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Chapter 5

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Ivan looked over at Alfred who had fallen asleep along the flight. They were getting ready to land and he shook Alfred up. "Sleeping beauty" He whispered.

"huh?" Alfred said as he woke up. After the meal was served earlier, while they were over the Atlantic, Alfred had finally stopped being so excited and passed out asleep. This made Ivan feel a little better about the trip. He kept asking about Katyusha and Natalya and Ivan was having a hard time hiding his worries about how they would react to Alfred. Alfred had kept reassuring him that they would love him and that Ivan was worrying about nothing, but it was something to him.

"We are almost to Moscow." He smiled pointing to the map on the in flight screen on the back of the chair. "I don't want you to miss it."

"I would never!" Alfred sprung up and looked out the window, staring like a child amazed at the sites from the air. "This is so cool."

I am glad you think so... Ivan thought. It had been in the afternoon when they had left the airport after a delay and now it was in the early hours of the morning when they were finally arriving. Knowing there was a chance of this, he had booked a room at the hotel nearest the airport before they were going to see his sisters. He knew that Katyusha would not mind and that Natalya would go through hell for him, but he felt guilty making them stay up that late for their arrival when they had already done so much cleaning for the visit already. Looking over Alfred's shoulder out the window he smiled, seeing the lights from his home country. He had come to America after getting a very lucrative job offer where he had met Alfred and fallen hard for him. But the next step was now to have his sisters meet the man he loved.

Alfred looked over and could tell Ivan was worried. "Relax Vanya, there's no way meeting your sisters could be wackier than what we saw with my family." Alfred reassured him. "There was no way I thought Mattie would get with someone like that. And black hair so does not suit him."

"Well we'll just wait and see." Ivan said as the plane began the decent to the airport. "We will be staying at the hotel near the airport till tomorrow." Ivan noted.

"Why?" Alfred asked. "Aren't your sisters picking us up?"

"Nyet," Ivan said. "I did not want to have them stay up. If you will look at the local time, it's rather late."

"1:39 in the morning!" Alfred yelled. "We left at like 2 in the afternoon."

"Could have been worse." Ivan shrugged. "Apparently we caught the jet stream pretty well and the route the plane took saved some time."

As the plane landed, and people started to get off, Alfred's stomach growled. "Heee heh..." He said blushing as Ivan placed his face in his hand.

"I think there might be something at the airport. Usually is." Ivan said. "But it may be limited on the options you have."

"Yeah..." Alfred sighed. "I mean there's likely to be a vending machine or something along the way..."

"Don't worry, when we do meet my sisters, knowing Katyusha she will have something very filling made for you. She always loved to make sure guests were fed well."

Heading their way through customs and to the baggage claim, Alfred was on the lookout for something that would sate his stomach, a vending machine, a coffee stand something. But Ivan was right, it was late so there was not a lot of things open. Back home if a flight got in at like 4 in the morning I could be catching all the places opening up for breakfast. As Ivan stood by the baggage carousel waiting for the suitcases, Alfred noticed something familiar. "Sweet dude!"

"What?" Ivan asked as he saw Alfred run off to the McDonald's. "Wait up! You don't know Russian very well yet!" He sighed as he noticed their bags come off the ramp. What a stroke of luck... He thought as he grabbed them and ran up to Alfred, much to the angered looks of the other people in line. "Izvinite, izvinite, moy sputnik ochen' progolodalsya i ne mog dozhdat'sya sumok. On ne slishkom khorosho chitayet po-russki, poetomu yemu nuzhno, chtoby ya zakazyval dlya nego." Ivan apologized as he met up with Alfred. "Fredka, let me order. I know what you like and I can pretty much guarantee you, you don't know half of the Cyrillic there. You are only at a conversational level. Hardly something a late night worker at the airport McDonald's wants to deal with."

"But Vanya..." Alfred began.

"No buts. You are still rather worn down from the plane ride. I do not want you ordering the wrong thing or accidently insulting the clerk."

"Fine." Alfred pouted.

"Besides, do you have some rubles with you?" Ivan smiled as Alfred looked at his wallet.

"Shit! I knew there was SOMETHING I forgot to do before we left." Alfred moaned looking up at the ceiling of the airport.

"So let me handle this." He smiled at Alfred who sat at a table near the counter and kept an eye on the bags.

"Fine" Alfred said as he sat down and waited tapping his foot. Soon Ivan came over with a few bags. He took the one bag and opened it up and looked at the burger inside. "This doesn't look like a normal quarter pounder..."

"Better." Ivan said. "Take a bite. I just got an order of fries. I wasn't that hungry."

Alfred quickly ate the burger with cheese, sweet pepper and garlic lemon sauce with a smile. He hadn't been in Russia before but had known that at McDonald's all over the world there were things the locals had liked usually in addition to the usual fare. "This is pretty good." Alfred said through mouthful of burger.

"Chew with your mouth closed and don't talk with your mouth full." Ivan sighed. "We do have to check into the hotel."

"Fine..." Alfred said with a yawn as he took his soda and followed Ivan who took their trash to the trash can and headed to the hotel across the street. I cannot wait to just get in that bed and lie down. I will text Katyusha to let her know we are here, and I have told her we would see them in the morning, but this is just too much... Ivan thought as they were given a room key at the hotel and Alfred had tossed the bags aside and lay back on the bed.

"Not even taking your shoes off?" Ivan sighed. God he's so over excitable at times, like a child... "Still in what you wore on the plane?" At this, a loud snore came up. "That doesn't seem like a bad idea." Ivan sighed as he took his shoes off, and pulled the blanket down so he could lay next to Alfred and hold onto him. Alfred made some noise as if he was going to wake but did not. He fell quickly asleep before he could text Katyusha they had made it in when in the early morning hours, Ivan's phone went off.

"Huh? Whazzgoininon?" Alfred said jumping up.

"Kakaya? Kakaya? YA prosnulsya." Ivan said as he saw his phone ringing. "Zdravstvuy, starshaya sestra," He said sitting up knowing it was Katyusha.

"Thank goodness!" Katyusha said. "I was worried something horrible happened to you. Natalya had told me the minute your flight had touched ground. You said you would text me when you landed. I was worried that by not being there, I caused something horrible to happen."

"Calm down, calm down." Ivan said as Alfred got up and made himself a cup of coffee, figuring out the instructions from the pictures on the package. "Natalya told you the second we touched down?"

"Yes, she has a few apps on her phone that track flights by their call number anywhere in the globe. Quite fascinating."

"It is a little suffocating though." Ivan said. "I told you two we would stop by in the morning. It was late and I wanted Fredka and I to get some rest beforehand." I don't want to have to get some vodka this early He thought.

"I just worry about you big brother." Natalya said taking the phone from Katyusha. "I have missed you so much. I wish you never moved."

"I missed you too little sister." Ivan said nervously. I would rather have a family like Fredka's right now where the most shocking thing is my sibling marrying a much older man who is a rock musician and engineering professor...

"When will you be coming over?" Natalya demanded.

"Soon, soon." Ivan reassured her.

"Don't keep me waiting." She said as she hung up and Ivan looked defeated.

"You've got me." Alfred said as he hugged Ivan. "Coffee?"

"I'm fine dorogoy" Ivan reassured him with a kiss.

After they had checked out, Ivan hailed a cab that took them to Katyusha and Natalya's house. Nothing had really seemed to have changed since the last time that Ivan had been here, before he had met Alfred, but his heart began to race. Alfred took his bag, excited to meet Ivan's sisters, ran up and pushed the doorbell, waiting for the door to open. He was under the impression that Katyusha would be the one who would do so, Ivan did so as well but he had a bad feeling.

"Just who the fuck are you?" Natalya said pointing the tip of a knife at Alfred's neck.

"Ummmm..." Alfred said putting his hands up.

"Answer me! And where is my big brother?" Natalya said.

"I'm here." Ivan sighed. "And this is the Alfred I had told you and Katyusha all about."

"Oh! Vanya, you're here. Come in. And you too Alfred, I must know all about you. If you make my little brother so happy, you are a friend of mine." She said as she held Alfred tight to her ample bosom while Natalya still looked murderous.

"Uhhhhh...thanks..."Alfred said as Ivan sighed, carrying the bags in. This was exactly what I was afraid of... Ivan thought as he shut the door behind him.

Translation Guide:

(Obtained via google translate)

Izvinite, izvinite, moy sputnik ochen' progolodalsya i ne mog dozhdat'sya sumok. On ne slishkom khorosho chitayet po-russki, poetomu yemu nuzhno, chtoby ya zakazyval dlya nego.- Russian- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my companion is very hungry and could not wait for the bags. He cannot read Russian too well, so he'll need me to order for him.

Kakaya? Kakaya? YA prosnulsya.-Russian- What? What? I'm awake.

Zdravstvuy, starshaya sestra,-Russian-Hello big sister,


So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. So now they are at Ivan's sisters' house. I don't see there being but a few more chapters. I intend for this story to be short and kind of fun and just full of family craziness. If you want longer Rusame fics, may I recommend Family Bonds, A Dream Deferred or Klondike? They're my more longer and more serious ones with this pairing and I do have a few oneshots as well. Anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and review. Ciao for now,




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