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Sugar Rush @hemowrites
Chapter 8: Best Behavior

A/N: Welp, Sorry it's been so long! Lots of crazy things have been going on with my spouses job, getting my VISA sorted, in-law family drama, sorting out stuff to move to a different city and getting a new cat. I've just been so behind but HERE I AM! I really hope this real long chapter makes up for being gone for a while, and I have so much brewing for these two idiots! I hope you guys give me a chance and stick around .ox


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Chapter 8: Best Behavior

Gripping tightly to the handlebars of my motorcycle, I sped down to the street where the gay kid from homeroom lived. I now knew his name was Blaine, thanks to Asian chick, but gay kid had more of a ring to it. Besides, giving names to faces wasn't really my style. It only took a stern look for Asian chick to give up the information, telling me that gay kid had taken Santana back to his place after she had been slushied to clean her up – with a few other nerds who wanted to be there for moral support. Seriously, who did that?

It took me less than two minutes after leaving the school parking lot to get heavily pissed off that my truck was so slow and luckily, passed by my house on the way to switch out to my motorcycle. I wasn't really sure why I was heading there because of the simple fact I knew Santana was there, or even why I got so angry at Rachel for the slushie incident. For whatever reason, I felt protective. Santana was mine to do with what I wanted.. Be that bullying or carrying her to my apartment when she was high as hell.

Either way, thinking about it too hard was not the best idea. Not when I was palm twitchingly angry. Not when I was riding.

Pulling up in the driveway, I left the roaring engine running as I tore off my helmet and held it under my arm. Holding the bike up with my strong legs with my feet planted on the ground, I wiped away some of the blood that was still seeping from the slowly clotting gash on my lip. That Mercedes bitch really did a number on me.

Sighing roughly, I impatiently sounded my horn. One of those damn nerds in the house had to have heard the engine by now.

Just as I was starting to think that turning around and going to take my anger out on a punching bag at the gym might be a better idea, the door opened with a click, revealing a very confused and shaken looking Santana.

"I can't believe you're actually here." I could only assume her nerd friend texted her to give her a heads up. I mean, I really didn't blame her. As far as the friend knew, I was on my way to beat her up or something. After all, it was kind of my thing. I guess that's what I got for being infamous.

"I did a shit job of looking after you." I wasn't too sure if that was my reason, or I was just stating facts that Santana obviously already knew. Either way, I felt like a bit of a dumbass. Santana's eyes shot up to meet mine – or should I say, my bloody mouth. I should have left my helmet on, but I could feel the anger radiating from my body and the last thing I needed was to be physically hot headed alongside mentally.

"Brittany! Wh-what happened?" She asked, closing the door behind her and rushing towards me, instantly reaching out for my face. "Did you fight Rachel?"

Almost as a reflex, I jolted my head away. "No. Not Berry." I answered vaguely, really not wanting to answer anything while I was still brimming with rage. Getting into that conversation would just bring up far more than I could handle at that moment.

Dipping my tongue out of her mouth and tasting the copper sweet blood, I made eye contact with those pleading brown eyes for the first time since pulling up outside the house. I knew what I wanted

"Put this on and get on." I ordered, holding out the helmet that had been tucked under my arm. I knew I probably sounded cold and uncaring (as usual) but it was the best I could do in that moment. I wasn't thinking straight, nor in the right mind. All I knew is that I wanted to get away for a little while, and for some reason, I wanted the nerd with me.

"No, I can't." She replied, taking a step back from me. The questions were swirling in her eyes, obvious as day, and I knew she was dying to ask them. It was all obviously a little too much. "My friends, are all inside, we're hanging out…" It was honestly a really lame excuse, and I was already tired of all of it. It was already enough to make me re-think this entire situation.

"You know what, forget it. I don't give a crap." I spat out, before bringing my cut lip into my mouth and letting out a shaky breath, averting my eyes to the side and away from the girl. The strange, unfamiliar pang in my stomach just made me feel angrier.

"I don't even know why I bothered." I muttered, revving the engine of my monster bike and pushing it back towards the road with my strong legs.


The sudden outburst took me a little by surprise. I have never heard something so loud come out of the small girls' mouth. When her hand fell upon my glove covered counterpart on the handle bar to stop me from going, I couldn't bring myself to jolt away. Instead, my eyes just fell to stare at her action. My hands used to be the ones to throw her around, but now?

"I'm sorry… I'll go with you."

Ripping my eyes back up, I kept my mouth shut as I offered her the helmet for the second time. She took it, and fastened it before staring at me, a look of confused anxiety written all over her face. I remembered her telling me that she had never ridden on a motorcycle before.

"Just climb on and hold onto me. Don't worry about scratching her or anything." I grumbled, planting my feet firming on the ground as best as I could to support the bike to allow Santana to climb on.

She was awkward pulling herself up, but she managed it, wrapping her arms around my stomach and holding onto me as though her life depended on it. When I was sure she had settled and wasn'tgoing to just fall off the other side of the bike, I pulled out a pair of aviators from my jacket pocked so I could see without riding with a helmet and roared the machine back into life. I could feel Santana flinch against my back, and welcomed a smirk.

Pulling away from the house a little slower than she usually would, I could feel the smaller girl's hold around my waist as I rode and it seemed to calm me down- more than the cold, crisp wind slicing against my face. My driving was a lot less erratic than it had been before, that much was obvious. Not really knowing where I wanted to go, I soon realized I was heading towards the lookout point. I used to always go there when people pissed me off too much and I couldn't deal with being at school or alone at home. I would drive away and calm myself down by smoking in the small structure at the edge of it. It was quiet and private.

Finally pulling up at the lookout, I shut off the engine and kept the bike steady to allow Santana to get off without everything toppling over. She was ungraceful and clumsy, but at least she didn't fall on her face. That was something, at least.

As soon as Santana found her feet, she smoothed out her shirt and I could see her staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Of course she wanted to talk, and there was only so much time I could stall before I had to say something to her.

Pulling off my glasses, I tucked them back in my pocket before moving to kick the bike stand out, throwing my leg over and dismounting. Keeping my jaw tight, I started to walk towards the wooden lookout structure, hearing the ground crunch behind me to tell me that Santana was hot on my tail. I had calmed down a lot, but was never one to let things go.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." I mumbled, sitting down on the bench and looking out over Lima, feeling the girl sit beside me. Looking down at my hands, I pulled off my leather gloved to reveal my angry looking bruised knuckles, clenching and unclenching my fists to get some feeling back into them. Being able to concentrate on my own pain helped with my short fuse issue.

"Why would you do that? Why would you care?" Santana asked, her voice soft.

"You said you wanted me to protect you." My voice was quiet and gruff.

"Why not? You bullied me for years.."

Shrugging, I clenched my fist tighter, wincing at the sharp pain. I didn't know what to tell her if I didn't know myself.

"Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital? Is it broken?" She sounded so worried, I couldn't help but smirk, shaking my head and moving to grab my cigarettes from my pocket. I could feel the start of her smile from what I could see out of the corner of my eye.

"Please don't hurt Rachel. I don't want you to hurt anyone because of me,"

Raising my brow, I placed a cigarette between my sore lips, lighting it and inhaling the heavy smoke. I was going to kick the bitches' ass, with Santana's permission or not. Besides, she had it coming even if she didn't slushie her.

"Sorry I like… Forced you to ditch your friends," I wasn't really all that sorry, but I didn't want to talk about Rachel Berry any longer. The last thing I wanted to do was get angry now – not when Santana seemed to be the only thing that could really calm me down this easily. Weird.

"I don't mind," I could see her shrug out of the corner of my vision as she shifted to sit closer to me, her arm brushing up against mine. "But I don't understand why you came for me."

I didn't know either, so I wasn't sure if Santana wanted an answer or not. Either way, she wasn't going to get one.

"I told ya that I'd take you on a ride," I changed the subject, flicking the ash from my cigarette to the ground. "And I do shit on my terms, so I thought 'why not'. I was obviously looking my freaking best," I smirked sadistically, indicating my angry, split lip. The pain was dulling, but the clotting was starting to make it tight and uncomfortable.

"I think you're always beautiful."

By the sudden way Santana's mouth snapped shut, I was pretty sure she didn't mean to admit that at all. Figures that the only lesbian in school would find me hot. I was tall, toned and everyone was into a bad girl – especially the goodie two shoes nerds who need some excitement. I was practically a wet dream. If she didn't find me sexy as hell, I would have probably been real offended.

"Alright, keep it in your pants." I scoffed, smirking in amusement as Santana started to shrink beside me. She was far too easy to tease. Luckily for her, I was used to it, so it wasn't like it offended me or anything.

"What happened after you got slushied anyway? Did you have a-.. one of those things?" I asked, knowing that there was only so far Santana could sink down into the bench before she probably hurt herself or got an awkward splinter.

"Panic attack?" She questioned, and I nodded my head. "Yeah, I did.. Blaine took me to his house and cleaned me up,"

"So.. Did he have to do the cuddling this time?" I asked, and I could tell by the way her eyes flickered down to my upturned lips that she knew I was playing around with her. I wasn't normally a playful person, but Santana was a little different. I knew she wouldn't exactly go around telling people I'm nice or something. In fact, I highly doubted she'd tell anyone we hung out at all. Her friends would probably skin her alive and send her to rehab.

"Sorry about that…" Santana sighed, not being able to stop the very obvious blush on her cheeks. She got wound up really easily. It was almost cute.

"You apologize too much,"

I watched her open her mouth to reply, and it was pretty evident that she was going to apologize again by the way she let out a small breath and closed her mouth again. She was kind of starting to look like a goldfish.

"Can I see your hand?"

Furrowing my brow at her random request, I shrugged and handed her my right hand, which sported a very deeply bruised knuckle from my wicked hook. It wasn't like I hadn't had a million injuries just like it before, especially with the amount of fights I always got myself into, but it wouldn't hurt to have her look at it. If it made her feel better or something.

One thing I already knew about Santana, was that she worried far too much.

Santana carefully took my hand in her own, gently, as though she was afraid she would hurt me. It was pretty ironic, but there was something sweet about the way she examined the scrapes and blemishes on my skin. No one had cared for me like this since I've been on my own.

"You should get it cleaned up. And your lip. You don't want it to get infected." She said seriously, cradling my hand like it was precious, running her finger tips gently over my sore flesh. It was far too imitate but given that it felt kind of nice, I let it slide.

"Brittany, don't hurt Rachel because of me. Please." She begged, her voice small "I'll feel so bad."

Sighing, I reluctantly pulled my hand away, letting it fall into my lap and threw away the almost finished cigarette.

"I'm gonna do it anyway. She's had it coming for months, with or without you." Santana must have known there was nothing she could do to stop me – as hilarious as that sounded.

"I never knew this place was here," Looking over at the Latina, I watched her eyes scan over the view. It was quite picturesque – the whole image of the town looking like ants from the height. Everything just seemed so.. Insignificant and tiny from here. You could leave all the bullshit down at the bottom of the hill.

"I used to come here all the time when I got really angry at shit or when I needed to get out of this shithole." I admitted, careful not to say anything to push Santana away again. I was seriously starting to think I might be some kind of emotional bipolar. "You should see it at sunset or sunrise. Sounds lame but it's pretty epic, especially when you're high."

"It seems like a good place to think," Santana agreed with me, and I could feel her leaning more into me. I hoped she didn't start cuddling me or something. That would be far too much stress for one day, I might pop a vein. "Maybe I should try that one day."

Catching me by surprise, I turned with a peak of my pierced brow, meeting her sly, smirking little face.

"What the hell. Careful. You're gonna turn into a little fucking badass and your little friends are gonna come after me with pitch forks or something when you start skipping class." I chuckled, feeling light for the first time that day. Damn this girl.

"I skipped today, I guess," She replied, looking a little smug. What a nerd.

"At least, if your friends hate me for this, I know you probably wont."

"You'd care if I hate you?" Her question took me a little off-guard. It wasn't exactly what I took from the conversation at all, but it got me thinking. I could have run to anyone after getting that pissed off. I could have gotten high with Joe, or run away to sleep with Puck.. But no. I decided to find Santana and take her on a ride and she made me feel better than my other friends had ever been able to. Or anyone, really. I didn't like people. At least, I never used to.

This girl was some kind of Kryptonite.

"Do you have a time you have to be home by? Or back at Andernerds or whatever? He probably think I killed you,"

"No," She replied quietly, eyes boring into the side of my face so fiercely, I could almost feel it. "Why don't you want to answer my questions?"

She was getting brave, and I wasn't sure I liked it so much.

"What questions?" I replied, though playing dumb would really go right through her. Santana was smart.

"I-.." She started, before taking a deep breath. "I'm just curious. I mean, I'm a nerd and you used to bully me. A lot. You say you don't like people but you don't seem to mind me so much. You smile around me and you actually talk.. More than you do to Puck in homeroom. You seem to care about me, kind of.. And I'm confused. Is this a bet?"

Letting out a sigh, I shook my head, a small trace of a smile on my lips.

Yeah, you're a nerd and I'm someone who doesn't give a shit about what people think of me. Do you think I really care that much about all those stupid cliques? I don't like a lot of people because they're either obnoxious bastards or just piss me the hell off for just being annoying or completely lame." I spat with a slight bitterness. "But you.. You don't piss me off as much. Well yeah, you do irritate me sometimes and have been driving me up the fucking wall since I started actually talking to you with all your questions and saying sorry literally about everything, but you're not as bad or freakish as I thought you were."

"If you tell me what annoys you then I'll stop…" Santana replied quietly "But, thanks I guess, for saying I'm not that bad." Her eyes didn't leave her lap and I had a sinking feeling that I had upset her or something.

"No it ain't that.. I like hanging out with you and I meant.. I'm not surprised you're confused as fuck. I am too. I haven't even told Puck 'cause I don't know what I'm doing."

"Oh," She breathed, sounding a little more upbeat. "I like hanging out with you too." If smiled could kill, I'd probably be dead. "You don't have to tell anyone. I won't tell anyone. I mean, my friends know now, because you kind of showed up on your motorcycle, but I don't have to tell them anything." She seemed pretty sincere.

"Good. Because if people found out I have this…. Soft spot for you, I wouldn't hear the end of it. If you thought today was bad, it'll be fucking world war three."

"You have a soft spot for me?" I turned to look at her, taking in the ridiculously large grin on her face. "I won't tell."

I couldn't help but scoff out a laugh.

"Well.. When I get angry, no one goes near me because I'll just beat 'em up. But here you are, calming me the fuck down. Maybe you're like some kinda calming drug. "

"I'm glad I could help," I could tell she was probably getting off on all of this. "If I can prevent anyone else from getting hurt, that's a good thing.. Now.. If only I could stop you from beating up Rachel."

Meeting her eyes, she gave me a look that almost screamed kicked puppy. Her eyes were dark and wide, eyebrows raised. She was pouting at me, and it was working.

"Fine, fine.. I'll fucking try." I sighed, kicking the ground and standing up. "Let's get you back before it gets dark or before you kill me with those damn eyes."

"I guess I'll spare your life. I don't want to have to walk back." She grinned, jumping to her feet and almost skipping back to the motorcycle. What was my life coming to?

I watched her run ahead, putting the helmet back on her head and waiting for me to catch up with her.

"If you keep threatening my life, I might have to pop a wheelie on the way back. Really get your heart pumping,"

Her eyes widened behind the helmet, and I smirked.

"Please don't."

With a grin, I jumped back on Beauty and kicked away the stand, waiting for Santana to jump on the back and take her position holding my waist again. It didn't take long before I roared the motorcycle back into action and started us on our journey back to Santana's house. We were fighting the incoming sunset, but at least it made for a good view on our way down the hill.. Not that Santana was looking. With how tightly she was gripping me, I was sure her eyes were screwed just as tightly.

Pulling into the strangely familiar drive way, I slowed down the bike and cut the engine, waiting for Santana to climb down and get back on her feet – which I'm sure, she was thankful for.

"Maybe next time, you can open your eyes," I teased, smirking as she handed me back the black helmet.


Raising my brow, I relaxed back in the leather seat and let out a small, amused huff.

"Next time you apologize for nothing, you have to do whatever I say. Let's call it a bet. To get you out of that bad habit.

"Um… Like what?" She asked, her eyes wide.

"I don't know yet. I guess we'll have to see, Lil One."

I wasn't sure if it was the bet, or the nickname, but Santana's face broke into a gleeful grin – and I couldn't help but follow suit. She was infectious.

"So.. I better get back and sort out my hand n' lip. Doctor's orders," I smirked, pushing back to reverse out of the drive way. Almost instantly, Santana's lip gutted out into a giant pout.

"Oh cheer up.. You'll see me soon."

I watched as she sighed, nodding with a small smile.

"I hope so."

So did I.

(So did I.)

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