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Chapter 7

Kirito was hiding while watching out for Bradlye, he had destroyed the only safe way to the island where the Flute piece was kept, thankfully he's own team was there so they could secure it before Bradley would even set foot on the island. He looked around

"I should be safe" Kirito said

"Think again" Bradley said as his sword clashed with Kirito's sword. Thinking fast slammed his hand on the ground creating spikes of shadows to block Bradley while he got away. "Don't even fanthom this is over yet Kirito, I will get off Yamatai and I will get that flute piece" he said glaring at the stormy sky.

"So Kirito's on Yamatai, I need a team to get him and bring him back" Hellboy said

"I agree" Saeko said

"But like you said we need to secure the flute piece" Leon said

"I realise that, but Kirito is on Yamatai with Bradley" Ragna said

"At the moment the flute is the main objective" Hellboy said

"After all if we have the last pieces of the flute then he can't use it to sound the Symphony of Shadows" Jibril said

"Still we have to find it first" Yuki said

"And who know where it could be" Natsu said

"Then get looking" Hellboy said

"Yes sir" the team said

"Okay that looks like an old radio station, but what is that doing here?" Kirito asked as he shadow shifted up there and exited into the main area of it and located a radio, he walked over to it and linked his radio to the station's and tuned it in

"Corrigan, can you hear me?" Kirito asked

"Kirito! where are you?" Corrigan asked

"A radio station of some kind, anyway I've trapped Bradley and myself on this island" Kirito said

"What do you mean?" Corrigan asked

"I destroyed the shrine leading to Kirikage island" Kirito said

"Don't worry I've got my hands on a transport" Corrigan said

"Not yet I'll keep him busy here, just secure the flute piece, over and out!" kirito said before dashing into shadows before a grenade flew in and destroyed the place.

Exiting out of Shadowspace Kirito saw Bradley had bombed the radio tower. So he stepped back into the Shadowspace and snuck around while Bradley was searching from him. It wasn't going to be easy sneaking around out of the Shadowspace, but as long as he was inside the shadows he was safe. The only problem was how long he could stay in the Shadow World, thinking quickly he got out the area where Bradley was stalking. He could feel the strain, once eh was clear of Bradley, Kirito leapt over and knelt on the ground, he had to stay in the light until the dizziness of being in the Shadow world wore off.

"Where would I hide something that would cause untold destruction?" Hellboy asked

"Some kind of hidden passage or tomb" Saeko said as she kept her sword out and looked around

"Agreed" Ragna said "But how to find it

"I don't know" Natsu as he felt Homura clinging him in fear

"Either way we have to find it otherwise Bradley will be one step closer to succeeding" Hellboy said

"Then how do we...hang on" Yuki said

"More Jiangshis?" Negi asked

"No, I smell blood. Its faint but I recognise that scent" Yuki said

"Lead the way" Hellboy said

"In there" Yuki said pointing to a cave

"So we're just going to waltz into Dracula's summer home?" Negi asked

"Are you complaining?" Jibril asked

"What do you think, you ditzy angel" Ragna said

"I've got the silver" Leon said

"And I've got the anti-vampire weapon" Yuki said

"Are we even sure this is full of Vampires or Jiangshis?" Natsu asked

"No, we're not but better safe than sorry, light it up" Hellboy said

"Roger" Natsu said lobbing several fire balls into the cave, Hellboy walked in since he was most immune to fire and heat outside of Natsu.

"Come on it, just mind the flames" he shouted as he traverse deeper into the

"Ladies first" Ragna said as the girls went in.

"We'll cover the entrance" Leon said a she and Negi stayed behind

"Okay" Natsu said entering after the team.

"So how am I going to do this?" Kirito asked since he was alone and Bradley was here hunting him as well, but he was glad that he was nowhere near the flute piece until his team recovered it, he just hoped it would be soon and not long enough for Kirito to have to face Bradley in unarmed combat again, that was the last thing he wanted, but since Kirito was a bit of a sword master, the shadow user was sure he could possibly be able to hold him off. But he feared it would only be for awhile and no longer then that "But the question is, where is he hiding at the moment?" Kirito asked looking nervously"

"Indeed, where am I hiding?" Bradley asked before bringing his sword down, Kirito just managed to block in time before kicking his feet out behind him projecting forward out of the way of Bradley, looking back Kirito took a defensive stance, Bradley smirked before dashing in and slashing at Kirito, who kept his sword up blocking each blow, Kirito then pushed forward and forced Bradley onto the defence, he grabbed a second sword out of the shadows and started to swing it with his first sword, Kiriot smirked before jumping back

"Not so easy when your opponent has two swords is it?" Kirito asked "And a command of the shadows" he said jumping into one and reappearing behind Bradley who just managed to block Kirito before the shadow user sunk into the shadows; thinking quickly Bradley lit a full tuff of grass on fire hoping to illuminate the area with light and cause less shadows. But Kirito smirked as it created a one constant shadow: Bradley's one. He was able to use it, so he leapt out behind Bradley struck him and then dove back in. Growling Bradley backed up to the fire, only to find his shadow growing. Snarling some more he knew this was a lose-lose situation, one of his own making.

"The smell is strongest here" Yuki said making Hellboy nod to Natsu who rushed in and lit the place up while Hellboy scanned the area with his gun and saw nothing. The rest looked around and saw nothing

"So where's the blood?" Saeko asked

"I don't know, the smell is all around us and yet there is no sign of it" Yuki said

"I think I might have found it" Leon said dipping his blade into a large pool of water, only for it to be pulled out red. "This pool is the blood." he said as he placed his thumb on it "And it appears to be caustic"

"Caustic?" Ragna asked

"Acidic" Hellboy said as he dipped his finger in and looked confused. It was this area that the piece of the Flute was supposed to be in right, so where was it?

"You don't think its hidden in the blood pool do you?"

"No, the blood pool is a scare tactic" Hellboy said

"Then where would it be?" Natsu asked

"Can't you smell it out?" Saeko asked

"No" Natsu said

"Maybe it is hidden in plain sight" Jibril said

"And where would that be?" Yuki asked

"Hang on, do you hear that?" Ragna asked

"It sounds" Saeko said

"Melodious" Hellboy said

"And its behind the pool of acidic blood" Saeko said

"Okay, so who's first?" Natsu said

"Jibril" Hellboy said

"Got it" Jibril said taking to the sky, only to hit her head on the top of the cave and crash down into Ragna,

"Damn it Jibril" Ragna said "So now what?"

"I wonder" Natsu said lobbing a flame at the blood pool, before it exploded on fire

"Thanks genius!" Hellboy snapped.

Kirito was smirking as he knew he had Bradley on the ropes.

"I will defeat you and when I do, I'll go get that last flute piece and then I'll find the third and the symphony" Bradley said

"Try it you one eyed ASSHOLE!" Kirito taunted as Bradley swung his blade, which was deflected by Kirito's blade and then he was kicked in the gut by the swordsman. Soon thunder sounded and Kirito smiled as a deluge of rain came along and put out the fire and created a massive shadow. Bradley swung and missed at Kirito who was strafing him and striking his sword every now and then before he darted into the Shadow World raced around and jumped out again surprising his foe.

"Give up yet?" Kirito asked as he did a cross-slash attack. Bradley stabbed Kirito right in the heart, smirking the Homunculus pulled his word out and walked away

"You were one tough bastard" Bradley said "Now to get off this island"

"What part of your damn plan to set acidic blood on fire was smart?" Saeko shouted

"Yes please do tell!?" Homura shouted

"Found it" Natsu said as he walked over to a small area of the cave and kicked it before setting a foot on it and moving steadily along

"Now that you look at it that way it is ingenious" Jibril said

"How so?" Yuki asked

"He used the flames to see which part of the area was blood and the other part was a path so he could cross." Jibril said as Natsu finally crossed and his ears picked up the flute's sound

"GOT IT!" Natus cheered as he grabbed the flute part

"Corri, We've got it!"Hellboy said

"Good work I'll send a transport over" Corrigan said

"What about Yamatai?" Yuki asked

"Don't worry about that, I've got it covered." Corrigan said

"Ah that must be my ride" Bradley said as he heard the sound of a transport coming "How gracious of them" he as he approached the area, only to get an arrow into the shoulder. Glaring up he saw Tuka land and pull out another arrow before firing

"Kirito!" She shouted

"He's dead, my blade tasted his blood" Bradley shouted as he ripped the arrows out

"No!" Tuka shouted

"Think again" Kirito said as spikes of shadows erupted out of the ground making Bradley stumble back before Kirito jumped out of the shadows and destroyed Bradley's sword.

"HOW!" Bradley roared

"that was a shadow clone I created while I hid and waited for Tuka to arrive" Kirito said as the elf punched him in the eye

"Time to go" Tuka said firing an arrow at Bradley which gave off a strong light. Once he could see again Bradley noticed they were gone

"NO!" Bradley shouted "Very well, I'll let you have this piece. But the next one is mine" he declared.

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah a victory for the good guys with the grabbing of the flute piece by Natsu, and Tuka saved Kirito at the end there because I forgot to put her in the previous chapter and will most likely come up with an explanation in the next chapter, so that was a thing and the acidic blood thing was there just because I needed an obstacle

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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