Legacyverse: Ninjitsu in New York @ozzieteddy
Chapter 6

Donnie was scouring the area around the garage with Sun, Issei and Dia. He was concerned since they were rumbling of their old enemies returning. Leon was also there talking with Dia about random thing

"You're being paranoid Donnie" Sun shouted

"I am, because I don't think I am" Donnie shouted back as he picked up a pigeon who looked him in the face before fluttering its wings and took off. "Damn pigeon"

"I have to agree with Sun here, Donatello are you sure we're not just being paranoid about the Shredder"

"We found his Tekko-kagi's blade!" Donnie snapped

"Relax Donnie it could just be a Foot warrior prank right?" Dia asked

"Possible" Leon said

"Shut it Flame head" Donnie snapped before he had a jian pressed against his neck with Leon staring him down

"No one calls me Flame Head" Leon said

"Guys" Sun said

"What is it?" Donnie asked before a piece of steel was dropped by his feet making a clinking at his feet "No, it can't be" as he picked up a shuriken with a clawed foot on it

"You okay dude?" Sun asked

"The shuriken, no doubt about it" Donnie said "that's the crest of the Foot Clan, which isn't good"

"So it is as we feared, the Shredder may have returned" Splinter said

"So what are we going to do?" Marcus asked

"Nothing, we stay here and hold out; hope this is nothing but a prank" Splinter said which kicked up a fuss with the teenagers "ENOUGH! I am doing this for your own good, until I am certain you will stay in the lair" Splinter shouted before walking off

"I hope that doesn't include me" Leon said "Since I'm an agent of the Bureau"

"I don't think it does" Dia said

"So you're in the clear" Hinata said

"Good then, I'm going out" Leon said as he walked out. Mikey had a small smirk which he shared with Marcus and Sun, who stealthily left the lair with the agent

"Why are you tagging along again?" Leon asked

"We're bored" Mikey said

"Practice" Marcus said

"And plus we don't have anything to worry about" Sun said

"You are still in Splinter's care" Leon said before he paused.

"What is it?" Mikey asked

"I don't know" Leon said pulling his sword out while the others got their own weaponry. The sound of footfalls were heard behind them

"On three?" Mikey asked

"On three" Marcus said

"1" Sun said

"2" Mikey said

"3!" Leon shouted as the group spun around and found out they were about to strike Ikagura and Ruby

"WHOA!" they all shouted

"What's going on?" Marcus asked

"We're sneaking out as well" Ikagura said

"And Ruby's with you why?" Leon asked

"I want to go ice skating" Ruby said

"Don't worry I'll take her" Marcus said

"Very well, Mikey and Sun will come with me and Ikagura" Leon said

"Where are they?" Splinter said "Several of you have snuck out"

"Well Leon's gone since he's an agent, Marcus has practice and the others I have no idea" Mimi said

"I told them not to leave didn't I?" Splinter barked

"You did" Hinata said

"So who are the others?" Splinter asked

"Sun, Ikagura, Mikey and looks like Ruby" Mimi said

"WHAT!" Dia snapped "Ruby went with them why?"

"I don't know" Hinata said

"Okay I checked and the Battle Shell as well as Marcus' car are gone" Donnie said

"Did Mikey seriously go with them?" Leo asked

"It seems so" issei said walking into the main area.

Marcus was on the ice rink with his team, he skated along while he was using his stick to keep the puck he was using from going to wide. Marcus was able to do it easily and when he came to the goal square Marcus slammed the puck into the goal before he began the circuit again, he was focusing on his training and pushing out all thoughts of the Shredder, but he looked up from time to time so he could check on Ruby and how she was doing, her attention was set firmly on the training. Soon he was doing side to side jumps, the ice chipping as the skates impacted the ice as they jumped to each side. The team then changed to reverse skating, Marcus was focusing hard

"Keep up the pace Damon" the coach said

"Got it coach!" Marcus shouted as he increase his skating

"So this is Time Square?" Ikagura asked

"Yeah, it's not much" Leon said as he saw the museum he's team was at collecting the flute piece.

"Nah dude, it's totally awesome. And it's close to Eastman's Pizzeria" Mikey said wearing street clothes

"Eastman's Pizzeria?" Ikagura asked

"Hey I gotta ask is it true that you guys have a spider theme hero?" Sun asked

"We did bro, but he vanished a while ago" Mikey said

"Shame man" Sun said

"You were going to fight him weren't you?" Leon asked

"So what if I was?" Sun asked

"You'd lose" Leon said "The bureau has a file on him, though he don't know he's origins. I'm sure the other side has one as well

"Why would the bad guys have his information?'

"Not the bad guys, the other government agency" Leon said

"you're talking about the Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Support Treaty?" Ikagura asked

"You know about NEST" Leon said

"My friend works with them" Ikagura said

"Okay" Leon said

"So who wants pizza?" Mikey asked

"Why not?" Leon shrugged as they went for pizza.

"Good work out them guys" the coach said. "Marcus you staying around for awhile?"

"Yeah, I promise my fried she could skate for awhile" Marcus said as he was thrown the spare key

"Lock up when you're done okay?" Coach asked

"Sure thing" Marcus said before walking over and helping Ruby with her skates. "There you go" he said helping her onto the ice. Ruby quickly got the hang of it and was glaring over the rink, she also was able to pull off an in air twirl before she continued on, at one point she got low to the ice before going back up to normal; the only way he could describe her was graceful. "Hard to imagine that this is her first time skating" Marcus said before his attention heightened and he looked around to see nothing as shivers down his back.

"You okay?" Ruby asked as she rested on the wall, Marcus looked at her and softly smiled before ruffling her hair "Yeah, come we better get back
"Okay" Ruby said as she started to pack up with Marcus who was on edge. "I'm ready"

"Okay let's go" Marcus said

"Was that a good slice or what?" Mikey asked

"Yeah it was" Ikagura said smiling

"We better head back" Sun said

"How come?" Leon asked

"Its getting late" Sun said

"I agree, besides my team will be leaving in four hours I need to do the final parts of my evaluation" Leon said

"Okay then" Ikagura said before she paused and lighting clutched her sword

"You alright?" Leon asked

"Yeah just the cold" Ikagura said

"Let it go, Let it go" Mikey sang before he was slapped upside the head by Sun

"I hate that song" Sun said

"Anyway" Leon said as he walked away "We should go"

"That was fun" Ruby said as Marcus drove them back to the lair, Ruby was looking out the window when suddenly she saw something which caused her to pull out her smart phone and select the camera app. At that point Marcus had stopped at a traffic light. Ruby quickly snapped a photo of what was making her nervous. "Hey Marcus"

"What is it?" Marcus asked

"Who is that?" Ruby said showing Marcus the picture

"Not good" Marcus said

"Ah, good you're home" Splinter said

"Crap" the trio said

"Hello Master Splinter" Leon bowed

"Leon, I appreciate that you went with them you all still broke my rules, so they need punishments" Splinter said

"Hang on" Leon said as he heard his phone. "I'm needed topside" Leon said

"I'll lead you out" Dia said. Upon reaching the site which was a small park near the location where they were an agent saluted Leon who was walking up to him.

"Thanks for the experience" Leon said

"No problem" Dia said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I hope we see each other again" Leon said kissing her cheek before walking over to the transport leaving a smiling Dia with a red tint on her face

"Ow" Mikey said as he was tripped while Ikagura jumped over him. Sun swung his staff around, only to have it redirected into Ikagura's stomach. Splinter stood firm and he tripped Sun with his tail. HE looked around to see all three of them on the ground groaning

"And that concludes this lesson" Splinter smirked

"Hai sensei" they groaned

"Hey guys" Marcus said as he and Ruby walked in

"Hello Marcus, you just missed a lesson" Splinter said

"Sorry about that, but I had training, and I had something special in mind for Ruby"

"I did ice skating" Ruby said

"That's awesome" Ikagura said

"Still you went outside" Splinter said

"Yeah about that" Marcus said "Ruby can you show them the picture you took?"

"Sure, I'll just get Dia's laptop" Ruby said as she went to get her sisters laptop. A couple of minutes later Ruby got back and uploaded the photos to the laptop before showing the other, upon seeing the photo the turtles froze, Ikagura started to hold her breath

"What crappy armour" Sun said

"Sun, that is not someone you want to taunt" Ikagura said

"So who is that?" Sun asked

"Sensei, we have a major problem" Leo said

"What is it?" Splinter asked

"The photo Ruby took is of him...It's the Shredder, he's back" Leo said

"No" Splinter gasped.

G'day guys Grizz here and yeah he's back The Shredder is going to here and that means we're nearly done with this series, and sadly leon must depart but I gave him a ship tease with Dia. Also the scene where Marcus is driving with Ruby is the first scene I pictured before writing this fic. So yeah that was the catalyst beyond the TMNT DLC for Injustice 2. Also I had to get a Manhattan landmark in and why not Time Square and of course Eastman's Pizzeria and a shout out to Kevin Eastman one of the creators of TMNT so that was a nice shout out

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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