Legacyverse: Ninjitsu in New York @ozzieteddy
Chapter 3

"Head's up" Leo shouted as he threw a pizza pan.

"Duck" Issei said

"What?" Sun asked as the dish hit him in the gut, Mikey jumped in and caught before flinging it over to Donnie who in turn threw it to Raph

"Time to score" Raph shouted throwing the pan at a hockey goal.

"Nice try" Sugino said clap catching it and throwing it back to Sun who caught it and skimmed it across the floor

"LEO!" Donnie said

"I got it" Leo said catching the dish and threw it out as Takumi caught it quickly and flung it back into the goal.

"SCORE!" the humans cheered

"OH MAN!" the turtles said

"What's going on?" Dia asked before the pizza pan flew in her direction. Dia flinched

"Look out!" Raph said before two hands shot out and caught the dish

"Playing Deep Pan Disc Hockey again?" Marcus asked as he walked down the steps.

"No, Splinter banned the Deep Dish, so we're using the thin 'n' crispy" Donnie said

"Still you were about to hit Dia, so why not you play in the tunnel?" Marcus asked

"too big" Raph said

"Whatever" Marcus said as he sat down and grabbed a can of drink before sculling it down "So what's on the agenda?"

"Well the girls are out looking at something, but Hinata had a strange feeling they were being watch, so I thought I would come back and grab a couple of the guys" Dia said

"Being watched, watched how?" Leo asked

"We don't know, all we know is that is wasn't a quick glimpse" Dia said

"Let's go Ninjas" Leo said

"In the day time?" Marcus said

"We have our ways" Raph smirked

The gang walked into the warehouse and over to a section of ground vehicles

"These are yours?" Sugino asked looking over them.

"So do we want the Party Wagon or the Battle Shell?" Donnie asked

"We should take something that doesn't scream heavily armed" Takumi said

"Party Wagon it is" Donnie said

"What about the Cab?" Takumi said

"Its' not exactly finished yet" Donnie said

"What still needs to be done?" Sugino asked

"Weaponry" Donnie said

"Oh really?" Takumi asked looking at what was basically a New York Taxi cab.

"Yeah" Donnie said

"Come on let's go" Marcus said as he opened the Party Wagon and got in, the others followed and Donnie opened the garage door allowing them to drive off onto the New York streets, unaware of the ninja watching them. Donnie walked into the doorway a bit and looked around, but the ninja ducked out of sight before dropping something before fully disappearing into the shadows leaving no trace he was there.

"So where were they?" Marcus asked

"Down here a bit" Dia said pointing to where the girls would be

"Got it" Marcus said turning

"So is there anything major we should fear out here; gangs, muggers, squirrels" Takumi said

"Squirrels?" Marcus asked

"You never know" Takumi said

"You're seriously scared of squirrels" Dia deadpanned.

"You've never met an Italian Squirrel before have you?" Takumi said

"I thought you didn't have them there" Marcus said

"We have red squirrels" Takumi said

"Oh okay" Marcus said getting an uneasy feeling "Where are they?"

"Up ahead" Dia said

Hinata and Ikagura were walking around while Ruby was slightly ahead of them skipping.

"You sense anything?" Ikagura asked

"No, but I've heard that Oroku Saki was defeated, so those Foot Clan Ninja were most likely remnants left over from his command" Hinata said

"So there shouldn't be any more trouble?" Ikagura asked "At least from them?"

"No they shouldn't" Hinata said before an alarm went off. "Then again

"Ruby stay here okay, Dia would kill us if anything were to happen to you" Ikagura said

"Okay" Ruby said

"Let's see who's crashing the scene" Hinata said as the two kunoichi walked over to the source of the alarm. Walking over to the area they saw a couple of thugs in black, on their backs were a symbol looking like a purple coloured dragon "Purple Dragons"

"Who are you?" one of them asked

"Trouble" the two said taking a stance.

Ruby was standing there looking to see if they were okay when a van pulled up and Dia got out with the guys.

"Ruby" Dia said

"Dia" Ruby said

"Where are the girls?" Marcus asked

"They heard an alarm" Ruby said "So they went to check it out"

"Okay, you guys stay here" Marcus said grabbing his sporting gear and slamming his mask on before grabbing a cricket bat and running off in the direction of the alarm. Marcus had to stop when a thug flew out. Gripping the bat tighter he stepped in to see the two kunoichi girls kicking around some Purple Dragons.

"Ooh Purple Dragons, I haven't had a fun time with them in ages" Marcus said as he stepped into and clocked one with his bat before ducking the fist of another one and using a golf club to knock him around a bit. Marcus then saw a goon about to stab Ikagura, so he moved his bat in which blocked the blade making the goon look at Marcus while his golf club was in full swing catching it in the jaw. "Well that was fun" Marcus said as he put his sports equipment away and lifted his mask. "So where to next
"Your doom" a deep voice said

"Hun!" Marcus growled

"So the runt's popped up to play" Hun said as he walked in. Hinata and Ikagura recoiled at the sheer size of the man, he was seven feet tall and composed of muscle.

"Hey Runny" Marcus said as he pulled out a metal baseball bat and thumped it against his hand. Marcus then quickly smacked Hun in the face which didn't do anything while Hun grabbed Marcus and threw him into the girls before stomping over and grabbing Marcus by the head and squeezed

"Let him down" Hinata said kicking Hun in the shin, making the giant look down and sneer at Hinata "Uh oh"

"Wrong move little girl" Hun said dropping Marcus, who shook his head and stood up only to stumble a bit

"Easy" Ikagura said

"So you think you can take me?" Hun asked

"Maybe" Hinata said as she inhaled and struck at his abdomen with a palm strike, which did nothing "Nothing really?" she asked

"Nope" Hun smirked as he cracked his knuckles before throwing a punch, which was countered by Ikagura.

"If only I had my sword" Ikagura said as she backed up away from Hun, who was smiling at her, he gripped her shoulder and punched her in the chest, winding the heiress

"IKAGURA!" Hinata screamed

"This is bad" Marcus said before he reached for something in his belt. Suddenly Hinata and Ikagura were flung into him

"Anything else to say?" Hun asked

"Yeah, who ordered a side of Turtle Wax?" a voice said

"WHAT!" Hun shouted before the turtles jumped down with their weapons in hand "Oh crud"

"Hey Hun, you look buffer, been hitting the stimulants?" Raph smirked

"Knock it off Raph" Leo said as he twirled his swords. "So what are you here for Hun?"

"None of your business" Hun said

"Oh Hunny, please don't lie to us" Mikey said as he pulled out a Manriki-gusari and wrapped it around Hun's legs

"I got to admit it looks suspect with you in a jewellery store" Donnie said poking Hun with his bo-staff making Hun snarl

"Freaks" Hun said

"What was that" Raph said nearly impaling Hun with his sai

"Raph" Leo said as he kept his swords trained on Hun. Looking behind him he saw Sun, Takumi and Issei got the others out of there, Hun went for the chains around his legs and ripped them off before charging at Donnie. Mikey swung his nunchaku at Hun's face making little difference, but nought for Donnie to trip Hun while Raph tired an aerial attack, but that was blocked by Hun crossing his arms, leaving him open from behind to Leo's katana. Making Hun howl in pain giving Mikey the chance to smack Hun around with his Nunchaku, bring one set up and the other set down. Donnie then brought his staff down on Hun's head making him wobble a bit

"Hey Hun" a voice said before Marcus stepped into view and smirked "Hi" he said smacking him a couple of times with the cricket bat. "Night night" Marcus smirked as he stepped back before the four turtles jump into the air and made it so their shells smacked into Hun

"SHELL SHOCK!" they said knocking Hun out. "HIGH THREE!" they cheered before a siren sounded

"The cops" Raph said

"Ninjas, into the shadows" Leo said

"We'll get the others back" Issei said

"I'll drive" Sun said

"Here you go" Dia said handing Ikagura a heat pack for her stomach

"Thanks" Ikagura said wincing as the warm object was placed softly on her injury

"That was intense" Takumi said as he saw the Turtles meditating to calm down after the fight.

"If that was one of their enemies, I hate to see their worse" Dia said hugging Ruby

"Don't worry he's gone" Marcus said removing the bag of ice, only for Splinter to force it back on

"Oroku Saki is gone, so Hun is the worse" Splinter said

"For now" Marcus said

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked

"He means that someone will try and reunite the Foot Clan and lead them" Leo said as he finished meditating and joined the discussion

"When do you think will happen?" Sugino asked

"Hopefully not for a long time" Splinter smiled "Now who wants some tea?" he asked as he got many affirmatives back.

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah, that was the chapter that introduced Hun and we also got a look at some of the vehicles the turtles will be using, now as I said before I'm mix and matching all versions of the TMNT cartoons so the vehicles featured here at from the 80's cartoon and the 2K3 series as will. Plus I added a mystery element with the introduction of the shadows which some people may hook onto what I'm doing but I hope not. Now in the next chapter I'm looking at something that is signature to the turtles themselves so that will be fun

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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