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Chapter 9

"Bradley's here already?" Saeko asked

"Great, just great anymore bad news you want to tell us?" Ragna asked

"The trap's aren't working" Yuki said

"Okay prepare to fight" Kirito said

"Okay" they all said preparing their weapons. Leon looked at his Jian and then walked outside

"Leon!" Tuka said making the others panic

"I didn't think any of you would be brave enough to face me" Bradley said

"Well I am" Leon said

"Come then, let us see who is a true warrior" Bradley said as he drew swords and dashed as Leon, who barely blocked one of them, quickly deflecting it away before blocking the second blade, Leon moved the sword to the ground and stamped it into the ground and punched Bradley making him stumble back, growling the one eyed swordsman went for the head, only for Leon to duck the blade and using his Jian to defend his neck and kicked him back before flipping through the air

'I might have to break that out' Leon though had he grimaced as he continue to fight Bradley with a ferocity that he had not displayed before. Bradley was feeling his confidence slipping away more and more, he was starting to back off a bit before he grabbed a small dagger and threw it into Leon's arm and then side dodged him before running off.

"That was close" Bradley as he came to a wire which he cut with his blade. Unaware that by cutting the wire it released two massive logs that had been carved into logs came flying at him. Grunting it surprise Bradley barely had time to block the logs just before a grenade flew up into his view


"That's the log trap" Homura said

"So how far away was that?" Natsu asked

"Ten meters" Homura said

"Okay, Tuka get on the roof and prep your arrows, Kirito get in the shadows" Saeko said

"Yes ma'am" the two said

"Ragna Yuki; go left and right to keep him from getting in"

"Roger" the two said sprinting out the door

"Jibril, we'll need air support"

"You got it" Jibril said taking to the air

"Natsu, Homura. Take guard out the front" Saeko said

"You got it" the pair said

"Negi, we've got here as a last line of...Negi where did he go?" Saeko asked

"Where is it?" Negi asked as he went through several books on his father's desk looking for something, looking back to the door to check if the others had held Bradley off. Suddenly he stopped for he found was he was looking for. Grabbing the book and his staff Negi quickly conjured a spell circle n the floor and placed something on it before holding his hand out and a bright light coming from it as he started to incant something.

"Negi what are you doing in here?" Saeko asked

"Something we should have done ages ago" Negi said as he had fully summoned a fireball

"And that is?" Saeko asked

"Destroyed the flute piece we have!" Negi cried as he aimed at the flute piece and streched his hand out

"Negi, don't!" Saeko said

"I hope we get there in time" Hellboy said

"Why wouldn't we?" Ruth asked as he kept up with the older gentlemen

"Bradley's a crafty son of a bitch" Hellboy said

"And he's been around since the second world war and he knows a thing or two" Elias said

"Then why aren't we stopping him?" Chise asked

"We need to find the bastard first, and then we have to find my team" Hellboy said as the three kept running

"Negi we don't know what would happen if you were to destroy it" Saeko said

"It's better than having Bradley grab it" Negi said

"I know, but this is dangerous" Saeko said as an explosion was sounded "Shit, he's nearer then we thought"

"Indeed I am" Bradley said as he stepped out of the shadows

"How did he get in here?" Saeko asked before Bradley dumped Kirito on the floor.

"He used Kirito to travel through the shadows" Negi whimpered

"The flute piece destroy it" Saeko said

"I don't think so" Bradley said as he threw his blade and nearly removed Negi's hand. Saeko drew her katana and blocked Bradley's sword. Negi pointed at the flute piece and threw the fireball

"You've just lost!" Saeko said

"I think not" Bradley said as he grabbed Saeko's hand and used it to redirect her blade to dissolve the fireball. Saeko and Negi looked dumbfounded as Bradley reached from the flute piece. Suddenly the flute disappeared from underneath Bradley's hand.

"Try it Asshole!" Kirito said as he removed his hand and stabbed the shadow, making his blade pierce Bradley's hand. Snarling Kirito twisted the blade before he pulled the flute piece out and shoved it into another shadow before removing his hand while flipping Bradley the bird.

"Alright, piss of cyclops!" Negi said as he made a portal under Bradley, "Enjoy Egypt" he said as he closed the portal

"Okay, who goofed up" Ragna said

"I did" Kirito said as he got up and removed the flute piece setting it back on the circle Negi made.

"You brought that here?" Yuki asked

"Yeah, I did just in case Bradley got to the second piece of the flute before we did. But since he's enjoying the pyramids of Giza we don't have to stress" Negi said

"When has that stopped the bastard from popping up" Natsu said as he conjured flames. "But I'll try and help"

"Thanks Natsu" Negi said as he stepped back and once again started the enchantment and had Natsu aimed at the flute piece before he shouted "TAHANE!" he shouted making Natsu shoot out the fireball which burnt the flute badly. Picking it up Natsu looked at it

"That's charcoal" Natsu said

"Good, now we've got the final part's location" Yuki said

"Let's head out" Jibril said

"What's going on?" Chise asked as she woke up

"Okay there it is" Hellboy said as he Elias and Ruth showed up at the location of the next flute piece. "Now where's my team?"

"We're here" Yuki said as she walked out of a portal followed by the rest of Hellboy's team and Chise who was all healed now

"Okay so where is the actual flute piece?" Hellboy asked

"In the druid's circle" Elias said using his staff to point a circle of standing stones. The group entered into circle and looked for the flute piece. Jibril flew up into the air and looked down. She was concerned when something was shifting in the shadows.

"Hellboy, something's in the shadows"

"Okay, COME ON OUT!" Hellboy said as everyone was on edge and grabbed their weapons. After a couple of minutes nothing happened making them ease off.

"Hey over here" Chise said making the team race over to her, "I think I found it" Chise said as she lifted an old box covered in runes

"That is the box, now Bradley's plan won't work" Hellboy said "Will it Rex?"

"No it won't but then again, so will this" Bradley said as he placed his swords on Chise's neck in a scissor position "Now hand them over"

"No don't" Chise said

"Do it!" Bradley said putting pressure on the girl's neck. "And I wouldn't try it Ainsworth" Bradley said

"Or what?" Elias asked

"I will end her life slowly" Bradley said as he increased the pressure. "Now the pieces of the flute, both of them"

"Fine" Hellboy said holding out the piece of the flute he just grabbed.

"And now the boy's" Bradley demanded

"I will kill you" Negi said as he handed the burnt flute piece over

"Nice try" Bradley said as he put all three pieces together making a bright green light appear before it died down to reveal a black flute with a skull on the end, Bradley smirked before he looked up "Thank you" he said before kicking Chise and slashing her back

"NO!" Elias roared

"TAKE HIM!" Hellboy shouted as everyone opened fire with bullets and magic, but all Bradley all had to do and was play the flute and everything stopped. Bradley simply walked through them and smiled

"You almost won, but it wasn't enough" Bradely smirked as he stabbed Hellboy's shouted, cut Homura's gun into pieces, snapped the swords of Kirito, Ragna and Saeko, used pressure points on Jibril's wings, cut the string on Tuka's bow and then he simply kicked Natsu in the stomach. Putting the flute to his lips he played a short tune to open a portal which he entered. He looked back and saw the anger on Negi's face. "Ah Young Springfield, you are exactly like your parents; they would be proud of you" Bradley said as the portal closed and everyone started to move again

"CHISE!" Elias cried out

"CORI, WE NEED MEDIVAC NOW!" Hellboy shouted "We now have to find where the symphony is"

"Yes sir" the group said

"Chise" Elias said sadly holding the young red-haired maiden

Hellboy joined Elias as he watched his ward as they were at the London base.

"we've screwed the pooch" Hellboy said as Ruth growled at him "Poor choice of words"

"And now they have to find the location of the Symphony" Elias said sadly

"Hey she'll be okay" Hellboy said as Tuka and Jibril were healing the red head

"I know, but she's the closet thing I have to a family I ever have" Elias said

"I could have guessed, you going to be okay?"

"In time" Elias said as he sat next to her and held her hand

"SON OF A BITCH!" Natsu said flipping a table

"Natsu calm down" Homura said running over to the Dragon Slayer

"we've just lost!" Natsu said sadly "Plus we don't know where the symphony is"

"Actually" Negi said

"What do you mean?" Homura asked

"In the land of the golden wood where men don't reside and the fae dance merrily, it is there that a dark secret is kept from the world, a song of dread long slumbers under the Royal's gaze. Only thy heart who be noble may knock and enter their realm, so tells a tale of dreams" Negi said

"And the means?" Homura asked

"In the centre of a certain location is the Symphony of Shadows" Negi said

"And that place is?" Kirito asked as the rest of the team walked in

"Somewhere special" Negi said as he pulled the document Ragna found and unfurled it revealing it to be a map of some kind

"Okay so what is that?" Yuki asked

"It is a map to the entrance to a special place, one that is filled with wonder and magic" Negi said

"And that is?" Natsu asked

"The kingdom of the Fairies: Tir Na Nog!" Negi smiled.

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah this is not good, so Bradley was always going to grab the flute piece and put them together before disappearing, also it wasn't until I was watching Ancient Magus Bride that I came up with the idea of having the symphony in Tir Na Nog which is a place of Irish myth which is a bit different how it is depicted in the anime from just a brief glimpse at information about it. But yeah I was going to have placed the symphony in the chamber of the Golden Army, but I think the fairy kingdom is a better place do you?

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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