Legacyverse: Ninjitsu in New York @ozzieteddy
Chapter 1

It was night time in the Big Apple when a group of teenagers were rounded up at an abandoned building site, by what could only be called ninjas. Two of the girls were huddled together while another two were defending them

"What do you want with us?" one of them asked

"You will learn soon enough" one of the ninjas said

"I have a bad feeling about this" the other girl said

"Well we'll have to deal with this" the first girl said

"So what should we do?" one of the guys said

"I don't know" the second girl said

"Well this is a fine mess to get into" a second guy said

Hinata Hyuga had just arrived in New York City to look for an old friend of her fathers. Hamato Yoshi, rumours were that he had lived in New York since he's family home in Japan was wiped out by Oroki Saki, but now she had recently fresh information. But she had to travel with a young baseballer named Tomohito Sugino

"Hey Hina, you okay?" Sugino asked

"Yeah, just a bit bummed that the search isn't going any easier especially since you have a game soon don't you?" Hinata asked

"Sure do, but hey you keep looking for your dad's friend. I know how important it is to you" Sugino said

"Thanks Tom, I know we've been friends for awhile now" Hinata said

"Since that even ten years ago. Hard to imagine that even though that day happened we've managed to continued on like it was nothing" Sugino said

"It was a tough time, but now things have finally settled down" Hinata said smiling before she frowned "We're being followed.

"Do you know by who?" Sugino asked

"No I don't" Hinata said "Down there" she said running into an alley, only to discover it was a dead end "Crap"

"I thought this only happened in the movies" Sugino said

"This is why you shouldn't watch to" Hinata started before she felt something pierce her neck. "Many movies" she said fainting

"HINATA!" Sugino said as he felt the same thing blacking out. The last thing he saw were a pair of black martial art styled boots.

"WHOA!" Sugino gasped looking around "What the heck hit us?" he asked

"If I'm guessing a concentrated poison created from sleeping drugs" Hinata said rubbing her neck. "More importantly did you see who they were?" Hinata asked

"No, but maybe we should ask them" Sugino said

"Shit, looks like they were given the same as us, only later" Hinata said "Shit" she said examining a girl with long black hair, she wore a formal looking jacket and skirt

"What is it?" Sugino asked

"This girl is the heiress to the Phoenix Conglomerate Ikagura Houou" Hinata said

"Those two, I think I know them, yeah Ruby and Dia Kurosawa, but what are they doing here?" Sugino asked as everyone woke up

"Issei Ryodo, a little far from the temple aren't you?" Hinata asked one of the other guys

"Hinata Hyuga" Issei said adjusting his glasses

"That was a good nap" a thirds guy said "Sup, I'm Sun"

"Pleasure" Sugino said

"So who's this guy?" Sun asked

"I'm Takumi Aldini" he said getting up.

"So now that we're all awake, I want to know where we are" Ikagura said

"Join the club" Sugino said before the barely audible footsteps were heard "We've got company"

"Ruby just stay with me okay?" Dia, a second girl with long dark hair, only she had sparkling green eyes

"Yeah" Ruby, the youngest said

"What do you want with us?" Hinata asked

"You will learn soon enough" one of the ninjas said

"I have a bad feeling about this" Ikagura said

"Well we'll have to deal with this" Hinata said

"So what should we do?" Issei said

"I don't know" Ikagura said

"Well this is a fine mess to get into" Sun said as Hinata spotted something

"And it's gotten worse" Hinata said

"Meaning?" Sun asked

"They're the Foot Clan" Hinata said bitterly

"Oh goodie" a voice said, looking up everyone saw a guy dressed in an old Mighty Ducks Hockey Jersey with the sleeves ripped off, black jeans, fingerless gloves, work boots and a white hockey mask. On his back was a golf bag filled with various pieces of sporting equipment. He cracked his neck and pulled out an ice hockey stick and golf stick twirling them around "I get to stomp on some Feet" he growled

"You" the ninjas said as the hockey player jumped in and using his hockey stick tripped two of the ninjas before whacking a third on the chin with the golf-club before grabbing him and smacking him into the first two, he put the club back and gripped the hockey stick with both hands.

"Time to play" he said as he jabbed one of them in the stomach before he whipped the stick around his neck and then used the blade of the stick to hit them back.

"Who is that?" Issei asked

"Hey over here!" a voice said as a girl in a black and pink tracksuit "Hurry up!"

"Who are you?" Hinata asked

"A friend, come on" the new girl said "Marcus hold them off!"

"You got it" the Hockey fan said as he pulled out a hockey puck and used it as a knuckle duster to punch a ninja out. Marcus then jumped behind around one and wrapped his hockey stick around his neck and twisted it. Marcus then put his hockey stick back and pulled out a metal bat and smacked a ninja with it. Out of the shadows crept a ninja and he was about to strike Marcus when a chain wrapped around his ankle and yanked him back into the shadows when a heavy thwack was heard. "About time bro"

"Sorry for the wait" a voice said as four pairs of eyes shone in the darkness.

"Shall we?" another voice asked

"Let's" Marcus said as he pulled his hockey

"In here" the girl in the tracksuit said as she opened a door to a van and held it open

"Who are you?" Sun asked making Hinata glare

"I'm Mimi Takenouchi, and right now I'm the only one you can trust, so get in" Mimi snapped

"Yes ma'am" the guys said

"Easy Ruby" Dia said

"Okay" Ruby said as she got in

"Hinata come on" Sugino said

"Fine" Hinata snapped as she got n before Mimi closed the doors. She looked up to see Marcus and the shadows taken out the foot clan ninjas.

"Be safe you guys" Mimi said as she drove off.

Up top Marcus flipped a ninja onto his back before a chain pulled him into the shadows a stick whacked him

"That was intense" a shadow said as he put away his weapons.

"Pizza?" another shadow said

"So where did Mimi take the hostage?" the first shadow said

"To the backup lair, just as planned" Marcus said removing his hockey mask and placing it in his bag.

"Good, at least they'll be safe" the first shadow said "See you back there"

"You got it" Marcus said pulling out a field hockey stick and using it to go down a guide wire as if it was a zipline. Which led to a bike. Securing his gear Marcus took off to where Mimi said she was taking the hostages. He looked back to see if he was being followed.

"We're here" Mimi said as she entered a darkened shed. Once they all got out Mimi led them over to an elevator and pressed down

"Where are we going?" Dia asked

"An underground base me and some friends set up some time ago"

"In the sewers?" Sun asked

"No, luckily we found an abandoned train relay station and used that as the base" Mimi said

"At least its clean" Issei said adjusting his glasses as the group entered the elevator. Once in the lair they were all amazed.

"Is this where you live?" Takumi asked

"No I live in the apartment above the area." Mimi said

"So how did you find this place?" Hinata asked as they stood in the main area, which was a large open area with

"I have a friend who's into tunnels, now the kitchen is to the right, dojo pass those doors for those how practices martial arts, the bedrooms are on the left and that big red door leads to a secondary area which is mostly unused" Mimi said pointing the areas out

"Okay thanks for the tour" Hinata said

"You're welcome, now shall I cook you something?" Mimi asked

"I'll help." Takumi said

"Thank you" Mimi said

"Still don't trust her?" Sugino asked

"Yeah a bit" Hinata said "I'll give her the benefit of the doubt since she did kind of save our collective backsides"
"And who were the ones who kidnapped us?" Ikagura asked

"I have an idea but it is not a good one" Hinata said as the scent of cooking drifted into the main area.

That night when everyone was asleep, young Ruby got up and shuffled around

"Ruby you okay?" Dia asked

"I'm thirsty" Ruby said

"Okay" Dia said settling back down to sleep. Ruby walked out of the dorms and stumbled around to where she thought the kitchen was, only to open a door, as she continued on she bumped into someone

"Sorry" she said

"No problem little dudette" a voice said "Where you off to?"

"I'm thirsty" she said before waking up more and seeing a green monster and promptly scream

"WHOA!" the voice said

"RUBY!" Dia shouted as Ruby bolted behind her sister "Ruby what is it?"

"Kappa, I saw a Kappa" Ruby said

"What's a Kappa?" Sun asked

"A turtle like monster" Hinata said

"So that's what was hiding behind that door?" Sugino asked

"Seems like it" Hinata said before Marcus bolted in

"What's going on?" he asked

"We know about the Kappa"

"Kappa, wait you mean" Marcus said before sighing and turned to the door "Come on out guys"

"What?" Hinata asked as four figures walked

"How are you doing?" the first voice asked

"What are those?" Dia asked

"Hey!" one of the shouted

"Easy Raph" Marcus said "I suppose some explanations are in order"

"No kidding" the first Kappa said

"so I think it's time for that talk." Marcus said

"So what are they?" Ruby shyly asked

"What is going on here, it is late" a deep voice said

"Oh shit" Marcus said as a giant rat walked in wearying ninja master robes. "Oh Marcus, hello. So who are they?"
We're doomed" Marcus said

"That insignia" Hinata said

"You mean this, yes it is the crest of my clan, the proud Hamato Clan" the rat said "I know you, you're Hinata Hyuga aren't you?"

"How do you know me?" Hinata asked dropping into stance

"I knew your father Hisashi and your mother Hitomi" the rat said "You have grown into a beautiful young woman"

"But that means" Hinata gasped

"Yes, I was once the man, now the rat known as Hamato Yoshi, leader of the Hamato Clan" the rat said "But for now you can call me Splinter"

"And the Kappa?" Sugino asked

"My sons; Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo" Splinter said as the four 'Kappas' bowed in respect "Now I believe it's is time for an explanation"

G'day Guys Grizz here and welcome to the next instalment of the Legacyverse and New York city, so why the Ninja Turtles? Blame Injustice 2 again, half of the spin offs were creating after playing that game. Only this time it was the TMNT, taht's right the teenage mutant ninja turtles are DLC for Injustice. Anyway time to meet the cast: Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, Tomohito Sugino from Assassination Classroom, Ikagura from Senran Kagura, Takumi Aldini from Food Wars, Dia and Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine (its surprisingly good) Issei Ryudo from Fate Stay Night, Sun Wukong from RWBY and from Digimon we have Mimi Takenouchi and Marcus Damon taking the roles of Casey Jones and April O'Neil. This will of course feature other characters from the Legacyverse as well.

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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