Legacyverse: Ninjitsu in New York @ozzieteddy
Chapter 5

The turtles and Marcus were running down the tunnels as Sun joined up with them

"what's going on?" sun asked

"There's an intruder in the tunnels" Leo said

"So what do you want me to do?" Sun asked

"Head back, we'll deal with this" Raph as they were sloshing in the tunnels. Leo nodded as they continued on. Sun nodded and ran back to the lair, Donnie jumped up onto a pipe and helped up Mikey. Donnie signalled to be quiet

"Why am I down here again while the others go after a piece of the Flute of the Fell?" the intruder asked. Leo and Raph ducked behind a pillar and watched the intruder as he paused his forward movement and looked around. "There better not be any alligators down here" he said as the turtles moved overhead in the shadows. He looked to where the sound of the movement came from and saw nothing, so he gripped his Jian sword and slowly drew it. Leo nodded at Donnie who drew out a shuriken and threw it, the . He picked it up and quickly heard footsteps behind him, swinging his blade which were met with two other blades before Leon jumped back

"Look who we have here" Raph said making the intruder look up

"Who are you?" Leo asked

"I'm Leon Luis, I'm with the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence" Leon said showing his badge "and you are?

"We're the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Duh!" Mikey said before being slapped

"I'm missing out on the main mission for this?" Leon asked "Great"

"Did you say the Bureau?" Donnie asked

"Yeah I did" Leon said "Apparently I'm here to do a check up on you, as per agreement"

"Let's go" Leo said leading Leon off.

"So who do you think it is?" Dia asked

"I'm not sure" Sun said "they didn't tell me much"

"Do you think it could be the Foot?" Sugino asked

"I don't think so" Sun said

"How dangerous due you think he is?" Ruby asked

"We will know soon enough" Splinter said making Ruby jump "Oh sorry Ruby"

"No offence Sensei but we need to put a bell of you" Ikagura said

"Tried it, didn't work" Mimi said off handily

"True" Splinter said

"He must be a real ninja master then" Hinata said amazed

"We're back sensei" Leo said

"And a member of the Bureau's here...again" Donnie shouted

"You say it like its a bad thing" Leon said

"Ah, you must be here for the check in as scheduled" Splinter said

"Yeah I am, though there wasn't anything said about other guests" Leon said

"Yes they are a recent development" Leo said

"I see" Leon said. He looked at the group, from the kunoichi, a baseballer, someone who wouldn't close his shirt, a stuff shirt, a young redhead and a young woman

"Hi I'm Dia" Dia said

"I'm Leon Luis" Leon said

"I can someone's smitten" Donnie smirked as he watched the two talk and basically flirt

"They're in love" Mikey said

"What?" Ruby asked shocked

"Seriously, they just met" Sun said

"Just saying" Mikey shrugged

"Now shall we converse?" Splinter asked

"Indeed" Leon said as the two walked over to Splinter's study

"He's cute isn't he?" Ikagura said

"What?" Dia asked

"You like him don't you" Hinata smiled

"I just met him" Dia said

"Still, you're blushing" Sun laughed

"Sun, don't encourage them" Issei said

"What I'm bored" Sun shrugged

"You don't like him do you sis?" Ruby asked timidly

"No I don't Ruby" Dia said comforting her sister

"But he's your type, right?" Donnie asked

"WHAT!" the girls said

"Scientifically saying" Donnie muttered

"Donnie's not the best at human interactions as you can clearly see" Leo said slapping him upside the head

"Hey!" Mikey said

"So you are sure that part of the flute is here?" Splinter asked

"One of our senior agents tracked it to Manhattan" Leon said "but since we're down a teammate, they sent me here to check up on your"

"I see" Splinter said "and are you having trouble locating the flute?" Splinter said

"Not quite, but it is difficult to track the centre piece, the other end piece is located somewhere in England"

"I see, now heed a small warning from me, England is a place of great and powerful legends" Splinter said

"So how should we proceed?" Leon asked

"However you want to" Splinter said "But do so with caution"

"We will, or at least I hope we will" Leon said

"Good to hear, I know how stubborn your agents can be" Splinter said

Leo and Sun were lightly sparring while Donnie and Issei watched. Marcus was nearby fixing the tape on one of his hockey sticks and looked up to see Leon walk out of Splinter's meditation area. Marcus scowled

"Flame head" Marcus said

"Damon, haven't seen you in awhile" Leon said

"Yeah, it has been what five years?" Marcus asked

"Try six" Leon laughed "Still a Puckhead I see"

"And I could say the same about you and trying to be a knight" Marcus smiled placing the tape back in his toolbox and examined it to see if he did a good job with it before putting it back in his bag before kicking back "So you joined the Bureau huh? I mean what do they even do there?" Marcus asked

"Classified" Leon said "So how did you meet this batch?"

"They were attacked by some goons, we saved them" Marcus said "And then gave them shelter here"

"I see" Leon sighed "this could mean trouble for my superiors"

"Hey it wasn't my idea, talk to Mimi about that" Marcus said

"I see" Leon chuckled as he watched the spar in front of them. Sun had quickly gained the upper hand on Leo, when Raph entered the spar and swept Sun onto hsi back.

"Cheap shot" Sun said

"You sure about that" Rpah smirked

"Hey where are Sugino and Hinata?" Leo asked

"They went out somewhere" Ikagura said

"Thanks for coming out with me" Hinata said

"Sure no problem" Sugino said "I wanted to explore more"

"Well we're doing that. Hard to imagine we would be here, did you think we would be here when we were five?" Hinata asked

"Not really, I mean I know I would be a baseball player, but never in New York City especially after killer robots nearly wiped out humanity" Sugino said

"I got to wonder about a small group of my friends, we were in a daycare centre when the attack happened, we were separated. And in ten years I haven't seen any of them" Sugino sighed

"I'm sure you'll find them"

"Yeah I'm confident I'll meet them again" Sugino said

"There we are, I like this this Sugino more than the gloomy one we just saw a minute ago" Hinata laughed.

Soon the two teen were walking along a street near the lair when a glint caught Sugino's eyes.

"HINATA LOOK OUT!" he shouted pulled Hinata back as scrap fell near them "You alright?"

"Yeah, but what happened?"

"I don't know, I thought I saw something a glint of metal, and that metal was curved almost like a claw" Sugino said

"A claw shaped piece of metal?" Hinata asked, "Sugino! We have to find that piece" she shouted

"What why?" Sugino asked

"Because when you mentioned it I had a bad feeling" Hinata said

"You don't mean?"

"I just want to be sure" Hinata said sifting through the scrap metal.

"I'll look over here" Sugino said as he adjusted some piping

"Hurry I don't want to find something that would not be a good thing" Hinata said

"And that would be?" Sugino asked

"You guys okay?" Leon asked as he, Sun and Issei ran out

"Yeah, we were just startled by the scrap falling over" Sugino said

"And you were looking for something amongst it?" ISsei asked

"Yeah, we saw a glint of something that wasn't scrap

"Like something polished?" Sun asked

"Yeah" Hinata said

"You mean like this?" Issei said showing them a claw like blade.

"It can't be" Hinata asked

"What is it?" Sun asked

"It's a blade off of a Tekko-kagi" Hinata said

"And that's suppose to mean something?" Sun asked

"The Tekko-kagi were the main weapon of Foot clan commanders. The most prolific user was Oroku Saki" Hinata said

"Are you sure?" Splinter asked

"Yes, I looked over it myself" Hinata said as they looked at the blade

"I thought this day would never come" Splinter sadly said

"But didn't you recover one after the fight?" Sun asked

"We did, but this is not the one we recovered, this is a new blade that you two discovered" Splinter said

"Could it be from a Foot Commander and not the Shredder?" Leo asked

"I don't knwo, but we must be cautious my sons, for if the Shredder has returned there will be more then the five of us in danger"

"Luckily we know how to fight" Hinata said as he glared at the blade

"But that may not be enough to fight off Shredder" Splinter said "And I hope we may not have to"

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah that is the first part of Leon from Symphony of Shadows showing up here and kind of starting a romance with Dia. Now the group Sugino was talking about is the rest of Class-E two of which we know where they are (Nagisa and Hayami in Legacy of the Lost!) And another hint that he's back, oh yeah didn't see that coming did you

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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