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Chapter 3

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"Well I do want to bake something." Francis said as they headed out of the restaurant and back to the car.

"Do you have everything you need at the house?" Gilbert asked.

"Now that I think of it, maybe not..." Francis said.

"Oh Frog, there's no place that is open today. Unless you count a gas station as a suitable place to supply your baking needs." Arthur scoffed.

"No offense Papa," Alfred began with a large belch from the last row of seats. "I ate so many of those donuts there that I cannot eat another bite."

"Sounds like you freed up some room..." Gilbert laughed.

"But that does have me thinking." Francis began as he noticed a dollar store that happened to still be open. "PULL OVER THERE!" He yelled.

"At the dollar store?" Arthur asked. "You are not normally so frugal with ingredients you need for big holiday celebrations."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures mon amor." Francis said.

"Turn in there Gil." Matthew said as Gilbert nodded.

"Aye aye Mr. Beilschmidt." He said knowing how much it got under Arthur's skin. Gilbert just savored how much Arthur was annoyed by him being married to his son. Yes, there was indeed a significant age difference but he had found Matthew genuinely interesting and a smart guy. So what on the age. If Arthur didn't like it, he was going to make him as irritated as he could before they headed back on the road. His main job was good and Matthew did not want for a thing. In fact it was Matthew who had confessed his feelings first. Gilbert didn't want to admit that he felt much the same but it was meant to be in his eyes.

"I will return. Anyone want to join me?" Francis said.

"For those who stay, they can hear my awesome band's awesome tracks." Gilbert said as he placed on the recording he had of his band's music.

"I think I shall join you Francis." Arthur said getting out of the van, leaving Gilbert and Matthew alone with Ivan and Alfred.

Ivan looked at Alfred and felt the box in his pocket. He did want Alfred's family to know his intentions but at the same time, in public felt like something that would put Alfred on the spot as there would be more than family. Alfred sighed. "When's our flight to Russia again?"

"We leave on the 27th, but it is a long flight." Ivan began as he knew what Alfred was going to ask next. "Yes they serve meals on the one I picked. You aren't as abused as I had seen some of the domestic flights here I had been on."

"Yeah they do suck, but also you get what you pay for." Alfred said.

"That you do." Ivan said. "And that is why I paid extra for this flight and upgraded." He knew that there was a good chance all hell would break loose when Alfred finally did meet his sisters. I am going to redo this when we get to Russia for them as well. I want them to think they are the first to know this.

"You treat me too well babe." Alfred said as he held on tight to Ivan while Matthew giggled and Gilbert made a noise like he was going to throw up. "And like you two have room to talk."

"You see this is part of the reason I didn't want to tell you guys about my relationship right away." Matthew laughed.

"You were afraid we'd do, what you are doing?" Alfred asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes." Matthew said simply.

"So why are you doing that?" Ivan asked.

"Because it is so much fun to be on the giving end of it." Gilbert laughed as Arthur and Francis came out of the store. "You two old coots ready?"

"Hey, you're not much younger than us!" Arthur scowled.

"You're only as young as you feel." Gilbert smiled as they headed on the the roadway and back to the house.

Francis had stormed off to the kitchen to take the materials he had purchased from the store and make them into something amazing. The bag he had contained gingerbread dough, canned pumpkin, various spices and croissant dough. Alfred was curious as he knew that his papa hated and abhorred using premade dough, but he could tell that Francis was desperate to do something sweet and was willing to do what he could with what he had. In the end came a delightful surprise of croissants stuffed with pumpkin filling, a small loaf of pumpkin bread and tons of gingerbread cookies. "Enjoy." Francis sighed. "May not be my best work, but certainly something I could do if I was on one of those cooking game shows."

"I think I know which one you're talking about." Alfred said, mouth full of pumpkin croissant. "Totally try and audition for it dude, you'd do a great job Papa."

"Oh, it makes me feel so good to hear that from you Alfred." Francis said messing his hair. "I should try really. Gives us excuse to go to California." Alfred looked confused. "Oh I have wanted to do the old couple driving across this huge nation for years, stop at all the little vineyards and such, and go to California, Napa Valley and so forth."

"But you drive horribly." Arthur scowled. "I would have to drive something that big and I don't like that."

Ivan looked at the gingerbread men and saw that two had their hands baked together. This gave him an idea. Alfred was busy talking to his fathers, he pulled the box out of his pocket and placed the contents in between the two gingerbread men on the spot where the hands baked together. "Oh Fredka." Ivan said as he shook Alfred to his attention."

"What is it Vanya?" Alfred asked.

Ivan blushed. He had rehearsed this time and time again in his mind, always imagining himself as smooth and charming as Alfred agreed overexitedly like he was known to do and then a long kiss. Like something out of a cheesy romance movie. Well here goes nothing... Ivan took a breath. "I think you would like to see these gingerbread men." He blushed.

"That's funny, they've baked together holding hands..." Alfred looked quickly until a glimmer caught his eye. "Is that..."

Ivan blushed again. "I have been thinking about this for a very long time and well..." Ivan gulped, he had it memorized in his mind before he did this and now he was forgetting it all. "I really like being with you and can't imagine what it would be like without you. I love all your mannerisms, your energy, even how messy your hair gets when you are asleep and snoring."

"I don't snore." Alfred panicked.

"Yes you do." Ivan said. "But that's not the point here." Ivan moved the cookies closer to Alfred, closed his eyes and gulped. "Will you marry me?" He asked, feeling his face grow redder and redder. Alfred looked at the ring on the cookies and paused. Ivan grew concerned. "If you don't want to or are not ready I-" At this Alfred knocked Ivan over and kissed him.

"Did you really have to ask you big dolt?" Alfred said.

"So your answer is?" Ivan smiled.

"Yes of course!" Alfred said as Ivan took the ring off the cookies and slid it on Alfred's finger.

"And as my wedding gift my band will play at your guy's reception free of charge." Gilbert said. "You'll have to give Matt the date so he can build our schedule around it, but my treat."

"Uhhhhhhh...thanks..." Alfred smiled over at Ivan feebly.

" That's actually quite an honor really. Gil may not be a huge star all over yet but he's in quite the demand." Matthew explained.

"Exactly." Gilbert smiled as Arthur looked on him annoyed. "Besides, I am sure you're going to have Matthew be the best man Alfie..."

"Yes but..." Alfred began.

"Oh you two have plenty of time to worry about plans later." Francis spoke up as he hugged Alfred and Ivan. "I am so happy and I will actually be able to see one of my boys marry. It's so romantic." He started to cry.

"Oh shut it." Arthur scoffed, although he was sobbing a little himself. "It's nothing to cry over after all, it's just part of our boys growing up and making lives of their own..."

Alfred smiled at Ivan but looked on slightly embarrassed. "I told you Vanya..."

"I see what you mean and why Matvey would not be too opposed to just eloping." Ivan sighed.

"Although I will say your proposal idea was so romantic. We ought to do a redo for your sisters." Alfred suggested.

"Really?" Ivan asked surprised.

"Yeah, they should have the same fun my family did. Just without the burnt turkey, brother with black hair and eloped marriage and Christmas dinner at the Chinese buffet..." Alfred ran off.

"I get it and I see your point." Ivan said. "I just hope my sisters don't bring their own brand of holiday chaos..." He said mostly to himself.

"If we survived my family, I am sure I can survive yours." Alfred said kissing his fiancee.

"You have yet to meet them Fredka..." Ivan began.

"Well I'll worry about that later." Alfred said. "Once we get home I am going to give you the best Christmas present ever. Then we'll get everything ready for the next part of this holiday adventure."

"I am glad you are so excited." Ivan said. Because my heart is racing. I worry about my sisters' reaction to this...

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