Legacyverse: Symphony of Shadows @ozzieteddy
Chapter 1

During the second world war a secret division of the Axis forces dubbed the Thule society tried to bring a weapon of great terror to their to win the war, only the allies ended up finding their weapon, a baby demi-human they adopted. But while the summoning was the main plan, an officer of the society dubbed Rex 'King' Bradley had discovered a dark secret the world had tried to hide: the Symphony of Shadows, who ever sang it would have gotten power over the darkness, luckily the same allied task force that grabbed the demi-human managed to recover the symphony and hide somewhere so that no one could ever find it. But in ten years ago the world lost a tenth its population thanks a cybernetic alien race; during this event the man who was once a part of the Thule society awoke and his mission to find Symphony of Shadow began anew. To counter this threat the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence put a team together under the leadership of one of their greatest, the demi-human found in WW2: Hellboy!

Hellboy walked out of his quarters while a massive mug of coffee. He paused when he saw his co-worker Agent Corrigan

"Hey Kate what's up?" Hellboy asked as he took a sip

"Your team is ready"

"You mean the one to deal with the Symphony of Shadows?" Hellyboy asked

"Yes, exactly" Corrigan said

"Okay so what do we have in store for me to lead this team huh?" Hellboy asked

"Glad you asked, you'll enjoy this" Corrigan said

"So come on then" Hellboy said taking another gulp of coffee

"Your first team member is Jibril a member of an Angelic like interdimensional race dubbed the Flugel, she's smart, strong, able to fly, immortal and has the ability to perform magic"

"Not bad" Hellboy said

"Next is Kazuto Kirigaya code named Kirito, he's an Umbrakinetic. As one of that race he can control darkness and shadows; not to mention he's a top swordsman and genius hacker" Corrigan said

"Useful" Hellboy said

"After that we have Saeko Busujima, a typical high school student who has experience with the undead, he has a high skill level of Kendo, so she's sort of like a ronin or samurai"

"Always nice to have a sword or two" Hellboy said

"After that we have Natsu Dragneel" Corrigan said

"The Rock Star?" Hellboy asked

"Yep, the same Natsu Dragneel, he's a descendant of a clan of Dragon Slayers so he has Pyrokinetic abilities and increased strength" Corrigan said

"So next?" Hellboy asked

"Homura Akemi" Corrigan said

"And she does?" Hellboy asked

"She's a Puella Magi" Corrigan said

"A Magical Girl, forget it!" Hellboy said "I don't do Magical girls!"

"Oh, come on Red!" Corrigan said "She has Time manipulation and is basically a weapons master with a focus on guns" Corrigan said

"Okay fine" Hellboy huffed clearly annoyed out of his wits "But just her"

"After that we have Ragna Bloodedge" Corrigan said

"That Azura Grimore dude?" Hellboy asked reading the file

"Yeah, following him we have Yuki Cross, she's a Dhampir who is also a Vampire slayer.

"A girl who hunts her own kind, that's messed up"

"Says the half demon monster hunter" Corrigan said

"Touché" Hellboy grumbled

"Okay then we have Leon Luis, he comes from a background of Knights, not sure what kind though as there is very little mentioned about his background besides him being a knight" Corrigan said

"Interesting, who's next?" Hellboy asked

"Tuka Luna Marceau" Corrigan said

"The elf we picked up on the other side of the gate?" Hellboy asked

"Yeah, once again high magical ability, mastery of archery, standard Elvin senses, which are higher than ours" Corrigan said.

"Good to know, so who's the last member?" Hellboy asked

"Negi Springfield, you last saw him when he was just ten years old" Corrigan said handing Hellboy a picture

"He looks a lot like his father, man I miss that magus"

"Yeah well he trained under his step mother Evangeline AK McDowell" Corrigan said

"Serious, he married the vampire!" Hellboy exclaimed. "Good to see Negi's doing well"

"Shall we meet them in person?" Corrigan asked

"So we got a gothic Lolita soldier, a flame haired knight, a couple of schoolgirls, a dude in a red coat, a cute blonde elf and us" a guy with salmon hair said

"Don't forget the emo swordsman" a dark red haired mage said

"Up yours" Said swordsman said

"My what an interesting gathering" an angel said

"Plus some kind of angel" the other said

"Wait, aren't you Natsu Dragneel aka the dragon of Rock?" one of the school girls said

"That I am" Natsu, the guy with salmon hair said

'You're a rock star?" the swordsman said putting his sword away

"So you any good with that thing?" the flame haired knight said "Emo"

"Sure am, and my name is Kirito" Kirito said

"Leon Luis" the flame haired boy said "And she's Saeko, heard you went on some pretty wild undead hunts in Japan"

"Yes, I spend my days hunting phantoms, revenants and of course

"Don't say it" Negi said

"Werewolves, don't worry the zombie the media depicts are works of pure fiction, most actual zombies are slow, brain dead and of course under control of a Voodoo practitioner" Saeko said

"oh good" Negi sighed

"I thought you were a mage" the dude in the red coat said "And the name's Ragna the Bloodedge" Ragna said

"Got it" Natsu said

"ATTENTION!" Hellboy said as he walked into the room and the teammates stood at attention "That works cool, at ease" he said as the team took a relaxed stance "So this is my team huh? not bad, not at bad. Hey Negi, look at you all grown up"

"thank you sir" Negi said

"You two must be Yuki and Saeko, I hope you know what you are getting into
"Yes sir" the two said

"Leon Luis, a knight I hear" Hellboy said

"I am, it will be interesting working with a descendant of one of the knights of the round" Leon said shocking Hellboy

"You catch on quick" Hellboy said "So you're Jibril huh. Interesting"

"Greetings commander" Jibril said

"Hey, Kirito, a hacker who has Umbrakinesis, which was somehow gained after the event ten years ago"

"Yeah I've been looking into it" Kirito said

"Don't worry we'll help with that" Hellboy said "So Homura Akemi"

"Hellboy, you're infamous in the magical girl community, mostly for not working with us" Homura said glaring at him

"Yeah well now I am, so try not to aggravate me okay?" he asked

"Ease up Hellboy" Corrigan said

"Alright, Natsu Dragneel, I'm surprised to see a rock star join up with us" Hellboy said

"Trust me, it's different for me as well" Natsu laughed

"Shall we get to what we're doing here" Ragna said

"Ragna!" the elf said

"I'm just saying" Ragna said

"Okay then" Hellboy said "Time to be briefed"

"1944 off the coast of Scotland a group known as the Thule society tried to summon a bunch of chaos gods, but I got sent through, so they failed their mission from the Fuhrer" Hellboy started

"The Furher you mean him?" Negi asked

"Yeah, the big bad of the second world war, anyway the BPRD was formed on that day to stop that mission, and succeeding with bringing me to their side. However they had a back up: The symphony of Shadows, and the man in charge of that mission was a man dubbed Col. Rex 'King' Bradley. Bradley turns out is a Homunculus, a man created by Alchemy so he was the man for the job of collecting the Symphony, but our agents managed to find it first, it was in a hidden alcove at the Louvre. Of course the Bureau moved it to a different location and Bradley just fell off the face of the planet. Only the event ten years ago where a tenth of the world's entire population was destroyed had awoken Bradley and so he resumed his mission for the Symphony. So that is why you have been recruited, to help me to stop Bradley and destroy the Symphony" Hellboy said

"So why haven't you guys destroyed it yet?" Kirito asked

"To put simply it was lost to us" Corrigan said

"What?" the team asked

"Yeah, we misplaced the location to it" Hellboy said rubbing the back of his head embarrassed

"How?" Natsu asked

"the one who hid it died before he could pass it on" Hellboy said "However that means that Rex is just as lost as we are"

"So where do we start?" Jibril asked

"A cabin nearby here, load up we move in twenty" Hellboy said as he walked out

"A Cabin?" Yuki asked

"Who knows" Kirito said.

An hour later the team were in the woods surrounding a small wooden house. Natsu and Ragna nodded before bolting forward, Jibril was in the air giving her air superiority just in case it was needed. Hellboy looked out and pulled out his massive revolver and looked back

"Hey Shadow Walker, Blend into the shadows and see if there's any threats" Hellboy said

"You got it" Kirito said running at a tree and then jumping into the shadow allowing him to travel quickly. Hellboy then turned to the girls.

"What should we do?" Yuki asked pulling out a small baton, Hellboy frowned at

'So she has Artemis huh, I wonder if she has the scythe transformation thanks to her Dhampir form?' Hellboy though "No, just not yet" he said as Natsu and Ragna returned

"It's clear" Natus said

"Couldn't sense anyone out here" Ragna said as Kirito came back

"All clear" Kirito said

"Okay, move in" Hellboy said leading his team into the cabin. Upon closing the door Hellboy put his revolver away and looked over at a picture and picked it up. A small sad smile took its place on his face "Hey dad" he said putting the photo back and looked around "Now where did you hide the map to the Symphony?" he asked

"That is what I'm here for" a voice said behind him.

"You" Hellboy said as standing behind him carrying two sabres were the man they were trying to beat to the Symphony: Rex 'King' Bradley

"I'm surprised to see you here Hellboy, missing daddy are we?" Bradley asked

"Well, you know. At least I get a bit of revenge for him, and I'll enjoy it more WHEN I PUNCH YOUR UGLY FACE IN!" Hellboy shouted throwing his massive red right hand at the Homunculus, who jumped over it and tried to stab Hellboy in the back, back his Stone hand blocked the sword giving Hellboy time to pull out and swing it like a hammer, but Bradley ducked and thrust his sword into the air, barely avoiding Hellboy's chin. Grabbing the blade Hellboy was able to punch Bradley in the face as well as swinging his gun into Bradley's side.

"Not bad" Bradley said wiping his mouth before twirling his swords and charged in again. Hellboy lowered his head and rammed his head into Bradley's gut winding him.

"Does anybody know what we're looking for?" Negi asked

"Some clue as to the location of this Symphony of Shadows" Homura said

"Werewolves, Vampires, Ghouls and Goblins, Gargoyles, Thunderbirds and dragon. Oh my what a collection of books" Jibril said

"The Blood Queen, The Seeds of Destruction, The Golden Army. Who is this guy?" Ragna asked

"Anybody notice that all the books are written by Prof Trevor Bruttenhom?" Saeko asked

"You mean the former Director of the BPRD?" Yuki asked

"Seems like it" Saeko said before she went to her swords and withdrew it "We're not alone" she said

"Where?" Natsu asked igniting his fist with Dragonfire

"The front room" Saeko said running out as the others drew their weapons and raced out

"It doesn't seem like this battle will make either one of us budge" Bradley said in a crouch as he pointed his swords at Hellboy

"No it isn't" Hellboy said smirking "But that's why I've got back up"

"What?" Bradley asked as Saeko, Kirito and Ragna ran at him, Bradley looked behind him and swung to block the three attacked, only to have a bullet skim across his knuckles, looking to his right Bradley saw Homura reloading the magazine in her gun and aimed again

"I see, well this will be fun now won't it?" he chuckled as he charged forward

"Team ATTACK!" Hellboy commanded as they ran at the Homunculus.

G'day Guys Grizz here and this is the second fic in what I am now calling the Legacyverse which started with TransformersL Legacy of the Lost a massive crossover between the Transformers and several dozen animes. So this is the second one which I hinted at several times in Legacy of the Lost. So the anime characters we have are: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue Alter Memory, Jibril from no Game No Life, Kirito from Sword Art Online with an upgrade, Tuka Luna Macau from GATE, Leon Luis from Garo the Animation, Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight, an aged up Negi Springfield from Mahou Sensei Negima and Saeko Busujime from Highschool of the dead! The big bad for this series is King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist, and I gave him the name Rex which is King in Latin! So settle in grab some popcorn and enjoy

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside

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