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Chapter 9: With Me Now

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Chapter 9: With Me Now

"Fuck, yeah. You feel so good, B."

I could have probably thought of at least twenty other things I would rather be doing than laying on my bed while Puckeman thrusted his pelvis into mine. It wasn't that I didn't like fucking him. He was probably my favorite lay in the school and his uncomplicated attachments just made the whole thing easier, but I just wasn't in the mood.

I was always down to fuck. It was one of the many things that just about everyone at school knew about me, whispering in the hallways about how much of a slut I was. A lot of woman, namely Rachel Berry, got far too touchy about that kind of talk. As for me, I didn't care. There wasn't anything wrong with a woman who owned her sexuality and used it to get what she wanted out of men. Some called it slut shaming, but I preferred the term 'empowerment'.

Perhaps that was why Puck started to realize that something was going on.

Ever since this whole thing with Lopez started, I hadn't been in the mood to sleep around. Things were already confusing enough in my head, and I wanted to spend my nights after work drinking and getting high, instead of sucking dick. For anyone else, it would have been a legitimate response, but it was so unlike me. Unfortunately, Puck knew me better than anyone else.

He began to ask questions on the third night of me shooting him down. I knew he meant well by asking if I was okay and if something was going on with me that he could help with. He was a jackass, but he had my best intentions to heart when he wasn't irritating the hell out of me. I appreciated it, but I didn't want him to care so much.

It took a steamy text on my part and demanding him to come over after I finished work to stop his suspicions.

I was just starting to get into the sex and forget all about my confusing new friendship, my aching knuckles, lip and my recent run in with Rachel Berry, when Puck started to u his pace. By the rate that he was pounding himself into me, I knew he was about to finish up. Usually, he did manage to get me there too, but I didn't care this time around. If I did, I would have slapped him and made him get me off first.

Digging my fingernails into his back, I let Puck ride it out, grunting away into my neck as he came.

"Thanks, B," He sighed, pulling out of me and peeling off the condom to throw it across the room into my trash can.

"Don't get too emotional," I smirked, pulling the sheets up to cover my naked waist before reaching for my pack of cigarettes on the night stand.

"Fuck you, Pierce," By the way he moved to lay on his front, I knew he was just a few minutes away from falling asleep. It was always the same - like clockwork. Uncomplicated.

"Shut up and go to sleep,"

"Kay," He replied with a smile, eyes closed as he drifted off. Smirking, I lit my cigarette, blowing smoke out into my dimly lit bedroom.

The sudden light up of my phone attracted my attention, eyes falling to the screen to read the text.

Text from: Unknown number

[ Hey, It's Santana. I heard about what you did to Rachel.. ]

Waiting not-so-patiently, I learned back against my locker after the school bell rang, letting my blood boil under my skin. Even after letting my anger out on Mercedes, and being somehow calmed down significantly by Santana when I had seen her, I had my eyes set on the feud I had with the bitch queen herself - Rachel Berry. I knew I didn't need to do anything to her for my image, or even for Santana after she had said that she didn't want me to retaliate, but I wanted to put the Cheerio diva back in her place. The place under my feet. As soon as I caught sight of the brunette turning into the empty corridor, I pushed off the metal lockers and started storming towards her.

"About fucking time, Berry,"

I saw her eyes widen at the tone of my anger flared growl. She knew she was about to get hurt.

As quickly as that flash of fear appeared, it melted away as the girl put on a cool exterior, coming to a halt in front of me and crossing her arms against her uniform covered chest.

"How are you today Brittany?"

I couldn't help but scowl in hatred.

"Oh cut the crap, Man-hands, and wipe that little weasel smile off your face." I spat, stepping forward to tower over the shorter girl. "You really fucked me off but I'm impressed you didn't bring anymore minions I would be forced to send to hospital."

Raising my hands, I shoved her back, almost making her trip over her feet. I watched as she clenched her fists, taking a step back towards me and squaring up. She was getting far too big for her boots and I would be lying if I said that it wasn't just that little bit more fun when people put up more of a fight against me.

It made it far more satisfying when I destroyed them.

"Why are you so angry Brittany? You bully everybody in this school, why is she so different?" Rachel demanded, "Why did that piss you off so fucking much?"

I tried to not let her reference to Santana get through. It wasn't like the nerd was anything to me anyway.

"I don't like you. I don't like your prissy little attitude and how you think you're a mother fucking queen. I needed an excuse to put you back in your place." I growled, walking towards as I poked and poked Rachel further back. I was taunting her, waiting for her to react so I could snap.

"I hate you just as much as you hate me, I think you're a horrible human being and nothing but trash Pierce. At least people respect me. When they look at you, all they see is a mistake that shouldn't have been. Even your parents hate you now." Rachel sneered, the acid tone just dripping from her tongue.

Perhaps the reason why I hated Rachel so much, was that she knew too much about me.

But that went two ways.

"Well at least I chose to be this way. Your mother gave up on you before you were even born. She should have just gotten rid of you and spared us all the countless times we had to tolerate being within a fifty foot radius of you." The words left my mouth and froze the air around the two of us.

I wanted to break her. I wanted to show her that even though she knew my past, that I knew hers too. In a place like this, it was an eye for an eye.

I watched as my words settled over her head like a ton of bricks, her small body vibrating with anger. Among the rage that laced in my blood, I felt triumph.

"Take that back."

As quickly as she could get the request out, I lunged forward, grabbing her cheerio jacket and lifting her clean off the ground. Moving towards the lockers, I slammed her back against them, her feet flailing and trying to kick at my shins.

With a sadistic smirk, I pushed my arm against her throat, letting her toes tickle the ground.

"If you ever fucking dare again, I swear to god." I whispered harshly, my breath hitting her face.

WIth tears in her eyes, McKinley's Queen Bee nodded in submission.

I won't let you go next time, Berry." I breathed against her ear before I let her go, after just one more shove against the lockers.

Ash she fell to the ground with a small cry, I turned on my heel and marched down the hallway. I could hear her starting to cry behind me, and I didn't bother to turn back.

I did what I had to do.

Adding Santana into my phone contacts, I smirked at the memory of what I did to Rachel. I knew Santana probably wouldn't have been happy about my retaliation, but it was about a lot more than just the fact that she got slushied.

Text to: Lopez

[ You didn't wait long to text me did ya, Lil' One. ]

It was only earlier that day, right before I found Rachel in the corridor, when I slipped her my number while I was walking out of homeroom.

I wasn't entirely sure why I did it, but I was happy that I could text her. It certainly was an easier way to communicate than getting caught at school by Puck or anyone else who wanted to get into my business.

Text from: Lopez

[ No.. But you didn't hurt Rachel, did you? Everyone is saying she ran out of school. ]

I sighed. Even after Rachel was a complete bitch to her, Santana still wanted peace and sunshine. That just wasn't the kind of world we lived in. I knew that more than most.

Text to: Lopez

[ Relax. I didn't put a single bruise on her. I just had a few things to say. I can kind of play by your rules, Lopez. ]

Not that I was playing by anyones rules but my own. I could have beaten her up if I wanted to. I can do anything I want, with or without Santana's permission. Even though I knew she wouldn't be too happy about what and how I said what I did to Rachel.

Text from: Lopez

[ Oh… Well, thank you. I'm proud of you, Brittany :) ]

I couldn't help the way my face broke into a wide smile. Catching myself in the act, I cleared my throat and moved to make sure Puck wasn't aware of what I was doing. He was there, snoring away with his face buried in my pillow.

It was then when I remembered about my plans for the weekend. It was a bit of a long stretch, but having Santana join me at a house party before wasn't so bad. I couldn't help but wonder if she would enjoy it again.. And if I would too. There were a million excuses I could come up with to cover my want to spend time with the nerd, so that really wasn't a problem. Especially considering that this party wouldn't be crawling with cheerleaders and assholes from school.

Text to: Lopez

[ Come to another party at Sugar's with me this weekend. I can make sure u can spend the night so u don't crash in my bed again ;) ]

As per usual, it was a demand rather than a request.

Text from: Lopez

[ Okay. I'll ask my parents. Will you make sure I'll be safe, like last time? ]

Text to: Lopez

[ Ur always safe with me ]

It might have been the first time I had been genuinely excited about one of Sugar's parties, and I wasn't sure if I was okay with that or not. The thought stayed with me as I turned my phone off and tried to settle down into sleep. I knew I was in for a mostly sleepless night, and wished I had some weed to take the edge off a little, but I had used it all up with Puck before we had sex to get me in the mood.

I was going to look like crap in the morning, but at least I would be able to blame that on Puck.

I always was a good liar.

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