Legacyverse: Ninjitsu in New York @ozzieteddy
Chapter 7

"So the turtles still live and have been running amuck while I was away" a deadly voice said

"Yes master" Hun said

"And they now have a bunch of human allies" the voice said

"Yes Master" Hun bowed

"So tell me Hun, WHY AREN'T YOU DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT?" the voice shouted

"We have yet to find out where their main base of operations is" Hun said bowing

"Pathetic" the voice said as he got up and walked over to Hun and kicked him in the stomach, bringing Hun down to the ground "You're lucky I am in a good mood" the voice said

"Yes Master" Hun wheezed

"Send out a patrol, we need to capture their human allies and draw them out" the voice commanded

"As you wish" Hun said

"This a bad idea" Leo said

"No it's a good idea" Sun said

"I have to agree with Leo, the Shredder is not one to mess around with" Marcus said

"Whatever man" Sun said as he looked out "Hey there are some Foot soldiers over there" Sun said

"Don't do it" Leo said

"Why not?" Sun asked

"because, this is a scouting mission, we see how things are going and then head back to base" Leo said

"He's right. Trust us when we say that there is no easy way to take down the Shredder" Marcus said before putting to a tall building with a Japanese styled roof. "that right there is is Saki Tower, that is the Shredder's main base. The dude is so confident in his abilities that he has a giant tower in the city" Marcus said

"That is a serious confident man" Sun said

"Anyway we're heading back now, and we'll detour via Mimi's" Leo said

"To check on the girls right?" Marcus said

"Yeah" Leo said "But you and Sun head back"

"Got it" the two said.

Raph was back in the lair twirling a sai around before throwing it at a dart board

"I should be out there, rising some SHELL!" Raph shouted

"Anger is not the right emotion for this situation Raphael" Splinter said

"Master" Raph bowed

"I know it is difficult for you just to sit back when there is a battle brewing in the air, but anger in a storm is like a flame in the jungle, destructive and wide spreading" Splinter said worried

"I know Master Splinter, but I can't help feel useless unless I'm in a fight"

"Don't worry you'll get a chance to show what you can do"

Leo stood vigilant as he watched over Mimi and the other human girls as they had some time out for the lair in Mimi's apartment, Leo's focus was shifted to something different for awhile, he frowned and then went back to his watch over the city until he heard a muffled sound and looked behind him to see nothing. His mind was playing some kind of trick on him or what he didn't know, but it was not a good sign so he went for his katana and drew it, swinging it behind him to see nothing.

"Just my imagination, then again" Leo said just in time to block an arrow. Looking Leo saw five Foot Clan Archers aiming at him

"Oh great" he said as he pulled out his other katana and then gripping them he ran off leading them away from the girls' location. He wanted to fight them, but not where he's friends would be hurt.

"So what happened next?" Ruby asked munching on some nachos

"Simple, I just rushed up to him and punched him in the nose" Mimi laughed as she was telling a story "what about you okay?"

"Well, we just grew up in a small beachside town, the two us met some good friends and eventually me and Ruby decided to come to New York City, after we heard we lost a friend over Africa somewhere" Dia explained

"I'm sorry to hear that" Mimi said

"All girls school with a ninja training program" Ikagura said

"A regal Japanese family" Hinata said

"Yeah the Hyuga clan if I'm not mistake from what Splinter said" Dia said

"Yeah and we were allies with several ninja clans, including the Hamato Clan" Hinata said

"And together you defeated the Foot Clan right?" Ruby asked

"yeah, we did. Or at least we thought we did" Hinata said

"You're worried about the guys?" Dia asked

"Yeah, and what it would mean if the Shredder returns" Hinata said

Leo skidded under an arrow before he grabbed a second arrow and snapped it over his knee. Looking around Leo then saw ten Foot soldiers coming at him, so he ran at them and jumped over before using the back of his blade to knock them to the ground just in time to dodge a weighted chain which would have slowed him down, frowning Leo stood up and charged, lowering his shoulder so he could bash them back, spinning around he caught a couple of sickles before shunting them away and kicking them so he was able to leap back and then traverse to another rooftop. Once there he took a couple of seconds to catch his breath when he looked up and saw a dozen archers pulling back their bow strings

"Oh no" Leo said

"Popcorn's ready" Hinata said walking out with a bowl of popcorn

"Cool, so what movie are we watching?" Ikagura asked

"Something soppy" Mimi cheered

"A chick flick is a good idea" Dia said as she was brushing Ruby's hair, who was still munching on nachos, only she was passing a few to Dia

"I haven't seen many American movies" Ikagura said

"They're a different flavour then Japanese films" Mimi said as she picked out a couple of her favourites. Ruby perked up and looked out the window

"What is it Ruby?" Dia asked

"It looks like it's going to rain" Ruby said

"Oh man" Mimi said

"So we're in for a long night I guess" Hinata frowned 'This rain feels somewhat foreboding' she thought

Leo now stood in the rain as he was surrounded by a dozen archers. He controlled his breathing and he looked up to see the arrows coming towards him, acting on instinct Leo quickly ducked and weaved the arrows until he was smacked down by a Foot clan Brute, who picked up Leo by his bandana and punched him in the shell, pulling his fist back to attempt to punch Leo for a second punch, only to have his shoulder dislocated by Leo using a leg lock on the Brute's arm and pulling it out of place forcing the Brute to let go of Leo, which gave Leo the chance to knock out the brute. Leo was nearly out of stamina when he grabbed his swords and twirled them before he noticed the twelve archers were replaced by twenty ninjas, which was not the best outcome for Leo. He gulped softly and slowly turned around to see the ninjas around him.

"Seriously!" Hinata said

"It's a film Hinata" Dia said

"But come on, that's so clearly messed up" Hinata said

"Still a movie, besides it makes the good guy even better" Ikagura said

"Awe" Ruby said

"Out of Nachos already?" Dia asked

"Yeah" Ruby said

"Have some marshmallows" Mimi said handing a big bowl of the soft confection to Ruby

"And share these this time" Dia laughed taking some of them before he little sister could before pulling said sister into a hug making her smile.

"Well, at least those two are enjoying themselves" Mimi smiled laughing

Leo was surrounded and he stepped to the left and broke the circle with a spinning kick which allowed him to gain some distance before he leap off a wall and collided with some of the Foot ninja and using his shell to spin around to take some more down. Landing in a crouch he looked up to see four charging at him. He gripped his sword tighter and fended them off with precision and skill, with each one he knocked back Leo was able to kick away. One of them came up behind him and restrained him with a weighted chain giving the Foot a chance to attack him, Breaking out of the chains Leo swung his blades with all his might damaging them, and then once they were all down he was on his last legs.

"Impressive, most impressive" a cold metal voice said

"No, it can't be" Leo said as he looked and saw a figure in silver armour with blades place on the shoulders, shins and a pair razor sharp Tekko-kagi "SHREDDER!"

"You have learned much, but it is useless" Shredder said as he approached Leo. Thinking quickly Leo pulled out an egg and crushed it in his had before flinging the remains which was a powder composed of ash, gunpowder, flour, a small amount of chilli powder and dirt into the eyes of the Shredder before retreating

"Much indeed, but you are nothing but a distraction, I will find the rat, and when I do you will be a masterless orphan, turtle" Shredder said before he was notified by a foot soldier about the girls "So they have no allies now, good"

"That was a good film" Dia said as she stretched

"I agree" Hinata said "Once you got past the jerk"

"So what now?" Ikagura asked before the sound of glass breaking was heard. Mimi quickly went to investigate and saw a roughed up Leo standing there panting

"Leo?" Mimi asked

"Run" Leo rasped out before hitting the titles with his right knee while he tried to get his breath back

"Breathe Leo, just breathe" Mimi said as the other girls raced in

"What happened?" Dia asked as Hinata and Ikagura went for their weapons.

"he's ba-LOOK OUT!" Leo shouted shoving Mimi out of the way of an arrow.

"Assholes!" Mimi shouted as she grabbed something and stood by the window just as a ninja was about to crash through it, Mimi swivelled on her foot and revealed a short shotgun and pulled the trigger before reloading "Now, who's back?"

"The Shredder's back, and he's not pulling any punches" Leo declared

G'day Guys Grizz YIKES! SHREDDER'S BACK! yeah he's back and he's mean. Now if you're wondering about why I have it between the girls in Mimi's apartment and Leo fight the Foot the answer is simple, much like how I had a Pizzeria named after the creators of TMNT I decided to do a chapter around one of the most intense parts of the comics: What comes around...goes around which is basically Leo fighting the Foot while the others prepare for Christmas doing the same thing I did here by cutting back and forth, only Leo was thrown through the window while I had him jump through it because he is still needed for the two parter finish. So that means we've get another FULL THROTTLE CHAPTER BURST! so hold onto your pepperoni

SO until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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