some more. "Where?" I asked after I had swallowed the food.

"Ol' Sal's Place." She said, slowly, suddenly finding the placemats more interesting than to look me in the eye.

I sigh, finally beginning to feel the exhaustion of the trip sink in. I knew I was in a hell of a doozy. I knew how pushy Alice could be, and given my exhaustion, I knew I wouldn't be able to fight off her pushy advances.

It was then with a tired sigh that I looked over at my hyper, pixie of a friend, and dropped my head onto the table before muttering a weary 'ok.'

Her responding squeal made me wince and for Mila to begin whining and howling.

"Ok. Alice. Stop screaming, your squeals are making Mila whimper." I said laughing as she rolled her eyes at me and clapped happily while bouncing in her seat.

"Sorry. It's just been a while since we have been able to go out together… I'm so excited. Oh, and I know the perfect outfit for—" She babbled.

"Woah, woah, woah. Hang on there, I might have agreed to go out and celebrate but there is no way in hell I am letting you dress me in some ridiculously short dress and shoes for a night at ol' Sal's. Forget it." I said, shaking my head at her in contempt.

"But Bella…" she pouted.

I shook my head at her in response, "I said no. I will let you pick out a pair of jeans for me, but that's all. Because if I let you pick out the entire outfit, you'll probably put me in a corset and a pair of hoochie heels. I can hurt myself all on my own, thank you very much." I tell her as I get up, picking up my dishes to take them to the sink.

"Leave them there, Bella, I'll wash them after I'm done eating. It seems Jasper is going to be, a while. So, why don't you head on upstairs to get some rest?" She suggests as she continues to eat her breakfast.

"Are you sure, Allie Cat?" I asked, unsure as I looked over at her.

"Yes, Bells. Go get some rest. I'll wake you up later for lunch." She says, nodding as she realized Mila was now asleep at her feet.

"Alright," I say as a yawn escapes through my lips. "You've talked me into it," I say tiredly before turning and heading out of the kitchen.

I wondered how much things had changed since the last time I was here.

I guess I would find out when I saw it for myself.

More to come...

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