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Chapter 10

"Tir Na Nog, like the Irish legend is real?" Natsu asked shocked as he looked over the map Negi pulled out

"It really exists?" Saeko asked

"Yeah it does" Negi said

"So where is the entrance?" Yuki asked

"Somewhere on the Emerald Isle, but there is an entrance close to Elias' cottage" Negi said

"So which on are we going to use" Ragna said

"The one near Elias' cottage, that way we can have a clear lead" Negi said

"So let's go" Kirito said as he grabbed his swords

"You heard him" Negi said as the team got ready

"So you have no idea where the symphony actually is" Elias said

"No we don't bonehead" Hellboy snapped

"So what is going to happen now?" Corrigan asked

"We're not sure" Hellboy said

"Um may I ask something?" Abe asked

"Sure what is it?" Hellboy asked

"Oh I was just wondering where the girl is" Abe said

"What?" Elias said as they rushed to the medical room "Chise?"

"She can't have gotten far" Hellboy said as they quickly search for her

"Okay we're ready right?" Negi asked as he team were about to enter and Osprey

"Wait" a voice said making the team look

"CHISE!" the girls shouted running over to her

"Allow me to help" Chise said weakly "I know the Faerie Kingdom"

"May as well" Ragna smirked

"Come on then" Natsu said as he went over and helped Chise onto the Osprey

"Shouldn't we get Red?" Kirito asked

"No time" Jibril said

"Okay, pilot head for the English countryside" Ragna said

"You okay?" Tuka asked as she and Homura sat down either side of her for the flight

"You better be right about this Negi" Leon said

"I am" Negi said

'I just hope I don't have to use that' Leon said

"They're gone" Abe said

"Yes thank you Einstein I can clearly see that" Hellboy snapped

"Do you know where they have gone to?" Elias asked

"Somewhere in the British Isles" Abe said

"Can you find the,?" Hellboy asked

"It will take some time" Corrigan said

"Do it" Hellby said as he walked out to the staging area and saw nothing to indicate where teh team had gone. He growled before sighing and grabbing a beer "You want one Thorn?"

"No thank you, I'm more of a wine and tea kind of person" Elias said looking over a table

"Suit yourself" Hellboy said as he joined him "You don't think?"

"Maybe" Elias said shrugging

The team and Chise were walking through the woods outside Elias' small cottage. Soon they came to a rock formation that was hollowed out. Negi turned to the team as he was the one leading

"Everyone ready for this?" he asked before the hollowed out section started to glow

"Let's go" Ragna said as they entered, inside was a caver covered in glistering gemstone and starlight, they walked down a path, which one protecting Chise, as the eyes of creatures. Ragna used his azure grimoire to keep them at bay

"The Azure Grimoire, a slayer of dragons, a slayer of the undead, a dhampir, a Makai, an Elf, a Flugel, a shadow walker and a pair of mages. What an interesting group" a voice said

"Who was that?" Homura asked

"The voice of the forest, don't worry it won't harm you" Negi said as the exited to see they had arrived in Tir Na Nog

"This is Tir Na Nog?" Saeko said as she looked up to see leaves of emerald and gold on covering the branches of trees the size of skyscrapers, each tree had steps built into them. The group were amazed

"Come on" Chise said

"Where?" Negi asked

"To find Oberon and Titania" Chise said

"Wait, wait, you mean the king and queen of the faeries from A Midsummer Night's Dream?"

"What's that?" Natsu asked

"Oh come on, Thou speak'st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night. I jest to Oberon and make him smile, When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile, Neighing in likeness of a filly foal" Ragna said "Shakespeare! the famous English playwright"

"Not ringing any bells" Kirito said

"I'm so teaching you some damn historical literature when he get back" Ragna grumbled, Leon looked behind him and frowned

"Something's coming" he said

"What?" Chise asked before becoming concerned "NO!" she shouted making everyone look behind them seeing the endless amber turn black and the plants start to wither and die. For there was Bradley with an army

"Are those?" Saeko asked

"Yeah ghouls" Leon said

"But what are they doing here?" Chise asked

"They must have used the Ireland entrance, come on" negi said

"We have to find Oberon and Titania quickly!" Natsu said

"This way" Chise said as the group ran off

"Leon!" Tuka shouted

"GO! I'll hold them off!" Leon shouted drawing his blade

The group kept running as they passed various Fae creatures before Chise stopped and panted

"So where are we?" Natsu asked

"We have to near Titania" Saeko said

"Little Robin what are you doing here?" a regal voice said

"Titania" Chise said happily

"Again what are you doing here?" Titania asked

"That's Titania?" Natsu asked as observed the woman with Chise, she had pale, bright rose colour eyes and long raven colour hair that nearly touch the ground. She wore a dark green dress with vines around the shoulders

"Ghouls have invaded Tir Nir Nog!" Chise said

"What?" Titania asked

"A homunculus dubbed Rex Bradley has been looking for the symphony of Shadows" Ragna said

"And we tracked it down to this location" Negi said

But he's brought an army of Ghouls with him" Natsu said

"And that means he will easily get his hands on the symphony" Saeko said

"This is terrible" Titania said covering her mouth as the corruption from the ghouls was creeping closer and closer to their current location when suddenly a golden light shone brightly and made everyone confused

"What was that?" Ragna asked

"Isn't that where Leon is?" Tuka asked

"Now that you mention it" Ragna said

Leon was dashing forward cutting down the various ghouls, but he was getting nowhere fast with just slashing them so he stood still and looked as the monstrously looking ghouls rushed him

"Time to play, and I was hoping not to have to use this" Leo said raising his sword about his head and drew a circle with it making a bright golden light shine out from it as something crashed onto Leon. Once the light died down there where Leon was standing was a golden knight clad in wolf themed armour of gold and a massive claymore like sword in his hand. Upon seeing this form the ghouls started to creep backwards. For there before the ghouls was now Garo the golden knight of the Makai order. "Let's Play" he said swinging his sword as he jumped into the air, next he vaulted off a tree and shredded three more ghouls before landing and looking back before he jumped at some more and eviscerated them. Looking around Garo then dashed forward on the trail of Bradley

"Ah your highness" Bradley said

"Bradley!" Natsu shouted as they all armed themselves

"Did you forget what I can do now I have the Flute of the Fell" Bradley said

"How did you get your hands on that?" Titania asked

"Scavenger hunt which we lost" Ragna said

"This way your majesty" Chise said

"Oh I don't think so" Bradley said as he was now in front of them

"How did he move that fast?" Chise asked as she went to summon her staff

"I think not" Bradley said as he opened a vortex

"CHISE!" they all cried before she was kicked through

"Happy trails" he laughed as the vortex closed on her

"NO!" they all screamed

"Little Robin" Titania said

"Now the symphony" Bradley said before a shout was heard so he tried to block before he was face to face with Garo! "The Golden Knight"

"That's right" Leon said

"And since you practically killed the girl we're going to return the favour" Ragna said as he twirled his

"GET HIM!" Natsu roared

Kirito quickly stabbed his sword into the shadows and made it appear behind Bradley, who used his swords to block it as Ragna and Saeko ran up to him and used their swords to try and cut Bradley in half, but he block them with Kirito's sword while cutting his hand. Homura drew two Desert Eagles and aimed at him, but he was too fast as she fired at him, Tuka had an arrow pulled back on her new compound bow and aimed at where Bradley was travelling before shifting to the left before releasing it, making it land in Bradley's path making the enemy halt giving Jibril enough time to cast a radial spell casting thousand of magic arrows at Bradley. Majority miss their target but a few did hit him allowing Negi to rush in and fire off a lightning spell only to have Bradley dodge them. Leon stabbed the back of Bradley's coat into the ground allowing Yuki to spin her scythe and finally cut him. The group paused as Bradley's blood dripped onto the floor. He roared and tore his coat off as he charged at Yuki, only to be captured by a flaming whip from Natus who threw him back to Saeko who had her sword at the ready and did a kendo strike on Bradley's shoulders. Having enough of this Bradley raced over to Natsu and using an unseen strength kicked him away, then doubling back on Saeko just as Ragna reached him and blocked his sword. Leon and Yuki then jumped on his back and injured him there

"MOVE!" Negi shouted as he and Jibril conjured a light blast at the homunculus, growling Bradley jumped out of the way before he glared

"Man where am I?" Natsu asked "And why is so dark?" he asked as he felt around for something and then found a stick or something which he picked up and lit the end of using it as a torch, looking around what he didn't notice were the flickers of black flames from the torch "So where am I?" he asked as he looked around and saw it was some sort of library like room in a tree. Natsu grabbed a scroll and unfurled it and read it for a bit until he slammed it down and grunted "Stupid unreadable scroll" he muttered as the torch went out "Oh come on" he said using his hand to light the room. He looked down and unfurled what he was using as a torch and found out it was a piece of sheet music which made his eyes widen. "The symphony!" he said snatching it up "But it was said to be indestructible, so why is it burnt...hold on, I use Dragon fire magic it means" he said running out

"Giving up yet?" Bradley asked

"Never" Kirito said as he was barely standing

"Give it up, with the flute and soon the symphony I win!" Bradley declared

"You mean this?" Natsu asked as he held up the scroll

"Natsu NO!" Saeko said

"Give it to me and I'll spare you friends" Bradley said

"Sure" Natsu said handing over the scroll


"Finally I have it, I have...half of it...where's the other half" Bradley said

"Oh, here it is" Natsu said letting go of what appeared to be ashes

"You burnt the symphony" Yuki asked

"HOW!" Bradley asked

"Simple, I use Fire Dragon Slayer magic, so I figured the Dragon Fire can destroy it" Natsu said

"Why you" Bradley said before he raced over to Natsu and was about to stab him when Natsu conjured a lance of burning dragon fire and stabbed Bradley through the chest and removed the spear before stabbing it into the rest of the symphony burning it. "It seems you just delay your defeat" Bradley said using the flute to get out of there via a portal

"GET BACK HERE!" Saeko said as she and Kirito ran at Bradley while Tuka tried to snipe him, which succeeded just before the portal closed.

Near the Ireland entrance Bradley collapsed and tried to get his breath back and sat down on a rock as the sun was about to set

"I will get them back" he grunted as he stood up

"Not likely pal" a gruff voice said before a gunshot was heard a massive chunk was removed by a bullet. Looking back Bradley saw Hellboy was standing there with his massive revolver pointing at Bradley

"Hellboy!" Bradley roared before he was shot twice more, one of them hitting his core making him crumple into a heap as he stopped moving

"See ya, asshole" Hellboy said picking up the corpse to dump it in the sea. "Now where's my team"

"Thank you" Titania said as the team bowed before her "You saved not only Tir Na Nog but the entire world"

"Thank you your highness" Ragna said

"But unfortunately Chise Hatori is now lost in the world somewhere" Titania said

"Don't worry we'll find her" Natsu said

"No, she'll return to the side of Thorn, but for now go and rest you deserve it" Titania said as footsteps were heard

"Sorry I'm late" Hellboy said

"Amung Un Urama" Titania said

"Hellboy, is everything?" Jibril asked

"It's done, he's dead and won't do anything like that again" Hellboy said "But I'm sorry we trespassed in your land"

"It was no trouble, after all it was to save the world" Titania said

"Just doing our jobs, come on team let's go home" Hellboy said "Oh by the way, here" he said tossing the flute to the queen "Keep it safe"

"We will" Titania said as the team left

"So that's one mission down" Hellboy said as he and the others were resting at the New York base

"Yeah it is" Saeko said

"So what now?" Negi said drinking a cup of coffee

"I say we relax and wait for orders" Homura said as she cuddled up to Natsu and rested her head on his lap as Natsu started to stroke her hair

"And try and find Chise" a voice said as Elias walked out holding a set of books

"So you've taken over Professor Broom's spot huh?" Hellboy asked

"Just until Chise shows up, I don't to leave the house for long, especially since Silver is still recovering" Elias said

"Anyway what's next?" Hellboy asked

"Adventure my dear fellow, adventure" Elias said as he opened a book up.

G'day Guys Grizz here and yeah victory, bet you weren't expecting it to end that way huh, well neither did I things changed a lot but that is the ending and it is being left opened for a sequel, and you'll find out what happened to Chise in an upcoming fic, and it is hard to imagine IU got the idea for this while playing Injustice 2 as I was writing the Legacy of the Lost. But hey I hope you had enjoyed it

A big thanks to bige1218 and Mrotrax for reviewing this fic, thank you to those faved and followed and a thank you to who just read this now and in the future. And next time in the Legacyverse we'll be heading to Africa and the Wilderness of Wakanda!

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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