Legacyverse: Symphony of Shadows @ozzieteddy
Chapter 8

"So do you know where the place piece is being held?" Leon asked

"Not yet, all we know is that it is in England somewhere" Abe said

"Well that's something at least" Ragna said

"Yeah, but we can't get lazy since we have one of the pieces of the flute and he has the other, for all he could know is that he somehow has the third piece and is luring us out so he could grab the part we have" Hellboy said

"I have to agree with Hellboy here, after all who knows what he could come up with" Abe said

"So where is the piece kept Abe?" Helboy asked

"In the countryside of England" Abe said "But we should be wary, but not of Bradley, but rather Ainsworth is in that area"

"Ainsworth? Are you sure?"

"Absolutely" Abe said

"Something we should know?" Natsu asked

"Just an old face from our past" Hellboy said

"If you're sure then" Saeko said

Soon the group were in the English countryside

"We have to be wary of the Neighbours" Hellboy said

"And they are?" Saeko asked

"What they call Fae in the area" Hellboy said

'Why is that?" Yuki asked

"Since they leave so close to the nearest cottage the act as neighbours" Hellboy said

"Interesting" Ragna said looking around as he saw the floating lights, soon the snow sounded like it was being walked on

"Where is it coming from?" Tuka asked readying her bow

"I don't know" Kiriot said "But I'm going to find out" he said jumping into a shadow, only to be flung out "What was that?"

"What is it?" Homura asked

"Something's in the shadows

"Aw crap" Hellboy said "Ainsworth" was the last thing he said before thorny vines shot up and corralled them together

"What are you doing here?" a voice asked as someone emerged from the shadows "Amung Un Rama?"

"I prefer Hellboy" Hellboy said "So it's interesting to see you again Elias"

"I could say the same for you" Elias said

"DUDE'S GOT A DEER SKULL FOR A HEAD!" Natsu shouted making the team scared "Cool!"

"That's an interesting way to view my face, but you failed to answer my question" Elias said

"We're here to defend a piece of the Flute of the Fell and with it the Symphony of Shadows" Homura said

"The flute and the symphony, who would be after them?"

"A member of the Thule society" Saeko said

"Which one?" Elias said

"Rex Bradley" Natsu said

"I see, I hid the flute piece somewhere no one would think to look" Elias said

"Where?" Hellboy asked

"That is to remain a close guarded secret" Elias said looking at Hellboy

"You have got to be shitting me" Hellboy said "You didn't"

"I did" Elias said

"You're what?" Corrigan asked

"At the wrong location, hey! Blame bonehead!" Hellboy said

"I take offence to that term" Elias said

"You were suppose to horn head" Hellboy snapped

"So where is it?" Abe asked

"Scotland, Thorn hid it in Scotland"

"Anywhere in particular?" Corrigan asked

"3 clicks west of Loch Ness in a Druid's circle" Hellboy said

"Right we'll send a team" Corrigan said

"Don't worry I've got one here" Hellboy said

"Good luck" Corrigan said

"Yes ma'am" Hellboy said before turning to Elias "You're coming with us"

"I can't the church has me under strict orders" Elias said

"Bummer" Hellboy said as the team left for Scotland only stopping whne they saw a black dog panting before it looked up

"Elias, someone's attacking Chise and Silver looking for a flute piece"

"So this is where the piece of the flute should be, but the old fool wouldn't be so reckless as you leave it out in the open, so where did he hide it?" Bradley asked as he pressed his blade against the throat of a young red haired girl

"I don't know what you are talking about" she said wincing as he tightened the grip on her neck

"Where?" Bradley said as he ground his foot which was onto of a woman in old victioran dress.

"I said I don't know what you're talking about" the girl said

"You're lying" he said slowly sliding his blade across her side making her whimper. The woman under foot was about to say something when he pressed down harder

"Now don't make me repeat myself; where is the piece of the flute?" Bradley demanded

"Go to" the girl said before screaming as she was injured further

"Then I'll tear this place apart until I do find it" Bradley said

"There it is" the dog said as the team and Elias showed up

"NO CHISE!" Elias shouted

"Ainsworth, WAIT!" Hellboy shouted before pulling out his gun and followed "You lot wait out here" he shouted running after Elias.

"Screw that" Kirito said jumping into a nearby shadow

"Kirito" Tuka shouted before noticing that Homura was gone

"Well that's great" Natsu said

"Shut up Natsu" the others said

"Should we go in after them?" Yuki asked

"Not yet" Leon said as he pulled out his Jian sword and held it in a defensive manner

"Okay" Saeko said "We'll hang out here until we're sure that they are not in trouble

"Where did you hide it Ainsworth?" Bradley asked looking around until he felt the compulsion to block something, but there was nothing there so he slowly put his swords by his side and went back to searching the house, he had taken a step when a click was heard, looking down he got a full blast of a flashbang making him recoil.

"See you sucker" Kirito said grabbing the woman while Homura appeared from a second and threw a second flashbang before grabbing the redhead girl before disappearing. Growling Bradley ran for the front door, only for it to open and a red fist knocked him into the wall

"Chise?" Elias said "Where is she and Silver?"

"Gone" Bradley growled

"Gone where?" Hellboy asked

"Ask your team, two of them came in here and grabbed them"

"Your team?" Elias said

"The teens that were with me, and I'm guessing it was Homura and Kirito, since they can move in and out quickly thanks to their manipulation of shadows and time" Hellboy said

"So they're safe?" Elias asked

"Yeah they are" hellboy said as he looked around "So what did you want?"

"Where did you hide it?" Braldey asked

"Like we would tell you" Hellboy said

"I concur" Elias said

"like you can stop me" Bradley said

"How are they?" Ragna asked

"Not good, but they're getting there thanks to Tuka's magic" Natsu said

"Alright but we need a better plan of attack" Leon said

"Why don't we go after the flute piece ourselves?" Kirito asked

"Hellboy said its near Loch Ness right?" Negi asked

"I believe yes" Jibril said

"Then follow me" Negi said opening a portal

"What about these two?" Ragna asked

"Bring them with us" Negi said as he walked through

Hellboy grabbed Bradley and kicked him before throwing him at Elias who used his cane to knock him around a bit, slamming the ground, vines of thorns entangled Bradley leaving him open to Hellboy's punches with the right hand of doom. Growling Bradley broke out of the vines and pulled out two of the four swords on his back and slashed at his two foes, but Hellboy managed to pull Elias back

"You okay?" the red fight asked

"Yeah I am, but we have a bigger problem" Elias said as he looked around

"Where did he?"

"HERE!" Bradley said jumping off the ceiling and striking them before running out the front door

"Asshole" Hellboy said firing at the Homunculus, which didn't work since he dodged all of the shots

"We have to pursue him" Elias said

"Okay, let's go" Hellboy said

"So where are we?" Ragna asked as they all exited from the portal and walked over to a building

"My father's old observatory" Negi said

"Your dad owned this place?" Jibril said as she landed next to Negi

"Yeah he would come here to look at the stars and try and map things out" Negi said

"So do you think he has a map to where the flute piece is?" Leon asked

"I don't know" Negi said "Come on" he said leading the team inside. Kirito and Tuka set the two injured on some beds allowing Tuka to resume her healing treatment of them. Ragna and Jibril were checking out the library while Negi went to his father's lab and tried to find anything on the piece. The rest of the team took it easy. Homura went outside and set traps just in case their foe showed up

"No way" Ragna said

"What is it?" Natus asked

"I thought it was a myth" Ragna said

"What was?" Saeko asked walking over to him, and upon seeing what he was looking at she gasped "Impossible"

"What are you all talking about?" Negi asked as Ragna passed the document "Father actually found it"

"Was he looking for this?" Yuki asked

"I wasn't sure, my sister said he was still trying to find it, but to think he found it and it's so close" Negi said, soon explosions were heard

"What was that?" Kirito said

"Those were the traps I set off" Homura said

"But that would mean" Leon gasped

"Bradley's here" Negi said

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah sorry if this is a bit late, I was thrown off a bit by the posting of my Avengers fic so everything will take a while to be normal again, Anyway we're on the last flute piece and this chapter features characters from the Ancient Magus Bride, a fantastic fantasy series that I really recommend. So that leave just two chapters left.

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside.

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