Legacyverse: Symphony of Shadows @ozzieteddy
Chapter 4

"We have a new goal before we can hit the symphony" Hellboy said as the team gathered

"What is it?" Natsu asked

"There is a flute that was designed specifically for playing the symphony, the Flute of the Fell"

"The Fell, what or who are the Fell?" Saeko asked

"Dark magic users who sought out and used various sources of dark and corrupted magic, they started to use it creating discord among the world. The other mages came together with the Fae and the Elder and defeated the Fell, but one mage remained and that mage created the flute using Fell magic, the man of the mage was a man named Viktor Grimborne. He was a master of the Fell and the magic teacher of Rasputin, he was killed by the Tsar's most trusted assassins" Abe said "It took all five of them to kill him, but the flute was complete. The Tsar's men took it and hid deep in Siberia. Only Rasputin found it and he attempted to play it, but a Scottish Warrior attacked and stole the flute and cut it into three pieces. Now every twenty years the location of the pieces of the flute would be changed so that they would be hidden. Now they haven't been hidden in location in nineteen years"

"Meaning the last time they were changes were nine years before the event that rocked the world" Hellboy said

"So Bradley woke up and decided to go after the Symphony but the flute as well huh?" Yuki asked

"Yes, so we'll head to the first location: New York" Hellboy said

"While you're I'll work on the second part" Abe said

"Also Leon, I have a different mission for you while we're in New York okay" Hellboy said

"Yes sir" Leon said confused about why he was getting a solo task. "

"Don't worry, it should be fairly easy" Abe said "You just have to check up on something we monitor there"

"What is it?" Leon asked

"You'll find out when you get to this location" Hellboy said handing something to Leon. "Now let's go"

"YES SIR!" they all said before moving out.

'Good luck Hellboy' Abe thought

"we'll touchdown in twenty" Hellboy said

"So this is the main HQ for the Bureau is" Yuki asked

"Yeah pretty much, too bad I have to head there first, I hate Paperwork. Plus who knows who is there, just as long as it's not Manning or Klaus, can't stand those two" Hellboy griped

"Is there any one you do like in management?" Kirito asked

"no" Hellboy said as he lazed back

"I see" Kirito said

"Should we actually check in them?" Yuki asked

"Maybe, but that means we'll have to avoid Hellboy's wrath" Saeko said

"I heard that" Hellboy said

"Go back to sleep" Ragna said as he looked at a map "Now where would it be"

"That's Head to the base and check out where it would be located" Hellboy said

"We're here" Hellboy said

"This is the main HQ of the BRPD?" Tuka asked

"Yep, nice cover isn't it?" Hellboy asked they walked in and showed his badge to the deskman who let the eleven down, the section of floor they were standing on acting as a elevator.

"My Once the elevator stopped Hellboy groaned and got off walking down a corridor filled with mystical artefacts and relics.

"Now way" Natsu said being drawn to a sword that was shaped like a flame. "The Dragon Knight Sword, where did you find this?" he asked

"Singapore" Hellboy said

"Singapore, seriously; I thought it would be in Japan or China at least" Natsu said

"Yeah, blackmail antique sellers were going to flog it off" Hellboy smirked as an agent came up to him, making Hellboy smirk a bit "Hey Meyers, how you been?"

"Red, good to see you again, how was Japan?" Meyers asked

"Interesting, heck was just in Siberia looking for something involving the Symphony of Shadows, turns out part of the Flute of the Fell is here in New York, only a part of it anyway. So who's in charge today?" Hellboy asked

"Johan" Meyers said

"Great, globe head" Hellboy muttered

"Good morning Agent hellboy" Johann Klaus said as he went about an office. "I know you have been bust at the

"Johan" Hellboy said as he walked over

"So I have reviewed the situation, it is a pity Miss Akemi got injured. Care to tell me how she was injured?" Johan asked

"Bradley surprised her from behind and stabbed her shoulder and nearly cut her heart" Hellboy said "I left her back at the Japanese base to have her heal"

"And where is the one call Leon?" Johan asked "I noticed he did not arrive with you"

"He's checking on something, anyway do you have a location for the flute piece?" Hellboy asked

"The museum?" Natsu asked

"Yeah its apparently in here" Hellboy said

"So how are we getting in?" Kirito asked

"How do you think?" Natsu asked

"My shadow walking to get inside and disable the security systems and then allow you inside" Kirito said

"Then we find the piece" Hellboy said before the alarm sounded "Or we just charge in and stop Bradley"

"Let's go" Kirito said jumping into shadows and travelling inside and did what he was going to do before he let the others in. They prepared their weapons before moving in

"Anybody got eyes on him?" Saeko asked

"Negative" Natsu said as Hellboy was on the radio to HQ

"Okay, backup will be here in ten" he said loading his overgrown revolver. "Okay so spread out and find him, I don't want to lose the piece"

"Yes sir" the team said

Hellboy was walking through the hall of historical warriors with his gun out and held up in the air. He heard a rattle behind him, frowning he aimed behind him to see nothing

"Hey natsu?" Hellboy asked

"Yeah?" Natsu asked

"We might need another cover music video" Hellboy said

"Got it" Natsu said as the radio off. Hellboy looked around until a clapping was heard

"I have to say you've got a good mind on you, of course the shadow-walker was unnecessary, I would have let you in once I had teh flute of the Fell in my hands, so I could have sat back and laughed as you tried to get it back before I use it to play the symphony" Bradley said

"Bradley" Hellboy growled

"Tell me, how is your teammate?" Bradley asked

"Recovering" Hellboy said

"I see, that is good, I would hate to kill you all so easily" Bradley smirked "Especially you"

"What do you mean by that?" Hellboy asked before a roar was heard

"Oh how lovely, they've shown up" Bradley smiled

"Who?" Hellboy asked

"My Chimeras" Bradley said. Hellboy went stiull with shock before he ran off. But Bradley quickly intercepted him and swung hsi blade, which was blocked by Hellboy's stone fist making sparks fly. "They will be hunted by my pets, you on the other hand are my prey"

"Aw Crap" Hellboy said as he aimed at Bradley "Time to dance"

Ragna was walking through on of the halls with his blade on his shoulder and looked around

"How the hell did I get here, and more importantly where is Noel, I haven't see her in ages" Ragna said

"Who's Noel?" Saeko asked over the radio

"I guess you can call her my sister" Ragna said "Well I see her that way"

"So she's from your world?" Saeko asked

"What do you mean?" Ragna asked

"Do you come from another realm or dimension?" Saeko asked

"That is a secret that I will keep to myself" Ragna said before a growl was heard, turning around Ragan saw something that had the head of a boar, wings of an albertross, the body of a bull and a serpent's tail "Shit"

"What is it?" Saeko asked

"Chimera" Ragna said preparing his blade

"Chimera" Ragna said over the radio

"What?" Saeko said pausing her area and slowly drawing her katana "Please tell me your kidding"

"I've spotted one" Kirito said over the radio, the others joining in as well

"Same here" Natsu shouted

"Shit, how many are there?" Saeko asked

"I'll check" Jibril said

"Tuka, think you and Yuki can get to my position and quickly?" Saeko asked as she ducked behind a pillar as the Chimera hunted her walked in, it was a tradition lion/goat/snake hybrid Chimera. It was sniffing for her

"We can't one just found us" Tuka said

"Okay, hold tight I'll see if I can get rid of this thing and then head over to you"

"I'm heading that way now" Kirito said

"Thanks Kirito" Saeko said as she walked out of cover and twirled her sword "Now beast we shall play!"she charged towards it and slid under it while holding it up making a fair cut in the stomach before she whirled the blade around and cut the snake's head off. She wiped the blood from her cheek making it smear across her cheek. The monster's goat roared at her. She tightened the grip on her blade and stepped forward before jumping forward as the lion head opened it jaw and roared while she screamed in bloody fury. "Come for your death is before you" she declared.

"Ugh!" Leon said as he stepped in something. "why am I down here again while the others go after a piece of the Flute of the Fell?" Leon asked. The others had dropped him off before heading to the main headquarters which is where they would meet the higher ups and get their mission for the Flute. But he had to play amongst the waste. He paused his forward movement and looked around. "There better not be any alligators down here" he said as a soft swooshing was heard. He looked to where the sound of the movement came from and saw nothing, so he gripped his Jian sword and slowly drew it. Looking around he didn't see anything so he continued on before he heard something flying at him, so he deflected it with his blade, the object was a shuriken. He picked it up and quickly heard footsteps behind him, swinging his blade which were met with two other blades before Leon jumped back

"Look who we have here" a voice said making Leon look up to see four giant turtles.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Leon Luis, I'm with the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence" Leon said showing his badge "and you are?

"We're the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Duh!" the one in orange said

"I'm missing out on the main mission for this?" Leon asked "Great"

G'day Guys Grizz here and yep, another cliffhanger aren't those funs...well for a writer they are, for a viewer/reader I'm guessing not as much including me...I'm looking at you Doctor Who! anyway yeah Chimeras and a piece of the flute is in New York, now Americans...I'm sorry if I don't do a good job with New York in my fics being I have never travelled outside of Australia except to a island off the coast a fair bit called Kangaroo Island which is a nice place. Now about that last paragraph yes the TMNT cameo, this was going to be how they were originally introduced into the Legacyverse with a quick cameo here before their fic was launched. But that change so now for two chapters over in that fic Leon will join those guys which will be interesting

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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