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Chapter 16: The Truce

Chapter 16: The Truce

I decided to go back to school a little sooner than I had originally planned to.

School sucked, and if there was any reason or way I could milk to not go in, I was going to take it. Santana, however, had been texting me and trying to insist that it was important to go back into school so I could be on track to pass the grade with the rest of my class. Though I had brushed her off for quite some time, I eventually gave in.

It wasn't that I thought she was right, but more so to stop her from nagging me. Not that I minded the nagging all too much… She was just a little disappointed in me the more days I stayed away. Disappointment was worse than anything else.

At least I had someone, now, to be disappointed in me.

Everyone else that cared had left a long time ago.

It was a nice feeling, though I regretted all of it as soon as I pulled into the highschool parking lot in my old truck. I was really missing my Beauty at that moment. I needed to take her into the garage I worked for a quick fix up and some elbow grease, but time off school meant a little time off work. It wasn't in the same boat by a long stretch, because I adored doing what I did at work, but the cast really put a dampener on what I was able to do.

I barely set foot out of my vehicle before I started to deeply regret coming back.

"Yo Pierce," The familiar gruff voice made me roll my eyes so far back into my head, I would probably be able to see my brain if I tried hard enough. "We missed your ugly face,"

"Shut it Puckerman, before I break my other hand on your nose,"

Just like that, I felt my mojo flow back into my body. It had been a strange week doped up on pain pills and cuddling my new little secret friend in my bedroom, but this was McKinley High. I was Brittany Pierce and I ruled this poor excuse for a learning establishment. I had my own little reputation, and that was one of the things I was most proud of during the pathetic attempt at schooling.

"Ahh.. How I missed you,"

I knew Puck was being a little condescending and sarcastic, but he had that annoying little smirk on his lips that meant that he really was pleased to see me. I would never admit it, even if I was being literally waterboarded by terrorists, but I did miss him too. This friendship, no matter how messed up it was, did go both ways.

But the sex? I had definitely decided that part of our friendship was going to stop. After all, he could probably get it from any of the girls in school if he wanted to. Maybe Sugar even had a shot, and she would jump at that chance seeing as she had been following him around like a little love sick puppy recently. It wasn't as though I enjoyed sleeping with him anyway.

I prefer him with his pants on.

Was that gay?

"I totally thought you weren't gonna come back," Sugar's annoying nasally voice cut into me like a steak knife. Of course she was going to be hanging around wherever Puckerman was. Maybe they were already sleeping together. After all, it had been a while since she had put out, and she was sure she wouldn't have heard the end of it if he bagged himself another cheerleader since she had been away.

"Wishing I hadn't," I grumbled, but I was glad to see her. Even though she was annoying.

"You gonna skip first period with us?" Sugar asked, Puckerman nodding along at her side.

They must have done it.

"You didn't think I came back to actually go to class did you?"

I smirked, and the two of them laughed with me, Puck punching my arm lightly. Truth be told, It was good to be back. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Anything that had been bothering me was definitely pushed to the back of my mind. Things were starting to feel like they were getting back to normal again.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Santana glancing in my direction as she walked up to the entrance of the school, hands tucked around the straps of her overly large backpack. The slight contemplation was very obvious on her face, and I could tell that the academically inclined girl was fighting whether or not to wave at me.

I smirked to myself, and nodded my head ever so slightly in her direction. The smile that lit up Santana's face was instantaneous. With such a small gesture, I probably just made her day. Though I would have quite liked to just forget that the past few days never happened, and Santana hadn't seen me snuggled up in my bed, watching movies and falling asleep on her chest. But it did, and there was no point erasing it.

I had done enough of that.

"Is that Lez-Pez?" Puck asked, following my line of sight just in time to watch Santana scurry in through the entrance at the front of the school.

"That's a stupid nickname. She helps me with my homework and shit. 'Cause my ass is actually getting out of here and leaving your dumbass behind,"

I had gotten pretty good at lying out of my butt.

"I think it's nice," Sugar piped up, curling her hair through her fingers like a 90's schoolgirl. "First Joe, and now Britt,"

"Broseph is fucking outside the clique. That's different," Puck argued.

"Huh?" I didn't make an effort to hide my confusion, but both Puck and Sugar seemed a little surprised that I had no idea what they were talking about. After all, they were both pretty clueless at the best of times. It wasn't exactly surprising that they had literally forgotten that I had been out of school when apparently everything was happening and changing.

"Oh… uh…" Puck gulped, as though he knew I was going to blow my gasket. "The Joe Bro… He started dating someone. Y'know how he is.. He likes everyone and the chicks dig that.."

He was starting to sweat, and I could tell he was regretting being the one to bring it up.

"Who, Puckerman… Who is it?"

He started to walk backwards as I got into his personal space. He visibly gulped. It must have been bad if he looked like he was literally about to poop his pants just working his way up to admitting it to me.

"Mercedes Jones,"

I had somewhat of a chance to cool off as I stopped my way through the school grounds towards where I knew Rachel Berry and her band of Barbies hung out.

I wasn't really all that angry, but it would have been nice for someone to give me somewhat of a heads up that one of my best friends was now apparently in a relationship with a girl that I was literally fighting the last time we saw one another.

I knew that I should have trusted what I saw at that party, when I could have sworn Joe left our little group to meet Mercedes.

It wasn't exactly a bad thing. Sure, she was the best friend of literally my least favorite person that had unfortunately been born. She was the personification of everything I hated about McKinley High, but I wasn't one who could talk. I had been hanging out with arguably the biggest loser in our grade.

At least I had the smarts to keep most of that a secret.

Turning a corner, I caught sight of the group the school knew as plastics, or the mean girls. The latter was a bit of a stupid name concidering that one of them was a boy. He was flamboyantly gay and it wouldn't have surprised me if he wore womens clothes half the time, but it was the principle.

Sure enough, there was Joe. Leaning up against the wall with his arm draped over Mercedes' shoulder. They were laughing along with something the gay kid said, Rachel to the side looking a little bemused but not as angry as Brittany would have expected her to be.

Joe's eyes turned to me, and he smiled widely.

"B-Girl, you made it back!"

Either he didn't notice my scowl, or he chose not to react to it. Mercedes did, and I could tell that she stood up just a little straighter, which caused Joe's arm to fall back down to his side.

"Brittany.." Mercedes started

"Brittany," I mocked back, standing with my feet shoulder width apart and crossing my arms. I was being childish and I knew it, but I didn't care. I was pissed off, and they were going to know about it.

Though I wasn't sure if I was more pissed off about this whole coupling thing, or that no one thought to tell me. Especially when it seemed that the whole school seemed to know before me. And no one cared.

"No one invited you, Pierce. Go back into whatever hole you crawled out of,"

As if I wasn't pissed off already, Rachel Berry had to jump in and say her piece. I really did hate her.

"And no one asked you to stick your humongous nose into shit that doesn't involve you,"

My voice was sharp as I turned to the annoying little imp, squaring up to her as she puffed her chest out at me. It was almost as though she was just begging me to pin her against something by her throat again.

"Oh that's rich coming from you," Rachel sneered. She was just asking for it now.

I raised my good fist with all intentions of using it to break Berry's eye socket and everyone started to swarm around us with almost break neck speed.

Puck's hand grabbed my shoulder just as the gay kid kid pulled back on Rachel. Mercedes got between us, holding out bare palms as though she was calming a pair of battling lions.

"Wait a damn minute. Cool it, you two," Mercedes' voice vibrated between us with an air of dominance that even I had to admit I was a little jealous of.

"You," Mercedes added, pointing at me, "Come with me,"

I grumbled as I shrugged Puck's hand off my shoulder and dragged my feet as I followed Mercedes over to one of the picnic benches in the courtyard. It was out of earshot from the rest of the group, but Rachel was still scowling at me.

"What do you want?" I asked Mercedes with a little bitterness in my voice as I sat down with a slump, opposite the other girl.

"Look, I'm not here to argue with you,"

"That makes a change," I had to interject with a scoff.

Mercedes rolled her eyes at me, but she had a small smile on her lips.

"Joe and I are dating, and it happened pretty fast. He likes me, and I like him. He's a little rough around the edges, but he's a good guy. He's funny and he's nice to everyone. I know for a fact that he sees the good in you, too,"

"I literally kicked the shit out of you a few weeks ago," I added, my brow raises with amusement.

"You did," She smirked back at me, "But I did punch you in the face pretty good,"

"Touche. You pack a decent punch, Wheezy,"

I could tell that Mercedes was a little amused by that with how her eye crinkled in response. I couldn't lie and say I didn't respect her a little. Anyone that could stand up for themselves in a fight was worth having respect. She was a bit of a badass.

"Thanks, but I hope you can at least stop trying to pick fights with me, for the sake of your buddy. I know Joe means a lot to you,"

I scoffed at her, rolling my eyes. I did care about him, but it kind of went against my image of being a bitch.

"Maybe. Just don't break his heart or I will literally find you and shave your head,"


Mercedes held out her open hand across the table. I was a little perplexed at first, not really taking her as the type to offer a handshake. It amused me, and I reached across to meet her hands in a firm shake.

"Deal. You know.. I didn't really think of you as his type," I had to add, sitting back and folding my arms over my chest with contemplation.

"Why? 'Cause I'm black?" She asked, her head tilting to the side with challenge.

"No," I scoffed, "'Cause you're just so…. Preppy and shit,"

"Maybe there's a lot you don't know about me, Brittany," Mercedes smirked, before glancing back over at me. "I'm having a party this weekend. You should come,"

"Who's gonna be there?" I was a little skeptical.

"My group. Your group. I was thinking about inviting some of the other kids in home room. Joe was talking about how everyone was beautiful and deserved a fair chance at friendship,"

I gagged a little at Mercedes already adopting Joe's ideals as though they were morphing into the same person. Relationships were weird and that's exactly why I didn't do them.

"Oh shut up," Mercedes laughed, reaching across the bench to swat playfully at me.

Aretha wasn't all that bad, but that pardon definitely wasn't expended to the rest of her clique.

"Is Berry gonna be there?" I asked with a grimace.

"Yes, but she is going to be on her best behavior too. I'll talk to her. Just… try not to kick her in the shin, okay?"

I let it mull over in my mind for a second. I guess I could look past what an awful person the head bitch was for just one night.. For the sake of one of my friends. Even if hell was going to freeze over.

After all, if she really was going to invite some of the other kids in our grade, it didn't take a genius to figure out that Santana and a few of her nerd pals were going to be there. Joe seemed to like her, and he was no doubt going to be whispering into Mercedes' ear from now on. I didn't really want to show my ass with her around anymore. I was on my best behavior to avoid having to see that awful look on her face again.

"Whatever… You better buy some good liquor,"

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