Legacyverse: Symphony of Shadows @ozzieteddy
Chapter 2

"Team ATTACK!" Hellboy commanded as they ran at the Homunculus. Saeko jumped with her katana while Yuki tried to attack with her staff allowing Ragna to skid in behind Bradley, Homura stopped time and got super close to Bradley firing three round as impossible to miss range before she jumped out of the way and reactivated time, only to witness Bradley using Yuki's staff to block the bullets, knocking her in Ragna who in turn was knocked into Saeko. Hellboy stood there gobsmacked before face palming while groaned

"Not the best I've faced" Bradley admitted as he swung his swords around. Smirking he quickly cut Yuki's stomach

"YUKI!" Saeko said clutching her team mate, Ragne scowled before stepping back a bit

"NOW!" he shouted covering Saeko and Yuki as a massive magical energy attack shot at Bradley, the elements of wind, fire and darkness surged around Bradley who was trying his best not to die from the attack, he crossed his arms and then threw them out cancelling the attack, grunting he put his swords away and pulled out a smoke bomb, making it so the team couldn't catch up to him

"Damnit!" Hellboy shouted "Is everyone okay?" he asked looking away

"Yuki's injured" Saeko said

"How bad?" Hellboy asked

"Medium depth" Negi said checking the wound

"Hey where's Leon?" Homura asked

"Jibril's missing as well" Ragna said "Plus we're down an elf"

"I don't know about this" Tuka said

"We need to recover the clue while the others fight off Bradley" Jibril said

"Still" Tuka said

"It will be alright, they are strong warriors" Leon said as the entered an empty room, that looked like it was built out of a tree's root system. In the middle of the room as was a book

"Think it could be the clue we're looking for?" Tuka asked as Leon picked it up and skimmed it

"Elfish, Orcish, Latin, Troll-tongue. It looks like each page is encoded in a different way, and not just language but also key." Leon said

"Meaning we would need a key to both translate and decode this book" Jibril said

"Looks like it" Leon said

"Great" Tuka said

"Never mind the others now, we've got a bleeding team member here" Hellboy said

"Saeko" Yuki said

"What is it?" Saeko asked

"Sorry" Yuki weakly muttered

"About what?" Saeko said

"This" Yuki said before grabbing Saeko's arm and bringing it to her mouth and biting down

"Fuck!" Saeko said wincing

"Yuki!" Natsu said

"What is she doing?" Homura asked

"She's feeding, aw crap" Hellboy said realising what was going on. "Yuki, stop!"

"You're going to kill her" Homura said

"Yuki, back off" Natus said holding a flame in front of her face. Yuki suddenly came to and released Saeko, but not before she licked the bite marks to seal the wounds.

"Damn" Saeko winced

"I'm sorry, but I needed blood to heal" Yuki said lifting her top to reveal her injury was gone

"Neat, but maybe try not to drain your partner next time okay?" Natsu asked

"Hey we're back" Tuka said

"Where were you three?" Hellboy asked

"We found this in a secret room" Jibril said handing Hellboy the book. "But it is double encrypted, not even I can read it"

"Its using various languages, including Elfish to hide something" Tuka said "I can read the Elfish, but it's nothing but gibberish"

"Hence why we think its encrypted, using some kind of cipher. I'm sure once we get the cipher key we can crack the book" Leon said

"Good thinking, the old man was always hiding things, he could probably find the key to this in his office

"You mean this Professor Broom?" Saeko asked

"Yeah, my old man was many thing, stupid wasn't one of them" Hellboy said

"Wait you're the son of Professor Broom?" Saeko asked

"Yeah, but I'm adopted" Hellboy smirked as he continued out of his father's cabin "You guys coming or what?"

"Yeah we're coming" Kirito said helping up Saeko. "You okay?"

"I will be" Saeko said slinging her are over Kirito's shoulder as she was helped out of the cabin.

"So where did he put it?" Hellboy asked

"What are you looking for?" Tuka asked writing down the translation of the Elfish page

"A book of codes and ciphers, Corrigan or someone else have moved it" Hellboy said the translations going?"

"Good, I've written most of it out" Tuka said showing the page to Hellboy

"You're right this is gibberish" Hellboy muttered

"Which makes it tougher" Tuka said "Don't think I can crack this

"May I suggest the Caesar Cipher?" a voice asked making Tuka jump

"Ah, Brother Blue, what is your clue?" Hellboy said as a merman approached

"Who is that?" Tuka asked

"I am Abraham Sapien, but feel free to call me Abe" Abe said

"So what do you think?" Hellboy asked

"I think that each page's key is revealed in the previous one" Abe said

"Meaning?" Tuka asked

"We'll this page one which is a simple cipher and it leads to the location or the possible key for page two, which I believe is in Latin" Abe said

"So once we have the key, we can decrypt the second page, so what is the location o fthe second key

"My world, it's not just the key to the second page, but the key to every page in this book" Abe said

"You mean" Hellboy said

"I do" Abe nodded

"The what?" Tuka said

"The Key of Babel" Abe said serious

"Think of it as an analogue version of a master key program, it unlocks anything" Hellboy said

"But it is mostly used in cryptography. Think of it more as the first ever decoder ring, it has the ability to break any cryptograph allowing them to be read" Abe informed the elf.

"And that's good right?" Tuka asked

"It means Bradley could know of it as well" Hellboy said

"Oh dear" Tuka said

"So, you feeling better Yuki?" Natsu asked as he and Leon walked in

"Yep" Yuki said munching on a sausage sandwich, only the sausage looked off

"Hey Yuki?" Homura asked

"Yeah?" Yuki said

"What are you eating?" the Magical Girl asked causing the Dhampir to look at her food before snacking on it again

"Oh, this is what they call a black pudding sausage" Yuki said making Leon nearly throw up upon hearing what is was

"Huh?" Homura asked

"It's basically a blood sausage" Leon said

"Oh that makes sense now" Natsu said

"It does?" Homura and Yuki asked

"Yeah, Yuki's half vampire and if she eats those things then she won't need to consume ours in the field" Natsu said

"True, but we better take some transfusion bags with us next time just in case" Leon said

"Good idea" Homura said

"I've got it! I know where the key is" Abe said

"Where?" Hellboy asked as a map of the world was brought up

"Professor Broom hid it in an isolated cabin somewhere in Siberia" Abe said

"Great, I hate the cold" Hellboy muttered

"And we're in luck, he hid it near where we found Rasputin's mausoleum" Abe said

"Oh great, can this get any worse?" Hellboy said slapping himself in the face

"There is a blizzard head in that direction that will cover the location of the key" Abe said

"Swell, get the team together" Hellboy said

"Very well" Abe said.

"This is going to be one longass mission" Hellboy griped

"So near a mausoleum, that's the area where the key of Babar is located" Natsu said

"The Key of Babel, and yes" Hellboy said "now I know this might be a cakewalk, still Bradley could be there anywhere"

"Let's not forget the Baba Yaga" Kirito said

"She's been dealt with" Hellboy said

"How?" Yuki asked

"It's a long story" Hellboy said going to sleep.

"It's in the mission reports" Abe said

"We'll read them when get back" Kirito said

"1964 in case you do" Abe said

"Man I hate this place" Hellboy muttered for the hundredth time as he was bitterly cold.

"So where are we going?" Natsu asked igniting his hand.

"That way" Hellboy said pointing north. The group went along, most of them huddling next to Natsu for warmth.

"Gee don't I fell liked" Natsu said

"You should be use to women throwing themselves at you Rock Star" Hellboy smirked

"Shut it Red!" Natsu shouted

"How much further?" Yuki asked

"About another half a click" Hellboy said

"We've got that blizzard coming in" Saeko said

"Hold on" Hellboy said going for his radio. "Hey Abe, how long until the blizzard hits?"

"You've got a couple of hours, but at the rate your going, you'll be at the cabin before you know it" Abe said

"Understood" Hellboy said "Double time team!"

"Got it" the team said

"THERE!" Leon shouted as they saw the cabin

"Why are we always going to cabins?" Jibril asked

"That's because they are perfect for hiding books in" Leon said

"But we're not looking for a book" Ragna said

"We're looking for a device of some kind" Negi said

"So what?" Ragna said as the team reached the cabin. Something was outside

"What is it?" Yuki said edging closer to Hellboy, who looked up and around

"Werewolves" Hellboy said "They originated in the area and are featured heavily in Slavic mythology, like Vampires"

"Oh great, I hate dogs" Yuki said

"Natural for Vampires since Werewolves and Vampires are enemies" Jibril said

"Inside would be a good idea" Kirito said using his shadow shift to get inside. The door opened and the guys entered quickly. Natsu lighting as fire as soon as he saw the fireplace. Making it light the room and warm the teams.

"So what are we looking for?" Kirito asked

"I'm guessing a machine of some kind" Ragna said

"Yeah I'm guess, but where would that be kept?" Homura asked.

"I'm not sure" Negi said

"I'll stand guard" Homura said going outside.

"Good idea" Hellboy said

The team started to look around the cabin, they noticed something wasn't right with it

"There's a false wall here" Jibril said

"that can't be, why would there be one here?" Natsu asked

"Not sure, but there is" Ragna said tapping the wall which sounded hollow. The team stepped away before Hellboy reared back his fist and let it fly breaking the wall. Behind it was a like cog like object with an amber triangle in it. Smirking the team had found the Key of Babel. They then lit it up and saw it revealed various codes and hidden secrets.

"Now we can decode the book" Jibril said

"Homura, we got it. Time to head back"

Homura was standing in the snow with one of her weapons in her hand, she gazed out at the snowy landscape, behind her she heard the ground crunch. Looking around with her gun at the ready she ducked behind a tree and looked out, seeing nothing she exityed her hiding place

"Homura, we got it. Time to head back" her radio crackled. She was for it, only to feel pain, looking down she saw a sword blade poking through her chest with her blood on it.

"Well, that is good news" Bradley said as he grabbed Homura's gun and pointed it at her. Very good indeed"

G'day Guys Grizz here, and yep another cliffhanger only this time instead of an attack, an injure member is in the snow bleeding out and about to be shot, so how did Bradley get there again when he was gone? That will be revealed next time. Also the codes and ciphers thing was inspired by Gravity Falls...thanks Disney but still a good show that I have only seen most of the second season. What don't give me that look, anyway yeah the Baba Yaga is an actual legend and Hellboy character which was defeated by Hellboy, also this will have a bit of a globe trotting feel to it. Enjoy that

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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