Legacyverse: Symphony of Shadows @ozzieteddy
Chapter 3

"Very good indeed" Bradley said aiming at Homura before he pointed into the sky and fired off three shots. "That should bring your friends" he said as he threw the guns away and prepared his swords. Looking around he noticed a glaring problem, he was wearing an eyepatch which limited this field of view. This became obvious when a blade was swung at his left, acting on instinct Bradley blocked Kirito's sword and kicked him away before skidding back, right in the path of Hellboy's giant fist. Looking behind him the villain narrowly escaped his flattening, again getting the path of a hero's attack, this time it was Ragna's sword as it switched to scythe mode, Bradley swerved out of the way but was snicked by the blade.

"I got him" Ragna said

"WHAT!" Bradley said before his foot was set ablaze

"You looked cold" Natsu smirked

"Whelp" Bradley said stabbing at Natus, who dodged at the last second

"Homura!" Saeko said

"She's been stabbed' Yuki said

"Can you heal her?" Saeko asked as Jibril landed

"I will try" Jibril said using healing magic

"Allow me to help you" Negi said adding his own magic in with Jibrils. Bradley saw this and went for them. Leon drew an ancient looking blade and stepped in deflecting the blade and then blocking the second one

"you're quite skilled aren't you pup" Bradley said

"Yeah, better then you are" Leon smirked slamming his forehead into Bradley's forcing the sword master to recoil. Bradley scowled as he twirled his twins swords and charged, only to hear a growling

"Time's up" Bradley said

"What did he mean?" Saeko asked

"I don't know, but part of me doesn't like the sound of it" Hellboy said as a roar sounded "Let's move it team"

"I'll go check it out" Natsu said

"No don't we need to get, where's Homura?" Yuki asked shocked

"What?" Hellboy asked

"She was just here!" Kirito shouted

"Negi, what happened?" Leon asked

"I'm not sure" Negi said

"Go I'll find her" Natsu said as he raced off.

"You got it mana" Hellboy said "Fall back"

Natsu was on the trail of something , soon he found weird footprints Exhaling Natsu noticed that his breath was visible, more then what it was at the cabin. Standing up after examining the footprint he created a fireball in his hand to keep himself warm and provide himself with light. He pulled out a trio of drones and activated them to get a recording of the battle for later

"Where are you?" He asked looking around until the roar was heard. Natsu looked at the source of the sound and spotting a before him was a massive ice monster, and behind the monster was Homura who was freezing. Natsu growled "So we're dealing with an icicle golem huh, a skinnier version of an ice golem, but its size is an advantage trading in raw power for raw speed" Natsu said as he extinguished the fireball and create two fire swords. "Time to burn"

The icicle monster roared and sped at Natsu, who duck and spin around melting some of the icy body the monster turned around and exhaled a misty cloud of super cold air. Natsu exhaled hot air stopping him from freezing before he threw a sword which impacted the monster making it roar while Natsu changed one of the blades into a whip and wrapped it around the monster's arm allowing Natsu to get into the air where he inhaled the flame and shout out a beam of pure flames, which melted the monster's arm damaging it and making it uneven. Natsu roll landed and created a series of small fire balls which he used like grenades breaking off pieces of ice , Natsu jumped back as he dodged a ice shard which made Natsu then summon another sword and leapt into the air, stabbing the heart of the Icicle golem and slid down the body of the monster before extinguishing his blade and walking over to where Homura was and picked her up like a sleeping princess and warming her body up

"Are you okay?" Natsu asked

"I will be" Homura said

"Hey stay awake" Natsu said as the team aircraft landed in front of them and allowing the two to get in, Yuki, Rang and Saeko had the equipment for medical situation. Homura was quickly hooked up to it as the team flew off. Hellboy looked out over the frozen tundra

"How my namesake did Bradley get out here, and more importantly how did he find us" Helboy said

"Who knows" Abe said

"Blue, we have got to decode those pages and find out what is in there" Hellboy said regarding the book

"You got it Red" Abe said

"We're back at base" Yuki said as she and Ragna walked alongside Homura as they took her to the medbay

"Thank you guys" Homura rasped as they managed to get her into a proper medical bed and hooked up to various monitors. Negi and Jibril walked in

"How's the patient?" Jibril said checking her chart

"Getting there, so how close was it?" Homura asked

"Too close, according to this you were lucky to survive from lack of blood, heat loss and the fact Bradley's sword manage to scratch the top of your heart." Negi said

"Seriously?" Homura asked before cough as Yuki laid her back down softly "Always my damn heart":

"What do you mean?" Negi asked

"Here?" Jibril said handing the chart to Negi where it was written about her heart condition.

"So what's the next move?" Ragna asked

"We're just going to have to wait until we get a clue on the next page of the journal" Negi said

"Which give us time to have us heal you" Jibril said

"GUYS! Bad news" Leon said as he and Saeko rushed in

"What is it?" Ragna asked

"What the hell do you mean the fight with the Icicle golem got leaked?" Hellboy asked

"There is evidence of the fight in Siberia all over the internet, Manning's having a field day with this" Corrigan said

"That is not a good thing I take it?" Abe asked

"No its not, if this isn't fixed the bureau will have their funding cut which means we can't stop Bradley" Corrigan said

"Whcih is bad" Hellboy said

"Yeah, if we don't stop Bradley then the world's screwed" Abe said

"No shit" Hellboy said

"Well we better get the video offline" Corrigan said

"Shit, this is not good" Kirito said at a computer. "This leak is everywhere and of course the bureau takes it down, five more takes it place"

"Jibril, do you think you could use magic to get it off the internet?" Saeko asked

"I can try" Jibril said

"Hey guys what's up?" Natsu asked

"A leak online, the icicle golem got filmed" Negi said

"We've been trying to get it off, but it's easier said than done" Saeko said

"Can I have a look?" Natsu asked as Kirito turned the screen to show Natsu the screen.

"That works out for something I'm working on" Natsu said

"What?" Yuki said

"A cover story for this leaked video" Natsu said

"What do you mean?" Kirito asked

"Check the news site" Natsu said

"Okay, let's see" Yuki said "WHOA!"

"What is it?" Jibril asked

"When did you do this?" Yuki asked

"What is it?" Kirito asked

"he dropped a new music video" Saeko said "Winter Heart, and it looked like he managed to make it look like the leaked footage was of the video's making instead of a fight with a real monster"

"Quickly play it" Kirito said

"Cueing it up now" Yuki said as she pulled it up on the big screen, it started with Natsu just standing a black space softly singing the lyrics which appeared to be a song about a romance that died off and the guy was trying to fix it. The footage then pulled up showing Natsu standing in front of the Icicle Golem and igniting his sword, which ramped up the intensity of the music making it more of a hard rock sound while the lyrics remained the same just more intense while he was fighting the Icicle golem and it switched to Natsu singing in the black during the fight before the music returned to original tempo and softness as Natsu carried Homura off, the shot was taken from behind as it softly blurred. the team stood shocked

"Damn" Hellboy said as he suck a cigar in his mouth

"Is that all you have to say?" Corrigan asked

"Well, the kid did just save our bacon with this" Hellboy said lighting the cigar,

"That is true, did you know he was planning this?" Abe asked

"No, but let's be lucky this kid is some kind of Rock Star" Corrrigan said

"Who knows, maybe we can use more 'leaked' fights as his MVs" Hellboy said smiling

"This is serious Hellboy, if not for Natsu" Abe said

"We would be in big, big, big trouble and be unable to continue as normal" Hellboy said "Just as long as they don't seen Jonah, to keep us "fock yoused"

"Johann" Corrigan said

"Whatever" Hellboy said

"But we may get some oversight because of this incident" Abe said

"We get oversight you can kiss the book goodbye, same with Bradley" Hellboy said "Got anything new?"

"No, but I haven't had a chance to use the key" Abe said

"Well get to it" Hellboy said

"Not bad, it was a good cover" Homura said seeing the video

"thanks, so how are you?" Natsu asked as he sat besides his teammate

"I've been better" Homura admitted as she laid back and looked up at the roof

"Do you knwo who?" Natsu said

"How I got caught by that thing?" Homura asked "No I don't, all I know was that Bradley was pointing a gun at me and fired into the air then you guys arrived, the roar and next thing I know you're using you dragon slayer powers to warm my body up before they patched me up" Homura said

"So you don't know how you moved either, that is seriously worrying" Natsu said

"But who knows what would have happened had you not rescued me in time, I might not be here" Homura said smiling softly as she took his hand looked at him

"Yeah, the others would be a little lost without you here" Natsu smiled

"Red would be happier" Homura smirked

"Red!" Abe seemed panicked

"What is it?" Hellboy asked entering his father's old office. Abe was over charts and maps and the book. "What's wrong

"Firstly how's Homura?" Abe asked

"Good, she's recovering slowly, but faster than most humans thanks to the magic she absorbed" Hellboy said "Now what's up?"

"Good news, bad news" Abe said

"Good first" Hellboy said

"Luckily Bradley's been delayed from searching for the main symphony" Abe said

"The Bad?" Hellboy asked

"He's looking for the instrument to play the symphony" Abe said

"You don't mean?" Hellboy asked scared

"Exactly the Flute of the Fell, thankfully it was split up into three different pieces and scattered throughout the world, one in England, one in America, and one lost to time" Abe said

"So what do we need to do?" Hellboy asked

"Find the pieces and then we can learn the location of the symphony" Abe said

"I'll rally the team" Hellboy said

G'day Guys Grizz here and that was close, thankfully Natsu covered for the team and sorry there are no lyrics, I'm not a songwriter I'm a fictionalist, so I write fiction. I chose the song name because of the setting and monster, but hey you saw what Natsu can do in a fight right, pretty handy and of course what started out as a simple retrieval mission is now a damn fetch quest, the only thing more annoying then those are escort missions! Which there will be none of, plus I'll be linking up with the TMNT in their story here thanks to them going to America for a piece of the Flute of Fell (thank you Warcraft movie for the inspiration for the flute's title, man was that a good movie. What I'm rambling ooh sorry) so one of the team will meet with them and their supporting cast maybe even a romance

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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