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Sugar Rush @hemowrites
Chapter 2: Playing With Fire

A/N: I wanted to get the next chapter up pretty quick. I know a lot of people won't be too into Brittany being so much of a bully and the severe lack of Brittana so far but I promise, it'll all come together and soon. Review if you want me to continue, so I know im getting on the right track! Thank you, and enjoy .ox

Chapter 2: Playing with Fire

Text from: Fuckerman -
[ Come over later? Ur ass looks so fucking hot in those jeans ;) ]

I scoffed. I knew home room was boring to say the least and my ass was probably more interesting than anything else in the room but I really wasn't in the mood for sexting. Puck always tried to start it with me, but it wasn't my thing. Sex was probably the best way to release tension and it was easy - especially with someone as constantly willing as Puckerman. I slept with other people too, don't get me wrong, but the last thing I wanted was for some loser to want more than that. Puck knew where he stood with me – a quick, easy fuck with no foreplay, no emotions. I didn't do relationships. I barely managed friends.

Shaking my head, I locked my phone and shoved it back in my pocket. Leaning back in my chair, I lifted my feet up onto the desk. I saw the way Mr. Schuester, our homeroom teacher, glanced my way. I wasn't surprised when he didn't say anything. He used to try, but there was only so many detentions I could get before they gave up on me. Hell, I was surprised I hadn't been expelled yet. If the principal wasn't such a bitch herself, I probably would have been. My guess was that I kept people in their place so she didn't have to. More than once, I've watched her stalk the hallways and make students cry.

When my pocket vibrated again, I let out a low sigh and ripped it back out, ready to give Puck a piece of my mind. Honestly, blatantly ignoring him was clue enough that I wasn't interested.

Text from: Fuckerman -
[ Lespez is staring at u. ]

It was rare that Pucks' texts took me by surprise, but I wasn't expecting it. When he was sat four rows behind me, it was usually to tell me about my ass or that he was bored as hell – honestly stating the obvious. This, however? He really was going the right way for a kick in the balls. Of course people stared at me. I was hot.

With curiosity getting the better of me, I glanced to the other side of the classroom and, sure enough, Puckerman wasn't lying.

Sat at her desk, notebooks, folders and papers sprawled out in front of her and pen in hand, the tiny tanned girl I threw in the dumpsters the day before was staring at me. Even behind her think rimmed glasses, I could see the intensity of her gaze. Though I would have assumed she'd be fantasizing my downfall in her imagination like the rest of her nerdy friends, her dark eyes seemed soft. She was looking at me – really looking at me. I wasn't too sure if it made me feel comfortable or not. I was used to leers, fleeting glances of rear and hating glares – not a steady, simple gaze.

I didn't like it at all.

It took just a narrowing of my eyes for the other girl to come to her senses. Her eyes fluttered before they flickered down, casting back to whatever she was scribbling down in her notebook. By the way her shoulders seemed to hunch, I was pretty sure she didn't mean to get caught staring.

I'm not surprised. She was weird.

Settling back into my chair, I retired to keep on ignoring Mr. Schuester's constant drone about whatever was going on in the school that day. Not that I really cared at all. This whole homeroom thing was complete garbage.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and clenched my jaw. I swear, if Puckerman kept sending me constant texts, I was going to block his number and any more chances of booty calls.


I didn't need to look over my shoulder to know that Puck was trying to get my attention. God, he was persistently annoying. With an exasperated sigh, I turned in my seat to see what he wanted. It better have been important. With a sly grin, obviously pleased I was giving him the time of day, Puck gestured to his phone.

Grunting to myself in annoyance, I pulled my phone out, unlocking it to see what was so damn important, he couldn't leave me the hell alone.

Text from: Fuckerman -
[ I think she's drawing u. lol ]

There wasn't really much that took me by surprise – mainly because I hated the feeling – but this was one of those rare times. Glancing back to the girl in question, I noted how she was still scribbling, paying no attention to Mr. Schuester. Funny – I thought that nerds were all about school and classes, even the crappy bullshit ones like homeroom. Whatever she was getting her nose stuck into must have been pretty important.

If it was me, I wouldn't blame her.

Smirking to myself, I tapped out my reply to Puck, just as the bell rang, signaling the start of our free period.

Text to: Fuckerman -
[ Ur fucking jealous. No 1 wants to draw ur ugly face.]

After stretching out, feeling my bones crack from sitting still for far too long, my attention was attracted by a quick blur of movement and a little shriek of horror.

"Give it back.."

Looking towards the commotion, I saw Puck standing in front of the nerd girl's desk, holding her notebook above his head and far out of her reach. She was crimson in the face, almost trembling as she tried to swat the book out of his hands. Brave little nerd – I'd give her that. I didn't even know Hispanic people could noticeably blush that much. Shows how much I knew.

Smirking, I rose to my feet and pushed through the students leaving the classroom to make my way over to Puck and his victim.

"Awh c'mon Lezpez. Don't you want me to take a pic at what you've been hiding your nose in?" He sneered, "I think we all wanna have a look,"

Though the girl kept trying to jump up, her feet never rising more than a few inches off the ground, she was powerless to get it back. Puck was built like a brick wall. As he moved to shove her away, I took the opportunity to reach up and tug the book away from his hand. I was pretty tall myself and that dude knew better than to snatch it off me.

Flipping through the notes on what I assumed were math and science or something, I came across a few pages of what I could only describe as cartoon drawing. Something you would see in one of those comic books people like the lesbian nerd would cream themselves over. Letting my eyes graze over the inked drawings, my brow furrowed as I tried to make sense of them. They were mainly of a girl with facial piercings and a dress sense eerily similar to my own. Her eyes were lined in thick pen, intricately more detailed than the rest and piercing – catlike.

"What the fuck.." I breathed, eyes narrowing as I looked up at the girl. Her eyes were wide and frightened – much like I had just caught her doing the most shameful thing imaginable. I wasn't surprised. I was pretty much known for beating people up for much less than this. If I wasn't so taken aback, I probably would have.

Before I could say anything else, she bolted from the room with a swish of her ponytail.

"What the hell, that is you. How fucking creepy." Puck laughed, snatching the book out of my hands to get a closer look. At least it wasn't just me imagining it. That girl must have spent a long time staring at me if even Puck could decipher it with his thick head.

With one last bellowing laugh, Puck thrust the book back into my chest and walked from the classroom towards where I was sure he was meeting everyone else so we could head outside for a smoke. After all, what else were free periods for?

"Just a moment, Brittany," Mr. Schuester called after me as I attempted to follow, making me stop in my tracks with a well-practiced eye roll. He was one of the few teachers who hadn't quite given up with the lectures and 'trying to mold me into a better citizen'. It was exhausting – not to mention creepy as hell.

"I want you to return that book."

I had to admit, I really wasn't expecting that to come from his lips. Lecturing may have been his annoying trait, but telling me what to do really wasn't. After all, he did just sit back and watch as Puck snatched it in the first place.

"You must be kidding me," I grumbled with a huff. "You just saw Puckerman take it, not me,"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

The way I narrowed my eyes at him was enough of a response.

"You return the notebook or I'll write you up for double detention after school,"

"What the fuck?" I snapped, slamming the notebook down on the nearest desk. "I have to go to work. You can't freaking do that. It's just a damn notebook." I was already stuck after school for half an hour or so on most days thanks to the majority of other teachers who thought it was a good way to teach me a lesson. Seriously, if you put all the bad kids in one classroom with no work to do, it really wasn't that much of a punishment. It was more like a forced hang-out. I couldn't really care less about detention but having to stay behind in this place and miss out going to my job wasn't really something I could afford to do.


"A notebook that was obviously important to her." He stood his ground, staring at me with one of those creepy 'it's for your own good' looks.

"Return it."

I hated the library.

I had actually only been here a few times, and none of them were by choice. The last thing I ever wanted to do was voluntarily go somewhere filled with books, nerds and silence. It was almost infuriating and I really, really didn't belong. Nonetheless, I strutted my way inside, noticing the way everyone's eyes turned to face me. Some looked a little frightened but most just looked confused as hell. Oh boy, this was going to be fun. In the most sarcastic way possible.

It didn't take me too long to find the girl from homeroom. She was hidden away in a corner, huddled over some kind of thick, old book that looked like the kind that would put me to sleep with just a few sentences. Honestly, how did anyone read that crap? She apparently could with the way she didn't even notice me as I walked up, loitering beside the desk and peering over her shoulder.

"That crap looks boring as fuck," I smirked. On cue, the girl almost jumped out of her own skin as her head whirled around, eyes widening when she finally caught sight of me. Her lips parted, but she didn't speak a word. I wasn't too surprised. After our little run in after homeroom, she probably thought I would beat her up for being a creeper.

"Relax," I snorted, amused by her little goldfish impression. "I was just giving you this thing back." When I dropped the notebook onto the desk with a smack, she jumped – staring at it with intensity before looking back up at me. If she hadn't pleaded with Puck earlier, I would have seriously questioned whether she had the ability to talk at all.

Pulling out a chair, I sunk down. I wasn't entirely sure why I didn't just turn around and walk away. Puck, Joe and Sugar were probably already under the bleachers with whoever they had decided to drag along for a smoke, and most likely wondering where I was. This whole situation was Puck's fault in the first place, so I wasn't keen on having to spend time with him at that moment. Hiding out in the library, as lame as it was, seemed like my best bet.

"You have a name?" I asked. Maybe she'd actually talk.

"I.. um.. Santana.." She replied, her eyes fixated on the table, seemingly very unsure of herself. It wasn't a difficult question, really. Her voice was quiet and soft – kind of a world away from the idiots I called my friends. "Santana Lopez."

"You know who I am," I stated with a smirk, nodding towards the notebook I placed on the table. Her face instantly flushed a darker shade of red and she almost looked like she was going to throw up. She sure was touchy. At least I knew for sure that the pictures were supposed to be me after all.

"Do you draw that shit a lot?" I wasn't too sure why I was asking. I didn't care about anyone else other than myself – that was pretty much a fact. But I wouldn't lie and say I wasn't curious. Someone I usually bullied the crap out of was freaking drawing pictures of me and I wanted to know about it. It wasn't as though there was anyone else in the room who could amuse me anyway. I got bored easily – Sue me.

"Um.." She started, flickering her eyes back up to me. She seemed just as confused about this whole exchange as I was. I was a badass- I could do whatever I wanted and she would just have to deal with it. "Yeah, I guess." She shrugged, keeping her voice low as though she would startle me into hurting her. "Not just of you though… I draw a lot of people." She found the need to assure me. "It's easier to draw things you know… At least, it is for me.."

"Right," I dragged out, nodding as though I understood. "At least I looked fucking hot," I added, not being able to stop myself from smirking. I could appreciate myself, that was for sure.

As though someone flipped a switch in her head, Santana's unsure frown turned into a bright smile. It hadn't really occurred to me that I'd never seen her smile before. It wasn't really the first thing I thought of when it came to the people I usually threw into dumpsters or shoved against lockers. It was obvious that the only emotion I would get from them would be fear. But the instant she smiled, I had the weirdest feeling that I wanted to smile back.

I didn't even smile much around my friends.

Nonetheless, I let the smirk fade from my lips and shrugged, feeling the nagging need to be a bitch. "Schuester made me find you.. So don't think I wanted to," Honestly, she was making me feel uncomfortable. I got catcalled and hit on daily, but the way she smiled when I called myself hot.. It was weird. She was weird.

As though my words shot through whatever reasoning she made up in her head, her eyes lowered and she nodded in understanding. I wasn't sure why she looked so damn disappointed. I really wasn't the play-nice kind of girl.

"Thank you anyway," She whispered, peering up at me behind her thick lashes.

So freaking polite.

"Yeah, whatever," I grumbled as I stood up, shoving the chair back under the desk with a louder thud that I intended. I could feel several eyes flicker in my direction. "Puck's an ass,"

Turning away from Santana, my hair flipped over my shoulder and I stalked my way out of the library.

Definitely something I didn't want to experience again for a long time.

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