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Chapter 4

I don't own Hetalia okay? I was content to leave this where it was but I found a fanart online that would be perfect for this part of the story, so I actually got a spark to restart it. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

"Passport?" Ivan asked.

"Yes." Alfred moaned. "See? My ugly mug shot" He waved the document in his face as they loaded the suitcase into the car.

"Keys?" Ivan noted.

"House is locked and the neighbors have a spare key that they can use to check in and make sure it doesn't burn down." Alfred moaned again. "I told you, everything will be fine. You saw how my family was. Yours cannot be any worse."

If only you knew the half of it... Ivan thought as he shut the trunk. "Now, anything else we need?"He asked. "It will be a long flight and they are already calling for some delays due to weather."

"Well, I'm sure how it is here will be a lot like it is in Moscow." Alfred said, "If what you said about growing up there was true and all. So weather won't be that drastic a change."

"Always the optimist." Ivan smiled as he gave Alfred a kiss as they headed out of the driveway and to the airport. He never liked going to the airport. There was always something to go wrong. Be it impossible to find parking, a long wait for the tram to the actual airport itself, checking the bags at the desk, or delay after delay. He had the foresight to get business class tickets so he and Alfred would have more room and a decent meal on the long flight. The itinerary had 16 hours but Ivan knew that in weather like this, it was bound to be much longer than that. There was also the near 3 hours they had to arrive at the airport to get through security. As they arrived at the airport, it began to sleet. "Blyat..." Ivan sighed as they turned into the parking lot.

"Huh?" Alfred said rubbing his eyes. "We here?"

"Yes, and it is sleeting." Ivan moaned.

"Well that won't be our problem will it?" Alfred said.

"We will have to see. I made sure that we booked through an airline that frequently flies in weather like this, but we can never be so sure." Ivan said.

"You're speaking like this trip will be physically painful." Alfred smiled taking Ivan's hand. He felt the engagement band on his hand and smiled. Alfred had hardly ever taken the ring off and only planned to do so once they were in Russia and Ivan had agreed to do the proposal for his sisters like he did when it came to his family. Ivan looked over at Alfred and sighed.

"I'm just nervous. I want my sisters to like you and I want you to like them." Ivan said to summarize what he was thinking.

"Oh I am sure I will like them. There's no way any of them could drop a bombshell like Mattie did." Alfred said, still amazed at that revelation. "Never saw that happening out of him..." Ivan looked confused. "Like I can take my brother marrying a guy just, that story. No way I expected that."

"Likewise." Ivan said as they headed to check their bags in. So begins the dreaded time at the airport... Ivan thought. So far, everything had started out well. Their bags were tagged with no issues, the line to security was short and they had made it through with nothing more than cold feet and a few minutes extra to take winter shoes off. Alfred was content to wear just sneakers and pack his thicker winter shoes, that he only brought because Ivan had insisted that the weather would be cold and wet and he did not want to have Alfred get frostbite while so far from home. Once they had everything they had needed from security, Alfred looked up at the departures.

"Shit, what was our flight again?" He asked.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhh 0430?" He asked. "Why?"

"Delayed." Alfred moaned. "Why the fuck did we have to leave so early if we were just going to hurry up and wait anyway."

"We did not know it would be delayed sunflower." Ivan said kissing him on the cheek, hoping it would calm him down.

"I guess." Alfred moped. "Might as well get a spot near the gate. Just hurry up and wait."

"Anxious are you?" Ivan teased.

"I mean they're your family and they mean a lot to you." Alfred said. "oooooh Annie Anne's." He ran off and got in line to get a pretzel.

Ivan sighed and sat down pressing his fingers to his temple. Looking at his phone he took a deep breath. "Well I did promise to call them when we got past security."

"Yeah, yeah you do that." Alfred said as he got in line and hopped up and down for the soft pretzel treat like a little kid.

Ivan placed his coat on the seat next to him so Alfred would have one when he got back and called Katyusha. "Privet" He smiled.

"Oh little brother! It's great to hear from you!" Katyusha smiled. "We have been so busy getting everything ready for your arrival. We just want everything to be perfect when you and you lovely Fredka come to visit."

"Thank you but you do not have to go to all that trouble." Ivan replied knowing that while Katyusha made it seem like there wasn't a lot that she was doing but he knew that she would remodel the whole house if she could.

"We insist. Natalya is up getting the bedroom ready for you and your little beau. Or are you not sharing a bed?" Katyusha said, very supportive of her brother's relationship. Alfred made her younger brother happy and that was all she had cared about.

"We do," Ivan blushed. Why am I blushing? I mean no one can hear what Katyusha is saying? He asked himself.

"Good. I would hate for one of you to have to take the sofa." Katyusha said. "Or I would let one of you have my bedroom and I sleep there."

"I couldn't ask that of you sestra." Ivan sighed.

"Hey Vanya!" Alfred said with a mouthful of pretzel. "I got you one and a lemonade."

"Is that your dear Fredka?" Katyusha smiled.

"Hey!" Alfred said, hearing her. "Going to be seeing you soon. Plane's delayed."

"Oh no, what happened?" Katyusha said worried.

"Just weather. You know how it is this time of year." Ivan said.

"I see." Katyusha replied. "I know you wanted to move somewhere where it was sunny and warm."

"Yes, well it's December so it is like this in many places. Summers here are indeed very sunny and warm." Ivan explained as Natalya took the phone from her sister.

"I have missed you very much big brother since you have left." She said with a creepy air that caused Alfred to shudder a little bit while he bit his pretzel. "I do hope your boyfriend is worthy of you."

"He is Natalya." Ivan moaned. Not even on the plane and she's like this. Natalya is not going to take well to Fredka at all.

"I will be the judge of that. You know how other kids treated you when you were little." Natalya began.

"Oh calm down Natalya, Ivan can make his own decisions." Katyusha said. "But I must check on the soup. I have been making dinner while we got the house ready for you and between you and me, I could use a good meal."

"I will let you know when the plane starts boarding." Ivan sighed. "May be just a text but you will know. Even then you know the flight is long."

"I know, but I will know you are on your way." Katyusha said. "Have a safe trip."

"Enjoy your meal. Goodbye." Ivan said as he hung up and looked over at Alfred.

"Pretzel?" He asked as Ivan took the one Alfred got him and took a bite.

"I warned you about my sisters. You heard them." Ivan said.

"Relax, there's no way they can't not like me." Ivan looked at Alfred skeptically. "Okay, Natalya sounded like she's a piece of work, but it'll be fine. Your other sister, Katyusha, sounded like she really liked me as long as you were happy."

"That is Katyusha's way." Ivan smiled. "Thank you for the pretzel."

"It's what I do best for you." He said kissing Ivan.

As Ivan ate the pretzel and Alfred wandered around looking at the different shops and seeing what they all had at the stands, he sighed. So this was what he felt like before meeting his family he wondered as Alfred came back and sat on Ivan's lap. Ivan held him close with a smile knowing that it didn't matter to Alfred where he was and when he wanted to make sure Ivan felt like he was loved. But his sisters worried him. Would Alfred still love him despite the impeding doom that he felt coming when they did finally reach Russia? Alfred noticed the look on Ivan's face. "What's wrong?"

"You won't hold anything my sisters do against me? Will you?" Ivan asked looking away.

"You're worried about that?" Alfred laughed. Realizing he may have been careless and knowing how Ivan could be sometimes he turned back to him. "I love you. I'm dating you. I'm marrying you. Not your sisters. If they don't like me, that's on them and as long as you won't leave me for what they say, I won't leave you for how they act."

"Thank you." Ivan said hugging Alfred back and noticing his watch. "They should be calling us to board soon, even with the delay.

"Passengers for 0430 to Moscow, please line up so we can begin boarding procedures." The attendant said with a smile.

"That's our cue." Alfred said as he took his carry-on bag and Ivan followed, hand held tightly by Alfred. It was hard for Ivan not to worry but at the same time, he knew that Alfred would stay by his side no matter what. And if he could deal with Alfred's crazy family, then he was hopeful Alfred could handle his own crazy family.

"Just think Vanya, it may be 16 freaking hours but we'll get to see your sisters." Alfred smiled. "I wanted to meet them for so long."

"Yes, I have wanted to see them again for a long time as well." Ivan smiled as the attendant checked their tickets and they boarded the plane.

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